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Jon Seals

Joe Young, CEO of GDS in Pembroke, Massachusetts has started to focus on the lack of IT security with Government organizations across New England. Recently Joe and his team hosted an awesome webinar on this topic. You have to watch it

There’s no question about it: cybercrime is on the rise – from links in bogus phishing emails to malware-ridden websites to data-stealing ransomware, cybercrime is becoming more and more sophisticated and complex each and every day. A few months ago, in Wayland, Massachusetts, police investigated and discovered someone accessed the town’s bank accounts.

As you can imagine, the hackers stole a significant amount of money – withdrawing over $4 million from the town’s bank account. Unfortunately, they weren’t prepared to handle the attack. That’s why it’s absolutely vital to ensure you’re truly protecting governments from hackers.



The strategic value of business continuity

What is the value of business continuity? That is a question those working in the profession often grapple with, certainly when attempting to justify its existence to top management. In the latest edition of the Business Continuity Institute's Working Paper Series, Dr Clifford Ferguson explores the issue of strategic value and offers a way forward by integrating business continuity into an organization’s strategic plan.

This is timely given the growing interest in resilience as a quality that allows organizations to increase their adaptive capacity to sudden shocks or long-term, incremental changes. With his work revisiting some of the models featured in existing literature, Dr Ferguson makes the case for articulating the strategic value of BC and its relationship to resilience.

This paper is also relevant given its focus on the public sector. The 2015 BCI Horizon Scan report revealed BC funding cuts in 30% of public sector organizations sampled worldwide. These budget cuts present clear pressures for BC practitioners in the public sector to demonstrate value for money while maintaining standards of delivery.

Dr Ferguson concludes that business continuity should be both a cost saver and a strategic risk reduction tool. It cannot be independent from the corporate strategy and it should be embedded into the organizational value system. A business continuity culture will have a direct influence on the services the state offers its citizens and will give rise to a reduction of reputational risk. The continuity culture may be the best driver of continuous service delivery improvement.

To download your free copy of 'the strategic value of business continuity (BC): Integrating BC into an organization’s strategic plan' click here.

Blue Pillar's Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Platform Allows Critical Facilities to Connect and Enroll Generation Assets in Con Edison's Demand Management Program

FREDERICK, MD – Blue Pillar, a leading provider of IIoT connectivity and centralized energy management software solutions, today announced its efforts to work with Manhattan hospitals and critical facility owners to help strengthen grid resiliency in New York City as a selected solution provider for Con Edison's Demand Management Program.

"Nationwide, less than 2 percent of hospitals enroll in demand management programs, but in New York City, hospitals have been the first movers as they know firsthand the devastating effects of being unable to operate during a time of crisis," said Tom Willie Blue Pillar CEO. "Blue Pillar is proud to be working closely with Con Edison and these hospitals. Their efforts will strengthen the resiliency of hospitals, critical facilities and the electric grid in New York."

"Our priority is meeting the energy needs of New Yorkers safely and reliably," said John Shipman, manager of the Demand Management Program at Con Edison. "Participation in this program helps us relieve stress on the grid when we need capacity the most. Thanks to the efforts of our market partners like Blue Pillar, connecting generators is now easier than ever and will help New Yorkers stay safe during emergency grid conditions. We encourage other customers to consider joining the program."

To date, Blue Pillar has connected thousands of distributed generation assets like back-up generators, combined heat and power plants, and microgrids. Once installed, the Blue Pillar system delivers additional benefits beyond demand response -- even to those assets that may not be enrolled -- like giving advanced warning of maintenance issues, grid outage events and an automated way to test electrical infrastructure so that they are in compliance with industry standards.

The Con Edison demand management incentives to promote grid resiliency have allowed Blue Pillar to deploy its solution with minimal upfront capital required from its customers. For the remainder of the Con Edison program availability, the company will also offer New York City facility owners additional financing to qualified customers so that the purchase can be made with no capital down. Blue Pillar encourages any New York City building owner interested in enrolling their generators in the program to contact them at 1-888-234-3212 before August 1, 2015 to take advantage of this unique program and special financing. For those wanting to better assess the preparedness of their critical facility, download Blue Pillar's Resiliency Readiness Checklist to learn more.

