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Annie Searle

Annie Searle

Annie Searle is principal of ASA Risk Consultants, an independent consulting and research firm that helps companies identify and manage operational risk. She is a lecturer on operational risk as well as on ethics, policy and law with respect to information use at the University of Washington’s School of Information. Searle is the author of the popular book Advice From A Risk Detective, and has published two volumes of research notes on operational risk events and issues. She was inducted into the Hall of Fame for the International Network of Women in Emergency Management and Homeland Security in 2011; and is a lifetime member of the Institute of American Entrepreneurs.
Prior to founding ASA in 2009, Searle spent ten years at Washington Mutual Bank as a divisional executive where she was responsible on a company-wide level for business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis management, technology risk and compliance, technology change management, and some elements of information security.
- 3 years ago