The Continuity Logic customized demo provides an opportunity for qualifying organizations to evaluate Frontline Live 5™, with their plans, desired controls, policies, and procedures. This first-of-its-kind system for both business continuity and many other areas of Governance, Operational Risk and Compliance (GRC) is powerful, but often best viewed with some of your familiar plans, data and templates.


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Jon Seals

The private cloud is the best way to bring enterprise applications and data to a scalable, flexible infrastructure.

The private cloud is a waste of money and will never compare to the public cloud.

With such stark differences of opinion throughout the IT industry, it’s no wonder most enterprises are in a quandary over how much, if anything, to invest in the private cloud.

But as I’ve mentioned in this space numerous times, it does not matter what your peers are doing or what they think. All that really matters is finding solutions to the problems that impede data productivity, and if the best solution happens to be on internal cloud infrastructure, so be it.



State CIOs hope to secure more federal support for cybersecurity efforts, more details about FirstNet and more options for broadband grants as they meet with officials in Washington, D.C., this week.

Multiple state CIOs are meeting with officials from the White House, federal agencies and Congress Wednesday as part of the NASCIO Midyear Conference to focus attention on state-level IT issues and press for policy changes.

At the top of their priority list is more federal help on cybersecurity, where states are struggling both to fund cybersecurity programs and to lure qualified security professionals into the government workforce. CIOs will talk with White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Michael Daniel, federal lawmakers and representatives from the Department of Homeland Security about ideas for strengthening protection for state and local government information systems.

“Cybersecurity is the No. 1 policy issue for our members,” said Mitch Herckis, NASCIO’s director of government affairs. “The threat is growing and it’s difficult to address.”



While at RSA, I had the chance to sit down with Piero DePaoli, senior director, Global Product Marketing, Information Security with Symantec. We talked about Symantec’s 2015 Internet Security Threat Report.

DePaoli’s “elevator pitch” summary of the report was broken down into three main categories: cyber attackers are leapfrogging defenses in ways that companies lack insight to anticipate; attackers are moving faster than defenses; and malware used for mass attacks is increasing.

In the first case, attackers leapfrogging defenses, Symantec found that large companies (defined for this study as having at least 2500 employees) are at a surprisingly high risk for a targeted attack. The study showed that five out of six companies were targeted in 2014, an increase of 40 percent from 2013. Smaller companies are at risk, too, with 60 percent of all targeted attacks hitting companies under 2500 employees.



Healthcare IT can be a profitable niche for MSPs, and it's an area that's grown rapidly since 2013. But it comes with its own set of complexities. Here's one place where MSPs can get help what they need to break into this market.


Recently we had the honor of interviewing visionary David Sims from South Carolina. He is the owner of the renowned website HIPAAforMSPS.com. This site was created to serve MSP’s who are looking to branch off into the Healthcare IT sector, but don’t know how to go about it.

Healthcare IT is an extremely profitable niche for MSPs to enter into because of its exponential growth since 2013. However, with such a lucrative niche comes a colossal obstacle.



Where does the board’s role begin and end regarding risk? A company’s core objective is to create and increase wealth for its shareholders. Collectively, directors provide leadership toward this objective through two primary functions: 1) decision-making and 2) executive management oversight. Decision-making includes approving corporate policy, strategic goals, annual budgets, major expenditures, and the acquisition or disposal of material assets. It also includes evaluating and selecting the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and approving the company’s risk appetite. Risk appetite is the amount of risk the organization is willing to accept in pursuit of objectives. While it is typically the CEO who recommends a risk appetite to the board, it is the board that should render the ultimate decision on how much risk is appropriate.

The second primary board function involves a fine line regarding the degree of management oversight. Too much, and the board could be micro-managing the company thus infringing on the CEO’s turf. Too little, and the board could lose its pulse on the status of the company’s risk management efforts. Here are five considerations to define a healthy balance between board oversight and management responsibilities pertaining to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM):



Wednesday, 29 April 2015 00:00

Transcaer® Names national award RECIPIENTS

WASHINGTON, DC – TRANSCAER®(Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response), a voluntary national outreach effort that focuses on assisting communities to prepare for and respond to a possible hazardous materials transportation incident, announced the recipients of its 2014 National Awards Recognition Program.

