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Jon Seals

Delivers Industry First HyperConverged Infrastructure-as-a-Service (“HCIaaS”): Bridging the Needs of Both Developers and IT Operators to Unleash Innovation with True DevOps in the Digital Enterprise


Gridstore, the leader in hyper-converged all flash infrastructure, and DCHQ, a revolutionary technology that deploys and manages existing enterprise and new cloud-native applications seamlessly across any cloud or container infrastructure, have merged to launch a new company, HyperGrid. HyperGrid delivers the industry’s first HyperConverged Infrastructure-as-a-Service (HCIaaS), an application-aware offering that brings the simplicity and ease-of-use of HCI together with a pay-as-you-consume pricing model that scales elastically. HCIaaS is the first solution that bridges the needs of traditional and cloud-native developers with IT Operations, delivering an AWS-like environment for your enterprise that enables complete DevOps.


“Customers are demanding that vendors deliver app-centric, app-optimised, and app-aware infrastructure-as-a-service with no upfront cost. They want to be able to use their choice of hypervisor, container or bare metal and they want the ability to build, deploy, update and manage applications at a push of a button,” said Nariman Teymourian, Chairman and CEO, HyperGrid. “Our solution gives customers what they have been asking for – an enterprise-grade platform for innovation that is simple to use, agile and scales elastically with a pay-as-you consume pricing model. Customers will now be able to achieve all the benefits of the cloud, without being locked in to a specific vendor.”


DCHQ has developed breakthrough technology in automated life-cycle management, governance and orchestration for containerised cloud-native and traditional enterprise applications. As an industry first, DCHQ technology containerises existing traditional applications, allowing enterprises for the first time the ability to automate the deployment and management of both traditional and cloud-native applications seamlessly across any cloud or container infrastructure – including Docker, Mesosphere, VMware vSphere, KVM, Hyper-V, bare metal, OpenStack, OVH, AWS, Microsoft Azure and many others. DCHQ enables complete, automated end-to-end life cycle management and governance from development to production at the push of a button.

DCHQ offers both an on-prem and hosted PaaS solution. Thousands of users have deployed DCHQ’s technology, which currently supports 50,000+ containers and 2000+ VMs.


“We are thrilled to have DCHQ be an integral technology for HyperGrid,” said Amjad Afanah, CEO and Co-Founder, DCHQ. “HyperGrid solves a real pain point for our customers struggling with innovation in the digital economy. Our combined platform will dramatically simplify IT operations and help enterprises deliver applications faster and cheaper than going to the public cloud.”


Gridstore was founded in 2009 by Kelly Murphy, Antoni Sawicki and Tomasz Nowak. DCHQ was founded in 2015 by Amjad Afanah and Intesar Mohammed. All Gridstore and DCHQ founders remain in key technical roles at HyperGrid.


HyperGrid HCIaaS is available immediately, go to www.hypergrid.com/product to download and start your free trial.


About HyperGrid

HyperGrid delivers IT at the flip of a switch: A revolutionary new concept in HyperConverged Infrastructure, HCI-as-a-Service (“HCIaaS”) is the industry’s first application-aware offering that brings the simplicity and ease-of-use of HCI together with a pay-as-you-consume pricing model that scales elastically. HCIaaS delivers “one-click” automated application deployment and management seamlessly across any cloud or container infrastructure. Enterprises can now enjoy all the benefits of the public cloud at better rates without fear of vendor lock-in. HCIaaS solves the key challenges of DevOps for Enterprises – allowing for both traditional and cloud-native applications to be containerised, managed and deployed with a single tool, dramatically simplifying IT and bridging the needs of both developers and IT operators. HyperGrid solutions unleash innovation for the Digital Enterprise. HyperGrid is headquartered in Mountain View, CA. and its products and services are available through a global network of value-added resellers and partners.

