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Volume 27, Issue 4

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BC Management's 10th Annual BCM Study

“Where we are now…. What do we anticipate in the future?”*
*2011 theme chosen by BC Management’s International Benchmarking Advisory Board

Drum roll please.........  BC Management’s much anticipated Annual Business Continuity Management Study, the premier study in business continuity compensation and program management data research, is now available. We're polling thousands of continuity professionals internationally and we want to hear from you! 

Participate in our study to get our world-renowned research data reports.

http://www.keysurvey.com/survey/345969/1423/ – Please use your individual URL if you received one from BC Management.  This will ensure that the survey saves your spot when exiting, otherwise the cookies on your computer should save your spot.  If you take a break from the survey for any reason, be sure to advance to the next page to save your answers. Complete the study by July 15th to be entered into a raffle for a FREE BCM Event Impact Management Report.

What do you get for participating?

Seeking BCM COMPENSATION research data? Be sure to participate in our BCM Compensation portion of our study to receive our annual BCM Comprehensive Compensation report, a complimentary only for those professionals who complete the compensation portion of our data.  Counties with 100+ complete study respondents will receive a similar BCM Compensation Comprehensive report – http://www.bcmanagement.com/uploads/3/7/5/2/3752086/compensation_benchmarking-usa.pdf (Sample from 2010)

Seeking BCM PROGRAM MANAGEMENT research data? Be sure to participate in our BCM Program Management portion of our study to receive our exclusive International Benchmarking Advisory Exclusive Board report, which focuses on a different BCM study theme each year.  Table of Contents from the 2009 Executive Board Report.  The theme for 2011 is "Where we are now as a profession.... What do we anticipate in the future?”

Study Details

*If you must exit the study for whatever reason, the cookies on your computer will take you back to where you exited.  Study will time out.  Hit the “next” button at the bottom of each page before exiting the study.  This is a lengthy study.  Study participants will receive complimentary industry leading BCM research reports

*Study divides into three sections – Compensation Only, Program Management Only and Both Compensation and Program Management.  You decide which section you would like to participate in.  If you do NOT manage an internal program then choose the Compensation Only section of the study. 

*Not all questions require a response.  Please feel free to skip a question if it does not apply to you.

Why Take BC Management's Study?

  • Years of expertise in conducting compensation and program management studies - since 2001.
  • The response is immense, driven by the value the results provide.
  • The scope is world-wide, due to our extensive contacts and partnerships.
  • The company is independent, as we are a neutral party on the results.
  • Available in English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Japanese.
  • Completely confidential. Contact information is NOT required. Your company/personal information is never shared.

Thank you in advance for completing BC Management’s 10th Annual BCM Study!

Please contact for further information: info@bcmanagement.com

Take the Study at http://www.keysurvey.com/survey/345969/1423/

Complete the study by July 15th to be entered into a raffle for a FREE BCM Event Impact Management Report

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