The TRANSCAER® Awards Program recognizes the achievements of individuals, companies and organizations that exceed in advocating, demonstrating and implementing the principles of TRANSCAER at the national and regional levels. These awards include:

  • National and Regional Achievement Awards;

  • the Distinguished Service Award, TRANSCAER’s highest level of recognition;

  • the Chairman's Award, a special, discretionary award given by the National TRANSCAER Task Group Chairman;

  • The Torch Award, an award recognizing those individuals whose legacy leaves a lasting impact on the TRANSCAER program; and

  • Individual and Certificate of Achievements Awards.

“With a top priority on anhydrous ammonia, chlorine, crude oil, ethanol and rail safety, TRANSCAER’s 2014 training season was able to reach face to face with close to 55,000 emergency responders throughout the US,” said National TRANSCAER Task Group Chair Frank Reiner, of The Chlorine Institute. “The TRANSCAER Awards Program allows us to acknowledge and thank our dedicated volunteers for their truly remarkable accomplishments, demonstrated through their continuous efforts to ensure communities are prepared to deal with possible hazardous materials transportation related incidents.”

The 2014 National TRANSCAER® Awards Recipients include:

  • Distinguished Service Award:

    • Henry Ward, The Chlorine Institute

  • National Achievement:

    • BNSF Railway Company

    • CN DG Team, Canadian National Railway

    • Canadian Pacific, Jim Kozey

    • Central CA Traction Company, Dave Buccolo

    • CSX Transportation

    • DANA Transport Inc.

    • Midland Manufacturing

    • Norfolk Southern Corporation, Dave Schoendorfer

    • Olin Corporation

    • Renewable Fuels Association

    • Tanner Industries, Inc.

    • The Chlorine Institute

    • The Dow Chemical Company

    • Union Pacific Railroad

  • Regional Achievement:

    • Kansas City Southern Railway

    • Gene Patten, DANA Transport – TRANSCAER® Region 1 Coordinator

    • Paul Wotherspoon - TRANSCAER® State Coordinator for Florida

  • Chairman’s Award:

    • Scott Etzel, The Dow Chemical Company, TRANSCAER® State Coordinator for California

  • Torch Award:

    • Daniel Mould, CN

    • Harry Hopes, CSX Transportation

    • Jean Ouellette, CN

    • Randy Speight, CHEMTREC®

    • Romano De Simone, CSX Transportation

TRANSCAER also presented additional Individual Achievement Awards to individuals who worked to advance the principles of TRANSCAER and Certificates of Appreciation, given in recognition of assistance at a TRANSCAER event. Many recipients will be presented their awards at a ceremony taking place at the 28th Annual AAR/BOE Hazmat Seminar on May 19, 2015 in Addison, TX.

The full list of current and previous award recipients is available by visiting the TRANSCAER website at www.transcaer.com/awards/past-award-recipients.



TRANSCAER (Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response) is a voluntary national outreach effort that focuses on assisting communities prepare for and respond to possible hazardous material transportation incidents. TRANSCAER members include volunteer representatives from the chemical manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and emergency response industries, as well as the government.  

TRANSCAER is sponsored by the American Chemistry Council, the Association of American Railroads, CHEMTREC®, The Chlorine Institute, The Fertilizer Institute and the Renewable Fuels Association. For more information on TRANSCAER, visit www.TRANSCAER.com.



