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Jon Seals

Wednesday, 23 September 2015 00:00

DE-CIX Palermo Internet Exchange Begins Operations

Located at TI Sparkle's "Sicily Hub" Data Center, New Mediterranean Internet Exchange Will Improve Internet Experience in Africa and the Middle East

FRANKFURT, GERMANY – DE-CIX today announces that its new Apollon Internet exchange in Palermo is now operational. The equipment that supports the exchange was installed in August, and the exchange went live on September 2, 2015.

Internet traffic volumes throughout the Middle East and Africa are growing at a rapid rate, fueled by new submarine cable systems that connect the users on the African continent and in the Middle East with Europe. The existing content that is accessed by those users lies mainly in Europe and the U.S. This growth is putting pressure on Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to bring content closer to the edge.

"We founded DE-CIX Palermo to develop a new hub for Middle Eastern and African networks to reach Europe," explains Harald A. Summa, CEO of DE-CIX. "There is tremendous growth happening in these regions. By creating a new hub in Palermo, the Internet experience of the end users will be improved, while networks will benefit from cost savings and better connectivity."

DE-CIX Palermo is located in "Sicily Hub," Telecom Italia Sparkle's next-generation data center positioned at the center of the Mediterranean. The facility is connected to all cable landing stations in Sicily and will be a vibrant interconnection point for the international and regional carriers that land their IP backbones in Palermo, as well for CDNs that will collocate equipment in the facility.

"DE-CIX Palermo will deliver local, regional and international players high-quality, secure and reliable access to the content and transit providers that enable the Internet to thrive," says Alessandro Talotta, Chairman and CEO of TI Sparkle. "The presence of the most important global content players at Sicily Hub builds a rich ecosystem of multi-breed players, creating the best location for high-quality, cost-efficient public and private peering in the Mediterranean."

Indeed, several key CDNs and content providers have already become customers of DE-CIX Palermo. Google and Limelight Networks are both connecting and preparing to peer on the new Palermo exchange, while additional networks are signing on to grow the community of interconnected and peering networks.

DE-CIX Palermo is built on the award-winning DE-CIX Apollon platform. For more information on DE-CIX, please visit www.de-cix.net.

About DE-CIX
DE-CIX provides premium Internet exchange (IX) services and operates several carrier-neutral and independent Internet exchanges internationally. Founded in 1995, DE-CIX has established an environment for the bilateral settlement-free exchange of Internet traffic, called peering. The company serves 700+ carriers, ISPs and content networks from 60+ countries, including all leading international players in various metro markets in Europe, the Middle East and North America. With 4+ Terabits per second of peak traffic, DE-CIX Frankfurt is the world's leading Internet exchange. DE-CIX is your one-stop-shop for Peering, Interconnection and additional IX services. For more information, please visit www.de-cix.net.

SAN RAMON, Calif. – The OSGi Alliance has launched a new Internet of Things expert group to create modular and dynamic software specifications to meet the end-to-end connectivity, lifecycle management, web applications and server platform requirements of IoT providers.

The OSGi Alliance is soliciting requirements from the industry, collaborating with best practice organizations and offering event programming for OSGi in IoT.

Alliance members can provide requirements and contribute to specifications and reference implementations. The public can also raise requirements using the OSGi bugzilla system, referencing RFP 174.

OSGi specifications already cover many of the features required for an IoT platform since they were originally created for the remote and dynamic management of a broad variety of home automation devices, residential gateways and embedded systems. This will allow the expert group to work quickly and efficiently on the IoT-specific gaps not completely addressed by existing specifications.

“The sheer volume of IoT choices -- communication and transportation protocols, web applications and even specific product release versions -- can be overwhelming,” said Tim Ward, interim chairman of the OSGi IoT Expert Group. “With OSGi, you will be able to add, update or replace protocols, apps and code simply and without disrupting your IoT offerings.”

The IoT expert group charter is available on the OSGi IoT expert group web page.

