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Panama based service provider chose Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to remove manual process from provisioning infrastructure and applications


LONDON – To reduce the time to provision infrastructure and application resources for its customers and decrease costs, AB Network today announced it has selected Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator.


Based in Panama, AB Network operates a dedicated data center to offer its customers infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS), back up site monitoring, web applications and services administration.


Pablo Olivo at AB Network, said, "We were wasting time and revenue generating opportunities manually provisioning our infrastructure. We needed to automate our infrastructure and that required cloud orchestration software so we evaluated Flexiant and OpenStack. Ease of deployment and time to market was of the essence so we opted for Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator."


Introduced to AB Network by Parallels, Flexiant was selected because of its speed of provisioning not only infrastructure, but also the infrastructure blueprint functionality which allows the cloud service provider to offer pre-packaged, configured and sophisticated application stacks ready to use. 


Olivo continued, "In a side by side comparison of OpenStack, we were impressed with the ease of understanding the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator deployment within our datacenter and also how it offered us a more complete product to go to market. We also needed only three servers with minimum specs to get up and running versus the five needed for OpenStack."


AB Network will use the Flexiant integrated billing, operate on KVM hypervisors and benefit from an out of the box store front.


George Knox, CEO, Flexiant said, "Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator helps service providers keep their customers happy by being able to respond to requests faster with a full range of functionality and services. We are helping AB Network and our other customers decrease the cost of manual infrastructure provisioning and offer the cloud services businesses expect of the cloud industry, both extremely important in this extremely competitive market."


About AB Network
AB Network, is a Panamanian capital company created to provide high-performance technology solutions for services in the cloud, services infrastructure monitoring and call center services. Each of these services include a mainstay in the portfolio of services. For more information visit www.abnetworksa.com.


About Flexiant
Flexiant provides solutions aimed solely at helping service providers capture the cloud market opportunity. Its portfolio of solutions includes Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator and Flexiant Concerto. Since 2009 Flexiant has armed service providers with the solutions necessary to launch revenue generating cloud services quickly and easily.

Flexiant has been named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Management and received the Info-Tech Research Group Trendsetter Award for two consecutive years. Flexiant is a Gold Parallels Partner and a Dell certified technology partner. Customers include Brinkster, Computerlinks, FailProof Technology and ThinkGrid Ceano, part of Colt Telecom. Flexiant is also a key participant in the EU's Horizon 2020 program. For more information visit www.flexiant.com.

Condusiv® Technologies expands the real-time fragmentation prevention capabilities of Diskeeper® Server to include an industry-first solution for Storage Area Networks (SAN) connected to physical servers.


Burbank, Calif. – Condusiv Technologies, the leader in I/O reduction software for virtual and physical server environments, today announced the release of Diskeeper 15 Server, highlighting an industry-first fragmentation prevention solution for SAN storage systems connected to physical servers to keep both servers and storage running like new.


"Even with over 45 million Diskeeper licenses sold, Condusiv is not sitting still in regard to addressing performance-robbing fragmentation wherever it appears in the data center. Performance-robbing file fragmentation affects SAN storage equally as much as it affects server local storage or Direct-Attached Storage. As much as Condusiv offers a robust software solution to accelerate virtual environments, the fact remains that some of the most mission-critical applications still run on physical servers. That's not a small number considering there are over five million physical servers in production across North America and EMEA," said Brian Morin, SVP, Global Marketing, Condusiv Technologies.


While modern RAID controllers do a good job of managing data at the physical disk layer, which certainly helps in the fight against file fragmentation, it falls short in that it does nothing about fragmentation at the logical software layer that Windows sees. This is the primary reason SAN storage performance degrades over time.


"There is a misconception among storage administrators that their SAN storage device is eradicating fragmentation for them because they aren't familiar with fragmentation at the logical disk layer outside the SAN. While SAN technologies certainly help at the physical disk layer, it does nothing to address fragmentation at the logical disk layer. If Windows sees a file existing as 20 separate pieces at the logical layer, that means the physical server and SAN storage device will execute 20 separate I/O operations to process the file. That's a lot of overhead to the physical server and a lot of unnecessary IOPS to the SAN considering it would have taken just one or two I/O operations to move the same amount of data if Diskeeper 15 Server was being used to prevent fragmentation at the logical disk layer," said Morin.