The American Chemistry Council (ACC) represents the leading companies engaged in the business of chemistry. ACC members apply the science of chemistry to make innovative products and services that make people's lives better, healthier and safer. ACC is committed to improved environmental, health and safety performance through Responsible Care®, common sense advocacy designed to address major public policy issues, and health and environmental research and product testing. The business of chemistry is a $812 billion enterprise and a key element of the nation's economy. It is one of the nation’s largest exporters, accounting for twelve percent of all U.S. exports. Chemistry companies are among the largest investors in research and development. Safety and security have always been primary concerns of ACC members, and they have intensified their efforts, working closely with government agencies to improve security and to defend against any threat to the nation’s critical infrastructure.

Ciena enables highly-secure connectivity to support Forsythe clients’ bandwidth and security requirements


HANOVER, Md. – Ciena® (NYSE: CIEN) will provide its converged packet optical solutions to Forsythe Data Centers for the dual, diverse metro fiber network connecting its new Retail+® managed hosting facility, a high-density data center in Elk Grove Village, Ill., to 350 East Cermak in Chicago. With Ciena, Forsythe provides secure, low-latency connectivity, as well as access to the various carriers its clients require. This high-capacity, wire-speed encrypted connectivity allows Forsythe’s enterprise and other clients the world-class performance and strong culture of security they require in their data centers.

Key Facts:

  • In May 2015, Forsythe will be opening a new client data center location offering 350 -4,000 sq. ft. secure, client-controllable private suites and micro-suites, as well as individual cabinets, in a new 221,000 sq. ft. facility that will help enterprises plan, procure, build, test, migrate, house, and manage their IT environments out of one location.
  • Forsythe is deploying Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform equipped with FIPS certified layer 1 encryption for highly-secure end-to-end communications. With these high-capacity connections, enterprises will gain the full benefit of Forsythe’s data replication and transport services, which allow data to be stored virtually. Forsythe will be offering both temporary and dedicated connectivity options to enable customers to easily migrate data when relocating to the new data center.
  •          With Ciena’s WaveLogic 3 coherent optics, Forsythe Data Centers can provide the fastest connectivity speeds with support for up to 200 Gb/s of data transmission per wavelength. In addition, the 6500’s high-density, protocol-agnostic wire-speed encryption solution provides increased protection of critical data with minimal latency.
  • Ciena is also providing Forsythe Data Centers its Specialist Services, including turnkey implementation, project management, and Management Services for Ciena equipment, to quickly provision services.
  • Forsythe Technology, the parent company of Forsythe Data Centers, is also now a Ciena BizConnect partner, and will offer Ciena solutions as part of its full portfolio of offerings to clients, especially with regard to data migration services.


Executive Comments:

  • “As we built this new data center facility with leading-edge technologies, we knew it was just as important to have the right connectivity in place to provide our customers with the secure dual, diverse fiber access and services they require. The deployment of Ciena’s converged packet optical solutions provides us with the low-latency, high-capacity connections to quickly provision the services our clients need.”

-          Steve Harris, Vice President of Data Center Development, Forsythe Data Centers

·         “As enterprises move more of their application infrastructure into data centers and embrace the cloud, they look to hosting providers like Forsythe Data Centers to virtualize those resources and deliver the agile networking and data transmission capabilities as required. Our 6500 Packet-Optical Platform provides Forsythe and its clients with secure on-demand, high-bandwidth and low latency connectivity for cloud computing, storage and data center migration.”

-          Duncan Puller, Vice President of Data Center and Cloud,  Ciena

Supporting Resources:

·    Solution Overview: Datacenter Connect

·    Data Sheet: 4x10G OTR with Encryption Module

·    Analyst Report: Ovum Optical Data Center Interconnect

·    Video: The Data Center of the Future is Here Today

·    Printable Brochure: Forsythe Data Centers


About Forsythe

Founded in 1971,Forsytheis one of the largest, independent IT integrators in North America, serving approximately 1,000 U.S. and Canada-based companies. Clients come to Forsythe for help optimizing cost, managing risk, improving performance and enabling innovation within their IT and data center operations to deliver greater value to their business. Forsythe’s experience crosses all facets of the data center. Forsythe provides independent professional services and financial solutions, as well as IT products from all the leading IT infrastructure manufacturers and vendors, and related services. Forsythe is privately held and 100-percent employee-owned, with nearly 1,000 employees in 40 locations, and more than $1 billion in annual revenues. Forsythe Data Centers, Forsythe Hosting Solutions, Forsythe International Inc., Forsythe/McArthur Associates Inc., Forsythe Solutions Group Inc., Forsythe Technology Canada Inc., KillerIT, SOS Security and Synnefo Technology Solutions are wholly owned subsidiaries or divisions of Forsythe Technology Inc.

