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Jul 08

A Look At DRJ Fall World - Breakout Tracks

Posted by: Vicki Thomas in DRJ Blogs

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Vicki Thomas

In our ongoing blog series on DRJ Fall World, we'll take a closer look at the Breakout Tracks that are available to you. These Breakout Tracks are focused on giving you that next step in learning - allowing you to focus on the topics and questions that you really want to learn more about. 

As you'll learn, our Breakout Tracks cover a range of topics and geared towards all knowledge levels and experience with business continuity. These hour-long sessions are focused on getting you the information that you can take back to your company or organization. 

The Monday, September 23 Breakout Tracks include:

  • Strategic Session 1: Crisis Management Consistency Across Countries: Boston to Belfast: We will take a risk-based approach to look at people, process, and technology aspects and how a phased approach to these three areas can help a company achieve crisis management consistency. Learn an approach on how consistency for the crisis management process was successfully achieved across the Atlantic Ocean between Boston and Belfast.
  • Strategic Session 2: The State of Crisis Communication, Risk Management and the Interplay with Business Continuity 2012/2013: Learn the results from DRJ and Forresters’ Annual Market Study. Discover fascinating facts about how the industry has evolved over the years. This is a good session for anyone wanting to understand how their efforts stack up to their peers.
  • Strategic Session 3: Social Media As A Tool For Business Continuity: Business continuity strategists can no longer afford to view social media as just another marketing medium, but must consider it as a tool for BC/DR. Discover insight into the intelligent use of social media in times of crisis.


  • Managerial Session 1: Learning from Small Disruptions to Manage Major Disasters: The question posed here is whether protecting an organization through rigid rules, or allowing for increased exposure to disruptions through flexible rules is a more fitting strategy. Based on empirical results from survey of 250 firms, the presentation provides empirical evidence on how policies and procedures in facing small disruptions can help or hinder response to major disasters.
  • Managerial Session 2: 22301: Evolving to Certification: 22301 promises to be the centerpiece for industry certification and likely compliance in the future. How closely aligned are you now to this certification and what adjustments can you make to arrive there over time?
  • Managerial Session 3: The New BC/DR World: As the business environment continues to rapidly evolve, the business continuity/disaster recovery profession must embrace positive change and continuously adapt. Discover changes that are occurring in the business environment and how to adapt.


  • Technical Session 1: Results of Cyber Exercise: Quantum Dawn 2: Quantum Dawn is a series of cybersecurity exercises designed to test incident response, resolution and coordination processes across the financial services equities clearing and trading processes to a street-wide cyber attack.
  • Technical Session 2: Reducing the Consequences and Cost of Cyber Breach and Attack: This session will present, in a road map format, activities and information to help the business continuity manager take a leadership role in reducing the consequences of cyber breach in their organization. Learn the training and tools for the reduction of cyber threat impact.
  • Technical Session 3: Strategies for Effective Planning for Compliance and Resiliency: Organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to SMBs, are being tasked with supporting robust business continuity program development, extending beyond compliance to deliver what matters most: better outcomes and increased confidence. Learn strategies in plan building and maintenance activities that can reduce time, challenges and frustrations in developing a compliant plan that can actually be useful in an event.


  • Emergency Response Session 1: The Voice of Reason in the Midst of Chaos: The job of the continuity manager in this area was changed forever. This session will focus on real-life uses of emergency notification technology within MassMutual and a variety of lessons learned throughout Chris Olson's professional career.
  • Emergency Response Session 2: Testing Emergency Response in Virtual Reality: Learn the components of a virtual reality disaster simulator, how a disaster simulator can be used to provide a holistic approach to BC plan testing that incorporates emergency response agencies, and the advantages of a virtual reality environment.
  • Emergency Response Session 3: Evaluating/Applying Relevant BCM Standards: Which is the Best One to Follow?: For all the efforts required to adhere to business continuity standards, how do you evaluate which standard is the best one for your needs?This session shares the methodology, experience, and outcomes of one person’s detailed investigation into more than 15 major industry standards, best practices, and frameworks. It will help you compare multiple major standards, identify the focus and strengths in each, and uncover potential gaps.


  • Advanced Session 1: Integrating the BCM and Development Life Cycles: Are You Late to the Party?: Well defined/deployed development life cycle processes have long been recognized as providing benefits. Business continuity management, and the program management process it describes, are also examples of well defined/deployed disciplines. Develop BC/DR capabilities in tandem with their target processes/systems and avoid being late to the party!
  • Advanced Session 2:  How to Apply ERM to Your BCM Planning Efforts: How many BC/DR programs coordinate planning with their enterprise risk management program, approach and results? This is especially critical due to recent guidance from the new ISO 22301 standard. Learn the reasons to incorporate BC/DR and ERM together, practical ways to do this to better assess and mitigate risks, and successful case studies.
  • Advanced Session 3: Is It Possible To Build a Resilient Spider Web?: Discover how as the financial sector becomes more and more interconnected, the vulnerability for systemic risk increases. We will explore reverse stress testing identify the vulnerabilities and failures that matter.


  • Information Session 1: Business Continuity vs. Incident Command: This is an overview of the use of business continuity plans vs. an incident command structure within a multi-platform company. We will look at how to develop an area of middle ground in which we are able to utilize the BC as a true foundation and then develop functional Incident Response protocols. The goal is get people to look at new solutions to old problems and prepare for active issues within their companies.
  • Information Session 2: The Top Three Things You Need to Have a Great Incident (Crisis) Management Team: Do you have an incident management team? Are you developing one or retooling the one you have? If so, plan to attend this critical session to learn the top three things you need to have to have a great team. Topics include incident management team roles, responsibilities and methodologies, initial assessment team, assessment criteria and how to write an IAP.
  • Information Session 3: New Features of The BCI’s Good Practice Guidelines 2013: Trends and Advances In Global BC Practice: The BCI’s Good Practice Guidelines are written by BC professionals for BC professionals. Hear the new features of the GPG 2013 and provide insight into the six professional practices of the business continuity management (BCM) Lifecycle focusing on how the experienced professional can benefit from this latest guidance.

As you can see the learning, discussion and knowledge-building opportunities provided during Monday's Breakout Tracks cover a wide spectrum of topics and issues. Each session is an hour long and provides you with some excellent opportunities. To learn more about the presenters and speakers, visit the DRJ Fall World website

Don't forget that this year DRJ Fall World is happening at a new-to-us venue that offers you top-notch accommodation and relaxation opportunities. The Hilton San Diego Bayfront is ideally located making it easy for airport transportation and for getting out and exploring the area in the evening. Remember to visit our Blog to stay up-to-date with the latest conference news.

We look forward to seeing you in San Diego this September 22-25.