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Offers Seamless Interoperability with Splunk, LogRhythm, Sumo Logic, and Other Leading SIEMs

IRVINE, Calif. – Cylance®, the company that is revolutionizing cybersecurity through the use of artificial intelligence to proactively prevent advanced persistent threats and malware, has announced that its flagship product CylancePROTECT® now has seamless connections to Splunk® solutions, LogRhythm®, Sumo Logic and other industry-leading security incident and event management (SIEM) technologies, dramatically simplifying proactive prevention of attempted cyber attacks for enterprise security teams.

“LogRhythm is pleased to be partnering with the Cylance organization, which we believe is taking a unique, leading-edge approach to malware and endpoint protection”

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“In order to be effective in the 24/7/365 threat landscape, enterprise security teams need to be able to leverage their existing best-of-breed tools in collaboration with new, preventive approaches,” said Glenn Chisholm, Chief Technology Officer at Cylance. “Our integrations and connectors with leading SIEM tools give incident responders the assurance of a proven preventive solution that also helps them work faster through real-time visibility into the threats that are blocked by CylancePROTECT.”

CylancePROTECT is a next-generation anti-malware product that uses artificial intelligence instead of reactive signatures and sandboxes, thereby rendering new malware, viruses, bots and unknown future variants useless. As a result of its integrations with the market’s most widely accepted SIEM products, CylancePROTECT can send alerts about the devices on which newly identified malware was attempting to execute, the action taken, as well as additional metadata. The product is integrated with or offers connectors to the following products:

  • Splunk® Enterprise
  • LogRhythm®
  • Sumo Logic
  • Other industry-leading SIEM tools.

“LogRhythm is pleased to be partnering with the Cylance organization, which we believe is taking a unique, leading-edge approach to malware and endpoint protection,” said Matt Winter, Vice President of Business and Corporate Development at LogRhythm. “Combining the malware and endpoint telemetry provided by CylancePROTECT with the petabytes of other machine data that the LogRhythm security intelligence platform collects from across the distributed environment enables our customers to detect, prioritize and ultimately neutralize threats with unprecedented levels of speed and accuracy. Leveraging early indicators of malware compromise is vital in helping our customers reduce the time to detect and respond to threats and thereby decrease the risk of experiencing a high-impact data breach."

"We are excited to be part of Cylance’s partner ecosystem to deliver cloud-native security analytics for modern-day applications and infrastructure. Today’s security teams are looking for ways to improve their security posture and gain visibility as they move workloads to the cloud,” said Bruno Kurtic, Founding VP of Product and Strategy for Sumo Logic. “By leveraging our machine learning technology to help identify anomalies, trends, and behavior patterns, we are providing joint customers with a holistic view to reduce the time to identify and resolve threats across the enterprise.”

About CylancePROTECT®

At the core of Cylance’s unprecedented malware identification capability is a revolutionary machine-learning research platform that harnesses the power of algorithmic science and artificial intelligence. It analyzes and classifies hundreds of thousands of characteristics per file, breaking them down to an atomic level to discern whether an object is “good” or “bad” in real time.

About Cylance Inc.

Cylance is the only company to offer a preventive cybersecurity solution that stops advanced threats and malware—before they can execute—at the most vulnerable point: the endpoint. Applying a revolutionary artificial intelligence approach, CylancePROTECT® analyzes the DNA of code prior to its execution to find and prevent threats others can’t, while using a fraction of the system resources associated with antivirus and detect and respond solutions deployed in enterprises today. For more information visit: www.cylance.com

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Website: www.cylance.com
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DALLAS -- Delivering on commitments to meet customers’ hyper-scale at hyper-speed demands, global data center services provider CyrusOne (NASDAQ:CONE) announces its acquisition of a shell building in Sterling, Va, which will be developed into a fully redundant data center facility. The 129,064-square-foot building is located within close proximity to other CyrusOne data center buildings in the Sterling area. Driven by the innovative engineering capabilities of CyrusOne Solutions build-to-suit product set, the acquisition satisfies the rapid time-to-market requirements for customers’ large-scale IT deployments.

