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GE’s Critical Power Business Releases White Paper on Multi-Mode Uninterruptible Power Supply Efficiency


DALLAS — Small percentage increases in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) efficiency have the potential to add up to millions of dollars in energy cost savings for data centers, according to Brad Thrash, product manager, global AC power systems, GE’s Critical Power business. That’s the case articulated in a newly released white paper from GE on the energy efficiency of multi-mode UPS systems used in data centers around the globe.

According to Frost & Sullivan[1], raising energy efficiency levels of UPS systems in data centers from 90 to 98 percent can save the United States $3 billion annually in energy costs.

“Many UPS units still operate at alternating-current-to-direct-current conversion efficiency levels of around 93 percent,” said Thrash. “A small increase in efficiency from just 93 to 94 percent has the potential to yield up to $1.4 million in energy costs over 10 years.”

The white paper, UPS Efficiency—Why Energy Efficiency Numbers Add up, looks at these numbers and reviews the technology and market issues driving UPS multi-mode energy efficiency technologies, including GE’s eBoost* UPS efficiency technology, and examines:

  • The impact of UPS power conversion technologies on the power efficiency of UPSs and the overall energy consumption of data centers.
  • Traditional double-conversion technology versus premium efficiency multi-mode, or eco-mode, power conversion technologies available for UPSs, which offer energy efficiencies of 98 to 99 percent.
  • The industry conversation about the reliability of conventional UPS double-conversion topologies versus the cost savings of highly efficient multi-mode conversion technologies.
  • The design and engineering approaches for advanced power disturbance detection and control and fast transfer switching technologies that enable UPS multi-mode operation and energy efficiency.
  • How total cost of ownership models demonstrate operating expense savings with just a few percentage points of improvement in UPS power conversion efficiency.

This white paper is available online at http://go.ge-energy.com/2014_eBoost_Whitepaper.html. An additional technical white paper, GE’s eBoost Technology—Reducing Data Center Power Consumption, Ensuring Power Quality, also is available for download at http://go.ge-energy.com/2014_eBoost_Tech_Whitepaper.html.

GE’s Critical Power business provides mission-critical applications with end-to-end power product and service solutions that help maximize uptime and power efficiency. The solutions add to GE’s broader Industrial Solutions portfolio of leading technologies designed for the delivery, management and optimization of electrical power for customers across multiple industries. To learn more about GE’s Critical Power business visit: www.gecriticalpower.com.

About GE

GE (NYSE: GE) works on things that matter. The best people and the best technologies taking on the toughest challenges. Finding solutions in energy, health and home, transportation and finance. Building, powering, moving and curing the world. Not just imagining. Doing. GE works. For more information, visit the company's website at www.ge.com.

Follow GE’s Critical Power business on Twitter @GEcriticalpower.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Permabit Technology Corporation, the innovative leader in data efficiency technology, today announced HIOPS™ Compression, the first inline data reduction solution to address the most demanding primary storage random access workloads, including online transaction processing (OLTP) database environments.  HIOPS Compression complements the high performance inline deduplication capabilities of Permabit Albireo Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO) for a complete OEM data efficiency solution. 

Data growth continues to be one of the biggest challenges IT organizations confront. Structured data requires high performance primary storage and is highly compressible with data reduction rates as high as 5X. Until now, however, storage products serving this market have recommended that compression be turned off due to the performance degradation it causes.  

 “Many modern storage systems, whether they are all flash arrays or hybrid systems, are adding data efficiency technologies to their systems to target primary storage workloads,” notes Ben Woo, Managing Director, Neuralytix. “However, all of these systems are simply too slow to provide the performance required. Permabit’s HIOPS Compression combined with Albireo VDO can break that barrier and now offers both compression and deduplication that can provide inline, all the time, data efficiency, which is a huge asset for primary flash, hybrid, and HDD environments.”     

Testing in Permabit Labs shows that HIOPS Compression with Permabit Albireo VDO can achieve up to 35X storage savings and 650,000 IOPS. The combination can increase performance of an array by up to 25%. Unlike other compression technologies, designed to run on a single CPU core, HIOPS uses parallelization to leverage multicore architectures and is optimized specifically for primary storage. It delivers consistent high speed performance without a performance penalty to the storage system.

