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Jon Seals

Course Description

As the world becomes more global, businesses must learn how to cope effectively with the many cultural value systems and mannerisms encountered in other countries. One of the greatest mistakes leaders and planners can make is assuming their own culture-based values and attributes are always appropriate and will function effectively in other countries and cultures. Understanding the values and traits that are characteristic of other cultures is especially important in resiliency planning.

Most approaches to planning and conducting continuity and crisis operations are built around Western attributes, such as key personnel being willing to make autonomous decisions and to accept moderate risk. Yet many societies are inherently risk-averse, and greatly prefer a collectivist, rather than individualistic, approach to decision making. This is only one example of cultural differences that will be explored during this course

This 2-week elearning course will give you insights into how to understand cultural differences you may encounter in countries outside of your own. Understanding these differences is the first step in designing practical and effective business continuity, crisis management, and resilience programs that will work around the world.  Download Brochure 


Course Outline

Week One: Culture Basics
  • Course content and intent (not an academic exercise, but a pragmatic review of how cultural perspectives can affect organizational culture and associated resilience programs). Bottom line: operational effectiveness
  • The distinctions between political culture (beliefs/values about governance, authority,legitimacy), organizational culture (the value system an organization assimilates to frame its operations), and core culture (individual value system)
  • Key factors that affect cultural values and characteristics (religion, ethnicity, modernization and globalization)
  • Peterson's Scales and intercultural competence 
Week Two: Application
  • The importance of objectivity and informed observation
  • Practical application of Peterson's Scales
  • Characteristics of Western, African, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Latin American cultures, using Peterson's Scales and other factors
  • Defining cultural values and how they can affect organizational culture, with focus on resilience-related operations

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Delivery Structure 

This two-week online course is based on a highly acclaimed textbook available as an eBook and its companion website, and is augmented with narrated slides. The course book and access to Peterson's Cultural Style Indicator survey is included in the course fee.
The course uses a moderated discussion forum to keep students engaged and highlight important points, and to discuss questions from the students. Due to the nature of the subject matter and the international makeup of ICOR's membership, the course is intended to be very interactive, gaining insight from students in countries around the world. A final essay will be required.

Course Audience 
This course is a must for any professional who works in any of the disciplines that support a resilient organization. This specifically includes professionals responsible for ensuring resilience across international operations.
Course Schedule, Fee & Exam

OR 4000 is an elearning course that you can complete from "home" but that runs over a
two week time frame with other students globally. Using ICOR's online learning management system, students access the course materials and discussion forums online and participate in your own time zone at your leisure. 

The grade for the course is determined by participation in the discussion forums and the
completion of a 1000 word essay. Students will have a week after the course concludes
to submit the essay. All participants who achieve 75% of the points for discussion participation and on the essay earn a certificate of course completion.  

Cost:  $805.50 ICOR members & partners, $895.00 non-members



The Instructor

A.J. Briding, M.S., M.A., CORE, CEM, PMP, CMQ/OE, CHS-V. is a consultant in organizational resilience, continuity of operations, and emergency management, and teaches a Masters-level course in Cultural Studies for the U.S. military. A.J. brings over 30 years of field experience in leading operations in VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) environments around the globe.  

He has lived in Libya, Japan, Egypt, Israel, and Germany, and flown missions as an Air Force transport pilot into 40 countries. He is the President of Vantage Solutions, LLC that provides consulting and education services, and serves as an advisor and trainer for ICOR. A.J. has 7 years of collegiate teaching as a professor of aerospace studies and associate professor of physics, and has been teaching online courses for over 8 years.


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Wednesday, 11 June 2014 15:49

World’s most resilient nations revealed

The nations most resilient to supply chain disruption, one of the leading causes of business volatility, have been revealed by an index developed by FM Global. More than a year in development, the data-driven tool and repository ranks the business resilience of 130 countries via an online, interactive tool that displays data on country-by-country susceptibility to supply chain disruption. The 2014 FM Global Resilience Index finds Norway, Switzerland and Canada top the list of nations most resilient to supply chain disruption. At the other end of the scale, Kyrgyzstan, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic were found to be the least resilient.