“Within just over a month, we were able to quickly identify a solution and purchase a new shell building within a highly constrained market. Given the unprecedented speed of our Massively Modular engineering capabilities, we expect to construct and commission a portion of the building as a data center for customer deployment before the end of the year,” said Kevin Timmons, chief technology officer, CyrusOne. “When customers demand this type of large-scale takedown, CyrusOne doesn’t hesitate to identify a tailored solution for their unique mission-critical infrastructure needs. It is this level of hyper-scale at hyper-speed capability that is enabling today’s leading cloud and high-growth enterprise companies to meet unbridled demand for IT expansion.”

The newly acquired Sterling building, located at 511 Shaw Road, will feature robust connectivity options with high bandwidth and high-availability circuits, and a number of metro and long-haul networks. The facility will be well suited for Fortune 1000 companies that require robust data center infrastructure for mission-critical applications and want to locate in an area that is generally free from natural disasters. The transaction closed on July 15, 2016

CyrusOne operates more than 30 carrier-neutral data center facilities across the United States, Europe, and Asia to provide customers with the flexibility and scale to match their specific IT growth needs. CyrusOne facilities are engineered to include the power-density infrastructure required to deliver excellent availability, including an architecture with the highest available power redundancy (2N).

Renowned for exceptional service, building enduring customer relationships, and high customer satisfaction levels, CyrusOne serves nine of the Fortune 20 and more than 175 of the Fortune 1000 among its more than 945 customers.

For more information about CyrusOne, call 1-855-908-3662 or visit www.cyrusone.com. Connect with us on Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

About CyrusOne

CyrusOne (NASDAQ:CONE) specializes in highly reliable enterprise-class, carrier-neutral data center properties. The company provides mission-critical data center facilities that protect and ensure the continued operation of IT infrastructure for more than 945 customers, including nine of the Fortune 20 and more than 175 of the Fortune 1000 or equivalent-sized companies.

CyrusOne’s data center offerings provide the flexibility, reliability, and security that enterprise customers require, and are delivered through a tailored, customer-service-focused platform designed to foster long-term relationships. CyrusOne’s National IX platform provides robust connectivity options to drive revenue, reduce expenses, and improve service quality for enterprises, content, and telecommunications companies. CyrusOne is committed to full transparency in communication, management, and service delivery throughout its more than 30 data centers worldwide. Additional information about CyrusOne can be found at www.CyrusOne.com.

The Business Continuity Institute - Aug 05, 2016 06:00 BST

The Business Continuity Institute is delighted to announce that Peter Brouggy (Hon.) FBCI has been appointed as the new Chairman of BCI 20/20 Think Tank Australasian Group, a group designed to drive thought leadership across the business continuity and resilience industry.

Peter has been actively involved in the development of organizational resilience intellectual property and resilience tools for over 10 years. In 2014 he was the recipient of the Australasia BCI Personality of the Year Award, and in 2016 he received an Honorary Fellowship of the BCI in recognition for his contribution to the profession.

On accepting the new role, Peter commented: "The primary focus of the Australasian 20/20 group will be to complete the development of the BCI Resilient Tool. The intent is to create a tool that has been developed by BC practitioners to be used by BC practitioners in order to help identify and influence measures that improve the resilience of an organization. This will be an excellent demonstration of thought leadership led by the 20/20 group and will involve wide contribution and peer review by the Australasian BCI community of practitioners."

Howard Kenny FBCI, Chair of the Australasian Chapter of the BCI, said: "As an elder statesman in the industry and the inaugural winner of the prestigious Continuity and Resilience Personality of the Year Award in Australasia, Peter is the ideal person to be leading the BCI 20/20 Group, and guiding thought leadership across the region. He is very well respected and connected, and will bring his enthusiasm and commitment to whatever challenge he is currently tackling, I know he will do the Australasian membership proud and be a key contributor to global thought leadership in this role."

The 20/20 Think Tank is a group of thought leaders from across the discipline who have a passion to drive it forward and fine tune it in order to meet the needs of the future. The three 20/20 Groups that exist so far are based in the United Kingdom, Australasia and the United States, but more are in the development phase.

