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Jon Seals

2014 saw continued use of buzzwords like cloud, wearables, BYOD and IoT but conversations around what this will mean to business if we don’t evolve and prepare our IT infrastructures were significantly lacking.

There’ll always be some level of disconnect between maintaining IT and maintaining business productivity; both have very different deliverables. However the two must be interlinked as there are key areas where IT and business objectives overlap. Understanding the ICT environment in depth is important to improving business resilience and the efficiency of the ICT infrastructure.

In this article Patrick Hubbard highlights emerging areas where greater understanding is required to enable organizations to maintain current levels of ICT availability and resiliency.



EMC Corporation has published the findings of a new global data protection study that reveals that data loss and downtime cost enterprises more than $1.7 trillion in the last twelve months. Data loss is up by 400 percent since 2012 while, surprisingly, 71 percent of organizations are still not fully confident in their ability to recover after a disruption.

The EMC Global Data Protection Index, conducted by Vanson Bourne, surveyed 3,300 IT decision makers from mid-size to enterprise-class businesses across 24 countries.

Impact of data loss and downtime
The good news is that the number of data loss incidents is decreasing overall. However, the volume of data lost during an incident is growing exponentially:

  • 64 percent of enterprises surveyed experienced data loss or downtime in the last 12 months;
  • The average business experienced more than three working days (25 hours) of unexpected downtime in the last 12 months;
  • Other commercial consequences of disruptions were loss of revenue (36 percent) and delays to product development (34 percent).

New wave of data protection challenges
Business trends, such as big data, mobile and hybrid cloud are creating new challenges for data protection:

  • 51 percent of businesses lack a disaster recovery plan for any of these environments and just 6 percent have a plan for all three;
  • In fact, 62 percent rated big data, mobile and hybrid cloud as 'difficult' to protect
  • With 30 percent of all primary data located in some form of cloud storage, this could result in substantial loss.

The protection paradox
Adopting advanced data protection technologies dramatically decreases the likelihood of disruption. And, many companies turn to multiple IT vendors to solve their data protection challenges. However, a siloed approach to deploying these can increase risks:

  • Enterprises that have not deployed a continuous availability strategy were twice as likely to suffer data loss as those that had;
  • Businesses using three or more vendors to supply data protection solutions lost three times as much data as those who unified their data protection strategy around a single vendor;
  • Those enterprises with three vendors were also likely to spend an average of $3 million more on their data protection infrastructure compared to those with just one.

More details: http://emc.im/DPindex

There are a great many challenges to overcome to prepare a sizable organization for crises, emergencies or reputation disasters. But one seems nearly intractable: the ignorance of those in high places. The very ones who will make the big decisions when push comes to shove. The lawyers, the CEOs, the regional execs, the Incident Commanders, the chiefs, the directors, the presidents.

If the ones who call the shots during a response do not understand the water they are swimming in, the effort is doomed–despite all the preparation that communication and public relations leaders may put in place.

A week or so ago I had the privilege of presenting to the Washington State Sheriffs and Police Chief’s association training meeting. Chief Bill Boyd and I were to give a four hour presentation to these law enforcement leaders. Bill did the bulk of the work on the presentation, but had a medical emergency and couldn’t present with me. One item he had gathered for this really hit me–and those present. The Boston Police radio message from the Incident Commander on the scene just after the bombing occurred included the calm but clearly adrenalin-filled IC’s details on what actions the police on the scene were taking. Then he said, “And I need someone to get on social media and tell everyone what we are doing.” That’s correct. One of the top priorities of this Commander was to inform the public of police actions and the way to do that he knew was through the agencies social media channels.



Boards, regulators and leadership teams are demanding more and more of risk, compliance, audit, IT and security teams. They are asking them to collaboratively focus on identifying, analyzing and managing the portfolio of risks that really matter to the business.

As risk management programs evolve to more formal processes aligned with business objectives, leaders are realizing that by developing a proactive mindset in risk and compliance management, teams can provide added value to help the organization gain agility by identifying new opportunities as well as managing down-side risk. Organizations with this new perspective are more successful in orchestrating change to provide a 360-degree view of both risk and opportunity.

Risk teams that are further along on the journey of leveraging proactive approaches to risk management look not only within the organization but beyond to supplier, third party and customer ecosystems. This means developing a view across the larger enterprise infocosm, to ensure alignment of people, processes and technologies.



(TNS) — In baseball, when a slugger has been slumping for a few years in a row, the pundits in the upper deck will be quick to declare a trend; “the bum’s done,” they’ll assert.

Weather forecasters are a little more retrospective.

In 2001, forecasters had announced that they believed that since 1995, the tropics had been in a cycle of more and stronger storms. Such periods can last 25 to 40 years.

The hurricane season that ended Sunday, Nov. 30, was quiet. So was the year before that. Only three seasons since 1995 have been below average. We just went through two of them.

This followed some of the busiest, and most damaging, years on record.



Enables Restoration of AIX Environments in Minutes


WATFORD – Capital Continuity, a provider of replication, recovery and migration software for managed service providers (MSPs), announced that its Business Interruption Protection software (BIPs) is now integrated into Recovery Point’s cloud backup and recovery solution set.

