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Jon Seals

(TNS) — The measles outbreak that started in Disneyland and reached beyond U.S. borders, sparking a national debate on the merits of vaccinations, could be declared over Friday if no new cases are reported, state health officials said.

Since December, 134 confirmed measles cases have been reported by California residents. The latest was on March 2, according to the California Department of Public Health’s weekly update released last week.

Officials said 40 of those cases were confirmed to be Disneyland visitors and another 30 were people who came in close contact with a patient in their own home.

Nearly a dozen became infected in community areas like hospital emergency rooms. Experts don’t know where another 50 patients became infected but confirmed they were stricken with the same strain of the virus connected to the Disneyland outbreak.



Theoretically MSPs have always been in a position to collect massive amounts of data that would enable them to add business value to the services they deliver. The problem is that the gap between that theory and the ability to actually deliver those insights has been nothing short of massive.

Now comes along HiveManager Next Generation, a cloud management service for wireless networks from Aerohive Networks that makes use of Hadoop to give MSPs access to a “data lake” that can be easily access primarily using REST application programming interfaces.



Friday, 17 April 2015 00:00

The Most Important Risk Management Task

A title of a column on the most important task of risk management is certain to get some mail. Here is what I think it is:

The most important task of risk management is providing insights and decision-making options to senior management and the board on a significant, pervasive risk or opportunity that they didn’t have previously, giving the organization a competitive advantage of acting timely before it’s too late.

While some may disagree with my point of view, I am confident most will agree that the potential for disruptive change in the marketplace makes the above task very important.



Friday, 17 April 2015 00:00

Survey looks at top emerging UK risks

Cyber risk; the prolonging of the Ebola pandemic; and more regulatory and legislative changes are the top three priority risks for UK insurers in 2015, according to an ORIC International and Institute of Risk Management (IRM) joint survey.

The survey not only identified the top emerging risks but looked at both common and innovative emerging risk practices. It asked for the views of ORIC International members, who make up over 70 percent of the UK insurance market, as well as IRM insurance professional members.

Emerging risk was defined by those surveyed as newly developing risks with potential to cause significant business impact that may not yet be sufficiently understood.



NIST has announced the release of NIST SP 800-161, Supply Chain Risk Management Practices for Federal Information Systems and Organizations.

Federal agencies are concerned about the risks associated with information and communications technology (ICT) products and services that may contain potentially malicious functionality, are counterfeit, or are vulnerable due to poor manufacturing and development practices within the ICT supply chain.

Special Publication 800-161 provides guidance to federal agencies on identifying, assessing, and mitigating ICT supply chain risks at all levels of their organizations; as well as integrating ICT supply chain risk management (SCRM) into federal agency risk management activities by applying a multi-tiered, SCRM-specific approach, including guidance on assessing supply chain risk and applying mitigation activities. It also builds on existing practices from multiple disciplines and is intended to increase the ability of organizations to strategically manage ICT supply chain risks over the entire life cycle of systems, products, and services.

Read the document (PDF).

To provide a fast, flexible and cost effective outsourced medical records digitisation service for the Irish healthcare market, Kodak Alaris announces today that Dublin-based bureau and BPO [1], DataScan, has purchased seven mid-volume production KODAK i4200 Plus Scanners and installed File Stream electronic document management software (EDMS). The new infrastructure will enable DataScan to rapidly grow its healthcare business in 2015 servicing hospital consultants and general practitioners (GPs). Supplied by Filestream reseller partner, Woodsoft, total investment in scanning hardware, software and support total €150,ooo.


Electronic medical records (EMR) solutions promote better clinical collaboration and ultimately provide a way to solve the tough challenge of improving the quality of patient care, enhancing operational productivity while reducing cost. Unlike EMR scanning projects in the UK which have been primarily funded and managed by NHS trusts, in Ireland it has been individual hospital consultants and GPs themselves who have initiated and paid for EMR projects for the patients they treat.


With around 10,000 patient files scanned per week, DataScan is seeing considerable interest in its medical records scanning services and today has around 70 healthcare customers. This includes consultants who work at St Vincent’s University Hospital, Bon Secours Hospital Dublin and clinicians operating from various medical clinics such as Blackrock, Beacon and Hermitage.


Orla Cafferty, DataScan’s director, explains, “Our goal is to double our healthcare business by the end of the year. With no click charges, Filestream’s EDMS is hugely flexible and we can output scanned medical records to our secure private cloud or in numerous file formats like XML and CSV depending on the practice management software (PMS) used without time consuming and expensive bespoke software customisation work. This makes tendering accurate, keeps costs down, and our service price competitive.”