Arkansas State Archives leads the way in digital preservation to protect state records and historic materials


Arkansas has just become the latest US State Archives to select Preservica to ensure the long-term protection and accessibility of important state records. Arkansas State Archives has chosen Preservica Cloud Edition for long term preservation and safe-keeping of its state’s significant electronic records of lasting value.

Arkansas joins 15 other states using Preservica’s digital preservation solution, including Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Dakota, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina, Vermont, and Wisconsin.


The Arkansas State Archives, one of the oldest state archives in the United States, has embarked on a pioneering program to ensure the preservation of state electronic records, as well as the digitization of historic documents, photographs, maps, and other resources, documenting the rich and multi-faceted history of Arkansas and its people. The Arkansas State Archives currently houses over 15,000 cubic feet of historic materials, and supports three research locations, one in the capital city of Little Rock, and one each in the historic towns of Washington and Powhatan, Arkansas.


The collections of the Arkansas State Archives are as varied as the state’s people, and reflect the archives’ mission to organize and maintain the history of Arkansas. These collections encompass: federal, state, and county records; military records; governors’ papers; the papers of significant Arkansas people, businesses, and organizations; Arkansas folk music recordings; a genealogical library; and the largest collection of Arkansas newspapers available anywhere. The archives’ current digital collections focus on the American Civil War and World War I, Historic Maps, Arkansas’s Women’s History and Multicultural Heritage, the History of African American Arkansans, Politics in Arkansas, Ozark Folk Music, and more.


Part of the archives’ mission is to ensure that the state’s history is available to the public, and that does not just include paper records or digitized materials, but born-digital records as well. Arkansas chose to partner with Preservica to support the complete cycle of managing its digital records strategy, choosing Preservica’s Cloud Edition for its ability to fulfill all requirements for best practices in the intake, processing, storage, management, and providing access to electronic records, as well as its ease in implementation. With Preservica, the Arkansas State Archives intends to build a state electronic records program that will best serve the public and Arkansas’s state agencies.


“At the Arkansas State Archives, our mission is to ensure that the past, its lessons and wisdom, are not forgotten. The records at risk are not just early state history or twentieth century papers, but history that is being made now,” said Mary Dunn, Archival Manager for Technology and Access. “Our challenge was greater given that we didn’t just need a digital preservation system to help safeguard historically valuable records, but also a partner to help us meet the records needs of our state agencies.”


“In Arkansas, state agencies have been largely left to manage their records on their own, and they are faced with the real challenge of managing important electronic records in short-lived file formats, often with little support or training for digital preservation, or enough digital storage space for the records they are creating.


The Arkansas State Archives sought a comprehensive answer for the state agencies’ digital preservation difficulties, and chose Preservica. We weighed our agencies’ needs against what services Preservica could provide, and found it to be what we were looking for. We had heard of archivists from other archives reporting how Preservica had greatly accelerated their intake process, taking it from days down to a matter of minutes. We want the records preserved and accessible, but we also want the workflow to be easy for our state to adopt.”


“Arkansas State Archives is responsible for the safeguarding of long-term state electronic records from state agencies, as well as the deep and rich history of the state,” said Jon Tilbury, CEO at Preservica. “We are thrilled to partner with them on this project. To see Preservica entrusted with so many state archives across the US makes us immensely proud of the platform’s ability to serve the needs of the state archives community.”

The Arkansas State Archives will be using Preservica to ingest, process and preserve state records of long-term value, and is currently in the process of defining workflows and policies that will act as a model for the transfer of records from state agencies.


“It’s only been a couple of months since we’ve had access to Preservica, but we are already seeing a lot of interest in our electronic records program from many state agencies, which is great to see,” added Mary. “Given there has been no concrete mandate in Arkansas for the regulation of state records, we are building a process for the future, both learning and educating others as we go. It’s a very exciting time not just for the preservation of history, but for bringing these records to life.”


About Arkansas State Archives

One of the oldest existing state agencies in Arkansas, the Arkansas State Archives was created as the Arkansas History Commission (AHC) by the Arkansas General Assembly in 1905 to serve as the official archives of the state. Since then, the Arkansas State Archives has been responsible for collecting and preserving the official records and historical materials for the state of Arkansas. Its mission is to organize and maintain the history of Arkansas by collecting and preserving state, county, and federal records, manuscript materials, newspapers, military records, family histories, an extensive Arkansas history and genealogy library, and a collection of Arkansas art and artefacts.