Best Practice Collaboration

The Industrial Internet Consortium and the OSGi Alliance have agreed to collaborate on requirements and recommendations, including problem statements, use cases, specification requirements and recommendations. The Industrial Internet Consortium Asset Efficiency Testbed already deploys the mature OSGi technology to improve time to market and provide a bridge for integrating and managing the array of devices and sensors. OSGi Alliance will consider the Industrial Internet Consortium testbed results in its specification work, and will exchange best practices with the Industrial Internet Consortium. The two groups anticipate more testbeds, which will help to foster the collaboration between both organizations.

“This official partnership between Industrial Internet Consortium and OSGi Alliance is the right step to improve the time to market and interoperability of industrial IoT applications,” said Dr. Richard Soley, executive director, Industrial Internet Consortium. “We are happy to further develop our collaborative relationship with this well-established open standardization organization.”

IoT Event Programming

The OSGi Community Event will be held Nov. 3-5 in Ludwigsburg, Germany. The program will highlight OSGi in IoT and includes an app development competition and demonstration that uses OSGi to control a model train IoT environment from the cloud to the actuator and sensor level. The software development kit for the IoT contest will be available Oct. 1.

For more information on OSGi in the Internet of Things, visit the OSGi IoT expert group web page.

About the OSGi Alliance

The OSGi Alliance is a worldwide consortium of technology innovators that advances a proven and mature process to enable the componentization of applications into well-defined software modules, and ensure interoperability of applications and services over a broad variety of devices. The Alliance provides specifications, reference implementations, test suites and certification to foster a valuable cross-industry ecosystem. OSGi technology is shipping in millions of units worldwide, and is deployed by Fortune Global 500 companies in enterprise, desktop, smart home/energy and telematics markets. Member companies collaborate within an egalitarian, equitable and transparent environment and promote adoption of OSGi technology through business benefits, user experiences and forums. For more information on the non-profit technology corporation, visit http://www.osgi.org.

OSGi is a trademark or registered trademark of the OSGi Alliance in the United States, other countries, or both. Java and all Java based trademarks and logos are trademarks of the Oracle Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners.

SMBs present a lucrative, yet underserved, customer segment for telecoms operators


LONDON – Fresh insight from leading cloud services marketplace provider, BCSG reveals the significant rewards on offer to telecoms operators interested in diversifying their offer to SMB customers. An independent study of 500 SMBs spanning the UK and US suggests that telecoms operators are ideally placed to benefit from surging demand amongst SMBs for cloud services.


The results come at a time when operators globally face ongoing pressure to retain and grow high ARPU users such as SMBs. Yet confusion persists amongst SMBs over the most appropriate cloud services to select and those best suited to their needs. Encouragingly for operators therefore, of all SMBs surveyed:

  • 43 per cent of all UK and US SMB respondents confirmed that they would be willing to purchase cloud services from their incumbent service provider
  • 40 per cent of UK and US SMBs are openly willing to purchase software and tools from operators to help them grow their business
  • Based on market forecasts* of the UK and US SMB cloud services market, this firm intent from SMBs could be worth more than $22 billion to UK and US operators collectively

“The results of the study prove what we’ve known for a long time,” says Tom Platt, Commercial Director at BCSG. “Not only is the SMB market a potential goldmine for operators looking to add greater value to customers through service diversification, they also present a captive and willing audience. It is vital that operators seize the initiative by helping their SMB customers realise the value of cloud services and business applications.”


A clear trend of diversification already exists with around a third of US and UK SMBs already receiving help and guidance from their telecoms operators on hosting and business applications. Operators face a largely untapped market to capitalise on, given only 31 per cent of SMBs currently have a cloud migration strategy in place.


Platt continues: “Healthy dialogue already exists between SMBs and operators on key technology decisions. But at the same time, confusion persists amongst SMBs on what cloud innovation can offer and why they should adopt business apps. Operators have a unique opportunity to provide support and guidance to SMBs and play a significant role in their ongoing prosperity.”


