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Volume 27, Issue 3

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Is the Future of Business Continuity Broad or Deep?

Written by  JOHN ORLANDO, Ph.D. July 7, 2010

Nat Forbes created quite a stir recently with a thought-provoking blog post at calamityprevention.com called “Is the BCM Profession a Dead-End?” He begins with a dark but somewhat funny characterization of the business continuity professional as a lonely, underappreciated, underfunded, corporate pariah begging for scraps at the edge of the organizational hierarchy. Worse yet, the professional faces no discernable career track, and no light at the end of the tunnel. According to Forbes, the problem is that the BC professional cannot convince upper management of his value because his job is to prepare for the unlikely horrific disaster. As he puts it, “It’s just difficult to chart an upward career path for a guy whose job is to plan for the Apocalypse if asteroids never smash into the planet.” But Forbes suggests a way out of this dead-end road. He urges the BC professional -- and by implication the profession -- to


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