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Feb 22

Alas, Poor Discussion Board, I knew ye well...

Posted by: Gregg Jacobsen in DRJ Blogs

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Gregg Jacobsen

I must admit to having strong feelings of loss, having just discovered the DRJ discussion Board, which many of my virtual colleagues and I offered our collective experience and thoughts to new practitioners of our profession, is now gone, quite apparently due to its replacement by this Blog, but also the DRJ LinkedIn site.  Apparently, it was a victim of being overcome by advancing technology, not to mention some ill-intended hackers who bedeviled Bob with their mischief.  Truly a pity that such people are out there, trying to ruin utterly useful efforts to facilitate the sharing of knowledge.

Now, my colleagues and I have taken to the LinkedIn groups most focused on our respective areas of practice.  I am planning to join John in retirement not long from now.  Howard never seems to run out of disasters to help mop up after, and keeps him busy.  For the moment, I'm just looking for that "one last gig" - a nice project to put a little parting bump in the income column.