HIOPS compression provides the following benefits: 
•	Optimized for primary storage 
•	Up to 35X storage savings when combined with deduplication
•	Improves overall performance by up to 25%
•	Designed for multi-core processors with massive parallelization 
•	Delivers consistent high speed performance across a wide variety of workloads
•	No performance impact when combined with deduplication
•	No garbage collection processes resulting in instantly available freed space

“Data compression has been around for decades, but until now, no storage vendor has been able to meet the performance requirements of the most active primary storage environments,” said Tom Cook, Permabit CEO. “HIOPS Compression is a remarkable advancement in data efficiency that delivers competitive advantage and enables our OEM partners to address the $11B OLTP database market with high performance and cost effective solutions.” 
Albireo VDO with HIOPS is the first and only data efficiency software to offer inline data deduplication, compression and thin provisioning in a single solution. All three of these technologies are must-haves for storage vendors that wish to address typical F1000 performance requirements and to differentiate their products based on the availability of superior data efficiency technologies.

HIOPS compression is a key strength of Permabit’s Albireo Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO) solutions including the Linux-based VDO and cross-platform eVDO products. VDO provides drop-in data efficiency for Linux-based architectures, delivering HIOPS compression, along with fine-grained (4KB) thin provisioning and data deduplication as a Linux device-mapper module. For non-Linux solutions, the eVDO product provides storage developers with customizable support for their specific OS and block storage layer-specific functions. OEMs around the world have licensed Permabit’s technology to gain competitive advantage, accelerate time to market, and differentiate their products including primary flash, hybrid and HDD storage.

About Permabit
Permabit is a recognized leader in data efficiency technology, enabling OEMs to leverage their R&D investment, increase margin, accelerate time to market and achieve competitive advantage. Permabit Albireo software massively improves performance and efficiency of data creation, transmission and storage. Solutions built with Albireo are being delivered by leading hardware, software and service providers. Our public partners include Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), LSI, StoneFly and Samboo. 
Permabit was founded in 2000 by a technical and business team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. For more information, visit: www.permabit.com.

NEW YORK, NY – TELEHOUSE, the global leader for data centers, international Internet exchanges, and managed IT services, announces its ongoing commitment to customer security and privacy with the company’s Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance, to be completed July 2014.

TELEHOUSE has updated its policies and procedures to conform to the requirements and addressables, mandatory, for a Business Associate under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Final Omnibus Rule issued January 23, 2013.  As of July 2014, TELEHOUSE is capable of signing a Business Associate Agreement as is required under the HIPAA regulations.  As a Business Associate, TELEHOUSE can provide its services to Covered Healthcare Entities (CE) as well as other Business Associates who are vendors to various Healthcare industries.  

To assist in its updates, TELEHOUSE employed the assistance of HIPAA Continuity Planners and the Compliancy Group’s “Guard” software.

“The need to comply with HIPAA has placed increased pressure on medical groups, practitioners and healthcare IT leaders who not only have to ensure, but prove their systems and practices are compliant enough to protect patient health information, as well as their vendors who have access to patient health information,” states Akio Sugeno, Vice President of Internet Engineering, Operations and Business Development at Telehouse. “Educating employees about Information Security and establishing rock solid daily practices are paramount to address the requirements of HIPAA. Since a lack of comprehensive security framework can cause irrevocable damage, healthcare organizations are turning to Telehouse for the proper security solutions. By offering high standards of security framework and practices, Telehouse makes complying with HIPAA simple and hassle-free for all healthcare providers and practitioners.” 

To learn more about Telehouse America, visit http://www.telehouse.com.

  • The top 500 European ISVs grew 13% in the last year to generate combined revenues of €104.9 billion ($137.8billion)

LONDON – European software vendors have generally enjoyed a relatively good year and have responded well to recessionary pressures. In 2013, the last full year for which accounts are available, revenues for the top 500 European ISVs increased by 13.04% to €104.9 billion ($137.8billion). Overall publicly listed ISVs outperformed the major groups and their subsidiaries with growth of 14.73% (compared with 5.84% for parent companies and 11.01% for subsidiaries). Independents also fared well, growing by 10.46% over the same period. These are amongst the findings from “ISVs in Europe – The Top 500”, the latest database report from IT Europa which is published today.

The database report, which provides detailed business profiles of each of the top 500 European ISVs, provides further evidence that is applications rather than hardware that is driving IT sales in Europe. Despite the challenging economic climate in many parts of Europe, ISV revenues showed increases in all 33 countries covered by the report. The Danish market exhibited the most dramatic increase in revenues (up by 30.9%) followed by Hungary (23.9%) and Turkey (19.6%) and Russia (18.6%). The UK returned one of the lower growth rates at 3.0%.

