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Volume 27, Issue 3

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Online Exclusive
Data Center Infrastructure Management: A New Tool for Disaster Recovery Planning and Response
Clemens Pfeiffer, Chief Technology Officer, Power Assure April 6, 2011
Responding to Real-World Disasters
Guy Miasnik March 23, 2011
Continuous Application Availability: Strategy for Business Resiliency
Surendra Reddy, Chief Technology Officer, SIOS February 23, 2011
Art as Risk Mitigation
John Glenn, MBCI January 26, 2011
A Mile in My Shoes
Howard Pierpont, MBCI, CORM, CBM, CBCP, CRP December 21, 2010
STATE OF MIND: Exercising Over Testing
A.Alex Fullick, MBCI, CBCP, CBRA November 10, 2010
Observing the Survivor Response
Dominic Bonacci October 27, 2010
Observing the Survivor Response
Dominic Bonacci September 15, 2010
11 Steps to a Better BIA
Harlan Dolgin, JD, CBCP August 3, 2010
What can your BCM Tool do for you?
Timothy J. McCormick, CSQE, Sr. Manager of QA and Product Services, Paradigm Solutions Int'l March 16, 2010
Fraud: An Overlooked Risk
JOHN GLENN, MBCI February 2, 2010
Words Count in Emergency Notification
Marc Ladin January 19, 2010
'Auld Lang Syne' - Forging the Link and Building the Chain
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