Yet the study also warns operators on the dangers of complacency when managing their SMB customer relationships. Of those SMBs questioned:

  • 42 per cent of US and UK SMBs receive no help from their telecoms operators whatsoever
  • More than half (58 per cent) of SMBs would switch operators for access to a broader range of technology and services
  • 52 per cent of SMBs will contemplate switching operators in the next two years

Platt concludes: “Long tenure from SMB customers does not imply loyalty – and operators can’t afford to be complacent. These results demonstrate the value of operators broadening their service offering to SMBs. This should see operators accelerate their plans to offer a fuller range of cloud services, including business apps, to SMBs and drive new revenues and better customer retention.”


The full report ‘SMB cloud services: the multi-billion dollar opportunity for telcos' is available for download: http://www.bcsg.com/whitepaper-billion-dollar-opportunity-for-telcos/

*Market forecasts taken from Compass Intelligence and PAC


About BCSG

BCSG is a leading cloud services marketplace provider; our experienced team has been providing IT applications to small businesses for the past 10 years in partnership with global brands such as Barclays, MasterCard, Westpac, EE and Deutsche Bank. Our partnership with leading brands provides us with reach to over 20 million small businesses worldwide.

BCSG provides end to end technical and commercial support to partners for the initial service set up and ongoing delivery including a fully managed service platform and apps portfolio, hands on business go to market planning, sales channel enablement and a full end-customer support desk.

Established in 2008, BCSG is headquartered in the UK with offices across North America, Europe, APAC and Africa.

For more information about BCSG, please visit the company website: www.bcsg.com

Eckoh announced today that it has been selected by The Co-operative Group to provide its secure payment solution, CallGuard.


CallGuard will be implemented throughout The Co-operative Group's contact centres in its Electrical, Legal Services, Group Finance and Funeralcare divisions. These divisions take in excess of 250,000 calls per year through approximately 125 customer service representatives. CallGuard prevents customers' payment card data from entering contact centre environments, enabling agents to take payments securely over the phone whilst remaining on-hand to guide customers through the payment process.


The Co-operative Group is the UK's largest mutual business, owned by 8.2 million members. By implementing CallGuard, The Co-operative Group is demonstrating its continued commitment to the security and privacy of its customers' personal information.


In addition, by using Eckoh as its PCI DSS compliant service provider, The Co-operative Group can quickly satisfy a long and detailed part of the compliance process, enabling it to focus on its core business objectives.


"The most important thing for The Co-operative Group is that our customers have maximum peace of mind when giving us their personal details," said James Cullen, PCI Compliance Manager at The Co-operative Group. "Many of our customers and members like to pay over the phone and Eckoh's CallGuard solution allows us to enhance our security further. We selected Eckoh because of its PCI DSS level one status and many years' experience in implementing payment solutions. CallGuard enables us to proactively deliver the best possible service to our customers, while simultaneously protecting them."

Nik Philpot, CEO of Eckoh, commented: "We're delighted that a prestigious brand such as The Co-operative Group has selected CallGuard to ensure its payments security. Eckoh has consistently demonstrated its commitment to provide the best possible customer service and experience as well as delivering secure telephone payments. We look forward to working with The Co-operative Group to reassure members and customers, and also explore further opportunities within the Group."

Looks for international expansion as new EU trading rules come into force


LONDON – Voxsmart, the leading provider of mobile call recording technology to the City of London’s financial trading community, is looking to further expand its business internationally with the help of a UK-government backed Business Growth Service.

Voxsmart has joined the service that aims to provide specialist business support and training to companies looking to grow in both domestic and international markets.


CEO Oliver Blower said: “With new EU-wide financial trading regulations coming into force in little more than 12 months, there is a tremendous opportunity for us to grow and develop our business on a global scale. With the support and help of the Business Growth Service we aim to maximize that opportunity.”


Voxsmart’s patented VSmart solution already provides mobile call recording services to many firms in the City of London covered by strict UK Financial Conduct

Authority regulations requiring traders’ mobile calls to be recorded. Under new EU legislation, called MiFID II, even tougher rules will apply in the UK and throughout Europe from January 2017.


“Our patented technology is the only solution in the market that can work with virtually any handset to provide regulatory compliant mobile call recording on any mobile network,” said Blower. “What’s more, we not only capture voice calls, but also all the text and voice messaging on the handsets as required by the new rules.”


