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Jon Seals

HOUSTON – Law firms have been duly warned in recent years that their systems have been attacked (hacked) and breached and that the attacks will likely escalate and intensify. Recent developments present very real evidence that these warnings, from many sources, including the F.B.I., have been accurate and even understated. These developments should be a loud and clear wake-up call to law firm management to intensify efforts to secure the treasure trove of highly confidential, sensitive, proprietary and often privileged client and employee information. After all, client confidentiality is the life’s blood of any attorney’s practice.

* The FBI began warning firms that they were specifically being targeted by organized cybercriminals as early as 2009, and in 2011 invited 200 of the largest law firms to discuss the rise in sophisticated cyber-attacks targeted at law firms. Part of the reason for this is that law firms often present an easier target than some of their clients; if a hacker wants to steal sensitive information from a company, he may have better luck going after that company’s outside counsel.

* 2015 was the first year that the legal sector appeared on Cisco’s annual ranking of industries targeted by hackers—debuting at number 6. Law firms’ clients are taking notice. Many financial institutions now require law firms to complete checklists and subject themselves to audits of their information security apparatus.



(TNS) - Rae Ann Brutger stood on her doorstep and wept.

The tornado had shoved her home 10 feet off its foundation, leaving her living room at a crazy tilt. She surveyed the damage, stepping cautiously over the smashed snowman figurines she had spent decades collecting and the family photos that had spilled out of an off-kilter cupboard.

“I sincerely realize it could have been much worse,” she said, wiping her eyes and nodding toward her neighbor’s place. The tornado that ripped though the Litchfield mobile home park flattened the double-wide trailer next door, leaving it an almost unrecognizable twist of metal.

The twister was one of four that roared through central Minnesota Monday afternoon, part of a storm that dumped up to 9 inches of rain in spots across north central Minnesota, washing out roads, overrunning highways, leaving neighborhoods in tatters and raising fears of flash flooding across the region.



In our fast-moving digital age, many organizations are still struggling with an “analog” approach to crisis management, using hard-copy documents and tabletop exercises to prepare for the next potential emergency.

This makes training employees particularly difficult, because both businesses and the threats they face are growing and evolving all the time. It is nearly impossible to constantly update hard-copy crisis management plans—let alone repeatedly disseminate them to hundreds or even thousands of employees.

It’s no wonder that many companies are incorporating technology into their crisis management prep as often as possible.

Here, we look at four ways technology can benefit your organization’s crisis management training efforts:



There are multiple areas of potential risk in data center environments that can cause incidents resulting in an insurance claim. Risks include:

  • Accidents that damage the facility
  • Potential for workplace injuries
  • Business risks from downtime events that impact the data center’s or its customers’ business continuity.

Organizations depend on 24 x 7 x 365 IT infrastructure availability to ensure that services to customers/end-users are available whenever needed.



Europe’s preferred IT provider retains first place UK ranking in IT outsourcing satisfaction survey, leading competitors


LONDON – Computacenter, Europe’s preferred IT provider to enable users and their businesses, today announces that it has retained its number one ranking in satisfaction ratings for end user services for the third year running in the UK Whitelane Outsourcing Study 2016. Computacenter ranked higher than the likes of HP, IBM and Atos, receiving a satisfaction percentage of 76% for end user services, 8% higher than the market average.


The study, conducted by Whitelane, surveyed 250 participants of the top IT spending organisations in the United Kingdom to evaluate over 800 unique IT outsourcing contracts. In total, 27 IT service providers were ranked based on their clients’ perception with fluctuating contract numbers per provider.


The study revealed that 90% of customers surveyed would renew their contract with Computacenter, which saw the company claiming the number one place in this category. From an overall European perspective, Computacenter climbed to second place in end user satisfaction rankings, scoring 7% higher than market average with a score of 77%.