About Blue Pillar, Inc.
Blue Pillar is a leading provider of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and energy management solutions for complex single site and centralized multisite facilities. The Aurora, Avise Insite™ and Avise Foresite™ platforms connect, control, and manage data to help organizations improve energy resiliency, efficiency and overall facility operations. Today, over 400 of the most critical, complex and geographically dispersed facilities -- across healthcare, government, higher education, and other industries -- use Blue Pillar solutions to manage their energy and power systems. For more information, visit www.bluepillar.com and follow Blue Pillar on Twitter at @bluepillarinc.

Move expands Capsule’s international partner network


LONDON – Capsule Technologie, the leading global provider of medical device integration solutions, today announced it has signed a reseller agreement with InterSystems, a global leader in software for connected healthcare. Under the terms of the agreement, InterSystems will be authorized to resell Capsule’s SmartLinx Medical Device Information System® (MDIS). The two companies’ partnership stems from a shared vision of connected care and strong global market presence.


Capsule’s SmartLinx MDIS is healthcare’s first integrated system to enable hospitals and healthcare delivery organizations to increase efficiency and help improve patient care delivery through the capture of medical device data and context directly at the point of care. The system consolidates clinical workflow and puts data to work by integrating it with both electronic medical records and intelligent systems to drive informed clinical and operational decisions. Connectivity and data capture are achieved through integrated hardware and/or software solutions that meet the requirements of virtually any healthcare environment.


InterSystems TrakCare® is a unified healthcare information system that provides a comprehensive set of administrative and advanced clinical capabilities to rapidly enable a shared electronic medical record (EMR) across care settings. The partnership with Capsule will enable TrakCare customers to capture real-time observation data in ICU and operating theatres and store the data in the patient’s EMR.


Both companies share a global presence while providing pre-configured solutions to meet the needs of local markets. “Establishing this partnership with Capsule is an exciting opportunity for both companies,” said Christine Chapman, Vice President, TrakCare, at InterSystems. “The bundling of Capsule’s MDIS solution with TrakCare® will enable customers to seamlessly connect devices and make that data immediately available in the TrakCare EMR, triggering decision support, workflows and alerts for improved quality of care.”


‘‘Like InterSystems, Capsule works closely with our partners to localize our market strategy,” said Didier Argenton, Capsule’s Vice President of International Sales. “This agreement will facilitate entry into new markets and will contribute significantly in developing our presence worldwide.”


About InterSystems

InterSystems develops advanced software technologies that enable breakthroughs. With a passion for excellence and a focus on client success, InterSystems provides data management, strategic interoperability, and analytics platforms used in healthcare, financial services, government, and other industries. In selected countries, InterSystems also offers unified healthcare applications, based on its core technologies, that deliver on the promise of connected healthcare. Founded in 1978, InterSystems is a privately held company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA), with offices worldwide, and its products are used daily by millions of people in more than 100 countries. For more information, visit InterSystems.com.


About Capsule

Capsule is the leading global provider of medical device integration solutions for hospitals and healthcare organizations. Capsule’s SmartLinxMedical Device Information System® (MDIS) increases efficiency and helps improve patient care through the systematic real-time capture of patient vitals at the point-of-care and the delivery of those data to hospital electronic medical records, other information systems and third party mobile solutions. Capsule’s solutions are flexible and scalable, offering a variety of deployment options to meet the needs of any healthcare delivery organization. Founded in 1997, the Company has established strong partnerships with leading medical device manufacturers and installed enterprise-wide solutions in over 1,800 hospitals in 38 countries.

LONDONGBG, the global leader in identity data intelligence, and CarSpring, the recently launched revolutionary online marketplace for pre-owned cars, have partnered to provide consumers with a completely new and secure method of buying a used car. CarSpring is using GBG’s award-winning ID verification solution, ID3global, to get quick, accurate insight on both buyers and sellers – to ensure that they are who they say are.


CarSpring, a Rocket Internet company, launched in May with the aim to disrupt and transform the UK used car market before expanding across Europe this year. The service provider is unique in Europe, and offers a complete end-to-end solution when buying or selling a used car. A seller’s vehicle undergoes a +150 point check by a qualified inspector before being listed on the CarSpring site. Once purchased CarSpring deal with all the paper work, regulation and even drive the vehicle to the buyer – meaning they have complete trust in the vehicle they purchase without any of the stress or doubt that can be associated with buying second-hand.


