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Jon Seals

NEW YORK, NY – DCProfessional Development (DCPro), the performance division of DatacenterDynamics that provides training courses and certification services, announced today its partnership with New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) for its sixteen-part Certificate of Mission Critical Infrastructure online learning course. The first-of-its-kind online foundation course is developed specifically for engineers looking to learn everything from basic concepts to highly focused facilities management methods under DCPro’s recognized industry educators.

The noncredit-bearing courses will be featured among NYIT’s Professional Development course offerings. Students who successfully fulfill course requirements and online examinations will earn a certificate of completion, “Foundations of Mission Critical Infrastructure,” from both DCProfessional and NYIT.

Peter Curtis, President/CEO of Power Management Concepts, LLC, professor at NYIT, author of the curriculum book Maintaining Mission Critical Systems in a 24/7 Environment , member of NYIT's school of engineering and computing sciences Dean's-Executive Advisory Board, and Advisory Board Member for DCProfessional Development says, “Training for mission critical facilities management, through the partnership of NYIT’s and DCPro’s online learning platform, will provide accessibility and enhanced certification for professionals in this field looking to develop their skills. The course is designed to bridge the gap between theory and real-world applications, with the same material used in many graduate programs throughout the country. Students who take this course enjoy the benefits of advanced education at a modest cost.”

DCProfessional’s courses are endorsed through numerous nationally and internationally recognized professional bodies, including the IEEE, the American Institute of Architects, NCEES, the BCS, Engineers Australia, BICSI and CITREP (full list available online ).  Students in this course will gain knowledge in several mission critical disciplines ranging from Data Center Cooling Efficiency & Advanced Technology to Mission Critical Facilities Engineering.

“Online education and partnerships like this bring opportunities to students in a global data center market,” comments Jason Velody, Managing Director of DCProfessional Development. “Students gain the certification advantages from duly recognized and revered institutions.”

For more information on DCProfessional Development, visit http://www.dc-professional.com.

To arrange a briefing with DCPro, please contact jsa_dcd@jaymiescotto.com

About DCProfessional Development

DCProfessional Development (a business division of DCD Group) delivers a diverse portfolio of accredited data center training and certification services to corporate and individual clients internationally. The management, instructors and advisors together form a team of some of the most recognized individuals in the industry. DCProfessional Development works closely with professional bodies and industry associations to ensure that our course materials and processes align with industry best practices and standards.

About DatacenterDynamics

DatacenterDynamics, part of the DCD Group, is a premier full service B2B information provider, offering a comprehensive product and service portfolio tailored specifically for the data center industry through its divisions: MediaEventsIntelligence and Performance.

The Media Division features the world’s only global publication for the data center market, DatacenterDynamics FOCUS Magazine, along with multimedia offerings, webinars, and a renowned awards program recognizing innovation in the industry.

The Events Division incorporates DatacenterDynamics core event offering, the Converged conference series presently running in 48 locations around the globe, along with FOCUSOn and Intelligence Seminars.

The Intelligence Division offers an array of market research, business intelligence, analysis and reporting services; and The Performance division provides DCProfessionalDevelopment training courses and certification.

To learn more about DatacenterDynamics and its product and service portfolio, please visit www.datacenterdynamics.com. You may also follow DCD on Twitter @dcdfocus or google+.

About NYIT
New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) offers 90 degree programs, including undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees, in more than 50 fields of study, including architecture and design; arts and sciences; education; engineering and computing sciences; health professions; management; and osteopathic medicine. A non-profit independent, private institution of higher education, NYIT has 13,000 students attending campuses on Long Island and Manhattan, online, and at its global campuses. NYIT sponsors 11 NCAA Division II programs and one Division I team. 

Led by President Edward Guiliano, NYIT is guided by its mission to provide career-oriented professional education, offer access to opportunity to all qualified students, and support applications-oriented research that benefits the larger world. To date, 95,000 graduates have received degrees from NYIT. For more information, visit nyit.edu.