Visit http://www.ark-ives.com/


About Preservica

Preservica is a world leader in digital preservation technology, consulting and research. Our active preservation solutions are used by leading businesses, archives, libraries, museums and government organizations globally, to safeguard and share valuable digital content, collections and electronic records, for decades to come. These include 16 US State Archives, the UK National Archives, the UK Met Office, Transport for London, Oxfordshire County Council, Suffolk County Council and the Dorset History Centre, part of Dorset County Council, to name a few.

Available on premise or in the cloud, Preservica’s award-winning digital preservation and access software is a complete, standards-based (OAIS ISO 14721) trusted repository that includes connectors to leading Enterprise Content and Records Management systems to ensure long-term usability, trustworthiness and preservation of vital digital records, emails and content.

Visit www.preservica.com

The Business Continuity Institute - Aug 04, 2016 14:39 BST

Civil unrest is significantly more disruptive to business in France than in any other western economy, reveals a new global index released by Verisk Maplecroft, which rates the country ‘high risk’ alongside emerging markets such as Brazil and South Africa. With a deep-rooted culture of political protest and strikes, the country is ranked 16th most at risk globally in the Civil Unrest Index.

According to Maplecroft, it is striking that Brazil, France, India, Mexico and South Africa, which have all witnessed substantial disorder in the last year, lack adequate structures to avoid grievances escalating into wholesale protests. While France has an active civil society and trade unions, these tend to encourage demonstrations. In contrast, Germany (ranked equal 140th with the UK and ‘low risk’) has a more consensual political culture that supports close cooperation between trade unions, industry and government, so protest is less likely to be an option of first resort in labour disputes.

Social and civil unrest may not have featured as a major threat in the Business Continuity Institute's latest Horizon Scan Report, but it was still noted as a concern for over a third of business continuity professionals.

As companies assess the viability of relocating European headquarters from the UK following the Brexit referendum, the findings provide a useful insight into some of the structural problems facing business in France. The country features among emerging markets such as India (4th), Mexico (7th), Nigeria (10th), South Africa (13th), Argentina (15th) and Brazil (21st). The only other Western European country to feature in the worst performers was Greece ranked 25th, while Italy (77th) is the next highest.

As we’ve seen in South Africa and Nigeria, poor economic performance is also a critical bellwether for the likelihood of civil unrest,” says Principal Political Risk Analyst Charlotte Ingham. “In addition, widespread political and ethnic discrimination or corruption can inflame popular discontent and trigger significant events.


DALLAS – Over the first six months of 2016, 191 privately held firms in the state of Texas attracted venture and private funding for their firm. That is an increase of 66%, compared to the first half of 2015.  This marks the strongest six months of dollars raised by firms in the state of Texas. There was a wide range of industry categories that received funding.  They included technology, healthcare, life sciences, transportation, leisure, real estate and P2P businesses.

"This is great news for the state of Texas and aligns well with our business strategy," said Gary Griffith, Chairman, RiskPro Partners.  RiskPro Partners is comprised of industry professionals who deliver a broad range of insurance, surety, risk management and healthcare services to meet the needs of fast-growth firms. RiskPro Partners is a recognized leader for clients in all stages of growth.

"Company directors are looking for one-stop solutions for Property and Casualty, Surety, Executive Risk, Cyber Solutions, Employee Benefits, Payroll Solutions and Retirement Services," said Todd Young, President, Risk Management Services.

More board members now ask many more questions about risk management. Investors are increasing their focus on the performance of middle market stage firms. Private investors and other shareholders want evidence of how a firm plans to build its program for managing risks. In the face of escalating competitive pressures, a solid business risk management program can lower exposure to the classes of risk that you are not in the business of taking.

The RiskPro Partners complimentary Risk Management Guide highlights answers to the most frequently asked questions on risk management and how to adopt risk management best practices.

