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The Barbarino Test for Actionable Plans

Written by  NICK FERRARO June 27, 2012

As a fan of 1970s sitcoms, Welcome Back Kotter was certainly a classic. The main character, Vinny Barbarino, was a likeable character. Welcome Back Kotter featured Gabe Kaplan as a Brooklyn school teacher charged with the education of some unique students who had little interest in their studies. Barbarino, played by John Travolta, was the ringleader of the crew. He was famous for attempting to extricate himself from sticky situations by feigning complete ignorance of the subject matter. With a confused look, Barbarino would pose the following questions to Mr. Kotter: Who? What? Where? When? Barbarino’s ploy never fooled Mr. Kotter, but it can be a useful means of establishing how actionable recovery plans will be in the event of a disruption. Try the Barbarino Test to determine how actionable your plans are. Does your plan answer who, what, where, and when? Who? Your plan should answer who with contact information. Call trees


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