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May 29

Effects of the Cloud on HR and Recruitment

Posted by: Adnan Raja in DRJ Blogs

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Adnan Raja

If you work within the Human Resources department at your organization, it is highly likely that you have witnessed a transition from traditional web hosting to the cloud over the past few years. Cloud technology provides numerous benefits to a corporation’s HR department besides hosting a website. 

Perhaps the most important benefit of cloud technology is the fact that subscribing to such a service is extremely budget-friendly. With cloud hosting, you are not held responsible for updating the hardware and maintaining the software—the provider handles all this. These are features that you would normally be charged for in a traditional solution. 

Updating software and keeping up with licenses is a hassle. But with a cloud solution, your HR department will no longer need to worry about keeping such software up to date; again, the provider is the one held responsible. 

If your business has incorporated telecommuting—or wishes to do so—the cloud makes this process much easier. Your employees will be able to access any file or application from anywhere they may be at that moment. 

Compared to traditional hosting services, the cloud is very secure and stable. However, it is important to be aware that security within the cloud is continuously evolving and may be best to store the more critically sensitive information locally. 

Overall, cloud hosting solutions save businesses money by allowing them to not worry about software updates and licenses, giving ease of mind when employees telecommute from long distances and provide security features not available with other solutions.