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Jun 19

A Look At DRJ Fall World - General Sessions

Posted by: Vicki Thomas in DRJ Blogs

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Vicki Thomas

In a previous post, we took a look at the Sunday Workshops available to you at the 2013 DRJ Fall World conference. In this post, we'll get into the General Sessions so you can get a good understanding of the learning, networking, and training opportunities available to you.

General Sessions are held each morning and are targeted to a broad audience. All attendees attend these sessions in the morning. Our presenters are the top experts in the field, bringing only the most relevant topics and the best strategies. 

The Monday General Sessions include:

  • Uncrapify Your Life (8:15-9:15):  It is human nature to make communication mistakes and bad decisions. In the business continuity world, these mishaps are even more critical. Hear hilarious tales of behaviors we are all guilty of, and then learn how we can correct them. Proper communication, customer service and accountability are critical for everyone – but even more so for those protecting the safety and well-being of people and companies.
  • Lesson Learned: Enterprise Communications In A Crisis (9:30-10:30): When things change in an instant, it is vital to get instant communications and reactions. In this session, we will examine lessons learned in recent events. Discover how crisis communication is vital to resolving situations effectively and learn how common pitfalls can sidetrack even the best plans. Discussion will include internal and external decisions that affected the outcomes in each event.
  • Leadership At Times Of Crisis (9:45-10:45): Leadership during good times can be difficult enough; during a disaster, it can be a matter of life or death for your people, your company, and your shareholders. Learn what constitutes excellent performance in a crisis, and what it takes to achieve it. Explore the topic of leadership and what is required when the “everyday emergency” turns into a full-blown crisis. We will explore a framework for understanding the difference between a crisis and a routine emergency, and peel back the role a leader plays in identifying and executing the appropriate response in a crisis situation. Using the case-study method to explore different concepts, we will examine recent crisis events and assess the quality of leadership, what can be learned from the leader’s style, and ways it could have been done better.

The Tuesday General Sessions include:

  • Lessons for Campus Safety, Response and Resilience: Analyzing the UCF Active Shooter Incident (8:15-9:15): James Oliver Seevakumaran initiated a short lived plan to commit a mass murder killing spree on the UCF campus from his dorm room in Tower 1 Residence Hall on campus. He pulled a fire alarm in Tower 1 shortly after midnight with plans to shoot and murder other students but instead turned his weapon on himself. This session will review the events of March 2013 seeking to identify the necessary components and best practices for ensuring resiliency for campus safety and compliance. Discussion will include some aspects of the law enforcement intervention, emergency communication strategies and efforts and lessons learned in the aftermath of this episode.
  • Risky Business: What Every Risk Professional Needs to Know to Lead and Succeed (9:30-10:30): IBM presents Dr. Larry Ponemon, who will discuss the findings of a ground-breaking global study on how effective risk management is one of the most critical investments a company can make to support the reputation and profitability of the company. As a risk professional you are challenged daily to obtain the budget. Hear data that shows the ROI on continuity and security investment; Information to demonstrate to your management how an ounce of continuity planning and prevention is better than a pound of cure; How and why the risk role is evolving to be one of the most critical roles; and What you can do to take advantage of this brand new research and thought leadership.
  • Crisis Proofing Your Reputation (And Maybe Your Career) (10:45-11:45): Crises almost always create bad news. And bad news ripens badly. Crises also create victims whose irrationally energized emotional behavior can drive even the most uncomplicated problems, and experienced responders, to distraction and discouragement. Crises disable management and confound the most well practiced response strategies. And lesson number one is that silence in crisis is a toxic strategy. Learn how to crisis proof your career.

The Wednesday General Sessions include:

  • Workplace Violence - Prevention through Early Intervention (8:15-9:15): No one wants their company to be headline news about a workplace violence incident. Learn the basic danger signals, enabling them to provide intervention or seek assistance before problems escalate. Prevention through early intervention is the key to avoid dealing with the aftermath of a situation. This session is applicable to everyone concerned for their own and public safety.
  • Recent Federal Policies Affecting Cybersecurity and Resiliency Landscape of the Nation’s Critical Infrastructure (9:30-10:30): The nation’s critical infrastructure provides the essential services that are vital to the public’s confidence, safety, prosperity, and well-being. Protecting, sustaining, and ensuring the resiliency of the Nation’s critical infrastructure is, therefore, essential for our security, economic vitality, and way of life. Early in 2013, several major federal policy actions were put in place that are envisioned to affect the strategies and practices for cyber protection and resiliency of the Nation’s critical infrastructure. This presentation will provide a concise description of these recent policy developments and discuss envisioned consequences and related subjects.
  • It Takes Guts To Succeed In Resiliency (10:45-11:45): Perhaps you met at your local association – or, you may have seen them at a DRJ conference. And the conversation goes like this, “I just got $x approved for business continuity, planning, resiliency, DR, etc.” As they walk off you find yourself wondering “how do they do it?” And the answer is that they must have guts! Learn the basics of making a business case rather than a claim, how to appropriately use financial information, the best ways to calculate business benefits, and why you should prepare spreadsheets with care. Be ready to make your point every time with proven steps that successful technical professionals employ to build rapport, earn trust, and gain funding.

As you can see, there is a tremendous amount of knowledge-sharing and learning opportunities taking place in our morning General Sessions. Our General Session presenters are all leading business continuity professionals with a range of expertise. Be sure to visit the DRJ Fall World website to learn about our presenters. 

Of course, don't forget that this year DRJ Fall World is happening at a new-to-us venue that offers you top-notch accommodation and relaxation opportunities. The Hilton San Diego Bayfront is ideally located making it easy for airport transportation and for getting out and exploring the area in the evening. Remember to visit our Blog to stay up-to-date with the latest conference news.

We look forward to seeing you in San Diego this September 22-25.