Kevin James, UK Managing Director, comments: “This is further proof of the continued devotion to customer centricity and collaboration here at Computacenter – a focus that we will continue to build on even further. Our ongoing devotion to understanding client requirements and truly collaborating throughout the lifecycle of the relationship, combined with our specialist teams and suite of services and solutions, has allowed us to exceed expectations.”


When considering contract size against satisfaction rate, Computacenter, for the second year running, ranked proportionally higher than the market average. The study analysed satisfaction ratings across contracts with an annual contract value (ACV) of less than £10 million, and more than £10 million. For both, Whitelane found that Computacenter were significantly ahead of the market average, and its competitors.


Kevin James concludes: “Overall we are delighted to have again been recognised as the top performing organisation for end user services, which are at the very heart of our strategy. We at Computacenter take pride in receiving such great feedback from our customers and use this as a foundation for continuous improvement.

We aim to set the industry standard for customer satisfaction and contract renewals, which inevitably are inextricably linked. We are excited and proud of the survey results, which are a validation of our ‘customer first’ mantra.”


About Computacenter

Computacenter is Europe's leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services, enabling users and their business. We advise organisations on IT strategy, implement the most appropriate technology, optimise its performance, and manage our customers’ infrastructures. In doing this we help CIOs and IT departments in enterprise and corporate organisations maximise productivity and the business value of IT for internal and external users.

Rooted in core European countries Computacenter combines global reach with local expertise.


SOS Builders Receives “Contractor of the Year,” 10 Companies Honored with Golden Hammer Awards

WHEELING, Ill. – Eleven Response Team 1 companies received prestigious recognition at the recent 2016 Contractor Connection Conference & Expo in Las Vegas. Contractor Connection is the largest, fully independent network of managed contractor repair for insurance companies and consumers. Response Team 1 is the nation’s second largest residential and commercial property restoration and renovation company serving the continental U.S. from 49 strategic locations.

SOS Builders of Phoenix was recognized as the top company in the Southwest District by winning a distinguished “Contractor of the Year” award in the general contractor category. This top honor is selected by region from all of the Golden Hammer award winners.

Ten Response Team 1 companies received a distinguished 2016 Crawford Connection Golden Hammer – Excellence in Achievement Award for ranking in the top 200 of the more than 4,000 contractors in the U.S. and Canada. This special recognition is awarded based on performance criteria and overall quality of service and professionalism. The Response Team 1 companies honored were:

·         Cary Reconstruction Company – Charlotte

·         Cary Reconstruction Company – Fayetteville, N.C.

·         Cary Reconstruction Company – Greensboro, N.C.

·         Cary Reconstruction Company – Greenville, S.C.

·         Cary Reconstruction Company – Norfolk, Va.

·         Empire Construction & Technologies – Irvine, Calif.

·         Emergency Restoration Experts – Phoenix

·         Poole’s Reconstruction Company – Charlotte

·         SOS Builders – Phoenix

·         Universal Restoration Services – Lawrenceville, Ga.

In addition to the Contractor Connection awards, Empire Construction & Technologies of San Marcos, California, was awarded an “Outstanding Member of Service Award” from insurance company USAA in recognition of excellence in customer service. The criteria for selection included high work volume, customer satisfaction, deadline adherence and excellence in both estimating and workmanship.

“These awards from Contractor Connection and USAA are a direct reflection of our ongoing mission to provide optimal customer service and meet and exceed customer expectations,” said John Goense, Chairman and CEO of Response Team 1. “We could not have achieved this recognition without the hard work and commitment of our employees throughout the country.

“We are proud of our partnerships with both Contractor Connection and USAA and this prestigious awards program that honors industry excellence,” Goense added.

About Response Team 1

Response Team 1 is an award-winning national leader in the commercial and residential property restoration, disaster loss recovery and multifamily renovation industries. We are committed to getting life back to normal quickly and correctly for our customers. With decades of experience in quickly responding to large commercial and residential losses and community weather events, Response Team 1 serves the continental U.S. from 49 strategic locations.