Martin Carruthers, Business Growth Manager at the Business Growth Service said Voxsmart was exactly the type of company the service was intended to support.

“With its strong UK experience, its market-leading patented technology, and the developing European opportunity it is facing, Voxsmart is well placed to expand both at home and abroad,” said Carruthers. “We believe that through our support, and with access to the network and services that we can make available, we can help the company fulfill its ambitious growth plans,” he added.

Dynamic Admission Control is the first solution developed by Italtel utilizing Cisco's APIC-EM Enterprise SDN Controller


MILAN – Italtel, a leading company in Next Generation Networks, Value Added Services and global IP-IP communication, and Cisco, the worldwide leader in network and IT infrastructures, today announced they have strengthened their cooperation in Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions for the Enterprise market. The close synergy of the two companies is focused on defining solutions to improve the quality of enterprises' IT applications and optimize network resources.


Cisco has launched an Enterprise SDN Controller (Cisco® Application Policy Infrastructure Controller - Enterprise Module or APIC-EM), positioning it as a cornerstone for the evolution of IP networks in the business context.


At the same time, Italtel has commenced development of an application for APIC-EM that makes the most of network resources by providing the best possible Quality of Experience (QoE) for IP video and voice services.


The solution, known as Dynamic Admission Control, guarantees the best QoE for multi-technology Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) applications in a multi-site enterprise context. The bandwidth management is performed dynamically, activating Quality of Service (QoS) policies which are shaped according to the services that should be preserved. One of the biggest use cases for the solution is network congestion.


"The adoption of Video UC&C applications is now crucial for the business development of enterprises which are widely spread on geographies," said Camillo Ascione, Head of System Integration Strategy & Marketing at Italtel. "Being able to apply suitable policies to shape network resources' consumption, not only according to their availability but also to users' needs, is today a pressing requirement for enterprises. An SDN approach provides IT managers a feasible way to manage dynamically high QoE services, particularly in a multivendor environment, via a controller based infrastructure."


The Dynamic Admission Control solution was presented by Italtel, hosted within the Cisco SDN pavilion as ‘Ecosystem Partner', at this year's Cisco Live!TM US event in San Diego.


Phil Casini, Director Product Management APIC-EM at Cisco, added: "The selection of appropriate partners to take advantage of the opportunities created by SDN and network programmability is among Cisco's main priorities. Italtel's expertise and long track record in the development and integration of large scale telecommunications infrastructure enables a dynamic solution like DAC to emerge as an application on APIC-EM which can significantly increase the return on investment that many companies seek for their IP voice and video assets."


Italtel designs, develops, implements solutions for NGN and NGS; Professional Services dedicated to the design and maintenance of networks; IT System Integration Services; Network Integration and migration activities. Italtel counts among its customers more than 40 of the world's top TLC Operators and SPs. In Italy Italtel is also reference partner of Enterprises and Public Sector for the deployment of IP Next-Generation Networks and for the development of multimedia convergent services for their customers. Italtel is present in many countries including France, UK, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, and Brazil. www.italtel.com.

Ipswitch Failover Ensures Reliable Managed File Transfers and Safeguards to Protect Data and Meet Regulatory Compliance Mandates


LONDON Ipswitch today announced the release of Ipswitch Failover, a new MOVEit Managed File Transfer module that delivers zero data loss, no single point of failure and maximised availability through fast failover. Ipswitch Failover enables IT teams to provide highly available continuous file transfer operations and safeguard against data loss for regulatory and policy compliance with a simplified, easy to implement solution.


With Ipswitch Failover, businesses can:

  • Ensure high availability continuous file transfers for 24x7 operations: Maximise file transfer success of business critical and sensitive data. Failover within a single datacenter or to remote disaster recovery site within seconds or minutes. Predictive and automated rules-based failover ensures continuous operations.
  • Safeguard against data loss for regulatory and policy compliance: Heartbeat communication between primary and failover servers allows for zero data loss in the event of failure. No single point of failure delivers 24x7 operations for MOVEit File Transfer (DMZ) and MOVEit Central servers.
  • Quickly implement simplified, yet advanced failover: Implement failover in as little as an hour for local failover. No additional hardware and software for load balancing is required.

