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Mar 25

Choosing a Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Solution

Posted by: Adnan Raja in DRJ Blogs

Adnan Raja

The most distinct benefit of cloud computing is its inherent cost effectiveness. However, the cloud offers another advantage that is not so pronounced: disaster recovery.

Traditional hosting plans offer several options for a variety of disaster recovery needs, but these options still pale in comparison to those offered through cloud hosting. Since the physical servers are located in a very secure data center, information is kept safe—even during natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

Additionally, cloud servers protect businesses from hackers. Cybercriminals obtain the information they seek through holes in previous unprotected backups. In the cloud, resources are kept safe from attacks due to the naturally secure infrastructure.

Companies, both large and small, can lose a detrimental amount of money if their servers fail, or if there is a power outage. Cloud servers allow organizations to recover their data much quicker than with a traditional hosting solution.

In terms of being able to recover critical data, hosted environments with a secure data center are much more effective than on-site architecture. In fact, the majority of cloud-hosting customers are able to access the data they need in less than 24 hours. Time is money!