More information is available at www.responseteam1.com.

WOBURN, Mass. – BridgeHead Software, the healthcare data management company, today announced the appointment of Crispin Jewitt as software engineering manager to lead the development of the company's Healthcare Data Management (HDM) solutions.
As well as being directly responsible for managing BridgeHead's team of software engineers, predominantly based out of the UK headquarters, the role will see Crispin oversee the software development lifecycle of BridgeHead's Independent Clinical Archive, HealthStore™, and RAPid data protection offerings. As data explodes with the increasing prevalence of medical images from multiple clinical departments; the adoption of the Electronic Health Record (EHR); the move toward 'paperless' environments; and the general uptake in office productivity suites; healthcare continues to present a growing market opportunity for the company.
Commenting on his appointment, Jewitt, explained: "I get a great sense of personal satisfaction knowing that I will add real value to patient care while working for a highly respected company in the global healthcare technology sector. Digital healthcare is a vibrant and dynamic market and BridgeHead's singular approach to data management will continue to help healthcare organisations leverage one of their most strategic assets, their patient information."
BridgeHead Software has been established for over 20 years and has an excellent track record of delivering solutions to healthcare organisations, helping them store, protect and share clinical and associated administrative information. This, alongside its clear vision and technology roadmap, attracted Jewitt to the role.
Jewitt continues: "With increasing demands across healthcare economies for the access and availability of all data connected to a patient, BridgeHead's Independent Clinical Archive (ICA), HealthStore (sometimes referred to as a next generation vendor neutral archive or VNA 3.0), is very compelling. HealthStore helps organisations to deliver joined-up care across various, disparate healthcare departments and facilities. BridgeHead's RAPid data protection solution is a comprehensive solution that helps healthcare organisations recover systems and data in the event of corruption, deletion, outage or disaster. I'm excited to be part of the evolution of both of these solutions."
The Government and NHS are driving initiatives towards achieving digitisation in a bid to bring together health and social care. This requires healthcare organisations to ensure their IT infrastructures are fit for purpose, whilst building an environment to harness and share patient information. BridgeHead's solutions are well-placed to help Trusts' develop a robust data management platform so that data can be used efficiently and effectively in the consultation, diagnoses and treatment of patients. In addition, once data is available, it can serve many other functions, such as research and Population Health Management.
Jewitt continues: "Data really is the life blood of healthcare organisations. My job is to ensure BridgeHead meets its regulatory obligations; continues to provide customers with the assurance that our engineering processes are fully visible, documented and auditable; and delivers best-of-breed healthcare solutions."
Jim Beagle, President and CEO, at BridgeHead Software comments: "Crispin comes to us with more than 20 years' technology leadership, a wealth of experience in the healthcare sector and a proven track record in the development and deployment of software designed to improve the delivery of patient care.
He is also well-versed in delivering healthcare-specific solutions across the globe, having amassed knowledge and expertise in meeting the strict regulatory obligations for medical devices. Crispin is exactly the type of person we were looking for in this role and we are confident in his ability to deliver on both our current vision and future aspirations while maintaining high standards in technology."
Before joining BridgeHead Software, Crispin was director of engineering at Sensium Healthcare, leading a project to develop and launch a wireless patient monitoring system. In this and his earlier role as head of product development, he was responsible for building a team, planning the development and achieving regulatory approval through to initial deployment and full global launch. Prior to working for Sensium Healthcare, Crispin held a number of senior technology and software engineer roles within technology companies. He holds an MA in engineering from the University of Cambridge.
About BridgeHead Software
With 20 years' experience in data and storage management, BridgeHead Software is trusted by over 1,200 hospitals worldwide. Today, BridgeHead Software helps healthcare facilities overcome challenges stemming from rising data volumes and increasing storage costs, while delivering peace of mind around how to storeprotect and share clinical and administrative information.
BridgeHead's Healthcare Data Management solutions are designed to work with any hospital's chosen applications and storage hardware, regardless of vendor, providing greater choice, flexibility and control over the way data is managed, now and in the future. 
For more information, visit www.bridgeheadsoftware.com or follow on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.
Original Team That Created SAMMA to Offer Continued Support and Introduce Cutting Edge Access Technology