CROSBY, TX - Abletek, an industry leader in unified communications, announced today that the region's businesses should be aware of fraudulent bills coming from companies posing as telecommunications carriers. Impersonators have been attempting to defraud organizations and Abletek is determined to make sure its customers are aware of this threat. The Department of Consumer Protection has launched an investigation into a company calling itself "UST" or "US Telecom" who has been claiming that the aforementioned invoices were for preventive maintenance on existing telephone systems. As a result, Abletek is warning all of its customers and the business community it serves.
       Many organizations find themselves overworked, pressed for time and unable to catch every single detail. Unfortunately, this leaves room for scams like this to occur. The perpetrating company, "UST" had been posing as "USTelecom" in an effort to go unnoticed while collecting illegitimate revenues. The scheme exploited the commonplace nature of preventative maintenance invoices, which are regularly sent out by telecommunications carriers and broadband providers alike. 
       "The reason they were able to pull a stunt like this was because they took advantage of the fact that CEOs and other executives simply have too many things that require their attention," stated Bill Parker, President of Abletek. "This is exactly why we meet with our customers on a regular basis to review, analyze and consult on their telecommunications and Internet connectivity bills. While we can see things like this coming from a mile away, our customers are too busy growing their businesses."
       Abletek has differentiated itself over the years by aligning its interests with its customers' interests. For example, when Abletek initially sits down with a prospective customer, it first conducts an in-depth analysis of the existing network infrastructure, unnecessary lines, unnecessary billing and then interviews top level executives to gain a global understanding of what management is looking to achieve through the adoption of technology. Other business communications companies are much more transactional in nature and lack a relationship-based approach, in which both companies look out for one another. 
       "We've always looked to partner with our customers, so we can be their trusted resource, not just their technology supplier," commented Mr. Parker. "Our goal is to share our expertise with everyone in our business community, and over the years we've found that whether we do business with someone or we just help them understand their own business communications infrastructure better, people tend to enjoy our interactions. As experts, we consider it our duty to watch out for scams like this and to make sure our community is protected."
Abletek is not your typical IT & communications company. We are a TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION PROVIDER and we care deeply about helping you maximize your productivity through effective Managed Services (MSP), IT, communications and related business technology solutions, and while a lot of companies may talk about increasing your productivity, Abletek actually delivers. 
ABLETEK will remove the burden of managing your network and communications infrastructures by providing everything needed to  maintain your servers, workstations, laptops, Pocket PCs/PDA/Treo, Switches, Routers, Email, Printers, VoIP, SIP, Digital & Analog Communications systems and more.  Leverage our team of dedicated professionals and proven  technology  management  resources  to:  CONTROL & REDUCE YOUR COSTS. 
For more information on Abletek, call (713) 455.1888 or visit www.abletek.com.

SNAP builds infrastructure to support members interested in connecting to AWS Direct Connect, allowing them to bypass public Internet and achieve cost savings

ATLANTA – The Southeast Network Access Point (SNAP), a leading provider of next-generation Internet Exchange (IX) solutions, announces today that it is now offering connections to Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) AWS Direct Connect service in Northern Virginia via its location within Colo Atl ’s downtown Atlanta facility. As such, SNAP members are provided with AWS Direct Connect availability, granting access to AWS cloud services through a private, enterprise-grade network connection that bypasses the public Internet. Additionally, SNAP members are now able to experience benefits such as reduced bandwidth costs, improved network security and a more consistent overall network performance.

SNAP is directly linked to the AWS Direct Connect location, and allows members to connect via Colo Atl’s data center.  The service can be scaled efficiently to meet the members’ future connection needs. Available as either a 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps connection, AWS Direct Connect is compatible with all AWS services, including Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) and Amazon Relational Database (Amazon RDS).