According to Steve Taylor, CTO at Plan B Technologies in Bowie MD, "Considering that fragmentation dampens the performance of mission-critical applications by 25% or more, Diskeeper 15 Server's list price of $399.95 per server makes it a 'no-brainer' for our customer base. If storage administrators want to keep their SAN storage systems running like new, they need to work with their in-house Windows server administrator to deploy Diskeeper 15 Server across the physical server environment to prevent fragmentation from occurring at the logical disk layer. This provides benefits at both the compute and storage layers since less overhead is required to process any given file."


Diskeeper 15 Server's patented real-time fragmentation prevention software operates at the physical server layer where input/output (I/O) operations originate. By preventing files from being fractured and broken apart into pieces before being written to disk or SSD in a non-sequential manner, fragmentation is eliminated before it becomes an issue. That means a SAN storage system never needs to be taken offline for defragmentation maintenance.


"Not only does Diskeeper Server introduce a new era of performance optimization to SAN storage using hard disk drives, but also solid-state drives as well. Fragmentation at the logical disk layer is inherent to the fabric of Windows despite the storage media on the backend. Organizations are making heavy CapEx investments into flash but not getting most from that investment due to the I/O overhead occurring at the file system layer. Diskeeper 15 Server changes that equation for them," said Morin.

New to Diskeeper 15 Server:

  • IntelliWrite® 2.0 has been enhanced to prevent fragmentation from occurring so files are written in an optimal sequential state for servers with local storage, Direct-Attached Storage (DAS), and Storage Area Network (SAN).
  • InvisiTasking® 2.0 intelligent resource monitoring technology has been enhanced to allow Diskeeper "background" operations to run with near-zero resource impact on current activities.
  • Instant Defrag™ 2.0 has been enhanced to monitor volumes to resolve critically fragmented files in real-time that are known to cause performance problems, making it SAN-friendly.

For a full list of technical specifications, visit the Diskeeper Server product web page.
For more information, visit www.condusiv.com
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About Condusiv 

Condusiv Technologies creates high-performance software that optimizes and maintains application performance and efficiency, extends equipment longevity to make technology, people and businesses more productive.  From the moment Condusiv software is installed on physical or virtual systems, our technology ensures data performance is automatically optimized. Requiring zero overhead, our energy-efficient, "Set It and Forget It"® solutions are used by over 90% of the Fortune 1000 and almost three-quarters of The Forbes Global 100. Our customers include thousands of global enterprises, government agencies, independent software vendors (ISVs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and home users worldwide.  With over 30 years of cutting-edge product development, we lead the market in data storage innovation, delivering thought-leading technology that improves your business and user experience. Condusiv solutions help technology function at peak levels, increasing the productivity of people and business.

Certified for VMware vSphere 6, Major Enhancements Boost B1200i Storage Capacity by 400% and Performance up to 800%


SANTA CLARA – DroboTM, the award-winning maker of smart storage arrays for businesses and professionals, today announced major capacity and performance enhancements to the B1200i hybrid storage system designed for small-and medium-sized businesses. Featuring standard and hybrid storage configurations that automatically tier data between traditional hard drives and solid state drives, the Drobo B1200i delivers a level of automation and technical sophistication usually reserved for more expensive and complicated enterprise storage solutions.Currently used by thousands of businesses, the Drobo B1200i is an ideal way to simplify and consolidate both physical and virtual storage in a single array with "on-demand" ability to scale both capacity and performance. Major enhancements to the award-winning Drobo B1200i include:

  • BeyondRAIDTM performance boost up to 800%: High-workload tasks now run in parallel resulting in significantly improved performance
  • Storage Pools grow 400% to 128TB: Larger storage pools can now take full advantage of high-capacity drives including Seagate® 6TB Enterprise Capacity SATA drives
  • Volumes increase 400% to 64TB: Previously limited to 16TB, B1200i volumes can now go as large as 64TB on supported platforms (Windows, Mac and VMware)
  • Smart Volumes™ management technology with thin provisioning: Allows the creation of up to 255 volumes per B1200i appliance. Drobo Smart Volumes pull storage from a common pool of disks rather than silos of physical disks
  • Certified for VMware vSphere ESXi Hypervisor 6: This bare-metal hypervisor installs directly on a physical server while transparently using Drobo storage

"These enhancements easily make the B1200i the most expandable and highest performing Drobo in history. Our highly scalable, centralized storage system coupled with our innovative data tiering provides business users with impressive workload throughput for transaction-based applications," said Tony Hampel, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Drobo. "When configured with Seagate Enterprise Capacity SATA drives, users will have a high capacity, reliable, and intelligent hybrid storage array that seamlessly integrates into any organization's network and application infrastructure."