ONF and On.Lab Advance SDN With Scalable and Customizable Fabric Solution

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – ONOS® Project, a software defined networking (SDN) operating system for service providers, today announced availability of an ONOS-based leaf-spine fabric solution for data centers and service provider Central Offices. This is the first L2/L3 leaf-spine fabric on bare-metal switching hardware that is built with SDN principles and open source software. This is a result of a productive collaboration between the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the adoption of open SDN, and Open Networking Lab (ON.Lab), a nonprofit building open source communities to realize the full potential of SDN and network functions virtualization (NFV).

Leaf-spine fabric technology is ideal for any enterprise in which the underlay fabric plays a key role in the infrastructure or service provider network operator interested in utilizing a hardware-based, modern data center fabric that leverages white boxes and open source for easy customization. Service providers and vendors are beginning to field test the fabric as part of the Central Office Re-architected as a Data Center (CORD™) initiative from ON.Lab.

"Underlay and overlay fabrics represent important ONOS use cases," said Guru Parulkar, executive director of ON.Lab. "ONOS Project, in partnership with ONF and several active ONOS collaborators, have delivered a highly flexible, economical and scalable solution as software defined data centers gain momentum. This is also a great example of collaboration between ONF and ON.Lab to create open source solutions for the industry."

Fabric Enables a Truly Integrated SDN-Based Solution
The fabric is built on Edgecore bare-metal hardware from the Open Compute Project (OCP) and switch software, including OCP's Open Network Linux and Broadcom's OpenFlow Data Plane Abstraction (OF-DPA) API. It leverages earlier work from ONF's Atrium and SPRING-OPEN projects that implemented segment-routed networks using SDN.

"This is an L2/L3 SDN fabric with state-of-the-art white box hardware and completely open source switch, controller and application software," said Saurav Das, principal architect at the Open Networking Foundation. "No traditional networking protocols found in commercial solutions are used inside the fabric, which instead uses an integrated SDN-based solution. In the past, the promise of SDN has fallen short in delivering HA, scale and performance. The fabric control application design, together with ONOS, and the full use of modern merchant silicon ASICs solve all of these problems. In addition, the use of SDN affords a high degree of customizability for rapidly introducing newer features in the fabric. CORD's usage of the fabric is an excellent example of such customization."

Besides bridging and routing, new features include:

  • HA and scale support with multi-instance ONOS controller cluster (previous work was with single-controller)
  • Integration with vRouter for interfacing with traditional networks using BGP and/or OSPF
  • Integration with CORD's vOLT for residential access network support
  • Support for IPv4 Multicast forwarding for residential IPTV streams in CORD
  • Integration with CORD's XOS-based orchestration framework

"Edgecore open network switches are deployed as the underlay network in leaf-spine topologies for data center and telecom infrastructures," said Jeff Catlin, vice president technology, Edgecore Networks. "ONOS and the fabric control application design, with ONOS and open network switches, provides a more highly scalable and resilient network fabric. The deployment of OCP switches in open SDN deployments is critical for accelerating the continued development of the open SDN ecosystem."

The number of service providers, developers and networking professionals experimenting and contributing to the fabric continues to grow. Ciena Blue Planet, a network specialist and ONOS partner, is adding test cases for build and deployment automation. Services providers, enterprises and individual developers interested in getting involved may download, test, contribute new features and initiate lab and production trials to make the fabric solution even stronger. To join the active discussion, send an email to onos-dev@onosproject.org.

Whether an individual or an organization, all are encouraged to get involved with the growing open source CORD community. Both the ONOS and CORD Projects are hosted by The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit advancing professional open source management for mass collaboration.

"ONF is working with organizations including ONOS to develop an ecosystem and the architecture needed to assist network operators to more easily build custom solutions, and to allow vendors to take advantage of common building blocks, reducing their development costs, and improving interoperability," said Dan Pitt, executive director of the Open Networking Foundation. "ONF is committed to accelerating the adoption of open SDN through the organization's collaborative efforts in standards, architecture, interoperability, interfaces, market education, and the development and curation of open source software projects. We look forward to fostering our relationships with ON.Lab and all the relevant open source organizations."