“Natural disasters, political unrest and a lack of global uniformity in safety codes and standards all can have an impact on business continuity, competitiveness and reputation,” said Jonathan Hall, executive vice president, FM Global. “As supply chains become more global, complex and interdependent, it is essential for decision makers to have concrete facts and intelligence about where their facilities and their suppliers’ facilities are located. The Resilience Index is a dynamic resource to better understand unknown risk in order to strategically prioritise supply chain risk management and investment efforts.”



Earlier this year, results were released from the seventh Emerging Risks Survey conducted by the Joint Risk Management Section, a collaboration of the Casualty Actuarial Society, Canadian Institute of Actuaries, and Society of Actuaries. In the series of annual surveys, the researchers strive to “track the thoughts of risk managers about emerging risks across time.” These trends, they explain, “are as important as absolute responses, helping risk managers contemplate individual risks, combinations of risks, and unintended consequences of actions." For instance, the researchers point out that we are at a crossroads in regard to risk management: Five years of intense management and regulatory activities around financial emergencies are giving over to other emerging risks that could span longer periods. Cyber risk is one of these emerging risks.

IT Business Edge’s Kachina Shaw asked Max Rudolph, author of the survey report, Society of Actuaries member, and founder of Rudolph Financial Consulting, about some of the survey’s results around cyber risk and risk management.



Local health departments across the country are working to mitigate the re-emergence of measles in the United States. Just this year, 334 cases have been reported from Jan. 1 to May 30, 2014. According to the CDC, this number marks a 20-year high five months into the calendar year. Measles is typically brought to the United States from other countries by unvaccinated U.S. travelers. Outbreaks can occur when the virus is transmitted from travelers to other exposed unvaccinated individuals. This year’s rise in cases can be attributed to what is happening at the global level. Of the cases reported this year in which the origin could be traced, nearly half were linked to travel to the Philippines. The CDC recognizes the ongoing outbreak in the Philippines — where about 40,000 cases have been reported this year — as one of the leading factors in the increase of cases in the United States.

In the United States, Ohio and California have seen the largest numbers of cases, with a majority linked to travel to the Philippines. In Ohio, the largest outbreak occurred among the Amish community near Knox County and contiguous counties, where travelers returning from a mission trip spread measles to unvaccinated members of the community. Local health departments in both states have been actively responding to these outbreaks to control and prevent further transmission.



Business needs and requirements demand expertise and coordination for privacy programs and practices. As a result, chief privacy officers, data protection officers, and other designated privacy professionals like privacy analysts are a fast growing presence within the enterprise today. The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) is 16,000 members strong today (compared to 7,500 back in 2010) and growing!    

In many organizations, a dedicated privacy professional (e.g., a full-time employee who focuses on privacy and not someone who has privacy responsibilities attached to another role) is a new role. Privacy professionals come from a variety of backgrounds from legal to IT, and the details of their role and focus can vary depending on the organization and the size of the privacy team. Yet they all have one thing in common: they must work together with multiple privacy stakeholders – IT, security, legal, HR, marketing, and more! – across the enterprise. And honestly, it’s not always easy. Like any relationship, there are ups and downs.



Wednesday, 11 June 2014 15:16

Icon Labs Joins EDGE® Innovation Network

Icon to provide cyber defense intelligence and support for United States military, homeland security and first responders

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – Icon Labs (www.iconlabs.com), a leading provider of embedded networking and security technology, today announced that it has joined the EDGE® Innovation Network.

The EDGE Innovation Network is a collaborative, open-environment enabling industry and academia, with government input, to work together to enhance the delivery cycle of new technologies and innovative capabilities to military personnel, law enforcement and first responders.  The EDGE network creates and maintains this open environment where members and customers can characterize, develop and deliver new and innovative technologies and capabilities to equip a more mobile, better connected and informed end-users.

“Icon Labs has a unique capability to integrate RTOS based endpoints into the enterprise umbrella of protection,” says Alan Grau, CEO of Icon labs. “As military operational assets and critical infrastructure elements are connected to the Internet, they require additional layers of security. Icon Labs is focused on these areas with innovative products that allow our partners to expand the reach of their security solutions. Members of the Edge network can benefit from collaborative development with Icon Labs to meet current and emerging needs for cyber security.”