“Offering access to AWS Direct Connect via our Atlanta data center location is terrific news for all existing and future SNAP members,” comments Tim Kiser , Co-Founder of SNAP and Owner and Founder of Colo Atl. “Through this partnership and coupled with the benefit of no monthly recurring cross connect fees within the Colo Atl Meet Me Room, we are aligning with SNAP’s mission to meet both the vision and operational objectives of the global Internet community. We look forward to the ongoing opportunities this will bring to our SNAP members.”

“We are pleased to extend the benefits of AWS Direct Connect to SNAP members,” adds Steve Halliwell, Director of Education and State/Local Government at Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Through AWS Direct Connect, SNAP members can enjoy advantages that include more predictable data transfer speeds, increased bandwidth, and reduced bandwidth costs.”

The SNAP exchange point offers neutral Internet exchange services for all categories of Internet Service Providers, Content Service Providers, Cloud Service Providers, Academic Networks, Government Networks, or Enterprise Networks desiring a neutral peering point. As an exchange for Software Defined Networks (SDN), SNAP allows for peering with regional research and education networks, as well as those in the commercial networking space.

To learn more about SNAP, please visit www.southeastnap.com or email info@southeastnap.com.


About Southeast Network Access Point (SNAP)

SNAP is a next-generation Internet Exchange (IX) supporting IPv4, IPv6 as well as OpenFlow and Software Defined Networking (SDN). Its mission is to not only support global peering, but also the collaborative development of an entirely new structure for Internet Protocol network peering. SNAP, located within the Georgia Technology Center, is a public IX built on Brocade equipment and the support of its Founding Members, the Georgia Institute of Technology, Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI), US Ignite, Southern Light Rail and PeachNet. For more information about the SNAP or to schedule a briefing, contact us at  info@SoutheastNAP.com. Follow SNAP on Twitter @SoutheastNAP.


About Colo Atl

Located in the global telecom hub of Atlanta, Georgia, Colo Atl, a JT Communications Company, provides colocation, data center & interconnection services, at an affordable rate. Colo Atl is a neutral-colocation facility that allows tenants and carriers to securely and conveniently cross-connect within a SSAE16 certified facility. Colo Atl has no monthly recurring cross connect fees between tenants and provides exceptional customer service.

Colo Atl is also home to The Georgia Technology Center (GTC), a live laboratory for network equipment vendors to highlight their optical and electrical hardware and operating systems, and the Southeast Network Access Point (SNAP), which provides next-generation Internet Exchange (IX) solutions, including SDN peering, testing, collaboration and implementation.

Visit Colo Atl online at: www.coloatl.com and follow us on Twitter @ColoAtl.

MudFlinger Helps Create Safer Environment for American Workers

BELLWOOD, Pa.  – Just in time for "mud season" – when spring rains and melting snow make the outdoors a mess – comes a way to eliminate dangerous slip-ups on the job.
The MudFlinger "flying saucer," a portable boot cleaner designed to keep the working man and woman safe, is part of the MudKill line of products which also includes brushes, discs and cleaning stations for muddy boots.
"MudKill Products stop mud in its tracks," said Donny Beaver, CEO and Co-Founder of HalenHardy LLC, the parent company of MudKill. "Slips, trips and falls are one of the leading causes of workplace accidents. And you get a clean workplace to boot."
Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that there were 285,380 non-fatal slip, trip and fall accidents on the job in 2012, with a median of 11 work days lost per accident. These accidents cost industry more than $11 billion annually, according to Liberty Mutual research.
The patented MudFlinger "flying saucer" has gripper cleats on the bottom to hold it in place on any surface, including concrete, wood, gravel, grass or even snow, while the worker rubs his boots on a surface with more than 150 tuff-flex polymer cones that scrub every crack and crevice of his soles.
"These products will save American companies millions and millions of dollars, when you figure in the cost of injuries and workplace cleanup," Beaver said. "But our main goal is to create a safer environment for the average working man and woman."
Using base figures of 111 precipitation days, 10 million construction workers and three ounces of mud per boot, the experts from MudKill estimate that the average worker's boots collect 46 pounds of mud a year, enough to fill 416,250 half-ton pickup trucks, stretching bumper to bumper from New York to Dallas.
Beaver, who has more than 40 years of experience in workplace safety, has a track record for innovation. He recently visited the mudslides in Azusa, Calif., hoping to help residents there, and came back with a number of ideas for new products.
"We are available to assist community, civil and church first responders in emergency preparedness prior to disasters and in the initial Mud Out phase of recovery," Beaver added.  "But our primary concern is for the more than 10 million men and women slogging through muddy job sites and mobile environments every day related to construction, mining, oil and gas and other industries."
The MudKill line is actually an outgrowth of another innovation, the Mobile Air Shower by HalenHardy or MASHH unit, which reduces worker exposure to hazardous silica dust. While working on the MASHH unit, HalenHardy's team of inventors saw what a safety issue mud creates in industrial workplaces.
MudKill products have a lifetime guarantee. For more information or to find out how you can win a "Mud Ugly" T-shirt, please visit http://www.mudkill.com/.