Additional Resources

About ONOS Project
ONOS® is the open source SDN networking operating system for Service Provider networks architected for high performance, scale and availability. The ONOS ecosystem comprises ON.Lab,organizations that are funding and contributing to the ONOS initiative, and individual contributors. These organizations include AT&T, China Unicom, NTT Communications Corp., SK Telecom Co. Ltd., Verizon, Ciena Corporation, Cisco Systems, Inc., Ericsson, Fujitsu Ltd., Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., Intel Corporation, NEC Corporation, and Nokia. See the full list of members, including ONOS' collaborators, and learn how you can get involved with ONOS at onosproject.org.

ONOS is an independently funded software project hosted by The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit advancing professional open source management for mass collaboration to fuel innovation across industries and ecosystems.

About ONF
The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) originated the global Software Defined Networking (SDN) movement. The organization works to define, promote, and accelerate the adoption of open SDN through the development of the OpenFlow protocol, northbound interfaces, information models, and related architectures. To further speed adoption, ONF is strongly committed to the development and ongoing curation of open source software via the organization's open source community and code repository OpenSourceSDN.org. Organizations from around the world actively participate in ONF to cultivate a commercial ecosystem of products, services, applications, customers, and users. For further details visit the ONF website at https://www.opennetworking.org.

About ON.Lab
Open Networking Lab (ON.Lab) is a non-profit organization founded by SDN inventors and leaders from Stanford University and UC Berkeley to foster open source communities for developing tools and platforms to realize the full potential of SDN, NFV and cloud technologies. ON.Lab provides engineering resources on behalf of the open source ONOS, CORD, and Mininet projects among others. For further information on ON.Lab, visit http://onlab.us/.


The CloudLock Security Fabric Provides a Complete Solution to Secure the Apps You Buy and Build on AWS

WALTHAM, Mass. – CloudLock®, the leading Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Cloud Cybersecurity Platform, today announced the company has achieved Advanced Technology Partner status in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN). By reaching this status, CloudLock demonstrates its commitment to enabling organizations to secure their AWS environments, including codeless security and cloud DLP for apps purchased on the AWS marketplace and custom apps built on top of AWS.

While IaaS vendors such as Amazon are responsible for securing the infrastructure, security is inherently a shared responsibility. Organizations now focus on user behavior and data exposures instead of the infrastructure itself. In addition, organizations are building their own apps faster than ever, where many of these apps are the most business-critical and store or process highly-sensitive data. With homegrown, custom apps, organizations need to be able to defend against compromised accounts, prevent data breaches, achieve compliance, and enable security operations and forensics.

The CloudLock Security Fabric provides powerful security for AWS at the user, console, and application levels and is the only solution to provide visibility and control for apps purchased on the AWS marketplace and custom, home-grown apps built on AWS. CloudLock leverages multiple AWS information sources, including CloudTrail, Config, and Inspector to provide a complete picture of AWS security. CloudLock offers Data Loss Protection (DLP), Visibility and User and Entity Behavior Analytics, Forensics, Compliance, and Configuration Security.

As a natural extension of its cloud-native, platform approach, CloudLock offers a collection of security microservices that are exposed either in the CloudLock Dashboard or individually as APIs that can be leveraged for custom integrations. CloudLock has integrated with AWS to apply these microservices across many Amazon components and applications:

Amazon EC2 and S3: Organizations can have sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, employee health information, and sensitive customer data on AWS. This can happen both knowingly and unwittingly, as employees, partners, and even customers can upload sensitive information in violation of policy. No matter the source, organizations are obligated to protect the information that finds its way into the AWS environment. CloudLock discovers and protects sensitive data on AWS, including Amazon S3, without requiring a single line of code. Customers identify sensitive information through CloudLock's out-of-the-box policies, as well as highly configurable regex and automated response actions, to address common compliance concerns.

AWS Admin Console: An organization's AWS admin console provides unfettered access to its AWS environment, including the ability to create or delete infrastructure at the click of a mouse. A compromised admin account on AWS can lead to catastrophic damage, including loss of brand reputation and hefty fines for data loss as a result of a breach. CloudLock secures privileged access to the AWS console with user and entity behavior analytics, configuration security (i.e., the creation of AWS access keys, access controls, and security group and password policy settings), activity logging, API call monitoring, incident and policy management, and content classification.