AGOURA HILLS, Calif. – GrayMeta, a provider of metadata and digital asset management solutions to the world's leading media companies and the only authorized provider of SAMMA support for hardware and software, today announced it would once again provide world-class SAMMA support and predictable pricing following Oracle's discontinuation.

SAMMA support under GrayMeta will be led by Chi Long Tsang, Mark Gray, Josef Marc and Bob Berger -- the original creators of the groundbreaking, Emmy award winning preservation technology. GrayMeta's SAMMA support will be greatly enhanced by the dedicated focus of a media technology company passionate to see its clients succeed.

"As the creators of SAMMA, we know it better than anyone in the world and take enormous pride in providing our customers the world-class service that enables them to succeed in their mission to preserve their highly valuable content," said Mark Gray, president of Gray Meta. "We are thrilled at the opportunity to once again offer our customers service that exceeds their expectations, and do so at price points that offer real value."

SAMMA was inspired to solve a vital need of the archival community: preservation. The pioneering team behind it has since partnered with some of the world's leading technologists to solve another vital need: access.

As part of the transition, GrayMeta will offer complimentary introductory access to MetaFarm, an automated metadata mining platform that provides search and navigation of all an organization's files.

MetaFarm offers an unprecedented and intuitive way to access an organization's vast digitized archives, with filenames no longer being the only insight into content. Metadata extraction like Media Info, Image Recognition and speech-to-text allow for easy, never before available search of the content material itself, and more capabilities are added every day.

About GrayMeta
GrayMeta is a breakthrough big data company that powers automated metadata collection and represents a new way of thinking about extracting metadata across the enterprise. GrayMeta's innovative metadata solutions, powered by MetaFarm, offer the freedom to extract, store, update and add intelligence to metadata -- to be more searchable across more applications, turning your information into valuable data.

HONG KONG, CHINA – Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global leader in security software and solutions, today announced it will host its second annual Capture the Flag (CTF) cybersecurity competition for engineers. Following the company's successful, first-ever CTF for the security community in the Asia-Pacific region, the 2016 event will be hosted for engineers worldwide.

Trend Micro CTF 2016 will test players' technical knowledge in various categories, such as targeted attacks, Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), which are all becoming increasingly important in the cybersecurity space1. The competition comprises an online qualifying event and finals held in Tokyo, Japan.

"Trend Micro aims to create a world safe for exchanging digital information, and expert events, such as this, are one way we work toward this goal," said Eva Chen, CEO for Trend Micro. "Challenging engineers from across the globe to stretch their cybersecurity knowledge in these specific, relevant areas will help bolster the security community as a whole."

The online qualifier will be played in a "Jeopardy" format in which players will compete by solving challenges in various categories. The top ten teams from the online qualifier will advance to compete in the final, which will be played in an "attack and defense" format. The final winning team will be awarded JPY1,000,000 (approximately US$9,800), plus Zero Day Initiative Rewards Program 2 points.