"We use MOVEit products to automate secure communication with customers around the world," said Sean Kane, Systems Administrator, at Aon Hewitt. "Ipswitch Failover provides the robust capabilities that we need for 24/7 global operations. Detecting when something is wrong is often difficult, and having a unified management for all the elements of managed file transfer including the database and file system give us confidence in the solution."


Key features of Ipswitch Failover:

  • Real-time replication of data to a ‘hot-standby' failover server to ensure file transfer services are always available
  • Failover rules monitor performance metrics on production servers and can perform switchover to a ‘hot-standby' before downtime
  • Automated failover with Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) of less than a minute and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) of seconds
  • No single point of failure nor load balancing hardware or software required
  • Automatically monitor MOVEit File Transfer Server (DMZ) and MOVEit Central application health in real-time to identify and fix problems before they result in downtime
  • Site-to-site (or on-site) failover to keep businesses running 24x7

"As today's businesses are faced with the growing demand for data movement and increased regulatory regulations, organisations need to ensure the safety of sensitive company data and reliable file transfers," said Steve Staden, Director of Product Management at Ipswitch. "Ipswitch Failover provides IT teams with the necessary solution to guarantee zero data loss across an organisation while also simplifying file transfer operations."For more information about Ipswitch

Failover please visit: www.ipswitchft.com/moveit-managed-file-transfer/file-transfer-failover.


About Ipswitch
Ipswitch helps solve complex IT problems with simple solutions. The company's software has been installed on more than 150,000 networks spanning 168 countries to monitor networks, applications and servers, and securely transfer files between systems, business partners and customers. Ipswitch was founded in 1991 and is based in Lexington, Massachusetts with offices throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America. For more information, visit www.ipswitch.com.

Ipswitch and MOVEit are registered trademarks of Ipswitch, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. All other trademarks included in this document are the property of their respective owners.

HAMBURG, Germany – Well equipped for the future: gateprotect GmbH, a German manufacturer of IT security solutions within the Rohde & Schwarz Group, now offers its medium-sized clients even more high-performance protection against cyber attacks and data theft. Firewall version V15 was developed in Germany and for the first time comprises next-generation firewall features, which are usually only available to corporate groups and operators of critical infrastructures with highly complex IT networks.


Today's cyber attacks are based on highly specialized software that has complex programming, is constantly updated and can find ways into companies through a range of different points of attack. Web-based business application programs, social networks and video-conference systems provide an ideal target area for malware. Nowadays, businesses have to take a completely new approach in order to manage future security risks.


gateprotect is reacting to this fact with firewall version V15 and is also offering medium-sized clients an expanded set of modern security and network features.

This is the first time that a single-pass engine developed in Germany has been integrated into a UTM solution ensuring a fine-grained analysis of the network traffic and guaranteeing the best performance. Port-independent SSL-interception in real time also makes it possible to examine encrypted data traffic.


A new component of gateprotect Firewall V15 is the Application Control Engine developed in Germany by the Rohde & Schwarz subsidiary, ipoque. This device has a decoder and detector function and is able to recognize and decode HTTPS protocols securing another gateway into the corporate network.

With V15, the gateprotect UTM appliance achieves up to 300% more performance than before thanks to the integration of additional high-performance next-generation firewall features.


For the first time, the multiple-award-winning graphical management interface of the gateprotect firewall V15 is now available as a WebGUI in the browser of any device. This means that gateprotect is providing a future-oriented solution for changing threat scenarios.


Christoph Becker, CTO gateprotect GmbH: "We are proud to have created something unique with V15 by combining the technical platform of the next-generation Network Protector firewall with the unique and newly developed WebGUI of a UTM firewall. During the development process, there was a particular focus on providing our clients with the most cutting-edge security features, high performance and the usual ease of use. Network and data protection remain easy to manage with gateprotect solutions."