News Summary:

  • Sabey Data Center Properties announced today that 10 leading IT and communications carriers have expanded their New York City presence at Intergate.Manhattan.

  • Sabey’s new Manhattan data center,with its strategic market location, storm proof facilities, unparalleled infrastructure, and state-of-the-art physical security,will provide the carriers with unmatched opportunities to expand their customer base.

  • With its unique assets, Intergate.Manhattan is on a path to becoming the “go-to” location for carriers on the East Coast, and will soon house additional service providers from both the U.S. and Europe.

New York– Seattle-based Sabey Data Center Properties announced today that 10 of the world’s leading information carriers and telecommunications providers selected Intergate.Manhattan, Sabey’s new data center in lower Manhattan, for their significant East Coast network expansions.

To date, the fiber optic network carriers who have signed licensing agreements with Sabey include: Zayo, Sidera, Lightower, Verizon (copper only), Level 3, Optical Communications Group, Time Warner Cable Business Class, United Fiber & Data, Lightpath, and XO. Together, they will offer Intergate.Manhattan’s tenants a full suite of facilities-based services including dark fiber, lit transport and IP services, and carrier-neutral colocation and interconnection, Ethernet, SONET, wavelength, Internet access, and more.

In addition, AMS-IX USA Inc., a newly formed subsidiary of AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange), the world’s leading Internet exchange operator, will deploy its new U.S distributed Internet exchange in Intergate.Manhattan, Sabey’s 1 million-square-foot facility at 375 Pearl Street in Lower Manhattan.

The Intergate.Manhattan deployment is a key component of AMS-IX USA Inc.’s plan to build and operate an open Internet exchange known as AMS-IX New York. Both AMS-IX and Intergate.Manhattan’s Open IX environment will be a magnet for more carriers and Internet service providers.

Sabey, the largest privately-owned multi-tenant data center owner and developer on the West Coast, began mission-critical East Coast operations in 2013 at the 1-million-square-foot tower located at 375 Pearl Street in Lower Manhattan.

John Sabey, President, Sabey Data Center Properties, said, “Sitting at a confluence of the world’s transatlantic cable and fiber routes, Intergate.Manhattan is a crucial presence as our Sabey Data Center network expands. Equally important, Intergate.Manhattan will be the next and best telecom carrier hotel on the East Coast, offering unprecedented opportunities for network carriers to expand their customer operations.”

Daniel Meltzer, Sabey Vice President of Sales and Leasing, said, “We want to attract as many carriers as possible. We will offer fiber services to our customers to allow them to connect with any of the carriers in the building. We will create an ecosystem where one carrier can easily interconnect with another. For example, if Lightpath wishes to interconnect with Level 3, we would like them to do that inside Intergate.Manhattan; carrier–to-customer and carrier-to-carrier.”