Max Vollenbroich, Co-Founder, comments, We set up CarSpring with the express intent to shake up the European market. One of the biggest issues people face when buying a second hand car is the peace of mind that the car they buy is as described and doesn’t have a hidden history. For motorists it’s a case of trust. We offer a trusted, reliable and durable platform for buying a second hand car.”


“It was essential that we are able to quickly, efficiently and accurately identify who are buyers and who are sellers. As such we’ve used GBG since day one”, Max continued. “We wanted to work with the best and most trusted people in the industry, and work with a company who can support us along every step of our growth as we expand into new markets in the near future.”


GBG’s ID3global platform allows CarSpring to on-board and verify new buyers and sellers in seconds via an automated electronic process. This removes the need for manual or paper-based verification methods, enabling CarSpring to host more sellers, and connect buyers, in record time.


"Buying a car with CarSpring was really easy and carefree”, said Max Watts, who just bought an Audi A3 from CarSpring. “They really took care of everything. It's much better than going to a garage where you have to deal with everything yourself.”


Glenn Porter, General Manager International Identity Verification, GBG adds, “It’s tremendously exciting to have the opportunity to help CarSpring deliver this game-changing service from the very start. We’ve worked with payleven, one of Europe’s leading mobile card payments solutions, for over two years and it’s an honour to be working with another innovative and disruptive Rocket Internet company.”


“Our identity verification software seamlessly validates more than four billion citizens across the globe. Our Matchcode360 and DecTech solutions also provide international data capture, validation and real-time credit checking whilst detecting and preventing transactional fraud.” Glenn continued. “Working in 240 countries and territories, GBG’s technology provides identity data intelligence that enables ecommerce organisations to trade internationally with confidence, ensuring the transactions being made are genuine and verified while remaining compliant.”   


About CarSpring

CarSpring (www.carspring.co.uk) is a pioneering service provider for buyers and sellers of pre-owned cars. The company matches sellers and buyers by acting as a one-stop shop guaranteeing trustworthy, convenient and fast pre-owned car dealing including thorough car inspections, financing and car delivery. Peter Baumgart and Maximilian Vollenbroich are the two co-founders behind CarSpring. The company is supported by Rocket Internet, the world’s largest Internet platform outside the US and China.


About GBG

The most successful organisations recognise the value of understanding individual identities. GBG combines individual identity data with technology to provide clients with the identity data intelligence they need to make good business decisions.

With the latest release of Fusion UDM (Universal Device Manager) Premium, VXL Software brings enterprise-class device management within the reach of almost every business.


Device management isn’t new – but until now it’s only typically been within the reach of larger organisations – those which enjoy big IT budgets and employ sizeable IT teams. The new version of VXL Software’s Fusion UDM Premium aims to level the playing field.


“Our aim with Fusion UDM Premium is to break down the barriers to ownership of enterprise-class management products,” says VXL Software’s VP of Sales, Frank Noon.

Fusion UDM Premium offers the kind of device management power that large corporations expect, but with lower, simpler pricing.


“Our customers tell us that mainstream device management software can be complicated to budget for and may have many hidden costs. With VXL Software’s Fusion UDM Premium, costs are straightforward and nothing is hidden. Each Fusion UDM Premium licence is perpetual – it lasts for the life of the device. For the first year, access to our world-class support is an affordable percentage of the licence fee – and is optional thereafter. And that’s it.”


Lower prices don’t mean a cut-down product. According to Noon, Fusion UDM Premium “compares very favourably with the market leaders, feature-for-feature”.


This combination of simple pricing, low costs and powerful features opens up device management to companies of almost every size – and is especially attractive to those organisations which have small IT teams, supporting perhaps 100–1,000 users, but would like to enjoy the same device management as large enterprises.


VXL Software’s Fusion UDM Premium enables organisations to control their inventory, ensure software licensing compliance, manage security, predict and manage hardware failures, roll out upgrades and patches with ease – and much more. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) support, currently in development, will be added free for users who buy now.


Fusion UDM Premium supports the management of devices running VXL Linux, Android, Windows Embedded, Windows POS – and is future-upgradeable, at no cost, to support iOS, OS X and Windows Mobile.