IT Europa research manager Auri Aittokallio says: “Generally, ISVs are proving extremely resilient in the face of both market and economic pressures. There are signs that this stems largely from adjusting their business models with services last year accounting for 44.2% of total revenues - up from 36.9% in our previous report.”

The “ISVs in Europe – The Top 500” database report spans 33 countries and represents the most detailed view available of this key market sector. It has been compiled from detailed interviews by IT Europa’s own research team. The company profiles include sales breakdowns by company activity, which markets a company operates in, and detailed information on staff numbers and development plans, along with contact details for the top executives of each company. The report is available from IT Europa (http://www.iteuropa.com/) costing from £2,350. Data can also be extracted and supplied by country, region or on a bespoke basis.

About IT Europa
IT Europa is the leading provider of strategic business intelligence, news and analysis on the European IT marketplace and the primary channels that serve it. It publishes European channel publications such as the IT Europa and ISVEuropa newsletters, markets a range of database reports and organises European conferences and events for the IT and Telecoms sectors. For further details visit:

Oncore IT today announced that it has won Best Public Cloud Backup and Recovery implementation and Cloud Backup Market Maker at the 2014 Asigra Partner Summit held in Toronto last week.

The Cloud Backup Market Maker Award is presented to the Asigra Partner who displays a strong level of commitment, creativity and innovation in driving adoption of their cloud backup services powered by Asigra in a specific vertical market.

The two awards recognize Oncore IT’s work supporting technology users with innovative cloud-based data recovery solutions particularly in the UK financial services industry with a project completed with London & Capital, a wealth management firm with around $3.9 billion of discretionary assets under management.

London & Capital wanted to move away from cumbersome onsite tape data backup to a cloud-based solution managed by a third party specialist. This has radically streamlined how it approaches backup and recovery with significant cost savings realised, along with shorter backup windows, and improved staff productivity.

The 2014 Asigra Hybrid Partner Awards were presented during the annual Asigra Partner Summit held in Toronto on June 16-18 2014. The conference provides education on technology, marketing, emerging trends and sales enablement to support service provider service quality and growth in this emerging market.

Oncore IT delivers services based on Asigra’s end-to-end cloud-based data recovery software platform. Asigra Cloud Backup™ is the industry’s leading cloud-based data recovery software with over one million installations worldwide. The software is built for service providers to deliver a secure, reliable cloud backup and recovery service and easily integrates with public, private, and hybrid cloud architectures. Asigra’s agentless architecture provides for simple deployment and hands-free management while providing advanced features, including global de-duplication, automated mass deployment, autonomic healing, and validation restore capabilities.

Domain expertise is critical in the deployment of successful cloud-based data recovery services and the guidance provided to customers by their trusted service provider ensures success in even the most complex IT environments.

David Farajun, CEO, Asigra, said, “Success is never an accident. It is always the result of dedication, planning and a focused effort. Oncore IT has demonstrated the technology and business skills which have enabled it to become a premier provider of cloud-based data recovery. They have demonstrated excellence in customer-centered IT services to deliver next-generation data protection, backed by the highest levels of quality and support. We congratulate Oncore IT and thank all of our partners for their continued achievements.”

Paul Cook, Oncore IT’s sales and marketing director, said, “Backup and recovery solutions powered by Asigra represent a significant proportion of our revenue and demand for it continues to increase. Since merging with 5WS and our launch into Holland, we’re seeing huge interest in Asigra in the Netherlands as customers demand not only excellent technology under the hood but services and support to help address their specific requirements. We really appreciate the awards having worked hard to meet and exceed customer demands for data protection that is reliable, efficient and affordable.”

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Skyera Inc., the leader in high density, all-flash, solid-state storage arrays that maximize data center efficiency, today announced a joint collaboration with Seagate to create a comprehensive solution that overcomes the challenges of backup and restore performance typically associated with disk-based backup systems.

Using a combination of Skyera skyHawk solid-state storage systems, EVault cloud storage services and Xyratex ClusterStor family of data storage solutions, the joint collaboration offloads CPU intensive tasks such as compression to storage, effectively freeing up server CPUs for faster backup and restore operations.  While full restores of traditional disk-based backup systems are prohibitively time consuming, the Skyera/Seagate collaboration enables restorations of up to 8TB per hour to quickly return business operations back to a normal state.