Additional carriers, including European carriers, presently are in negotiations with Sabey and are expected to sign licensing agreements soon at Intergate.Manhattan. And, as Intergate.Manhattan serves as Sabey’s gateway to Europe, the company’s privately owned IGX fiber network connects New York with Sabey data centers on the West Coast, opening a gateway to the Pacific Rim and Asia.

Mr. Meltzer added, “Our customers may opt to have IGX as a back-up for their existing carrier of choice at Intergate.Manhattan.”

Because many major carriers also offer their own co-location services to their customers, Sabey believes that Intergate.Manhattan’s licensed carriers will become Sabey customers themselves. Intergate.Manhattan is fully managed and operated by Sabey technology staff. It offers fully turn-key technology solutions tailored to users with varying space, power, and connectivity challenges, as well as data center ready shell space for tenants that choose to design, build, and operate their own data center within the building envelope, leveraging its robust core infrastructure.

The building offers many advantages that are not available elsewhere in Manhattan. The purpose-built data center’s 30,000-square-foot floor plates are designed for tenant expansion and are augmented on all four sides by large, basement-to-roof open shafts, or “bustles,” which are external to the building and which allow almost unlimited vertical transportation potential for fiber and MEP commodities without disturbing existing tenants. High clear heights with easily accessible, open, overhead cableways obviate the clutter and confusion of raised floor cabling.

By Vali Hawkins Mitchell


I live in Seattle. I listen to KOMO news daily. The helicopter traffic guys keep us moving every day. Their copter crashed this morning. 2 dead. More injured. And as I watch the news on KOMO TV…the news employees are reporting on the event with their emotions tucked back as deep as possible to do their jobs. This was their company, their co-workers, they saw the crash out their window. My heart goes out to them. And I am again humbled by the topic of my book about people in their companies having big emotions, disasters, and hoping they have a plan in place. Wishing I could run down there to help. Hoping they have a protocol in place for the immediate situation, knowing counselors will be volunteering, HR and EAP providers will be called in, and the day will progress to the next news story. The staff will be expected to just move forward. The costs will be numerated into small boxes in accounting books. There will be funerals. There will be memorials. I wonder if the person driving the car to work who was missed by the ball of flame by only a few feet will have a good day at work or go home and get drunk. I wonder. I care. Emotional preparations for unexpected incidents cannot be ignored. I am weary of trying to “sell a damn book” in order to get people to consider the long term ramifications of emotional impact on companies. But I know the costs, because I have done the math and provided companies the format to do so. I know the costs and emotionally charged long term influence of the IMPACT of this helicopter next to the Seattle Space needle will involve KOMO employees, locals, tourists who can’t go on the monorail today, first responders, and much more.

With planes disappearing, nations unhinged, and helicopters falling out of the sky, I admit I wish this morning that I didn’t know that each event was not only an emotional strain, but a fiscal devastation to all parties. Once again, I encourage you and your company to plan for the expected and the unexpected. Sigh.

"The Cost of Emotions in the Workplace"  www.improvizion.com

PEORIA, IL – Caterpillar Inc. has introduced a web version of SpecSizer, an industry-leading software tool to help consulting engineers, contractors, installers and end users select the appropriate generator set based on site parameters, load characteristics and required performance, and then create a corresponding specification.

The web version of SpecSizer offers the same level of accuracy and functionality as the PC version of the software.  Additional enhancements include unlimited file storage, file sharing with anyone in the SpecSizer web community, and a refreshed interface to increase usability and organization. Up to four side-by-side generator set comparisons are now available, while a new “Expansion Capacity %” feature allows for planned site load growth for a customer’s application and system configuration.

Beyond these enhancements, a “Genset Optimizer” now runs automatically in the background of the web version and always alerts the user if a smaller generator set is available based on user-defined site conditions and SpecSizer program logic. Users also have an option to create templates for every non-motor load type available in SpecSizer, which is useful for often-specified electrical loads.

The web version of SpecSizer is compatible with multiple browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari, and it is fully functional on iPad and other tablet devices.