Once records are scanned and indexed into File Stream, data can easily be imported into all the main PMS packages used by clinicians in Ireland such as Socrates Healthcare, Helix Healthcare, Odysseus and iMedDoc among others.


Barry Woods, managing director, Woodsoft, explains, “High volume scanners are perfect for processing documents like invoices which are very standardised. You load them up, press scan and walk away. But patient files are messy typically containing lots of different document and paper types which means considerable preparatory work required such that you wouldn’t get the efficiencies from using high volume equipment. To address this, we’ve installed a mid volume KODAK i4200 Plus Scanner per workstation so individual members of DataScan’s staff can work on specific projects and prepare documents as they go along.”


DataScan is also using Filestream’s advanced OCR module to do forms processing with various OCR templates set up to process legacy records and new correspondence. Cafferty says, “As new customers come on board, we can easily set up new OCR templates given the flexibility of the software. It means we can turnaround medical records scanning within tight service level agreements with the software doing the heavy processing work efficiently and accurately.”


In addition, given the price/performance of each KODAK i4200 Plus Scanner, DataScan can now cost effectively add new devices in the scanning bureau as business needs dictate.


Neil Murphy, Kodak Alaris’ UK sales director, says, “Electronic patient records are crucial to providing quality care as clinicians can see an individual’s medical history quickly without having to order unnecessary tests which wastes time and resources. The joint Filestream and Kodak Alaris solution means that DataScan can perfectly service the Irish healthcare market using technology which is feature-rich, affordable and reliable.”


[1] Business Process Outsourcer



About Kodak Alaris’ Document Imaging Division

Kodak Alaris is a new company driven by the simple belief that "we can always find a better way." Our Document Imaging division helps organizations capture and manage information from digital and paper sources, extract valuable insight from its contents, and deliver the right information to the right place at the right time to achieve better business outcomes. Our portfolio includes award-winning document scanners, capture and information management software, and industry-leading service and support. Kodak Alaris has shipped more than one million scanners and placed tens of thousands of software licenses worldwide. From small offices to large-scale organizations, Kodak Alaris helps customers automate processes, improve customer interactions, and make smarter business decisions. To learn more, please visit www.kodakalaris.com/go/dinews. Follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/kodakdi and twitter.com/KodakDI_EAMER and visit our blogs at infooverdrive.com and informationdynamix.com. The Kodak trademark and trade dress are used under license from Eastman Kodak Company.


About Woodsoft

Founded in 2002, and based in Carlow, Ireland, Woodsoft specialise in implementing document management solutions from one-user systems for basic scanning to enterprise-wide deployments incorporating workflow, security management and enterprise reporting modules. WoodSoft is the sole distributor of Filestream in Ireland and provides consultancy, installation, software development, training and support services. For further information, visit www.Woodsoft.ie


About Filestream

With over 30 years experience in office automation, Berkshire-based Filestream distributes its own electronic document management software through partners in the UK, Ireland and India. For more information, visit www.filestreamsystems.co.uk


About DataScan

Founded in 1993, DataScan is a document management bureau specialising in digitising all document types including medical records, invoices and other commercial paperwork. An ISO 9001:2008 accredited company, DataScan is based in Dublin and employs 50 staff. For more information, visit www.datascan.ie

New partnership compliments and strengthens Tryzens’ existing web content management & e-commerce solutions offering increased vertical reach


Tryzens, the leading retail managed services and systems integrator, has signed a partnership agreement with EPiServer, a leading provider of digital marketing and e-commerce solutions.


A focus on content marketing is now crucial for e-commerce companies to drive conversions and nurture customers through their buying cycle. The partnership compliments and strengthens the vendor-neutral integrator’s offering and provides Tryzens’ clients with access to an integrated web content management system and e-commerce platform that joins up the experience.


The commercial relationship is based on the strength and roadmap of EPiServer’s technology offering for clients, and its compelling and straightforward cloud pricing model.


Daren Fitzgerald, CRO, Tryzens, stated: “Our team works hard to ensure we provide clients with access to best-of-breed and progressive technologies when implementing eCommerce projects. EPiServer compliments our portfolio, provides more options to clients and allows us to extend our reach and diversify into more markets.”


The partnership enables Tryzens to extend its vertical reach into several new market sectors, such as membership associations, professional services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and travel and tourism.