For a copy of our complementary Risk Management Guide for high growth firms, or additional information about our risk management services, please contact Julie Davis, Vice President, RiskPro Partners, Austin, Texas, 512-355-7697, Email

About RiskPro Partners:
RiskPro Partners is a privately held, high growth, client-focused commercial insurance broker, headquartered in Dallas, and provides insurance, risk management, and corporate benefits services to the business community. RiskPro Partners specializes in meeting the needs of businesses by offering comprehensive lines of commercial insurance and financial services, including: Property and Casualty, Surety, Executive Risk, Cyber Solutions, Employee Benefits, Payroll and Retirement Services.  RiskPro Partners has offices in Dallas, Southlake, Austin, Houston and Winnsboro, Texas.  More information on RiskPro Partners can be found at:

Web:  http://www.riskpropartners.com 
Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/riskpropartners 
Linkedin:  http://www.linkedin.com/company/riskpro-partners

Updates meet federal security requirements; HTML5 viewer delivers more secure, streamlined management

Huntsville, Ala. Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR) and the world’s leading provider of critical infrastructure for information and communications technology systems, today announced an enhancement to its Avocent® Universal Management Gateway (UMG) appliance, bolstering the system’s industry-leading security credentials by securing FIPS 140-2 compliance. When enabled, the system’s new cryptographic module encrypts communication between the appliance and the network, making it FIPS-compliant and meeting all requirements for use in federal government facilities. The enhanced Avocent UMG is available globally.

The Avocent UMG provides the industry’s most comprehensive solution for managing data center infrastructure from end-to-end. The updates augment the platform, enabling secure management of in-band and out-of-band equipment, including service processors. Users can now manage and monitor their infrastructure from any connected, HTML5-enabled browser, providing management flexibility without sacrificing security. Moreover, users can push firmware updates directly from the Avocent UMG to thousands of servers and service processors while confidently managing service processor passwords and network backups from a single pane of glass.

“Today’s networks are increasingly complex, and the challenges to network security are advanced and persistent,” said Jay Wirts, vice president and general manager, Avocent Core Products for Emerson Network Power. “From the beginning, the Avocent UMG appliance has both simplified network management and hardened network security, and the latest enhancements add another layer of protection and intelligence to critical environments.”

FIPS 140-2, titled “Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules,” is a U.S. government computer security standard used to accredit cryptographic modules. Compliance with the standard is required for equipment used in federal facilities and has become a common stipulation in other public and private IT deployments.

The enhanced Avocent UMG adds a number of additional features designed to streamline network management, including Windows 10 Client support, on-screen displays for KVM interfaces, and improved web browser security with SHA-256 hash functions. The update also adds support for Dell FX2 and VRTX, Lenovo Flex Servers and Chassis, as well as the Fujitsu iRMC S4 service processor.

The Avocent UMG appliance is the first management system on the market capable of managing data center infrastructure through service processor, serial and KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) connections. To learn more about the Avocent UMG appliance or any other Emerson Network Power hardware and software solutions, please visit www.EmersonNetworkPower.com.

About Emerson Network Power
Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE:EMR), is the world’s leading provider of critical infrastructure technologies and life cycle services for information and communications technology systems. With an expansive portfolio of intelligent, rapidly deployable hardware and software solutions for power, thermal and infrastructure management, Emerson Network Power enables efficient, highly-available networks. Learn more at


About Emerson
Emerson (NYSE: EMR), based in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), is a global leader in bringing technology and engineering together to provide innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, and consumer markets around the world.  The company is comprised of five business segments: Process Management, Industrial Automation, Network Power, Climate Technologies, and Commercial & Residential Solutions.  Sales in fiscal 2015 were $22.3 billion.  For more information, visit

Website provides a better experience for visitors wanting to access the latest information about Regroup’s Industry-Leading Solutions

Regroup Mass Notification, the award-winning leader in emergency and day-to-day communication technology, announced the launch of their newly redesigned website today. The revamped site enables visitors to have a more efficient, organized and clean browsing experience.

The site features a responsive and intuitive interface that facilitates clients to access useful sections such as Client Login, Support, Latest News, as well as the useful Resource Center.