AWS Marketplace Apps: There are Marketplace apps of all types, from developer tools to business intelligence software. These apps often access and create sensitive data. CloudLock provides advanced cloud DLP capabilities to secure apps purchased on the Amazon Marketplace out-of-the-box, with no code or application configuration required.

Custom Apps on AWS: The custom apps that organizations build often process and store their most sensitive and business-critical data. At the same time, security for homegrown apps is often deprioritized or ignored entirely. CloudLock offers codeless security for the cloud apps you build, including protection from account compromises and data breaches, that can be applied without any changes to your applications.

Amazon Inspector: Amazon Inspector is an excellent source of security information about AWS. The CloudLock integration with Amazon Inspector allows organizations to orchestrate configuration security alongside user behavior and data-related incidents, enabling risk identification and remediation, such as modifications to security configurations that indicate potential weaknesses and may enable massive data exfiltration from Amazon S3, or the detection of the use of insecure and unencrypted ports or services.

"We are thrilled to be named an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network, enabling organizations to securely leverage cloud applications to power their mission-critical operations," said Manolo Gonzalez, VP Platform and Technology Alliances at CloudLock. "Being the most robust CASB and cloud cybersecurity solution on the market, CloudLock's comprehensive platform, combining threat intelligence and codeless integration with homegrown apps, provides a seamless experience for both SecOps and DevOps teams alike."

Learn more about the CloudLock security for AWS or visit the CloudLock listing on the AWS Marketplace.

About CloudLock
CloudLock is the cloud-native CASB and Cloud Cybersecurity Platform that helps organizations securely leverage cloud apps they buy and build. CloudLock delivers security visibility and control for SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and IDaaS environments across the entire enterprise in seconds. Founded by Israeli Elite Cybersecurity Military Intelligence experts, the company delivers actionable cybersecurity intelligence through its data scientist-led CyberLab and crowdsourced security analytics across billions of data points daily. CloudLock has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as the fastest growing security product company in the U.S. and by Glassdoor as one of the top 3 best places to work in the U.S. Learn more at www.cloudlock.com.

Accelerates Cross-Site Real-Time Collaboration, Enabling Customers to Get Products to Market Faster, and Projects Done On-Time and On-Budget

CAMPBELL, Calif. – Panzura® today announced its patent-pending SMART Sync technology that is included in the Panzura hybrid cloud software. SMART Sync builds on Panzura's existing global deduplication and global metadata technology, and provides the fastest way to move files between sites by transferring the least amount of data possible. As a result, companies can accelerate cross-site real-time collaboration, allowing them to get products to market faster, and complete projects on time and on budget.

Most data synchronization protocols, such as rsync, were designed 20 years ago and built for site-to-site data replication. In a multi-site and cloud solution, site-to-site protocols can create performance issues. Files need to be scanned twice at each point to compare differentials before they can be synced. Some highly technical CAD, BIM or GIS applications won't work correctly if multiple users work on the same project collaboratively from different offices. Nonetheless, most replication and cloud NAS solutions continue to use outdated sync protocols.

Panzura's unique global deduplication technology already enables customers to dramatically reduce large file global distribution times from more than 10 hours to less than 10 minutes. Panzura SMART Sync builds on top of this global deduplication and uses metadata tables on Panzura Controllers to compare files without having to run scans on the source or the destination. Panzura software already knows what data blocks have been modified and only moves the unique blocks that are not already at the destination. In many cases, only a small amount of metadata is moved instead of moving the actual data blocks. As a result, there is no rsync-like delay when users access files across sites and transfer time remains constant regardless of the file size. This also reduces network congestion and cloud egress charges, a data transfer fee most cloud providers assess for downloading data.

