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Volume 27, Issue 3

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Selling the Business Continuity Case to Executive Management

Written by  STACY GARDNER June 27, 2012

If your organization has not already invested in business continuity, selling the “business continuity” business case to executive management can be difficult. Many believe that since they’re already paying for insurance, investing in business continuity is paying for the same end result twice. However, getting management committed to the concept and requisite investment can often depend on how you sell the benefits, focus on your audience’s key priorities, and keep the pitch realistic and relevant. This article summarizes specific topics and techniques to help management see the value business continuity can bring to your organization. Understand Potential Drivers and Selling Points With any sales pitch, it’s important to understand potential drivers that either compel or help justify the effort and resources to be invested in the program. The easiest “sell” is when regulatory agencies or laws require certain capabilities to be in place, such as in the banking industry (e.g. FFIEC), healthcare


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