“To increase portability of the program and expand user access, Caterpillar moved SpecSizer from a desktop program to an online application,” said John Swanson, marketing division manager for Caterpillar Electric Power Division. “This is only the first step in allowing Caterpillar to expand this valuable resource to a wider universe of portable computing platforms used by consulting specifying engineers today, and it further reflects an appreciation for the immediate need for this type of information by making it readily available to users wherever they demand it.” 

Moving this technical information online improves data integrity by providing automatic daily updates, thus eliminating a large, time consuming download process for new version releases. Most importantly all data, including user files, are securely protected according to Caterpillar’s Information Protection Guidelines. In accordance, users are provided an ID and password to access the program and protect their information.

Any questions related to SpecSizer can be directed to Electric Power’s email at specsizersupport@cat.com.

First introduced in 2006, SpecSizer has more than 11,000 registered users in 163 countries. SpecSizer provides sizing and support in eight languages including English, Chinese Mandarin, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Caterpillar is a leader in the power generation marketplace with power systems engineered to deliver unmatched durability, reliability and value. The company offers worldwide product support, with parts and service available globally through the Cat authorized service and dealer network. In addition, dealer service technicians are trained to service every aspect of Cat® equipment.

For more information, visit www.catelectricpowerinfo.com/pr or e-mail cat_power@cat.com. To interact with other power generation professionals in our online community, register at www.catelectricpowerinfo.com/connect


About Caterpillar

For nearly 90 years, Caterpillar Inc. has been making sustainable progress possible and driving positive change on every continent. Customers turn to Caterpillar to help them develop infrastructure, energy and natural resource assets. With 2013 sales and revenues of $55.656 billion, Caterpillar is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives. The company principally operates through its three product segments - Resource Industries, Construction Industries and Power Systems - and also provides financing and related services through its Financial Products segment. For more information, visit caterpillar.com. To connect with us on social media, visit caterpillar.com/social-media.

CAT, CATERPILLAR, BUILT FOR IT, their respective logos, “Caterpillar Yellow,” the “Power Edge” trade dress as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission.

MAUMEE, OHIO – Therma-Tru Corp. today announced the launch of the DoorWaysTM App for iPhone and iPad. The DoorWays App brings mobile shopping and visualization together into one tool that makes the selection and buying process quicker and easier for trade professionals and homeowners.

            "The DoorWays App is the first U.S. configurable entry door visualization tool available from the App Store," says Brad Johnson, vice president of marketing at Therma-Tru Corp. "This app sports built-in features that allow users to select and configure a new door, take a picture of the home, 'try' the door on the home visually before committing to the door purchase, and then find a dealer in the area where the door can be purchased."

            The new marketing tool features the Therma-Tru portfolio of fiberglass doors in the most popular sizes, as well as decorative, privacy and specialty glass.

            "App users can share their doorway designs with clients, friends and family through email and social media," says Johnson. "An added benefit is that when the app user is ready, the DoorWays App lets you send different Therma-Tru entry configurations direct to your nearest dealer --- complete with style numbers --- to request more information and price quotes."

            The app includes a variety of unique features, including the ability to:

  • Create and save multiple door and glass combinations.
  • Share different door looks via e-mail, text and Facebook.
  • Size and scale doors in camera view with the app's built-in visualizer.
  • Create a photograph of the door you've selected super-imposed over the inside or outside of the home.
  • Save photos of the doors on the home to a camera roll to find and share later.
  • Access all product information needed for ordering through the saved doors feature.
  • Use the dealer locator and contact information, which are all accessible within the app.

            By introducing the app, Therma-Tru is looking to leverage the way more and more consumers today are shopping via mobile devices. In the last 18 months (ending in December 2013), the percentage of visitors to www.thermatru.com using mobile devices more than doubled.