"We developed Panzura patent-pending SMART Sync because the existing sync protocols both created system overhead and led to data sync failures. None of them could meet our customers' needs," said John Taylor, CTO of Panzura. "Together with Panzura's Global File System, we're able to minimize data movement, network traffic, and system overhead."

"Cross-office collaboration between 27 locations with applications such as Autodesk Revit was made possible through using a Panzura Global File System. SMART Sync makes that cross-office collaboration even better especially when teams in different offices are working in real-time," said Andy Knauf, vice president of IT at Mead and Hunt. "Not only has SMART Sync increased our ability to rapidly work on projects across offices, but it has also reduced the amount of traffic over our networks during that collaboration."

Panzura SMART Sync is available now and is included as part of the Panzura software.

You can read more about SMART Sync on the Panzura blog.

About Panzura
Consolidating over two petabytes of primary enterprise storage into the cloud per month, Panzura is the market leader in Hybrid Cloud Storage. Panzura's revolutionary technology seamlessly combines the economics, scale, and business model of cloud storage with the flexibility, performance and features of enterprise storage. Using Panzura, enterprises shift from a storage status quo into a simple, modern architecture with cloud storage as the cold core and Panzura as the hot edge. Organizations like the Department of Justice, Electronic Arts, Milwaukee Tool, and National Instruments use Panzura for Hybrid Cloud Storage use cases such as hybrid cloud NAS, global software distribution, high value asset distribution, cross-site collaboration, and active archive.


Rebrand Reflects Company’s Complete Focus on Data


Sunbury-on-Thames, UK – D4t4 Solutions Plc is the new name for IS Solutions Plc – the name change and rebranding programme were overwhelmingly approved by shareholders at the Company’s AGM on Wednesday 20th July 2016. D4t4 Solutions Plc, a leading AIM-listed data solutions provider, has been planning this transformation since the start of the year to support the Company’s complete focus on data. D4t4 Solutions Plc takes over with immediate effect from the IS Solutions name that has been the Company’s title since it was established 31 years ago.


The new D4t4 Solutions name is being reinforced by a comprehensive rebranding programme based on a new, more vibrant, corporate identity. The D4t4 Solutions brand has been chosen to communicate the Company’s complete focus on data solutions; at whatever stage a clients’ data is in its lifecycle, D4t4 Solutions can demonstrate its expertise in delivering applications that drive value from that data.


Peter Kear, CEO of D4t4 Solutions Plc, commented: “I am of course delighted and encouraged that the foundations we have laid for this change have been so positively accepted by our shareholders. Our people have worked hard this year to continue the process of transformation in our business, the success of which has been reflected in our annual financial results announced last month. I am optimistic that our motivation to be ‘ALL ABOUT THE DATA’ will continue to drive value for our clients, enabling them to create advantage from their data for profit and growth.”


David Hetling, Marketing Manager, added: “This has been a very progressive and exciting project to be involved in. Our research into our market positioning, including our clients’ views, has helped us create and develop an appealing and focused brand for our business going forward. D4t4 Solutions positively represents the Company’s ability to collect, manage, present and analyse data – our clients can focus on their core business by placing complete trust in the security, administration and, when the time comes, retirement of their data.”


In line with this change, the D4t4 Solutions Plc stock code will change on Friday 22nd July to D4T4.

About D4t4 Solutions Plc

D4t4 Solutions Plc (www.d4t4solutions.com) is ALL ABOUT THE DATA. We are energetically focused on solutions that enable clients to get the most from their data. From collection through to management and analysis, we provide comprehensive products and services that drive value from our clients’ information assets.

D4t4 Solutions Plc was previously known as IS Solutions Plc, was established in 1985 and listed on the London Stock Exchange under stock code ISL. From Friday 22nd July 2016, our stock code will be D4T4.

We are accredited in ISO27001: Information Security Management and PCI Data Security Standard.

Connect with us at https://www.linkedin.com/company/d4t4-solutions-plc.