A clean, redesigned Resources Page empowers users to be better informed and learn about mass communication best practices; including latest technological integrations, how-to guides, business continuity whitepapers, day-to-day and emergency checklist and many other resources.

“As the industry leaders we are, it’s central for us to continuously improve, innovate and have the best system out there. Our new site is the result of hard work by our team, and months of strategic planning to develop what now is an easy-to-use and authentic platform. We believe the site will greatly benefit those looking for a reliable communication solution —whether that is in the Government, Education, Corporate or Healthcare industries,” said Joe DiPasquale, CEO of Regroup.

The new site can be accessed by visiting www.regroup.com.

This is the latest step for the company’s rebranding process that started months ago with the introduction of a new brand identity.                                                                                   

About Regroup:

Regroup, the leading provider of Emergency and Day-to-Day Notification solutions and DRI 2015 Notification System of the Year, offers easy one-click messaging to mobile phones (text/voice), landlines, email, social media, websites and more. Regroup stands apart from other mass communication systems with its ease of use, automated messaging capabilities, seamless integration with client databases and other third-party systems, unparalleled 24/7 customer support and unlimited text/voice/email messaging.

To learn more about how Regroup’s Emergency Notification System can provide rapid communications during a crisis, as well as streamline day-­to-day communications, call 917­-746-­6776 or email inquiries[at]regroup[dot]com.

BURLINGTON, Mass. – International SOSandEverbridge today announced a strategic partnership to deliver critical information to employees and mobile workforces when events occur that may impact their health, safety, security or wellbeing.

Through an integration between International SOS’ TravelTracker and Everbridge’s critical communication engine, client organizations will have access to an advanced set of capabilities to communicate near real-time alerts in times of crisis.

TravelTracker customers will benefit from the reliability of the Everbridge critical communication engine, which delivered more than one billion messages to over 200 countries in multiple languages and dialects in 2015.

"In today’s dynamic workplace, where many staff are likely to be working across campuses, remotely or traveling, it is no longer good enough to alert and get confirmations from people about critical events based upon their ‘static’ office location,” said Jaime Ellertson, CEO of Everbridge. “We are excited to partner with International SOS to enable companies to improve employee safety and duty of care for all employees based upon where people are, inside or outside of the building, and what is taking place near them.”

“Providing timely, accurate, reliable information and advice during times of crisis is critical to reducing risks to an organization and its people,” said Arnaud Vaissié, Chairman and CEO of International SOS. “The partnership with Everbridge is expected to bring with it innovations in the delivery of critical communications, expert advice and assistance.”

About International SOS:

International SOS (internationalsos.com) is the world’s leading medical and travel security risk services company. We care for clients across the globe, from more than 1,000 locations in 90 countries.

Our expertise is unique: more than 11,000 employees are led by 1,400 doctors and 200 security specialists. Teams work night and day to protect our members. We pioneer a range of preventive programmes strengthened by our in-country expertise.

We deliver unrivalled emergency assistance during critical illness, accident or civil unrest. We are passionate about helping clients put Duty of Care into practice. With us, multinational corporate clients, governments and NGOs can mitigate risks for their people working remotely or overseas.

About Everbridge:

Everbridge is a global enterprise software company that provides applications which automate the delivery of critical information to help keep people safe and businesses running. During mission-critical business events or man-made or natural disasters, over 3,000 global customers rely on the Everbridge platform to quickly and reliably construct and deliver contextual notifications to millions of people at one time. The company’s platform sent over 1 billion messages in 2015, and offers the ability to reach more than 200 countries and territories with secure delivery to over 100 different communication devices. A broad set of applications enable companies, hospitals, agencies, states, cities and towns to address issues related to severe weather and man-made incidents, IT outages and cyberattacks, safety of traveling staff, and facilitate regulation-compliant messaging. Everbridge serves 8 of the 10 largest U.S. cities, 7 of the 10 largest U.S.-based investment banks, 24 of the 25 busiest North American airports, and 6 of the 10 largest global automakers. Everbridge is based in Boston with additional offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Beijing and London. For more information, visit www.everbridge.com, read the company blog, http://www.everbridge.com/blog, and follow on Twitter and Facebook.