With V15, gateprotect presents reliable advanced technology with a single-pass engine for the UTM market and easy-to-use management of even complex networks of critical infrastructure operators.


Performance characteristics and advantages of gateprotect V15 at a glance:

  • High-performance next-generation firewall features in a UTM appliance with increased performance - at no additional cost
  • Future-proof single-pass technology from Germany - easy to manage from anywhere in using a web browser
  • Different applications (such as Skype and Facebook) are detected and filtered, standards can be allocated to specific user groups
  • Port-independent SSL decryption for automatic control of encrypted data flows within every standard
  • The latest security features to reliably protect the network and data from spam, viruses and malware with distinct stability

gateprotect is presenting V15 for the first time on October 1. 2015, at 4.00 pm and on October 2. 2015 at 10.00 am in a launch webcast. Register today at:


If you are interested, learn more about V15 at the it-sa IT security trade fair in Nuremberg from October 6. to 8. 2015. Secure free tickets with the code A328527 at http://www.it-sa.de/gutschein.


Press release can be downloaded at: www.gateprotect.com


About gateprotect
gateprotect GmbH has been a leading international manufacturer of IT security solutions in the field of network security for over ten years. The solutions, developed in Germany, include firewalls with all modern UTM features for small and medium-sized companies, managed security systems for larger companies, and VPN client systems for the networked connection of branches and home offices. All gateprotect UTM firewalls are equipped with innovative security features and the patented eGUI® technology. Thanks to the unique visual representation of the network, even complex security systems are extremely easy to operate.

With the gateprotect NP series, gateprotect GmbH offers a next-generation firewall for larger companies that represents maximum information security even for critical infrastructures, thanks to the innovative technology of complete positive validation in combination with application whitelisting in a single-pass engine.

gateprotect solutions meet the highest international standards, are largely certified in accordance with ‘Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 4+ (EAL 4+)' by the German Federal Office for Information Security, and have won numerous international awards. Since 2010 gateprotect has also been listed in the renowned "Gartner Magic Quadrant" for UTM firewall appliances.

gateprotect is a company of the Rohde & Schwarz Group. The Rohde & Schwarz electronics group offers innovative solutions in measurement systems, radio engineering and media technology, secure communication, cyber security, and radio monitoring and radio location technology.

Range of enhancements support large-scale, global programmes for in-the-moment, omni-channel feedback capture and personalised, role-based analysis


LONDON – Confirmit has today announced the release of Version 19 (V19) of its award winning Confirmit HorizonsTM solution for Customer Experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research.


Ease of design and deployment across the full range of channels, combined with state-of-the-art analytics and sophisticated reporting in multiple formats, is the focus for this latest release of Horizons, highlighting the growing need for self-service management and maintenance of global programmes.


The range of new features and functionality to deliver richer insights, smarter decisions and faster reactions in Version 19 includes:

  • Support for matrix organisational hierarchies: improving report personalisation options with access control governed by complex matrix hierarchy structures, and with filtering available on multiple levels of a hierarchy
  • Ongoing investment in CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing): extending call centre control and productivity to encompass support for the new Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) rulings to prevent auto-dialling to mobile/cell phones
  • Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) in over 40 languages on Android and iOS: lowering the cost of field research across global markets and broadening the reach of in-the-moment feedback to suit the audience
  • Addition of location and beacon-triggering to Confirmit Panel App: enabling easy collection and analysis of customer behaviour data such as path to purchase and promotion conversion rates
  • Enhanced mapping of multiple data sources in Confirmit SmartHubTM: allowing researchers and insights professionals to make changes to ongoing surveys without impacting reporting - critical in delivering more accurate data for long-term studies
  • Confirmit CRM Connect for Salesforce: providing a simplified way of integrating Salesforce into Confirmit Horizons to help businesses build a 360 degree view of customers and delivering greater context to aid decision-making.

Terry Lawlor, EVP Product Management, Confirmit, explained: "The growing demand to gather in-the-moment feedback and to provide actionable insight that can enhance the customer experience or support timely decision making is placing insight teams and MR professionals alike under increasing pressure to streamline and automate processes wherever possible.