Hybrid Storage

Drobo's hybrid storage technology automates the provisioning, deployment and performance acceleration for a fast tier of solid-state drive (SSD) storage. Users can now take advantage of traditional hard disk drive (HDD) capacity plus SSD acceleration across all of their applications. This process happens automatically and transparently as soon as SSD drives are added to the deployed Drobo. Drobo intelligently differentiates between streaming and transactional data to enable instantaneous and intelligent data tiering that increase overall performance by directing transactional data to the SSDs. As data access patterns change, Drobo automatically reallocates the data between the HDDs and SSDs to maximize performance.


"As a valued partner of Seagate, we're excited to see Drobo leverage our best in class Enterprise Capacity SATA HDDs to deliver maximum capacity and performance in a powerful new storage solution," said John Casalaspi, Vice President, Seagate America Sales and Marketing. "These drives are optimized for 24x7 environments and offer exceptional reliability, availability and serviceability to a variety of small business customers."


Designed for IT Environments

The B1200i represents many firsts for the Drobo product family: it is the first product with serviceable modular components. This hardware design provides a removable controller card, dual-redundant hot-swappable power supplies, and a hot-swappable cooling fan unit. Field replaceable units can be sourced for protection against a single hardware component failure to ensure maximum availability.

The Drobo B1200i is ideal for building a scalable backup server or server virtualization cluster. It is certified for VMware vSphere, Symantec Backup Exec and Veeam Backup environments.


Data Protection Made Simple

Like all Drobos, the B1200i is built with Drobo's award-winning BeyondRAID technology that protects users' data without any intervention, even in the event of multiple drive failures. Users can switch from single to dual disk redundancy with a single click for enterprise-level dual parity data protection. With BeyondRAID, the B1200i is self-healing and has virtual hot-spares. Should a drive fail, Drobo will automatically return the data to a protected state without intervention or disruption.


Pricing and Availability

Drobo B1200i with 72TB HDD: MSRP USD $13,799

Drobo B1200i Hybrid with 48TB HDD and 720GB SSD: MSRP USD $12,599

Drobo B1200i Hybrid with 36TB HDD and 720GB SSD: MSRP USD $8,499

Drobo B1200i with no disks: MSRP USD $3,999

These new Drobo B1200i configurations are now generally available from authorized partners.


About Drobo

Drobo makes award-winning storage arrays that provide an unprecedented combination of data protection, expandability, and ease of use. Based on the patented and proven BeyondRAID technology, Drobo delivers the best storage experience ever for hundreds of thousands of consumers, professionals, and businesses. For more information, visit http://www.drobo.com/.

Drobo, BeyondRAID, and the Drobo logo are trademarks of Drobo, Inc., which may be registered in some jurisdictions. All other trademarks used belong to their respective owners.
Enterprise Solution from Microsoft Gold Partner Is Focused on Proactively Monitoring and Managing Next Generation, Skype for Business Oriented Universal Communications Environment


ORLANDO, Fla. – Carousel Industries, a leader in unified communications, managed services, data solutions and visual communications, announced that it has launched SmartPoint Managed Services for Skype. The announcement, which directly follows Microsoft's unveiling of Skype for Business, is a comprehensive, end-to-end managed services solution optimized for proactively managing and monitoring a Skype for Business Universal Communications (UC) ecosystem.
Carousel Industries, which is a Microsoft Gold and Microsoft Certified Support Partner, has built its SmartPoint Managed Services for Skype offering on its many years of experience helping businesses succeed in implementing and managing Microsoft-based unified communications environments.
"We are excited to collaborate with Microsoft on Skype for Business, which will create unprecedented efficiencies in how individuals and enterprises communicate," commented Ed Wadbrook, Vice President, Applications and Collaborative Solutions, Carousel Industries. "SmartPoint Managed Services for Skype refines and capitalizes on the managed services expertise Carousel has built across its entire Microsoft-based practice, and will play a critical role in how companies monitor and manage their unified communications systems."
Skype for Business, which represents a natural migration of Microsoft Lync 2013, brings together the familiar experience of Skype along with the security, compliance and control of Lync 2013 and Skype for Business applications, infrastructure and workloads. The new communications platform promises to transform the way people communicate by extending communications beyond the walls of businesses to reach customers and partners, anytime anywhere.
Carousel SmartPoint Managed Services for Skype provides customers with a complete managed services package, optimizing both performance and efficiency. The 24/7 service covers every dimension of a communications environment, including IM/presence, voice, video, web conferencing and voice telephony, and is able to deliver valuable intelligence, diagnostics and monitoring of the entire unified communications infrastructure.
SmartPoint Managed Services for Skype for Business enables customers to:

  • Identify incorrect network settings and utilization within client network
  • Receive important notifications on network events impacting Skype
  • Access real-time media analytics pertaining to Skype voice and video sessions
  • Access site-based performance trending and reporting in multi-tenant interface
  • Gain important insight into Skype Conferencing sessions and issues

To learn more about Carousel's SmartPoint Managed Services for Skype, please visit http://www.carouselindustries.com/resource-center/smartpoint-managed-services-skype.
About Carousel
Carousel Industries consults, integrates, and manages technology solutions that solve business problems and contribute to your organizations’ growth. This includes unified communications, managed services, virtualization, Voice over IP (VoIP), video conferencing and collaboration and data infrastructure solutions.
Today we have over 6,000 customers, including 35 of the Fortune 100. Carousel has been recognized by both VAR and CRN Magazines as one of the top technology integrators in the US and we’ve been listed in the Inc. 500/5000 seven times. Carousel is headquartered in Exeter, RI, with over 1,000 employees working from offices in 30 locations across the US, including over 250 service technicians deployed across the country. For more information visit: http://www.carouselindustries.com.

Hornbill Collaboration platform and Hornbill Service Manager application allow collaborative service management without boundaries  


LONDON – Hornbill today announced that its cloud-based Hornbill collaboration platform and Service Manager application are available in the latest iteration of the UK government's cloud procurement framework, G-Cloud 6, through the Digital Marketplace. The Hornbill collaboration platform enables public sector IT teams to communicate and share information in ways that are as familiar and easy as the popular consumer applications people use at home, yet as secure as any application within the walls of the organisation. At the same time, Hornbill Service Manager offers a shorter time to value, with a simpler and more intuitive way to adopt and deploy best practice through Collaborative ITSM.


"The growth of powerful, accessible and intuitive consumer applications has changed our perception about the technology we use at work," said Gerry Sweeney, founder and CEO of Hornbill. "IT organisations that can provide the same ease of use and ability to communicate and share information in the workplace will quickly demonstrate value from best practice and tangible business benefits in terms of employee engagement and productivity. The Hornbill platform and Service Manager application blends effective principles from traditional ITSM best practice with innovative  technologies to provide public sector organisations with a fresh and more agile approach to delivering  IT Services to the organisation." 


G-Cloud 6 was launched on the 2nd February 2015, and is the latest iteration of the Government's procurement framework that aims to simplify the way in which the UK public sector procures cloud services. Services are available through the Digital Marketplace in four lots: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS); Platform as a Service (PaaS); Software as a Service (SaaS); and Specialist Cloud Services. Through the government approved Digital Marketplace, public sector organisation can buy cloud-based services ‘off-the-shelf' simply and easily, removing the need for complex procurement processes and intermediaries.


The Hornbill platform allows users to share knowledge, ideas and expertise across the organisation, with exceptional mobile and collaboration capabilities that make it easier for people and teams to communicate and get work done. Powerful, easy to use business and productivity applications can be deployed at the click of a button. The Hornbill Service Manager application enables organisations of any size to modernise and invigorate their IT service management approach with tools that are built around collaboration and the way people actually work. The flexible cost model allows organisations to pick exactly what they need when they need it, and with the platform designed for ease of implementation, customisation and use, it's never been simpler to modernise the service desk.


Numerous public sector organisations in central government, healthcare, local authorities and housing have seen the benefits of using Hornbill's SaaS offerings.  With Hornbill's placement in the G-Cloud 6 and an innovative, free Switch-On service to get you up and running quickly,  it has never been easier for public sector organisations to realise the value of truly innovative collaborative service management.  

Hornbill's collaboration platform and Service Manager are available through the Digital Marketplace immediately: for more information, including product details and costs, visit: www.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk


For more information on Hornbill's Switch-On service, visit: wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Switch-On


About Hornbill               
Hornbill is a technology innovator in business applications and collaboration technology. It develops and markets the Hornbill Platform and Business Applications that help organisations of any size provide applications and productivity tools to their workers. Hornbill's unique ‘human Touch' approach to IT services has benefitted customers at thousands of commercial and government sites worldwide.