EPiServer’s software is easy to install and use, with many straight ‘out of the box’ features that offers brands a powerful of array of digital marketing tools that will appeal to modern eCommerce and omni-channel retailers. Key features, that appealed to Tryzens include:

  • Content management – EPiServer’s core strength is their functionality for content management creation, editing and publishing across multiple channels.
  • Search – powerful content and product search features, with the ability to present automatic landing pages, campaign listings and product content shortcuts easily through advanced tagging and faceting
  • Social – ‘out of the box’ feature enabling companies to tailor social media content across Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin with a single interface
  • Personalisation – Impressive set of personalization tools to deliver unique user experiences for each customer

Johan Jardevall, SVP EMEA & Global Partner Sales, EPiServer comments “there’s an increasing need to bring together the cross-channel content and e-commerce experience, EPiServer and Tryzens share this vision. We are excited to be working with Tryzens, leveraging their retail expertise and delivering standout customer experience together for our customers”.



About Tryzens

Since 2004, Tryzens has been trusted by retail’s biggest names to plan, implement and maintain eCommerce and Retail Solutions that drive business performance, and to develop multichannel retail experiences that customers love. ?

Tryzens helps maximise revenues, streamline operations with its vast retail sector experience and align online trading with in-store experience and broader commercial objectives. Tryzens is trusted by retail’s biggest names to deliver complex, award-winning digital solutions. From Debenhams to JD Sports, Whistles to M&Co, Austin Reed and Timberland, it has delivered over 100 solutions across the globe.

Tryzens Group has a platform-neutral independent approach working with the world’s leading technology partners (IBM Websphere, Demandware, Hybris and Magento), to develop robust, flexible solutions that will grow with businesses. The company tailors a true ‘best fit’ solution that takes into account existing infrastructures, investment capacity, commercial objectives and growth strategies. Tryzens deliver a full managed services capability to retailers to enable their systems to be proactively monitored and managed to optimise performance around the clock.


About EPiServer

EPiServer connects digital commerce and digital marketing to help organizations create unique digital experiences for their customers, with measurable business results. The EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud™ combines content, commerce and multi-channel marketing in a single platform to work full-circle for businesses online – from intelligent optimization and lead-generation through to conversion and repeat business – with unprecedented ease-of-use.

Sitting at the center of the digital experience ecosystem, EPiServer empowers digital leaders to embrace disruptive, transformational strategies to deliver standout experiences for their customers – everywhere they engage. Founded in 1994, EPiServer has offices in the USA, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, The Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Spain, UAE and the UK.

Ian J. Kalin, the new chief data officer for the Commerce Department, certainly seems to understand that data is the new oil. That makes sense, given his roots at a small energy startup company and his work with the U.S. Energy Data Initiative. Surely, if anyone can understand the value of data as fuel, it would be Kalin.

So when TechRepublic contributor Alex Howard asked him to compare an “infinitely replicable digital commodity” to a natural resource like oil, you’d expect nuance. His answer doesn’t disappoint:



(TNS) — If a hurricane were to prompt an evacuation in Georgia, Florida or South Carolina, emergency management officials want to make sure they are well acquainted with their colleagues in bordering states prior to starting the process.

“We want to make sure we are not exchanging business cards in the middle of a disaster,” said Clint Perkins, State Operations Center director for the Georgia Emergency Management Agency. “We want to reach out across state lines.”

He invited more than 50 emergency management personnel, state police officers and department of transportation officials from Florida, Georgia and South Carolina to the Golden Isles Career Academy on Tuesday and Wednesday for a two-day meeting to discuss state-to-state mutual aid in the event of an evacuation. It was the first such meeting since 2006 and a meeting Perkins said should happen more often.



Thursday, 16 April 2015 00:00

Cyberattacks Targeting Big Companies Up 40%

Five out of six companies with more than 2,500 employees were targeted in cyberattacks in 2014, representing a 40% increase last year, according to Symantec’s annual Internet Security Threat Report. But by no means does that imply big businesses are the primary target: 60% of all targeted attacks struck small- and medium-sized organizations.

The spear-fishing and fraudulent email scams deployed in these hacks have also become more effective. Overall, 14% less email was used to infiltrate an organization’s network, yet 2014 saw a 13% increase in attackers as the cause of a data breach, and the total number of breaches rose from 253 in 2013 to 312 in 2014. This notable increase in precision is a clear indication that companies are not updating their defenses to match current threats.

Fortifying against cyberbreach continues to demand even more concerted effort as malicious actors grow more sophisticated, introducing more and better malware to their campaigns. “While advanced targeted attacks may grab the headlines, non-targeted attacks still make up a majority of malware, which increased by 26% in 2014,” Symantec reported. More than 317 million new pieces of malware were created last year, meaning almost a million new threats were released daily.