Trend Micro CTF 2016 Online Qualifier
Dates: July 30-31, 2016 (Game starts at 13:00 (JST, 4:00 UTC), July 30, 2016)
Requirements: Participants must be at least 20 years old
Format: Jeopardy
Venue: Online
Team registration: From July 15, 2016 (JST)

Trend Micro CTF 2016 Final
Dates: November 19-20, 2016 (JST)
Requirements: The top ten teams from the online event will qualify. Each team may have a maximum of four players.
Format: Attack and Defense (additional details to be announced following online qualifier)
Venue: Shinjuku NS Building, Tokyo, Japan

First Place Team: US$9,800 per team, a one-time bonus of US$2,000, automatic qualification for HITCON CTF 2016 Final in Taiwan
Second Place Team: US$3,000 per team
Third Place Team: US$2,000 per team

To register for the online qualifier, please visit: http://www.go-tm.jp/ctf2016_en

For more information about the event, please visit: http://www.go-tm.jp/ctf2016_en

About Trend Micro
Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in cyber security solutions, helps to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Our innovative solutions for consumers, businesses, and governments provide layered security for data centers, cloud environments, networks, and endpoints. All our products work together to seamlessly share threat intelligence and provide a connected threat defense with centralized visibility and control, enabling better, faster protection. With more than 5,000 employees in over 50 countries and the world's most advanced global threat intelligence, Trend Micro enables organizations to secure their journey to the cloud. For more information, visit www.trendmicro.com.

1 Challenge format and categories may be subject to change.

U.S. Patent No. 9,244,627 B2 Attracts Attention to Ongoing Industry Data Breach and Sanitization Challenges

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Synetic Technologies, Inc. (Synetic), a global leader in secure IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and value recovery services, has been granted U.S. Patent No. 9,244,627 B2 for a scalable enterprise data erasure system and method for the sorting, tracking and certified erasure of a plurality of data storage devices through use of enterprise hardware and software designed for data storage. The Virtual Data Annihilator platform sets a new standard for transparency in the ITAD industry by addressing the ongoing challenges of data security breaches caused by improper and unverified disposal processes.

Verizon's 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report found that residual data on reused hardware was a common cause of company data breaches. For companies handling sensitive information, this can lead to expensive legal issues.

Ron Helmer, CEO of Synetic, said, "When companies sell old hardware for value recovery, it is imperative that data be completely wiped from the system before it is reused. Many companies entrust this process to third party value recovery services, but without a transparent verification process, confidential client information and other sensitive data may still be at risk."

Data sanitization remains the preferred method for organizations seeking to recover maximum value from their off-network IT assets. While organizations can perform their own data sanitization, it often comes with a greater financial cost and security risk.

Helmer added, "To this point, most ITAD firms have leveraged third party software solutions to sanitize data, which include licensing fees per use. While the end result is the same with Virtual Data Annihilator, owning the platform allows us to deliver these same services cost effectively at scale, which delivers our clients greater value. Virtual Data Annihilator is infinitely scalable, and deployable onsite, allowing us to tailor data destruction programs to meet the data security needs of any client."

Synetic's patented Virtual Data Annihilator platform securely sanitizes data storage devices and produces searchable log files of the entire sanitization process to certify complete data erasure. The erasure system complies with both the DoD 5220.22-M and more recent NIST SP 800-88 Revision 1 standards. Synetic also designed a separate system, QCC, which automates the testing of sectors from drives wiped by the Virtual Data Annihilator and exceeds NIST 800-88 recommended standards for sectors checked. Additionally, Synetic provides notarized certificates of data destruction to its clients, which are available via the Synetic client portal.

"One of Synetic's well-known technology clients had a strict security requirement to shred all drives onsite, but through education, due diligence and verification, this client changed their information security stance on shredding, leveraging the Virtual Data Annihilator sanitization platform instead," Helmer explained. "We now wipe all drives for this client, which has significantly increased their value recovery from decommissioned assets."

Synetic offers a full suite of ITAD services to Fortune-listed leaders in healthcare, finance, technology, education and retail. ITAD services include certified data destruction; secured transport, testing and refurbishing of IT assets; remarketing; R2 certified e-waste recycling; and comprehensive reporting. Synetic offers both virtual and physical data destruction under the Data Annihilator brand.

For a limited time, Synetic is offering free Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Viewers to celebrate the Virtual Data Annihilator patent. Details are available at www.sti3.com/vr.