Hornbill was founded in 1995, and has a head office in London. It also supports the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) as a corporate member in its campaign to save the hornbill species in its native habitat.

For more information please visit www.hornbill.com

StorTrends 3600i Family Addresses the Needs of the Most Performance-Intensive Applications for Virtualized Environments, VDI and Mixed Workloads at Disruptive Pricing with Models starting at 50 Cents per Gigabyte   


NORCROSS, Ga. – StorTrends® today announced the release of the StorTrends 3600i Family of all-flash SAN arrays that have been designed to meet the demanding needs of performance-intensive applications at half the price of any other all-flash storage provider.


Utilizing two different types of solid state drives - one designed for write performance and the other optimized for read performance - the StorTrends 3600i Family of all-flash arrays delivers significantly higher performance and extended SSD endurance when compared to competitive flash arrays.


Unlike other flash array vendors, American Megatrends uniquely optimizes its all-flash arrays to suit the specific needs of each environment by using the StorTrends iDATA Analysis Tool, which accurately defines a user's storage requirements. StorTrends iDATA can assess an organization's entire IT environment to analyze capacity utilization, IOPS usage, reads vs. writes for volumes, network bandwidth, performance, server statistics and more to classify the amount of "write data" versus "read data" required in their environment. The free StorTrends iData tool allows enterprises to accurately plan their next storage investment and removes all the guesswork which could leave the applications under-provisioned or over-provisioned.


The StorTrends 3600i leverages state-of-the-art deduplication and compression, which achieves amazing capacity savings. It is delivered out-of-the-box with an all-inclusive feature set that is comprised of inline deduplication and compression, enlift caching, advanced snapshots, automated data tiering, active/active or active/passive configuration, WAN optimization for unparalleled replication speeds and SSD based data encryption The StorTrends 3600i series is available with Write Tier SSD capacities of 200 GB, 400 GB, 800 GB and 2 TB as well as Read Tier SSD capacities of 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB.


StorTrends customer Cross IT Services and Solutions recently deployed a StorTrends 3610i array, and is in the process of migrating the data from five spinning disk SAN/NAS units onto its new all-flash storage solution.  The new StorTrends 3610i will now serve as the backbone of its cloud infrastructure, which hosts its end customers' applications and information.  "We have long been aware of the advantages of flash over spinning disk, but from a budgetary standpoint it did not previously make sense to deploy on a large scale.


However, with the price of flash coming down, it made sense to explore," said Ryan Kelly, Manager, Technical Services, Cross IT Services and Solutions.  "After a careful review, we found that StorTrends offered a full-flash solution that we felt had superior features and functionality over that of other flash competitors -- at a fraction of the cost.  In fact, the pricing was actually quite comparable to that of a spinning disk solution."  He added, "Another significant selling point for us was that the StorTrends service organization is made up of highly experienced storage professionals, and is backed by parent company, American Megatrends - an organization that has a long lineage of quality and stability. Having that kind of company in your corner, versus many of the startup storage competitors and newcomers to the market, is huge."

"The demands on application performance are at an all-time high," said Arun Taneja, Founder, President and Consulting Analyst, The Taneja Group"From high-transaction databases to virtual desktop implementations, the patience users have for traditional spinning disk speeds are wearing thin. With the high performance and enterprise-class data services offered by the StorTrends' 3600i Family of all-flash arrays, combined with their industry-low acquisition cost, IT organizations no longer need to compromise. High storage performance has never been more attainable."  Taneja concluded, "The benefits of using flash for performance improvement, especially in high-transaction databases, virtual desktop (VDI) and many other applications, are well known by now. The only issue has been 'can I afford an all-flash configuration?'  With the StorTrends 3600i family the answer is 'absolutely, yes.'"


"Until today, the vast majority of customers have been shy of all-flash storage primarily due to the cost. AMI has broken down this barrier by offering all-flash storage for less than $0.50 per GB. This is due to the highly efficient data deduplication, compression and enlift caching technology that is offered within the StorTrends 3600i series," said Justin Bagby, Director of StorTrends Division at American Megatrends. "For organizations that are considering making the move to an all-flash array, please download the StorTrends iDATA tool and let it show you the savings and performance requirements your infrastructure needs before investing into an all-flash array. The StorTrends iDATA tool will provide you with an estimated dedupe ratio while also telling you how much active data versus cold data you have within your environment. This will allow you and your team to plan appropriately and avoid being over-or-under sold by a vendor."


