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Dec 19

2012 DRJ Highlights

Posted by: Vicki Thomas in DRJ Blogs

Tagged in: 2012

Vicki Thomas

2012 - the year is almost over. And what a year it has been. For the DRJ community and team, this has been a busy year of planning, development and continual learning. It has been our goal, as always, to provide you with the best resources available - ensuring that you have the latest and most up-to-date information about business continuity.

We were thinking about our year and realized it would be a good idea to share with you what we think are some of the highlights for us at DRJ for 2012. Of course, we're always eager to hear from you - so please let us know if you think we've missed something from our list.

In no specific order, here are some of our top highlights from the past year (it goes without saying that we of course appreciate your continual involvement in our efforts to be the source for all things business continuity):


  • 2012 Executive Guide: this is the third edition of our popular executive guide. In the 2012 edition we focused on the theme of achieving true enterprise resiliency. This guide wouldn't have been possible without the contribution and support of a number of industry experts. We received excellent feedback on the 2012 Executive Guide.
  • Business Continuity Glossary: lets face it, even seasoned professionals can find it challenging to understand the long list of acronyms and terms that are used when discussing business continuity - hence the Business Continuity Glossary. This is one of our most popular resources and we welcome your feedback and contributions. If you haven't downloaded this important tool, be sure to get your copy in either Word or PDF format.
  • Advanced Track Sessions: at Spring World 2012 we introduced a new learning format for advanced practitioners - Advanced Track Sessions. We saw these as an opportunity for those of you with advanced expertise to spend time learning from industry experts and with one another. This initial session proved so popular that we're hosting another day of Advanced Track Sessions at Sprint World 2013 - focused on How to Achieve True Enterprise Resiliency.
  • Disaster Recovery Rules and Regulations: it can be  real challenge to wade through and really understand the rules and regulations  pertaining to business continuity. This is why the DRJ editorial advisory board worked together to develop this comprehensive spreadsheet detailing the latest DR rules and regulations. This is a living document so we welcome your input - please let us know if any of the content is out-of-date or needs updating.
  • BCI North America Awards: these awards recognized the outstanding business continuity leaders and professionals in North America. These awards were announced at Spring World 2012 and we will once again be presenting these awards at Spring World 2013.
  • Webinars: we recognize that not everyone can attend conferences and seminars - so we brought the content to you with our popular webinar series. Covering a range of topics these free webinars are available on-demand for you to "attend" at your convenience. 
  • DRJ Live Learning Center: we only just announced the DRJ Live Learning Center, but suffice it to say - we're excited about this and we think you will be as well. This new initiative is aimed at connecting you to educational resources recorded live from DRJ events - this way you never miss out on any of the content available at our conferences.

Phew, this is quite the list - but this just goes to show how busy we've been. Of course we'd also like you to subscribe to our popular blog, follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook - this way you'll always be up-to-date with what we're writing, planning and doing.

Think we missed something on our list of 2012 highlights? Let us know with comment, Tweet or comment on our Facebook page. 

We wish all of you a safe and relaxing holiday season. Here's to another fantastic year - bring on 2013!