Spectra Logic now offers integrated disk, tape and cloud ecosystem to manage massive data growth

BOULDER, Colo. — Spectra Logic, the deep storage experts, today announced enhancements to the Spectra® BlackPearl™ Deep Storage Gateway that now allow direct archive to Amazon’s public cloud offering. With this new offering, Spectra BlackPearl can integrate directly with Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) Standard, and can automatically restore data archived to Glacier and Infrequent Access (Standard – IA). Spectra BlackPearl now provides an additional tier of reliable data storage, further strengthening its powerful automatic tiering to nearline disk and digital tape.

The Spectra BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway is recognized for its ability to enable massive amounts of data to be stored forever, at virtually no cost. Acting as an object storage gateway for data storage and management, BlackPearl provides a single interface that lets users easily send and retrieve large amounts of data from any platform—tape, disk, other BlackPearls, and now, the public cloud.

“Private cloud storage enabled by BlackPearl provides the best option for balancing performance and cost; however, some customer workflows benefit greatly from incorporating a public cloud storage infrastructure,” said Matt Starr, Spectra Logic’s CTO. “Public cloud works best when a disaster recovery copy is needed; when wide data distribution is called for; to create geographic dispersion of data; and when other cloud-based features can be leveraged, such as automatic transcoding. The new Spectra hybrid storage ecosystem means that Spectra customers don’t have to choose between public and private cloud; BlackPearl brings them together seamlessly.”

The Spectra hybrid storage ecosystem:

  • Allows data to be moved easily to the public cloud for backup or disaster recovery.
  • Ensures true genetic diversity of data storage via storage on different media types and geographic dispersion of data—two key elements of a solid digital preservation strategy.
  • Creates a multi-tier private cloud to store a copy of frequently accessed data on online disk, and archive infrequent or rarely accessed data indefinitely on Spectra ArcticBlue™ disk-based archive or Spectra Logic tape. BlackPearl also includes an automatic, time-based expiration policy that can be customized by the storage administrator.
  • Shares content globally by utilizing the public cloud’s inherent infrastructure to make content available to disparate users and sites worldwide.
  • Provides data retrieval management policies to limit or prevent unexpected retrieval charges through BlackPearl’s Advanced Bucket Management.

Spectra BlackPearl has a host of third-party clients enabling it to integrate seamlessly into many environments. Learn more about BlackPearl’s clients here.

Spectra BlackPearl with direct archive to Amazon public cloud will be available in August 2016.

About Spectra Logic Corporation
Spectra Logic develops deep storage solutions that solve the problem of long-term storage for business and technology professionals dealing with exponential data growth. Dedicated solely to storage innovation for more than 35 years, Spectra Logic’s uncompromising product and customer focus is proven by the largest information users in multiple vertical markets globally. Spectra enables affordable, multi-decade data storage and access by creating new methods of managing information in all forms of deep storage—including archive, backup, cold storage, cloud and private cloud. To learn more about Spectra Logic’s Deep Storage Story, visit www.SpectraLogic.com.

KEMP, Texas – Larson Electronics, an industrial lighting specialist, has announced the release of a 20 foot pneumatic light mast equipped with four LED light fixtures designed to provide a safe and effective way for operators to quickly deploy 640 watts of intense lighting to elevations up to twenty feet.

The WAL-PML-4X160LED-3G pneumatic light tower produced by Larson Electronics features four 160 watt LED light fixtures mounted to a removable bracket and a pneumatic boom that incorporates an easy fold over assembly for transportation purposes. This light boom can be extended to a height of 20 feet for effective coverage and collapsed to 8 feet. Pneumatic operation eliminates the need for a hand crank, allowing operators to easily raise or lower the tower as needed. The tower is constructed of heavy gauge steel for durability, and a tough powder coat finish provides protection against rust and corrosion. The base of the tower is fitted with two solid wheels to allow easy positioning with the included wheeled handle. The handle assembly consists of a ball hitch that is inserted and locked into the receiver hitch on the cart platform. Operators can tilt the handle back to lift the front legs of the tower, move the assembly into position, then raise the handle to lower the cart.

