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Jon Seals

Jon Seals

There's no greater battle among office workers than that over the temperature in the building, leading some workers to wear their coats in the middle of summer while others equip their desks with mini fans in January. This war is why so many office thermostats sport clear plastic covers secured with locks.

The temperature of office buildings and other commercial real estate is one of the many data points collected and managed by real estate giant JLL, a Fortune 500 company. JLL may not be a familiar name to those outside commercial real estate circles, but the company is big and influential. If you work in an office building, you may be a client.


Tuesday, 09 August 2016 00:00

Risks As Distractions

Writing this column in the summer is a dicey proposition.  Distractions abound, especially in an election year. There are so many risks to think about outside the world of banking that it comes almost as a relief to read Nathaniel Popper’s latest New York Times magazine column, “Has Wall Street Been Tamed?,” suggesting that the banking industry is healthier than we thought, that the capital requirements provision for large banks, along with the Volcker Rule, have forced banks to (in some cases) downsize and to better regulate themselves.  His column must come as a relief to Wall Street CEOs paying any attention at all to provisions in both major political party platforms that call for the re-implementation of something like Glass-Steagall.


The Israeli start-up has developed and begun marketing a standalone mobile system that uses ordinary mobile infrastructure for fast transmission of large-volume landline-quality high-resolution data, audio, and video communications.

Celliboost has won its first customers in Mexico and Chile, and plans to recruit business partners and distributors to expand its foothold in global markets.

The Celliboost system is designed for communications in rural and open areas. It is suitable for militaries, security and homeland security organizations, law enforcement, and emergency services, as well as telecommunications companies, such as radio and television stations.

Israeli entrepreneurs have developed and begun marketing secure mobile broadband technology for rugged terrain. The technology, developed by Israeli start-up Celliboost (, is based on a standalone mobile system that uses ordinary mobile infrastructure for fast transmission of large-volume landline-quality high-resolution data, audio, and video communications. Celliboost has already won its first customers in Latin American countries, such as Mexico and Chile. The company plans to recruit business partners and distributors to expand its foothold in global markets.

The Celliboost system is designed for communications in rural and open areas. It is suitable for militaries, security and homeland security organizations, law enforcement, and emergency services, as well as telecommunications companies, such as radio and television stations.

The new Israeli technology offers broadband access for both internet and control centers of end-customers. Celliboost offers a response to an existing need in broadband mobile communications in all types of terrain and all kinds of mobile coverage – from 3G, through GSM, to LTE. The platform allows the simultaneous use of up to four mobile channels, independent of the mobile operator, and supports two operating methods – bonding and load balancing.

The algorithm-supported system can link to any communications interface, including satellite and ADSL, across all operating characteristics of the broadband channel.

During development, Celliboost’s experts linked four different mobile SIM cards to create a single strong communications system with continuous bonded bandwidth. The platform can combine 3G, 4G, and LTE technologies with interfaces, such as VSAT, WAN, and Wi-Fi, and other mobile links to provide fast and stable communications without delays.

Celliboost was founded in late 2015 by Alon Dayan, who serves as CEO of the company and as an executive at Celliboost’s parent company, L1-Systems. Dayan, a communications engineer by training, previously served as a marketing manager at Elbit Systems Land and C4I in Mexico and Central America. The development of Celliboost’s system was led by Ronen Angel, who serves as CTO of the company. VP Marketing Haim Baruch is another executive at the company.

“The communications world is moving forward, providing faster communications speeds, but demand from consumers is always higher than what the technology offers,” says Celliboost founder and CEO Alon Dayan. “Consumers want to send more data files faster and get a continuous communications experience when they send HD-quality video, messages, status updates, and location and other data. Celliboost’s vision is to use innovative technology to close the gap between supply and demand in communications. We will shortly announce other measures to realize this vision.”

The Celliboost system offers a large number of functions, including multiple load balancing; HD-quality video streaming on 3G and 4G networks; automated switching to the best available channel; connection to 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi, DSL, cable, or satellite communications; bandwidth allocation control and reporting; MIMO support; built-in WLAN control; built-in GPS; ruggedized carrying case with external antenna hook-up option; and remote or from the field system management.

Further information about Celliboost is available at the company website:

To watch the video:

ISLAND HEIGHTS, N.J. – The Rodgers Group, LLC, New Jersey's premier public safety consulting company, is proud to announce the launch of Critical Response Group.

Formerly a division of The Rodgers Group, LLC, Critical Response Group was launched to meet the exploding demand for visual-based emergency action plans-- a cutting edge approach to emergency planning and preparedness that is revolutionizing how businesses and public safety professionals plan, react, and respond to critical incidents.