“The addition of Capital Continuity’s technology expands our RaaS portfolio and allows us to deploy industrial strength, high-availability Cloud recovery solutions to the AIX marketplace, as well as Intel and iSeries,” explained Marc Langer, president of Recovery Point. “For the first time, we have the ability to restore complex AIX environments in a matter of minutes.”

Recovery Point is enhancing its cloud backup and recovery solution set to meet increasing client needs for hybrid solutions that address both disaster recovery after major outages and instant recovery for “always on” critical applications.

Recovery Point is an established leader in providing integrated business continuity and disaster recovery solutions,” said Lee Exall, managing director of Capital Continuity. “We are proud that Recovery Point has selected our BIPs technology as part of its commitment to provide guaranteed protection and recovery across North America.”

Recovery Point offers an array of scalable Cloud-based backup and recovery solutions for environments ranging from the IBM mainframe though nearly all midrange platforms to physical and virtual Wintel environments. These Recovery as a Service (RaaS) solutions eliminate tape-based restores as the primary method of application recovery and result in improved RPOs and RTOs. Recovery Point’s solutions can be applied to any size requirement, from gigabytes to petabytes, with support for both customer-owned and Recovery Point-provided solutions.

Recovery Point combines industry-leading technologies with a powerful network and secure hosting infrastructure to make RaaS programs affordable for a wide range of clients. Hybrid solutions, which leverage client-dedicated storage with Recovery Point’s inventory of advanced technology, keep costs and recovery times down.

“Capital Continuity delivers a cost effective, elegant solution for UNIX that allows Recovery Point to expand its RaaS capabilities to previously underserved environments in an easy-to-deploy, cost-effective way,” said Langer. “When we’ve previewed the software to customers, they’ve been amazed by the speed in which we can recover and restore their critical systems.”


About Capital Continuity

Capital Continuity provides Business Interruption Protection software (BIPs) specifically developed for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). BIPs is a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and cloud migration software solution that delivers enterprise level replication, recovery and migration services for clients with uniform or diverse environments. For more information, visit www.capitalcontinuity.co.uk


About Recovery Point Systems

Recovery Point Systems, Inc. is a leading national provider of integrated business continuity solutions for commercial clients in a wide range of industries and organizations, as well as federal, state and local government agencies. Recovery Point provides flexible, cost-effective IT solutions for business continuity, disaster recovery, managed hosting and robust, carrier-neutral network services. Delivered from the most secure and resilient recovery facilities in the industry, Recovery Point helps clients plan and execute recovery testing programs and restore business operations quickly when an unplanned interruption of IT infrastructure occurs. For more information, visit www.recoverypoint.com.

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Permabit Joins NetApp Alliance Partner Program

Customers Gain Plug-and-Play Inline Data Efficiency through Permabit Collaboration with NetApp 
CAMBRIDGE, Mass – Permabit Technology Corporation, the innovative leader in data efficiency technology, today announced membership in the NetApp Alliance Partner Program. As a member of NetApp’s partner program, Permabit will collaborate with NetApp to deliver SANblox™ with NetApp E-Series storage systems. Customers will have the ability to leap forward in cost, capacity and performance by adding inline data efficiency capabilities to new or existing Fibre Channel SANs. The SANblox appliance, which leverages Permabit’s award-winning Albireo VDO and HIOPS™ Compression software, provides “plug and save” data reduction across a wide range of applications, including mixed virtual server, VDI, database (OLTP and data warehouse) and Big Data environments. Customers that leverage SANblox will have the resources to increase the capacity of their data storage systems by 6X, reduce cost up to 85 percent and increase performance up to 400 percent. “We are pleased to collaborate with NetApp to bring SANblox to their customers,” said Tom Cook, Permabit CEO. “More performance, higher effective capacity, and lower effective cost are a winning combination for E-Series storage buyers.” NetApp Alliance Partner Program The NetApp Alliance Partner Program provides qualified infrastructure and application providers with access to NetApp solutions, software development kits, technical support, training, certification, product information, and marketing and sales assistance. Customers’ benefit with access to best-of-breed partner solutions that have been tested to work with NetApp storage solutions. Additional information about the NetApp Alliance Partner Program is available at http://www.netapp.com/alliances. About Permabit Permabit pioneers development of data efficiency technologies. Our innovative data deduplication, compression and thin provisioning products enable the world’s leading storage OEMs to cut effective cost, accelerate performance, reduce time to market and gain competitive advantage. Just as server virtualization revolutionized the economics of compute, our data reduction technologies are transforming storage economics, today. Permabit is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts with operations in California, Texas, Florida, Korea and Japan. For more information, visit www.permabit.com. About NetApp Leading organizations worldwide count on NetApp for software, systems and services to manage and store their data. Customers value our teamwork, expertise and passion for helping them succeed now and into the future. www.netapp.com.

