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Apr 16

Disaster Recovery and Change Management

Posted by: Alex Belyarchik in DRJ Blogs

Alex Belyarchik

Change Management is often times the most overlooked aspect when it comes to Disaster Recovery. Not only does it not get enough attention, but we often times forget that building a recovery footprint is just as important as maintaining it. 

Has your server been operational in sync with the production environment? Have all the new production changes been replicated over to the DR? How can you be assured that your applications are still functioning? 

It is critical for members of the DR/BCP teams to reside on the change control board. This would allow for resiliency teams to screen all changes proposed to go into production for tasks associated with the recovery footprint. If the change must be implemented, usually a DR team member notifies the change management group with the appropriate information. However, with the recent changes in Remedy and ServiceNow, it is made fairly simple. Adding a button to flag the proposed change for DR deployment will not cost a lot for your company. However, the return on investment is a good night's sleep that your footprint is well maintained and ready to go.