While many backup solutions leverage deduplication, this process leaves an excessive amount of pointers over time as most backup data blocks are duplicates.  Similar to disk fragmentation, these pointers are located in divergent locations on disk-based systems and restore performance suffers as the process devolves into a random I/O sequence resulting in excessively long system full restores.  The joint solution of Skyera skyHawk, Seagate EVault and Xyratex uses an offloading process similar to that of VMware VAAI to provide faster restores.

“While solid-state is not often thought of when talking about backup, skyHawk has the unique ability to shorten backup windows by using the power of flash to overcome random I/O workloads that typically bog down traditional disk-based systems,” said Radoslav Danilak, Co-Founder and CEO of Skyera. "A seamless integration between Skyera and Seagate ensures that enterprises have peace of mind that not only their business-critical information is safely stored but that it can be quickly recovered if and when the need arises.” 

The joint collaboration between Skyera and Seagate is available immediately.  Additional information on the solution is available at here. 

Follow Skyera:   

About Skyera
Skyera solid-state storage architecture leverages the most advanced NAND flash, delivering the highest density, lowest power consumption and flash optimized enterprise software features – all within the industry’s smallest footprint. Data centers designed with Skyera’s high performance, cost-efficient, purpose-built solutions occupy up to 99 percent less space and consume up to 97 percent less power compared to traditional enterprise storage systems. For more information, visit www.skyera.com.
The ground-breaking storage platform that combines affordability and performance in the only viable all-Flash array to break the price barrier for mainstream enterprise storage.

LONDON – M2M Direct, UK’s memory storage specialist, is pleased to announce they have been selected to distribute Skyera’s all-flash solid-state storage system skyHawk. 

Skyera is changing the face of enterprise solid state storage by delivering unparalleled performance and capacity, using less power at a significantly lower cost than the competition. The skyHawk distribution agreement, the only one for the region, finally sees skyHawk availability, in numbers, in the United Kingdom.
“M2M Direct is an ideal channel partner for us, as they have an enviable position in the UK memory and storage market,” says Timm Hoyt, Vice President, Worldwide Channels, Skyera, Inc. “They have demonstrable expertise in bringing innovative solutions to the market. Their Enterprise team has embraced evolving technologies and is well positioned to represent the value of our ground breaking solid-state technology.” 

The skyHawk platform has been making waves in North America due to its low price point that enables companies to move from spinning disk to solid-state storage as a direct replacement. Until now, enterprises were unable to take full advantage of the remarkable shift from spinning disk to solid-state technology. The available solutions all presented difficult trade-offs between reliability and price. Skyera’s all flash array, built from the ground up, offers better performance and lower price over other SSD-based storage systems. 

“The last couple of years has seen much talk of moving from legacy disk-based storage to solid state storage. It is only now that we have a product at a price point that enables that evolution,” stated Frank Sutton, Enterprise Sales Director EMEA, M2M-Direct. “With skyHawk, we can truly say a new era has dawned.”
Skyera has changed the enterprise storage dynamic significantly with its ground breaking new storage platform that combines high density, affordability, performance, and efficiency. Leveraging an advanced understanding of NAND flash memory and controller design, Skyera manipulates the way it writes data to minimize the degradation of NAND flash and extend durability without increasing costs. Skyera uses minimum overprovisioned capacity combined with hardware-based deduplication, compression, and flash-optimized RAID-SE to deliver the best performance and life expectancy per flash cell at the most cost-effective capacity per dollar.
M2M was founded in 1998 as a “Specialist Memory Distributor” working directly with world class manufacturers and suppliers. M2M-Direct Enterprise Division is a Value-Added Distributor supporting resellers specialising in IT Infrastructure hardware and software for the business market. By adding real value, our partners, and in turn their customers, receive products and services that have been individually identified to provide real business benefits.

Skyera solid-state storage architecture leverages the most advanced NAND flash, delivering the highest density, lowest power consumption and flash optimized enterprise software features – all within the industry’s smallest footprint. Data centers designed with Skyera’s high performance, cost-efficient, purpose-built solutions occupy up to 99 percent less space and consume up to 97 percent less power compared to traditional enterprise storage systems. For more information, visit www.skyera.com.

Icon Labs’ Floodgate Defender and McAfee ePO platform provide a proven security ecosystem for protecting and managing critical infrastructure systems

Easy to install device protection, continuous monitoring and tracking of security attacks to protect legacy industrial control, SCADA or other fixed function devices

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa Icon Labs (www.iconlabs.com), a leading provider of embedded networking and security technology, today announced that its Floodgate Defender Security Appliance has achieved “McAfee Compatible” status.