“Retail+®” is a registered trademark of Forsythe Data Centers, Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

New add-ons offer expanded capabilities to assess risk events and analyze trends


LANSING, Mich. – IDV Solutions, LLC, the leader in enterprise risk visualization, launched two new modules that empower organizations to assess risk events and analyze trends in its award-winning Visual Command Center® software.

The Response Tracker module allows users to quickly assess the impact of a risk event by sending custom surveys to affected employees, suppliers, and other contacts. The Historical Event Analysis Tool or HEAT module archives and visualizes risk data so organizations can assess trends, identify high-risk areas over time, and improve risk resiliency.

“The capabilities offered by these new modules will help organizations better understand the risks they face – either in the heat of the moment or as they look back to identify areas where they are experiencing the most challenges,” said Ian Clemens, CTO and co-founder, IDV Solutions. “Both modules reduce the time it takes to assess risk-related information and provide valuable additional context within Visual Command Center’s comprehensive platform for risk awareness and response.”

Visual Command Center helps organizations take command of risk by providing a real-time, common operating picture of their assets, personnel and operations in relation to potential threats to those assets. It unites and visualizes information on global sources of risk, like weather, terrorism, and natural disasters, as well as data from internal data stores and physical security systems on an interactive map and timeline. It also provides tools to support quick action to minimize the impact of risks.

With Response Tracker, operators can quickly send custom surveys to selected contacts to assess the impact of a risk event. For example, to poll customers and suppliers to find out who’s open for business following a severe storm. The surveys can be answered via mobile device, tablet, or computer. Responses are instantly visualized within Visual Command Center and can also trigger new alerts when specific responses are received, for example if a respondent says a supplier is closed for the day. Read the data sheet by clicking here.

The HEAT module archives historic risk data and visualizes it on a global map, highlighting high-risk areas. It can be used to identify risk trends, for example when a company is deciding whether to expand into a new region or is trying to determine where to allocate security resources.  Read the data sheet by clicking here.

To request more information about these modules, click here to contact us.


About IDV Solutions, LLC

IDV Solutions, LLC is the global leader in delivering Enterprise Risk Visualization capabilities through software and services that enable organizations to protect their assets, ensure continuity of operations and optimize performance. Its Visual Command Center software is used in functions such as security, field services, supply chain, and operations. By repeatedly solving key problems for customers in the Global 2000 and government, IDV and its products have earned a reputation for delivering immediate value and building risk resilient organizations. For more information, please visit http://www.idvsolutions.com.

New Service Offers Increased Data Protection To SaaS Providers and Consumers


LOS ANGELES  – Today, Private.me, a consumer-focused data privacy company, announced the availability of an API that uses a proprietary privacy platform to give businesses and their users unprecedented data protection. This is the first service of its kind to enable businesses in providing control to individuals over the privacy of their personal data. The API is flexible, free of licensing fees, and boosts consumer trust while reducing a business’s own data storage risks and responsibilities.

“A company’s commitment and ability to protect its users’ data is a major business issue and an opportunity with huge financial implications across every industry,” said Rob Neivert, Chief Operating Officer of Private.me. “Similar to PayPal, Private.me's API gives users a common control panel for their data and allows them to use the service with a variety of other providers to gain confidence in their interactions with them. Businesses that use the API demonstrate care and protection of personal data and this enables them to differentiate themselves, win customers' trust and become bigger players in their space.”