"Delivering enhanced research productivity and a high-quality user experience that hides the complexity of very large-scale deployments was the driving force behind many of the new features and functionality introduced in Confirmit Horizons Version 19. We continue to deliver on our vision for capturing and mapping all insights in one hub to extract maximum value from the data, immediately analysing and sharing relevant insight in powerful, role-specific dashboards that drive improved business decision making, and automatically triggering highly targeted alerts to ensure the fastest possible reaction times."


To find out more about the full range of additional features and functionality in V19, please visit http://bit.ly/1JmuvmL.

About Confirmit
Confirmit is the world's leading SaaS vendor for multi-channel Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Employee, and Market Research solutions. The company has offices in Oslo (headquarters), Chengdu, Cologne, Grimstad, London, Moscow, New York, San Francisco, Sydney, Vancouver, and Yaroslavl. Confirmit's software is also distributed through partner resellers in Madrid, Milan, Salvador, and Tokyo. Confirmit powers Global 5000 companies and Market Research agencies worldwide with a wide range of software products for feedback / data collection, panel management, data processing, analysis, and reporting. Customers include Aurora, British Airways, Cross-Tab, Dow Chemical, GfK, GlaxoSmithKline, GMO Research, JTN Research, Keep Factor, Morehead Associates, Nielsen, Research Now, RONIN, Sony Mobile Communications, Swisscom and The Wellcome Trust. Visit www.confirmit.com for more information.

SAN FRANCISCO – IObit, specializing in PC performance and PC security, today unleashed Driver Booster 3; a driver updating tool with a gigantic upgraded database that can help users better maintain hardware devices by updating outdated, missing, and faulty drivers, as well as game components, with a simple click.

IObit Driver Booster 3

A large device database is quite important for driver update tools; it may decide if the tool is effective or useless and fast or slow during driver and device updating. For Driver Booster 3, the online database is enlarged to support more than 200,000 drivers; even rare found data can be easily discovered by Driver Booster 3. Besides updating outdated drivers, missing and default drivers can also be detected, which helps to fix problems and avoid PC hardware strike. Furthermore, it also expands the game components database for maximum assistance in avoiding problems like splash screen and stuttered sound. The driver downloading process is reduced to half the time compared the previous version due to download at system idle time. Moreover, Driver Booster 3 added auto-backup feature to ensure the Windows OS is safe. When suffering unexpected driver problems, it can restore the previous copy through auto-backup to ensure the computer runs as usual.

"A lot of people thought problems related to PC drivers and devices belong to the professional field, it might be out of their control, so they will rely on the Windows Update," said Antonio Zhang, Marketing Director at IObit. "To help our normal users maintain their PC by themselves, Driver Booster 3's simplified operation, such as One-Click, helps our users to update drivers easily. Also, with the upgraded driver database, we believe Driver Booster 3 is the most suitable driver update tool for common users."

Driver Booster 3 is now available on IObit.com and Download.com. It provides full support for Win 10, 8/8.1, 7, XP and Vista. For more details please visit www.iobit.com.

About Driver Booster 3

Driver Booster 3 is a ONE-CLICK driver updater offered by IObit to maintain hardware devices by updating and installing outdated, missing, and faulty drivers for common users. With a newly expanded online database, Driver Booster 3 can now support more than 200,000 drivers which cover over 3000 driver factory brands; even rare driver data can be easily detected. Also the expanded game components database to make sure components like VC Runtime 2008 can also be easily detected. Driver Booster 3 can diagnose PC hardware and device status and then help users' PC hardware finding the right driver version to fix the missing and faulty drivers. To speedup the downloading process, Driver Booster 3 can download driver data during system idle time, and that will save more time for users during driver updating. In addition, the brand new UI inherits ONE-click operation and a more vivid experience while updating drivers.

About IObit

Founded in 2004, IObit provides consumers with innovative system utilities for Windows, Mac, and Android OS to greatly enhance their performance and protect them from security threats. IObit is a well-recognized industry leader with more than 100 awards, 200 million downloads and 10 million active users worldwide.