LAS VEGAS Tripwire, Inc., a leading global provider of endpoint detection and response, security and compliance solutions, today announced that the most recent version of Tripwire® IP360TMnow distributes scanning across multiple scanning appliances. The newest version delivers faster and more resilient enterprise-class vulnerability assessments that quickly identify vulnerabilities across large, complex networks and reduce security blind spots.

“Continuous network scanning, combined with actionable, priority scoring, allows us to identify and address critical vulnerabilities quickly. The new user interface helps make our security experts more productive because they can quickly search, filter and export the information they need.”

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Key features of Tripwire IP360 include:

  • Enables high-performance scanning for high-profile vulnerabilities to deliver faster results for urgent and critical vulnerabilities.
  • Reduces the manual effort required to manage scans in large enterprise environments via an updated, easy-to-use user interface. The new user interface also complements the Tripwire IP360 Commander application, which automates vulnerability management workflows by integrating Tripwire IP360 with popular enterprise IT and security systems. This reduces manual effort and human errors.

“Tripwire IP360 8.0 makes it possible for the State of Minnesota to complete more scans and scan more devices faster than ever,” said Chris Buse, CISO for the state. “Continuous network scanning, combined with actionable, priority scoring, allows us to identify and address critical vulnerabilities quickly. The new user interface helps make our security experts more productive because they can quickly search, filter and export the information they need.”

Additionally, the scalable architecture of Tripwire IP360 is designed to:

  • Minimize network and system impact.
  • Centralize data aggregation.
  • Provide enterprise-wide, centralized role-based management and reporting.

“Enterprise IT security executives have the mandate to actively and continuously reduce security risk to their businesses, and they must quickly detect and respond to new vulnerabilities as they occur,” said Dwayne Melancon, CTO and vice president of research and development for Tripwire. “It can be challenging with some other solutions to complete vulnerability scans in a timely manner, and this is a significant problem for large, complex networks. Tripwire IP360 makes it possible to quickly and reliably scan across large, distributed and remote networks providing the timeliness, accuracy and insight necessary to dramatically reduce the risk of a security breach.”

In 92 percent of breaches studied in Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report, attackers were able to compromise networks in a matter of minutes. It also found that the median time between the discovery of a new vulnerability and the time that an exploit for it is ‘weaponized’ is about 30 days. This means that organizations that don’t complete vulnerability scans or scan infrequently have an incomplete view of security risks and could be highly vulnerable targets of cyber attacks. This is particularly true for larger organizations that add new assets and applications to their networks every day.

Tripwire IP360 is an industry-leading vulnerability and security risk management solution that comprehensively discovers and profiles network assets. Tripwire IP360 delivers advanced, dynamic prioritization metrics, which combine business asset values with vulnerability scores making it possible to prioritize security risks in the context of customer businesses.

Tripwire IP360 provides the broadest coverage of conditions in the industry. The solution discovers more than 110,000 conditions, including vulnerabilities, configurations, applications and operating systems, and delivers a very low rate of false positives. Through the Tripwire Vulnerability and Exposure Research Team (VERT), the company delivers up-to-date, accurate, non-intrusive discovery signatures relevant to enterprises. VERT has a state-of-the-art lab and gives unwavering attention to the changing threat environment in order to provide customers with the most timely vulnerability intelligence. Recent examples of serious exploit coverage include Java Deserialization issues, ImageTragick and Joomla CVE-2015-8562. Tripwire IP360 is integrated with Tripwire Enterprise, the firm’s leading file integrity and compliance management solution so customers can correlate endpoint changes and vulnerability risks.

About Tripwire

Tripwire is a leading provider of endpoint detection and response, security, compliance and IT operations solutions for enterprises, service providers and government organizations. Tripwire solutions are based on high-fidelity asset visibility and deep endpoint intelligence combined with business context; together these solutions integrate and automate security and IT operations. Tripwire’s portfolio of enterprise-class solutions includes configuration and policy management, file integrity monitoring, vulnerability management, log management, and reporting and analytics. Learn more at tripwire.com, get security news, trends and insights at tripwire.com/blog or follow us on Twitter @TripwireInc.