IT Professionals Challenged to Find Misconfigurations and Best Practices Violations That Put Service Availability and Disaster Recoverability (DR) at Risk



Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which mark the start of the frenetic holiday shopping season in the U.S., are about to be joined by what is surely to become another December tradition.  Debuting today, Continuity Software's Infrastructure Mania contest offers IT professionals the opportunity to review a datacenter infrastructure diagram to find the (at least) 21 misconfigurations and best practices violations that would put service availability and disaster recoverability (DR) at risk.  The IT professional that correctly identifies the most* risks and/or violations will be awarded an Apple iPad Air 2.


Entry Deadline:               

December 21, 2014


Enter Here:                         



About Continuity Software      

Continuity Software is the world's leading provider of service availability risk management solutions.  Trusted by many of the largest and most successful companies around the world, Continuity Software's award-winning software mitigates downtime and data-loss risks across the entire enterprise IT landscape, including the datacenter's disaster recovery, high availability (HA), and private cloud environments. With Continuity Software solutions, organizations can be confident that service availability, data protection, and business continuity goals will be met or exceeded 365 days a year.  For further information, please visit: www.continuitysoftware.com, email: info@continuitysoftware.com, or call: +1-888-782-8170 (United States) or +972 (3) 6470888 (Israel). 


Additional Resources:

- Surveys: http://www.continuitysoftware.com/resources/surveys/

- On-Demand Webinars: http://www.continuitysoftware.com/resources/videos-2/

- White Papers: http://www.continuitysoftware.com/resources/white-papers/

DIRAK now offers a new platform for compression latch technology that provides multiple options for compression latching of single point or multi-point latching applications.

To view the products included in this new technology platform click the link for each product shown below:




  • smooth and simple operation

  • concealed latch design

  • single point compression

  • Unique POM roller on the cam for smooth actuation and closure; prevents scratching or abrasion to the frame or paint finish.

  • IP65 rated

  • Can be actuated with a key cylinder profile

  • Up to 20mm of compression to hold door securely closed in high vibration applications.


  • Smooth and simple operation

  • Concealed latch design

  • Multi-point latching

  • IP65 rated

  • Can be actuated with a key cylinder profile

6-502Smooth and simple operation

  • Flush mount design

  • Single point compression

  • Unique POM roller on the cam for smooth actuation and closure; prevents scratching or abrasion to the frame or paint finish.

  • IP65 rated

  • Up to 20mm of compression to hold door securely closed in high vibration applications.

  • Can be actuated with a key cylinder profile

  • Features a designed locking cover with a magnetic cylinder flap closure to prevent water, dust or debris from entering the enclosure.


  • Smooth and simple operation

  • Flush mount design

  • Multi-point latching

  • IP65 rated

  • Can be actuated with a key cylinder profile

  • Features a designed locking cover with a magnetic cylinder flap closure to prevent water, dust or debris from entering the enclosure.


  • Smooth and simple operation

  • Single or multi-point latching (see6-510)

  • Unique POM roller on the cam for smooth actuation and closure; prevents scratching or abrasion to the frame or paint finish

  • IP65 rated

  • Up to 20mm of compression to hold door securely closed in high vibration applications

  • Multiple inserts are available for secure tool actuation



Potential market applications are broad. This product is an ideal solution for large enclosures requiring multiple compression points along with any indoor or outdoor sheet metal enclosure door or panel application that requires high compression, concealed latching, low protrusion, reduction of noise and/or rattling due to vibration and protection against potential vandalism. It can be used in single or multi-point applications.

Market applications include, but are not limited to:

• Enclosures in Public Areas

• Telecommunications Enclosures

• Computer Enclosures

• Industrial Machinery

• Off-Highway Vehicles and Farm Equipment

• Alternative Energy / Power Enclosures

• Medical Equipment

• Food or Food Packaging Equipment (non-food zone applications)

• Transportation & Emergency Vehicles

DIRAK is a global designer, manufacturer, and distributor of innovative, high quality system solutions for latching, hinging and profile technology. DIRAK products are sold and distributed globally through a network of authorized sales representatives.

For additional information, contact DIRAK, Inc., 22560 Glenn Drive, Sterling, Virginia, USA. Tel: 703-378-7637, Fax: 703-378-7638, E-mail: options@dirak.com, Website: www.dirak.us. The company’s global headquarters is in Ennepetal, Germany.

UK businesses are at risk of sleepwalking into a reputational time bomb due a lack of awareness on how to protect their data assets, according to research released by BSI. As cyber hackers become more complex and sophisticated in their methods, UK organizations are being urged to strengthen their security systems to protect both themselves and consumers.

The BSI survey of IT decision makers found that cyber security is a growing concern with over half (56 percent) of UK businesses being more concerned than 12 months ago. 7 in 10 (70 percent) attribute this to hackers becoming more skilled and better at targeting businesses.

However, whilst the vast majority (98 percent) of organizations have taken measures to minimize risks to their information security, only 12 percent are extremely confident about the security measures their organization has in place to defend against these attacks.

Worryingly, IT directors appear to have accepted the risks to their information security, with 9 in 10 (91 percent) admitting their organization has been a victim of a cyber-attack. Around half have experienced an attempted hack, and/or suffered from malware (49 percent in both instances). Around four in ten (42 percent) have experienced the installation of unauthorized software by trusted insiders, and nearly a third (30 percent) have suffered a loss of confidential information.