Available now, the StorTrends 3600i all-flash array has an MSRP starting at $24,999. StorTrends solutions are sold with the StorAID Support program, which includes 24 x 7 technical phone support and next business day onsite replacement. The StorAID Plus Support program adds 4 Hour On-Site and a spare parts kit to the Standard StorAID program.  For more information, please visit: StorTrends 3600i.


Tweet this: American Megatrends (AMI) releases new high-performance @StorTrends 3600i Family of all-flash storage arrays http://www.stortrends.com/products/stortrends-overview/


About StorTrends
StorTrends® from American Megatrends isPerformance Storage with Proven Value. StorTrends SAN and NAS storage appliances are installed worldwide and trusted by companies and institutions in a wide range of industries including education, energy, finance, state & local government, healthcare, manufacturing, marketing, retail, R&D and many more. StorTrends meets the challenges and demands of today's business environments by offering key network storage functionality such as unified storage, simplified management, business continuity, disaster recovery, high efficiency and virtualization support. For more than 30 years, American Megatrends has been supplying the IT Industry with key technology products that are trusted by millions of users around the world.

Monday, 16 March 2015 00:00

Are UK business disruptions on the rise?

Sungard Availability Services has released its 2014 UK invocation figures, which show the highest number of incidents since 2009.

Overall incidents of downtime, in which staff are unable to work from their usual office or access business critical systems, rose by over one third (38 percent) compared to 2013, leading to concerns that organizations are failing to sufficiently invest in availability and business continuity strategies and solutions.

While workplace related disruptions, in which the office environment is rendered inaccessible have remained fairly stable – with only a minor increase in 2014 – disruptions due to technology failures have more than doubled, increasing by 140 percent. Sungard AS’ 2014 invocation statistics show that hardware has been the main issue, causing a fifth of all problems (21 percent). The year-on-year spike in technology-related incidents, also including power and communications, is particularly worrying, suggesting that while many organizations are now entirely dependent on their IT systems, they are struggling to maintain them.



Monday, 16 March 2015 00:00

Downtime costs under the spotlight

A new industry survey has found that of those who responded the largest group (37 percent) estimated that the cost-per-minute of downtime in their organization fell into the £10,000 - £20,000 bracket.

With 80 percent of those questioned giving their recovery time objectives as two hours or greater, the results mean that the potential losses to UK businesses are high.

The study, conducted by Timico, gave a comprehensive insight into the disaster recovery habits of IT managers in the UK, and revealed a distinct lack of awareness, despite the predicted cost of outages.

The survey revealed that almost a quarter (24 percent) of IT managers acknowledged having an outage within the past month but despite that, over 70 percent admitted to never having worked out the cost of the resulting downtime.

The research also found that over 60 percent of SMEs had not yet rolled out any form of cloud-based back up within their business. Moving to the cloud can negate the need for dual site replication, an option still favoured by 18 percent of those businesses questioned. Shockingly, despite the risks, a minority of respondents even admitted to never backing up their data.


The potential value in the Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing to a fever pitch the focus on data as one of the enterprise’s most valuable assets. Clearly, those who carefully collect, transform, analyze, model and report on IoT data are seeing their influence rise. As much of this work is settling around the data scientist role, I talked with Don DeLoach, CEO of Infobright, provider of an analytics database platform, about what data scientists are being asked to do now, and how those responsibilities around IoT data might change in the near future.

DeLoach says it’s definitely early days when you look at what data scientists are being asked to examine:

“Look at the progress of the Internet of Things. Most, probably 95 percent, of the focus is on the closed loop message response systems that make up the use cases: service models for capital equipment, focus on specific silos, alerting to problems, not having to send service professionals out when they’re not needed, or information like temperatures in machines, or lighting levels that are appropriate for time or conditions. It’s grabbing a message off a sensor, and then determining whether an action is needed. We’re at an early stage.”



Who needs a data scientist when you can have a robot analyze your data? No, seriously, that’s an actual question enterprises may be asking if this Computerworld article on artificial intelligence is right.

Technically, I guess artificial intelligence isn’t a robot until you add a body, but the question still stands: Can artificial intelligence solve the data deluge better than humans? AI experts certainly think so.

"The notion that a human analyst can look at all of this data unaided becomes more and more implausible," Oren Etzioni, CEO of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, told senior reporter Sharon Gaudin.  "You can't have a person sitting there watching Twitter to protect your brand. … You need A.I. tools."

The obvious use case is with security, where humans are already failing to keep up with the ever-changing threat. Algorithms can “learn” from the data and flag deviations.