Embedded devices require security solutions designed specifically for them – simply using a desktop security solution in an embedded device is not an answer. Icon Labs provides a full suite of security products and services for device manufacturers. 

Pete Palmer, director of the EDGE Innovation Network said, “The global network of EDGE Innovation Centers offer an ecosystem for the rapid development of technologies, products and systems that close capability gaps for government end users.”General Dynamics C4 Systems is the lead technology partner of the EDGE Innovation Network.  The EDGE network comprises sixteen EDGE Innovation Centers worldwide and more than 450 members. EDGE members range from small businesses to large corporations, including academia, non-profit and business service organizations.  More information can be found online at www.edge-innovation.com.

About Icon Laboratories, Inc.
Icon Labs, a 2014 Gartner “Cool Vendor”, is a leading provider of embedded software for device security, device protection and networking management, including the award winning Floodgate Defender. Founded in 1992, Icon Labs is headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa. For more information, visit www.iconlabs.com, send email to info@iconlabs.com, or call 1.888.235.3443 (U.S. and Canada) or 515.226.3443 (International).

Vocal, one of the world’s leading providers of business continuity and incident management solutions, has scooped a top prize in the 2014 Business Continuity Awards, beating off strong competition to be named ‘Specialist Company of the Year.’

The CIR Business Continuity Awards recognise business continuity, security, resilience and risk providers whose innovative strategies and approach to the business make them stand out. Specialist Provider of the Year  is an award specifically designed to distinguish bespoke providers of business continuity, resilience, disaster recovery and crisis management solutions.

“We are absolutely delighted to have won such a prestigious accolade. As an organisation, we have achieved a great deal through hard work, evolution and innovation; we are honoured to see that acknowledged by the industry we work in,” said Trevor Wheatley-Perry, Vocal’s Managing Director.

"Throughout our submission, we wanted to evidence the great lengths we have gone to, to engage with public and private sector organisations to create new communications possibilities in business continuity and incident management. This award recognises our contribution and highlights the effectiveness of the collaborative partnerships that have allowed us to gain a unique industry perspective and seen our business continuity and communications solutions to evolve as the global solution of choice.”

Vocal was also shortlisted in the category ‘Most Innovative Solution of the Year’ for COMMAND, an intuitive, self-managed system offering the ability to coordinate processes, operations and schedules while providing flexible reporting, automation and communication tools. Since its launch, interest in COMMAND has been high, thanks to its workflow and auditing functions, and the unique ability to instantly locate and replicate processes and communicate instructions.

In March 2014, Vocal was acquired by Everbridge, the worldwide leader in Unified Critical Communications. Everbridge was shortlisted for four categories in the 2014 Business Continuity Awards, including ‘Best Contribution to Continuity & Resilience’, ‘Most Innovative Product’ and ‘Cloud Services Provider of the Year’.

New ES94X5 MFP series offers organisations the exceptional combination of performance, flexibility and finishing

EGHAM – OKI Europe Ltd has launched the ES9455 MFP, ES9465 MFP and ES9475 MFP, an advanced range of A3 colour multi-function printers (MFPs) based on OKI's pioneering digital LED technology.  These smart MFPs are aimed at schools, businesses with large departments and companies where there is a need for high-volume printing, copying and scanning.

The ES9455 MFP, ES9465 MFP and ES9475 MFP have a large colour touch screen providing easy access to all functions of the device, while sXP, an open platform architecture and embedded web service interface, provides support for a wide range of document capture and document output solutions offering customers an opportunity to customise and control the flow of work to and from the device.

"OKI's new range of smart MFPs meets the needs of more demanding users who want A3 colour printing, copying and scanning in one cost-effective device that can handle heavy workloads," says Peter Dresser, product marketing manager, OKI Europe Ltd. "These MFPs further enhance OKI's already substantial offering in this important part of the market. They are designed to manage document workflows across every kind of organisation - from small businesses to busy departments."

New to the range is the ES9455 MFP which addresses the needs of customers requiring a flexible device capable of handling heavy workloads while also providing sophisticated finishing when required. Uniquely for a product at its price, it offers the option of an internal two-tray finisher and external Saddle Stitch finisher.