This light mast includes four wet area suitable LED light fixtures that produce a combined total of approximately 58,000 lumens at 640 watts. The lights housing is constructed of extruded aluminum and the lenses are unbreakable polycarbonate. These units can withstand rapid temperature changes, are waterproof to three meters, and resist ingress of dust, dirt, and humidity. A single 4000 KVA generator is mounted to the base of this tower to provide standalone power for the LED lights and allows for quiet operation and 12 hours of run time on a single tank of fuel. The generator also includes standard 120 and 240 volt outlets for accessory attachments, allowing operators to run tools and other equipment while also operating lights.

“Equipped with a heavy duty pneumatic mast, a 4000 KVA generator and four LED light fixtures, this mini tower provides operators with an easily deployed lighting system,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics. “This portable lighting system was designed as a standalone lighting solution for operators that need illumination where power is not provided.”

Larson Electronics carries an extensive line of LED light towers, portable power distribution systems, explosion proof lights for hazardous locations, portable work lights and industrial grade LED area lights. You can view the company’s entire line of lighting by visiting them on the web at Larsonelectronics.com. You can also call 1-800-369-6671 to learn more or call 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries.

(TNS) — The Burlington, Iowa, City Council voted this week to accept initial plans for a flood mitigation project that will change significantly the face of the city's riverfront during the next two decades.

Plans will come back for official council approval in January or February before the firms can take bids. Construction would start in July 2017.

Long-term plans shown in renderings and a fly-through video show a splashpad, floating dock, shade structures and trees. But most of what's shown in the video and renderings is 15 or 20 years down the road and would require additional funding, City Manager Jim Ferneau said.



CHICAGO – The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) wants individuals and families to be safe when faced with extended periods of high temperatures.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued excessive heat warnings and advisories in areas throughout the Midwest.  Heat indexes in excess of 100 degrees can be expected.  It is essential residents take necessary precautions to avoid the harmful impacts of the high temperatures.

“A combination of high temperatures and high humidity can create a dangerous situation for you and your family,” said FEMA Region V Administrator Andrew Velasquez, III. “Learn and put into practice the steps you should follow during periods of extreme heat.  Remember to check in on family, friends, and neighbors especially those who are elderly, disabled or have functional needs to ensure they are safe.”

Extreme heat brings with it the possibility of heat-induced illnesses, including severe sunburns, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and even heat stroke. Understand your symptoms, and take the appropriate actions, seeking medical attention if your conditions are severe.

During extremely hot weather, you should take the following precautions:

  • Become familiar with the emergency plans of your community, school and workplace.
  • Stay indoors as much as possible and limit exposure to the sun.
  • Consider spending the warmest part of the day in public buildings that are air conditioned.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Dress in loose-fitting, lightweight, and light-colored clothes.
  • Check on family, friends, and neighbors who do not have air conditioning.
  • Never leave children or pets alone in closed vehicles.
  • Avoid strenuous work during the warmest part of the day.
  • Know the symptoms of heat-related illnesses and seek medical attention if your conditions are severe.

Find other valuable tips by downloading the free FEMA app today, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The FEMA App helps you learn what to do before, during, and after emergencies with safety tips & localized weather alerts from the National Weather Service.

Follow FEMA online at twitter.com/fema, www.facebook.com/fema, and www.youtube.com/fema.  Also, follow Administrator Craig Fugate's activities at twitter.com/craigatfema.  The social media links provided are for reference only.  FEMA does not endorse any non-government websites, companies or applications.

FEMA’s mission is to support our citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work together to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards.

Google has brought online its first West Coast cloud data center, promising US and Canadian cloud users on or close to the coast a 30 to 80 percent reduction in latency if they use the new region instead of the one in central US, which was closest to them before the new region launched.

This data center in Oregon isn’t the first Google data center on the West Coast. The company has had a data center campus in the Dalles, Oregon, for a decade. The launch means this is the first time Google’s cloud services are served out of Oregon in addition to other Google services, such as search or maps.

With the new cloud data center online, the company said its cloud users in cities like Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles should expect to see big performance improvements if they choose to host their virtual infrastructure in the new region, called us-west1.