Private.me’s API offers companies a clear competitive advantage by giving them the freedom to develop other aspects of their organizations without the heavy resource and infrastructure requirements that come with data storage management.

Private.me’s patent pending Dispersed Storage System, accessed through the API and used across Private.me’s portfolio of privacy tools, is designed to require explicit permission in order to recall a user’s data. Otherwise, the system keeps information inaccessible to any unauthorized entity and protected from potential cyber threats. All information from an individual is encrypted, sliced and distributed for storage among a series of vaults managed by nonprofits that have been established with the mission of stewarding user data.

Private.me’s API is easily integrated into SaaS systems, is flexible to meet the data structure and privacy needs of any size online service provider, and can scale with growing businesses. Companies may also choose to offer the added data privacy service to their entire user base or to individuals on an opt-in basis.

For more information, please visit: https://we.private.me/api/


Private.me is a secure hub of online privacy tools that are designed to keep an individual’s personal data private and secure. Using a patent pending system, Private.me delivers forgetful web services that allow users to control who can access their private data, so that they’re free to enjoy online activities without jeopardizing their personal information. Private.me's API offers the dispersed storage system benefits to companies that store user data.

NYI’s New Jersey data center supports specialized platform for marketing technology firm providing high power density, reliability and network redundancy


NEW YORKNYI, a boutique colocation and managed services provider, specializing in customized technology infrastructure solutions, announces today that Sailthru, the leader in driving customer lifetime value through personalization, has chosen NYI for its premium data center infrastructure services. Sailthru’s data-driven personalization, automation and predictive intelligence platform enables more than 400 global mid-market ecommerce and enterprise media brands to increase revenue by engaging with their customers through individualized experiences. The company is utilizing NYI’s Bridgewater, NJ data center.    

While NYI’s top tier facility was clearly a draw, Sailthru chose NYI for its highly dedicated team who provides unparalleled logistical and technical support. Through its unique high touch approach, NYI allows Sailthru to focus on its core business and achieve substantially more productivity and efficiency from its technical operations staff. NYI also provides Sailthru the flexibility and scalability it needs to plan for additional growth as the company continues to expand its award-winning platform and services. 

“NYI’s reputation and uptime speaks for itself, we’re thrilled to be working with a provider who actually cares about our business; the team doesn’t just say what they’ll do; they get it done day after day,” said J.B. Zimmerman, Operations Team Lead at Sailthru. “As one of our preferred vendors, we like to think of the NYI team as trusted teammates. NYI is always helpful and willing to go above and beyond to answer our questions and address any concerns. The company’s speed to service delivery is far ahead of any competitors; what took weeks with others takes just days or hours with NYI.” 

“Sailthru is a true technology innovator, offering comprehensive personalization solutions that drive conversion, increase revenue and extend customer lifetime value for leading edge marketers,” comments Phillip Koblence, Chief Operating Officer of NYI. “To know that the Sailthru team regards NYI as a valuable extension to their business is exactly what we strive for in delivering our services to customers. Being able to meet – and exceed – Sailthru’s highly technical requirements, decrease their overall infrastructure spend while providing limitless scale and greatly increased uptime is substantial, particularly in marketing technology." 

NYI owns and operates data centers in New York and New Jersey. In addition to serving the Northeast, NYI also extends its data center, managed and cloud services across the coast, with facilities located in Seattle and Los Angeles. With 100% uptime, NYI facilities are SSAE-16, HIPAA and PCI compliant and offer 24x7x365 onsite support. 

For more information about NYI, visit www.nyi.net.

Learn more about Sailthru at www.sailthru.com.


About NYI

At NYI, we understand you’re important and so is your business. Our approach is simple, effective and unique in our marketplace. We look beyond our world-class data centers and focus on supporting customer growth and success acting as a genuine extension of your IT team. Since 1996, we have provided our customers with fully managed, highly customized infrastructure solutions built to suit their specific business and mission critical IT needs. Our customers view us as a true partner; always available for round-the-clock support from a team they know and trust.