The ES9465 MFP and ES9475 MFP are direct replacements for the ES9460 MFP and ES9470 MFP. The ES9475 MFP's 50 pages-per-minute print speed meets what is becoming the standard requirement for printing in the commercial world. Both the ES9465 MFP and ES9475 MFP feature key enhancements which include:

  • Better print quality
  • Faster warm-up time (warm-up time of just 12 seconds)
  • 28% faster scanning
  • Lower power consumption
  • Smaller unit size
  • Reduced weight

Their advanced security features and seamless integration with document workflows allow users maximum productivity even when dealing with confidential documents.

Each unit is sold with a variety of optional trays including a choice of either Cabinet, Paper Feed Pedestal (PFP) or Large Capacity Feeder (LCF) configurations and a range of finishing options, the ES94X5 MFP Series combines versatile paper handling with high-definition printing, granting users the flexibility to generate a wide variety of documents in-house.

Continuous Delivery Best Practices to Be Discussed in Boston, New York, San Francisco, Berlin and Herzliya, Israel

BRUSSELS, Belgium – CloudBees, Inc., the Jenkins Enterprise company and continuous delivery leader, today announced a series of Continuous Delivery events throughout the US and Europe this summer and into fall 2014. The events are being organised by CloudBees and, in the case of the Jenkins User Conferences, on behalf of the Jenkins Community.

Events will include four Jenkins User Conferences (JUC) in Boston, Berlin, Israel and San Francisco as well as a series of CD Summit seminars that will kick off this month in New York and Berlin. Each will focus on Continuous Delivery with Jenkins, exploring trends, issues and advice on how to get the best value from the Jenkins technology. The sessions will look at best practices from companies who are implementing Continuous Delivery and realising business value from it for their organisations. They will feature speakers from CloudBees and other well-known technology companies such as IBM, Accenture, SOASTA, Puppet Labs and others.

CloudBees CTO and Jenkins creator Kohsuke Kawaguchi will deliver keynote addresses at each Jenkins User

Conference and CD Summit event. The full summer schedule is included below:

  • June 18 – JUC - US East (Boston) – Sessions will be hosted by leaders from Dealertrack, Experian Marketing Services, Copyright Clearance Center, Carbonite and IBM.
  • June 19 – CD Summit New York – Kurt Bittner, principal analyst, Forrester Research, will give the morning keynote address, and seminars will be led by officials from Eliassen, Fidelity Investments, SOASTA, XebiaLabs and Puppet Labs.
  • June 24 – CD Summit Berlin – Jan U. Hagen, faculty member, European School of Management and Technology, will give the morning keynote address. Session leaders will be from codecentric AG, Bosch, SOASTA, MidVision and Puppet Labs.
  • June 25 –JUC - Europe (Berlin) – Sessions will be hosted by officials from Amadeus IT Group, Inuit, BMW Car IT, QAware Gmbh, CoreMedia AG and Accenture.
  • July 16 – JUC - Israel (Herzliya) – Agenda forthcoming.
  • October (TBD) – JUC - US West (San Francisco) – Agenda forthcoming.

“Continuous Delivery is a topic that’s gaining significant traction with executives and technologists alike, as companies try to understand how to leverage its value for their organisation,” said Andre Pino, vice president of marketing, CloudBees. “The Jenkins User Conferences and CD Summit events will expose diverse audiences to an incredible array of Continuous Delivery-related topics presented by experts in the field. We look forward to this opportunity to spark discussions and explore best practices enabling organisations to accelerate software innovation with Jenkins.”

Additional Resources

About Jenkins CI and the Jenkins Community
Jenkins Continuous Integration (CI) server is an open source project developed for and by the Jenkins CI community. Jenkins CI is used by enterprises around the world and is the leading open source CI server. Built with Java, it provides more than 800 plugins to support the use of technologies to build, test and deploy virtually any project.

By recognising and encouraging the numerous contributors involved in the Jenkins CI project, the Jenkins organisation creates and fosters a community-powered infrastructure for maintaining and further developing Jenkins CI. Visit http://www.jenkins-ci.org/ to find the latest news, tutorials, forums and other helpful resources for Jenkins CI users of all skill levels. You can also follow the Jenkins community on Twitter (@JenkinsCI).