Using BAE Systems' groundbreaking GXP geospatial eXploitation products, Critical Response Group transforms text-based emergency action plans into geospatially relevant SMART images known as Collaborative Response Graphics (CRGs). These highly-functional visual planning and response tools plot the user on a SMART image in real time whenever the image is opened on any GPS enabled smartphone or smart device.

"The reality is that the vital information contained in text-based plans is incredibly difficult to find, communicate, and leverage in the dynamic and chaotic environment that envelops a critical incident," said Frank Rodgers, former Deputy Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police and President of The Rodgers Group, LLC.

With a Collaborative Response Graphic, the critical information contained in an entire emergency plan binder can be reduced to a single, easy to understand, geospatially relevant SMART graphic. Personnel can plan, collaborate, and respond with a universal understanding of the emergency plan, operational area, and available resources and options. With the addition of a BAE Systems GXP Xplorer server, first responders, emergency management professionals, and others integral to a successful and effective response can locate and track each other in real time while having a common geospatial reference. Critical information can be documented, captured, and instantly disseminated to personnel actively engaged in responding and reacting.

"Collaborative Response Graphics are the missing link that will finally bridge the gap between having a written plan and actually being able to use and operate on that plan during a critical incident," said Rodgers.

Critical Response Group boasts a client portfolio that includes respected companies and agencies from the public education, transportation, public safety, insurance, and energy sectors.

Members of the Critical Response Group team have served as officers in the US Military Special Operations Command, SWAT team commanders, police chiefs, fire chiefs, emergency management coordinators, and high-level executives at the most respected state law enforcement agencies in the country. Team members have a record of success operating in environments ranging from the war on terror overseas to manmade and natural disasters here at home.

Relevant Links:

Critical Response Group Website

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The Rodgers Group, LLC

CCube Solutions announces today that it has signed a G-Cloud 8 framework agreement with the Crown Commercial Service (CSS) to sell Electronic Document Management (EDM) solutions to public sector organisations via the Government’s Digital Marketplace.


With an ability to deliver based on two decades of expertise and an established track record of project success, CCube Solutions works extensively with public sector organisations particularly the NHS providing enterprise content management solutions. Today, its EDM software is used at 28 hospitals around the country including among others Aintree, Addenbrooke’s, Aneurin Bevan, Milton Keynes, Papworth, St Helens and Sheffield Teaching Hospital.


The G-Cloud 8 framework agreement means that CCube Solutions has met the necessary criteria to provide EDM technology to any public sector organisation seeking to buy this technology and support.


The Digital Marketplace is helping transform public services by making it simpler, clearer and faster for organisations to buy the technology they need to deliver digital projects.


In 2015/2016, £12.8 billion of public sector procurement business was channelled through the CCS’ central deals which includes the G-Cloud 8 framework.


A track record of success delivering cloud services in NHS

CCube Solutions is a pioneer in providing hosted services to the NHS. In 2013, in partnership with St Helens & Knowsley Health Informatics Service, it launched e-LGS, a fully managed hosted service which offers all CCGs and GP practices in the country a bespoke scanning and archiving solution to enable general practitioners to get rid of their so-called Lloyd George envelopes held locally in surgery.


With patient records then accessed securely online, e-LGS frees up valuable surgery space, whilst improving efficiency and enhancing patient care as information is available at the touch of a button. To date, four CCGs have purchased the service with around 140 GP practices now using the system.


Vijay Magon, CCube Solutions’ managing director, says, “The signing of the G-Cloud 8 agreement is important for us as a small British software firm. It means another route to market and makes it easier for public sector organisations to procure our EDM software whether they are in central or local government, health, education, emergency services, defence or not for profit.”


About the Crown Commercial Service (CCS)

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has brought together the Government’s central commercial capability into a single organisation, amalgamating the Government Procurement Service with other commercial teams from the Cabinet Office and central government departments.

CCS is an executive agency of the Cabinet Office and operates as trading fund under the Government Trading Funds Act 1973. Established in 2014, its remit is to work with both departments and organisations across the whole of the public sector to ensure maximum value is extracted from every commercial relationship and improve the quality of service delivery. The CCS goal is to become the ‘go to’ place for expert commercial and procurement services.

For more information, visit


About CCube Solutions

CCube Solutions is an award-winning provider of enterprise content management solutions, comprising electronic document and records management, workflow, electronic forms, portal software, and systems integration.

Founded in 1995, it has a proven track record working with the police, local government, NHS and in the private sector providing cost effective and scalable solutions, tailored to meet the individual requirements of customers.

An AIIM Advisory Board member, CCube Solutions is active in developing and guiding the future direction of the ECM industry, and upholds AIIM’s principles of good information management, know-how applied on every customer engagement.

CCube Solutions is headquartered in Milton Keynes. For further information, please visit