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When 24/7/365 Is the Requirement, Reach for the Belt and Suspenders

Written by  BILL ZHANG April 8, 2010

It used to be reasonable and achievable to recover from a disaster in a day or two. As the ferocity of business competition and pace of business activity has soared, however, the window for disaster recovery has greatly shrunk. Powered largely by evolving technologies, disaster recovery has given way to business continuity as a top priority for IT staff. After all, in a global, 24/7/365 business environment, it doesn’t really matter how slick or advanced your systems and applications are if employees, customers and business partners can’t access them. The ability to limit system downtime to an imperceptible blip is increasingly becoming IT’s most mission-critical responsibility. The consequences of even a few minutes of system downtime can result in permanent data loss! This is not an overstatement. Gartner estimates that the average company experiences 87 hours of downtime per year at a cost of $42,000 per hour. For companies that are exceptionally


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