            "This tells us that building industry professionals in the field will find the DoorWays App highly useful as a tool to work with their customers," says Johnson. "Visualization has always been an important part of the consumer purchase process for residential doors, whether through showroom displays or via advanced tools such as our Picture PerfectTM 2.0 Virtual Designer. The new DoorWays App brings mobile devices and visualization together and can serve as a valuable tool for builders, contractors and remodelers on a daily basis with their clients."

            The DoorWays App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPad, or at www.AppStore.com.

About Therma-Tru

            Therma-Tru is the leading entry door brand most preferred by builders and remodelers. Founded in 1962, Therma-Tru pioneered the fiberglass entry door industry, and today offers a complete portfolio of entry and patio door system solutions, including decorative glass doorlites, sidelites and transoms, and door components. The company also offers low-maintenance Fypon®  urethane and PVC products. Headquartered in Maumee, Ohio, Therma-Tru is part of Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc. (NYSE: FBHS). For more information and product warranty details, visit www.thermatru.com, www.fypon.com or call (800) 537-8827.

NEWARK, Calif. – Tegile Systems, the leading provider of flash-driven storage arrays for virtualized server and virtual desktop environments, today announced that it has shipped its 1,000th Zebi™ storage array since making the solution generally available two years ago.  The award-winning line of solutions, which balance high performance, high capacity, features and price, has been deployed by companies across a wide range of industries to help them overcome storage challenges associated with VDI, server virtualization, database hosting, file services and more.

Zebi storage arrays leverage the performance of SSD and low cost per TB of high capacity disk drives, delivering as much as seven times the performance and up to 75 percent less capacity required than legacy arrays.  This unique approach has seen marked adoption rates among companies that need faster performance than HDD-based arrays but with less expense than SSD-based arrays.

“Customers looking to make the most of their flash investments are buying solutions like Tegile's whose architectures have been specifically optimized for the use of flash,” said Eric Burgener, research director for IDC's storage practice. “Their ability to hit the 1,000 unit mark within two years of release shows that their offering is well matched to the requirements of this rapidly growing market, which IDC expects will reach $12.3B in 2016.”  

Hundreds of customers in the education, financial services, manufacturing, government, legal, healthcare and transportation industries have deployed Tegile Zebi arrays, with many existing users ordering supplementary units to support additional workloads and/or for use in different lines of business.  

“Tegile came out and looked at what we had, assessed our needs in the timeframe we had and implemented a solution in the middle of an outage,” said Jeremy Heide, CIO of School District 27J. “They worked with the VMware engineer that was helping us to design a storage system that would address our unique challenges and was able to deliver the Zebi solution within a week of us placing the order.”

“I understood everything that this piece of hardware and the software does in under an hour, and it was an easy hour,” Tom Trujillo, IT manager at Broadcast Interactive Media.  “I was like a kid at Christmas, it was incredible to me. When they say a user-friendly interface, this really a user-friendly interface.”

“The best thing about the people we dealt with at Tegile is they came from all these big Fortune 500 companies, like Microsoft and VMware, so there is broad expertise they brought to the table” said Jay Larson, decision support manager at Mary Lanning Healthcare.  “It seems like every time I call the support line at Tegile, I get exactly the right person.  If I’m having a Microsoft issue, I get the person who used to work at Microsoft. He says, ‘You need to do this and this,’ and I’m done. It’s far and above the best support I’ve had lately.”

“I’ve been in the IT business for 25 years and this is the strongest customer support I have seen. These people bend over backwards,” said Vincent Lo, vice president of applications and support for Bank of Stockton. “It just doesn’t happen for people to deliver at their level of service. I would not count on that with any other major company that I deal with. You just don’t get that level of commitment from a vendor.” 

Tegile Zebi arrays are sold exclusively through the company’s reseller partner eco-system to provide customers with best-in-class products and services to meet their IT infrastructure needs.  Tegile provides dedicated sales and technical resources to resellers to help close new business while its unique architecture offers the unparalleled functionality, flexibility and ease of use needed to cut storage expenditures in half, triple performance and easily manage storage without adding staff.  Customers have the option to purchase units outright, lease them or go with a capacity-utilization model through Tegile’s Agility Pricing Program.

