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Jan 25

A Few Characteristics of Cloud Hosting

Posted by: Adnan Raja in DRJ Blogs

Tagged in: VPS Hosting , Cloud Hosting

Adnan Raja

The term “cloud computing” refers to any activity or service that involves the “cloud.” No—not a literal cloud! This metaphorical cloud is a virtual system that is accessible online, where users can perform a wide variety of IT tasks. Cloud hosting is just one of the many utilizations of this technology. 

Cloud hosting allows a website to no longer be limited to a single server, as previously seen with dedicated and VPS hosting. A cloud-hosted website will have access to multiple cloud servers. One of the greatest benefits of cloud hosting is the virtually unlimited processing power, as users can always scale up if necessary. 

The cloud can easily cope with changing client demands without needing to revamp the architectural framework. Users and service providers can easily predict new requirements, whether it is processing speed, bandwidth or data storage. Cloud computing is also extremely cost-efficient—especially for businesses—because users only pay for what data they actually use.

Cloud computing takes advantage of the Internet’s broad reach. This means that users can access the cloud not only from their desktop computers, but also through laptops, tablets and even mobile phones. 

As a whole, cloud computing technology has changed the way we use the Internet. We can access work files from our smartphones, edit personal financial documents on a tablet, and even develop the next hot mobile game from our laptop. Cloud technology is here to stay.