About CloudBees
CloudBees (
http://www.cloudbees.com/), the Jenkins Enterprise company, is the continuous delivery (CD) leader in providing solutions that enable IT organisations to respond rapidly to the software delivery needs of the business. Building on the strength of Jenkins CI, the world’s most popular open source continuous delivery hub and ecosystem, the CloudBees Continuous Delivery Platform provides a wide range of CD solutions for use on-premise and in the cloud that meet the unique security, scalability and manageability needs of enterprises. Our Jenkins-based CD solutions support many of the world’s largest and most business-critical configurations.

CloudBees serves the needs of a wide range of businesses from small enterprises that need to quickly create new on-line businesses, to large IT organisations that need to rapidly respond to dynamic market opportunities. Follow CloudBees on Twitter (@CloudBees), Facebook and Google+. You can also try CloudBees for free. Backed by Matrix Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Verizon Ventures, CloudBees was founded in 2010 by former JBoss CTO Sacha Labourey and an elite team of middleware and open source technology professionals.

UTRECHT, Netherlands – ADVA Optical Networking announced today that a.s.r. is using its Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) for network monitoring and the provision of real-time performance insights. With multiple billions in annual revenues and over 4,000 employees, a.s.r. is one of the largest insurers in the Netherlands. As such, its transportation of mission-critical data is vital. a.s.r. requires the most robust network monitoring solution possible. Any network intrusion, data loss or downtime could have significant operational and bottom line repercussions. ADVA Optical Networking's GNOC team is working alongside trusted partner, TrueCom, to provide a.s.r. with rapid onsite support and proven 24x7 support.

“Insight and intelligence are the cornerstones of our team, the cornerstones of our company. Our customers always expect us to be one step ahead,” said Richard Kruiswijk, team manager, I&O Datacenter, a.s.r. “Why should our network be any different? We need to know everything that's happening here. We need to know our data is safe and secure - that there are no surprises, no unseen issues lurking in the network. That's what ADVA Optical Networking's GNOC team provides us. They enable us to focus on our customers, focus on driving our business forward while they oversee and monitor our network. Combine this with the local response of the team at TrueCom and you have something special. Something that enables you to stand apart. You have a true competitive edge.”

ADVA Optical Networking’s GNOC is based primarily in Atlanta, USA, and is responsible for monitoring some of the world's most critical network infrastructures. One of the first facilities of its kind to be TL9000 certified within the USA, GNOC offers a range of services tailored to specific networking needs. These services include monitoring, maintenance and management. ADVA Optical Networking's GNOC team has worked closely with a.s.r. to develop an exacting solution that addresses specific network demands. Working side-by-side with TrueCom, a.s.r. now has a support plan that matches global expertise with rapid local response. TrueCom is a member of ADVA Optical Networking's Partner Ecosphere Program. 

“Trust, confidence, knowledge - these are the values that are at the heart of GNOC, that set it apart from anything else out there,” commented Fabrice Jean, vice president, North & Southwest Europe Sales, ADVA Optical Networking. “The impact our GNOC team can have on a network, on a business, is enormous. With GNOC, you no longer need to worry about your network, no longer need to worry about its performance. You just need to ask what do I want from my network, how can it better serve my customers. We take care of the rest. That's what attracted a.s.r. to our GNOC, to our team. To a.s.r., GNOC isn't a nameless service, it's a key part of the organization, a key part of its competitive edge. When combined with TrueCom, a.s.r. has a winning solution: Global knowledge, local response.”

“Our customers trust us with their data, they trust us with their business, they trust us with their future,” noted Wim Huisman, CEO, TrueCom. “This is something that we never take for granted, something that drives our team to be the best they can possibly be. With a.s.r., we've helped to develop a network monitoring and maintenance solution that will ensure the most robust business continuity solutions possible. Along with ADVA Optical Networking's GNOC team, a.s.r., know there is always someone watching, someone monitoring, someone ready to respond to any network issues. What does this mean in reality? Peace of mind and the ability to focus on your core business, on your customers.”

Watch the latest GNOC video for more information: http://adva.li/gnoc