“It isn’t enough to simply have a concept that you think will improve upon organizations’ information overload, you’ve got to execute with a solution that delivers what you say it will,” said Rob Commins, vice president of marketing at Tegile. “Zebi arrays have found the sweet spot for hundreds of customers, allowing them to optimize their storage infrastructure without breaking the bank.  We have found success as quickly as we have, shipping 1,000 units of our Zebi storage arrays in two years, by providing leading performance, a rich feature set and superior service while understanding the cost constraints that our customers operate under.”

About Tegile Systems
Tegile Systems is pioneering a new generation of flash-driven enterprise storage arrays that balance performance, capacity, features and price for virtualization, file services and database applications. With Tegile’s Zebi line of hybrid storage arrays, the company is redefining the traditional approach to storage by providing a family of arrays that is significantly faster than all hard disk-based arrays and significantly less expensive than all solid-state disk-based arrays. 

Tegile’s patent-pending MASS technology accelerates the Zebi’s performance and enables on-the-fly de-duplication and compression of data so each Zebi has a usable capacity far greater than its raw capacity. Tegile’s award-winning technology solutions enable customers to better address the requirements of server virtualization, virtual desktop integration and database integration than other offerings. Featuring both NAS and SAN connectivity, Tegile arrays are easy-to-use, fully redundant, and highly scalable. They come complete with built-in auto-snapshot, auto-replication, near-instant recovery, onsite or offsite failover, and virtualization management features. Additional information is available at www.tegile.com. Follow Tegile on Twitter @tegile.

New loan data administration supplements Deloitte's software for collateralized loan obligation and alternative investment managers; new software modules also introduced.


NEW YORK, March 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Deloitte today announced the rebranding and expansion of its venerable CDO Suite™ software under the name Solvas™, with several new modules, solutions and interfaces now available.

As used in this document, "Deloitte" means Deloitte LLP. Please see www.deloitte.com/us/about for a detailed description of the legal structure of Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries. Certain services may not be available to attest clients under the rules and regulations of public accounting.

"Our goal is to help clients solve many of their challenges in the bank debt investing and direct lending space, as well as in other product areas. While our core CLO compliance, asset administration and agenting software remain vital components of our offering, we believe that the market is looking for more," said Hillel Caplan, partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP, and leader for the Solvas family of solutions. Caplan co-leads Deloitte's structured finance and accounting software practice.

"We've reorganized our software into several modules and now provide two different delivery methods: on premise installation on our clients' servers; and a hosted option in a state-of-the-art data center with a geographically diversified disaster recovery site," explained Caplan. "In addition, we now offer one-stop shopping for the administration of agent bank notice data, as well as rating and pricing data."

The following software modules and services are now available:

Software Modules:                                                                                                               

  • Solvas|Accounting™ – A financial accounting and reporting software package for portfolios of financial instruments for investment managers and fund administrators.
  • Solvas|Agent™ – An administration and reporting system to support the activities of loan administrative agents.
  • Solvas|Compliance™ – A rules-based compliance engine that provides flexible, user-configurable calculations for CLO collateral managers/trustees and alternative investment managers.
  • Solvas|Portfolio™ – A multi-asset class portfolio administration and reporting solution for asset managers, alternative investment funds, trustees, and fund administrators.
  • Solvas|PoP™ – A rules-based priority of payments module that provides flexible, user-configurable priority of payments calculations for CLO collateral managers and trustees.

Software-Related Services:

  • Solvas|Hosting™ – A cloud-based hosting platform for Deloitte's Financial Technology™ products.
  • Solvas|Data™ – A bank loan data processing service for use with Solvas|Portfolio to help eliminate the need for clients to input agent notices.

For additional information about the Solvas family of solutions for the loan market, as well as other products from Deloitte's Financial Technology practice, please visit www.deloitte.com/us/financialtechnology.

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