Icon Labs has been promoted to a Technology Partner in the McAfee® Security Innovation Alliance™ (SIA) program and has accepted McAfee’s invitation to participate in the SIA Sales Teaming Program (STP). Through this alliance, mutual customers will have access to  Icon Labs’ Floodgate Security products – now tightly integrated and tested with the McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) platform.

The integrated solution includes the McAfee ePO platform, a key component of McAfee’s security management offerings, and Icon Labs’ Floodgate Defender security appliance. With this solution, joint customers can now manage security policies and receive security events for legacy SCADA, industrial control or other fixed function devices that were previously unmanaged and invisible to the management system. 

Icon Labs products provide embedded security for Internet of Things and M2M solutions such as aerospace, military and space probes, industrial and medical control devices, and even consumer electronics products. Their solutions help protect control units and edge devices from cyber threats.

“By integrating Icon Labs Floodgate Defender products with the McAfee ePO platform, we are able to bring fixed-function endpoints under the enterprise umbrella of protection,” says Alan Grau, President of Icon Labs. “Critical internet connected infrastructure elements require additional layers of security not provided by “standard” network solutions. Icon Labs develops innovative products that allow our partners and customers to expand the reach of their security solutions.”

The McAfee SIA program is the foundation of a technology ecosystem designed to assemble the world's leading security innovations. It is the security industry’s premier technology-partnering program, delivering integrated solutions that maximize the value of existing customer investments. Working together, McAfee and its partners deliver solutions that are more comprehensive than those available from any single vendor.

“We’re pleased to see Icon Labscomplete McAfee compatibility testing for use cases that we know will interest our joint customers,” said Ed Barry, vice president of the Security Innovation Alliance, McAfee, part of Intel Security. “Benefits of our joint solution include greater protection, improved compliance and reduced operational costs.”

Icon Labs Floodgate Defender Appliance is integrated into McAfee ePO, the first platform that lets enterprises and governments centrally manage security and compliance products from multiple vendors, offering unprecedented cost savings and return on investment. With more than 45,000 customers and managing more than 60 million PCs and servers, this unique platform is helping McAfee SIA partners to extend their reach and create complementary functionality. The Floodgate innovation allows this capability to extend to previously unmanaged end points making them visible to the enterprise while concealing them from hackers. For more information please visit: http://www.mcafee.com/sia.


About Icon Laboratories, Inc.

Icon Labs, a 2014 Gartner “Cool Vendor”, is a leading provider of embedded software for device security, device protection and networking management, including the award winning Floodgate Defender. Founded in 1992, Icon Labs is headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa. For more information, visit http://www.iconlabs.com, send email to info@iconlabs.com, or call 1.888.235.3443 (U.S. and Canada) or 515.226.3443 (International)

Although cyber attack now ranks among the top risks facing the global business community, many European boards face the challenge of adequately analysing and assessing how the threats associated with technology and the internet may affect their organisations.

To assist these firms in managing these cyber risks more effectively, Marsh has developed a model that helps users identify and evaluate the cyber risk scenarios they face, analyse their insurability and risk tolerance, and then model their insurable and non-insurable losses. The reporting data can then be used for risk financing, in the insurance market or through self-insurance.



Tuesday, 24 June 2014 16:30

Native Data Analysis Comes to MongoDB

CIO — Seeking to make it easier for you to apply analytics to your big data stores, Pentaho today announced the general availability of the latest version of its business analytics and data integration platform.

The Pentaho 5.1 release is intended to bridge the "data-to-analytics divide" for the whole spectrum of Pentaho users, from developers to data scientists to business analysts. Pentaho 5.1 adds the capability to run code-free analytics directly on MongoDB data stores, incorporates a new data science pack that acts as a data science "personal assistant," and adds full support for the Apache Hadoop 2.0 YARN architecture for resource management.

"The new capabilities in Pentaho 5.1 support our ongoing strategy to make the hardest aspects of big data analytics faster, easier and more accessible to all," says Christopher Dziekan, executive vice president and chief product officer at Pentaho. "With the launch of 5.1, Pentaho continues to power big analytics at scale, responding not only to the demands of the big data-driven enterprise but also provides companies big and small a more level playing field so emerging companies without large, specialist development teams can also enter the big data arena."