“Fusion UDM Premium doesn’t just deliver powerful device management,” concludes Noon. “It’s available at a price that’s unquestionable value. Our calculations, using industry-standard metrics, show that companies can achieve a full return on investment in under four months.”


VXL Software’s Fusion UDM Premium is available now, with Bring Your Own Device support available as a free upgrade later this year. Full product details are available from www.vxlsoftware.com.


About VXL Software

VXL Software is a division of VXL Instruments. Established in 1976, VXL is a global leading manufacturer of thin-, zero- and cloud-client devices. VXL Software develops world-class software for a range of business-focussed uses, from device management through to electronic signage.

VXL Software is a division of VXL Instruments. VXL Software is a global company, with locations in the USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, India and Singapore. VXL Software's Americas Group is headquartered in Houston, Texas. The European headquarters is in Manchester, UK. VXL Software’s development team, and the Asia Pacific headquarters, are based in Bangalore, India.

For further information, contact: Ian Cope, VXL Marketing Manager, ian.cope@vxl.net.

Proven Acronis hybrid cloud solution allows service providers to easily bring Backup as a Service to IaaS customers with rapid time to market


LONDON, UKFlexiant today announced that Acronis Backup Cloud is now integrated with the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator platform allowing cloud service providers to quickly and easily offer best-in-class Backup as a Service (BaaS) to their Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) customers.


According to a 2014 Disaster Recovery Study from IDC*, 70 percent of SMBs do not have sufficient protection for their critical data. With this integration, service providers can quickly address this market need and deliver a much needed value-add to their customers on a Pay-As-You Go basis.


Part of the Acronis cloud data protection platform, Acronis Backup Cloud is a proven hybrid cloud backup and recovery solution that enables service providers to rapidly bring new revenue-generating services to market.


Acronis Backup Cloud is optimized for service providers by supporting the broadest range of systems in use today including XEN, KVM, Linux, Virtuozzo, Docker, Open-Xchange, and MySQL. The solution features built-in automation, allowing service providers to quickly and easily scale out the solution to support millions of end user customers – all within their existing billing and provisioning environments. Highly flexible pay-per-use pricing models also make it easy for service providers to upsell and cross-sell new backup services.


Service provider customers can easily consume the Acronis backup plans defined for them by self-serving directly through the Flexiant Cloud Orchestration control panel, with a unified and transparent experience. When provisioning a server, end customers simply need to select a configuration with the backup option they want enabled. The integrated billing functionality allows service providers to bill for Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator-based IaaS and BaaS on the same invoice, making it simple to manage and easy for the customer.


End customers are automatically signed up to the Acronis Backup Cloud service and all the required Acronis software is automatically provisioned onto their virtual servers, saving them time and effort. With a Single-Sign-On to the Acronis back-end, customers can also take advantage of Acronis’ more advanced functionality, or to restore a backup as an entire VM or a single file.


Jim Foley, SVP Market Development, Flexiant, “As the IaaS market becomes more commoditized, the ability to seamlessly extend cloud services to include BaaS is a key advantage as it empowers service providers to differentiate against the competition and delivers new revenue streams. We chose Acronis as a leading backup solution for service providers. The Flexiant and Acronis integration offers BaaS seamlessly through a single UI, with consolidated billing and will allow us to easily deliver new data protection services via the Flexiant platform in the future.”


“Cloud backup addresses a critical data protection need for today’s SMBs and provides a unique opportunity for service providers to expand their portfolios with innovative new services – the cloud is enabling this to happen” said John Zanni, Senior Vice President, Cloud & Hosting Sales, Acronis. “Flexiant is a leading cloud orchestration solution provider for service providers that want to deliver new services like data protection. Together, we are making it easy for these cloud service providers to tap into this market need and deliver more value to their customers.”


Now listed in the Flexiant Marketplace, cloud service providers can email baas@flexiant.com to find out more.


*Source: IDC, “Complexity and Data Growth Driving Small and Medium-Sized Environments Toward a New Generation of Data Protection” June 2014.


About Flexiant

Flexiant provides solutions aimed solely at helping service providers capture the cloud market opportunity. Its portfolio of solutions includes Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator and Flexiant Concerto. Since 2009 Flexiant has armed service providers with the solutions necessary to launch revenue generating cloud services quickly and easily.

Flexiant has been named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Management and received the Info-Tech Research Group Trendsetter Award for two consecutive years. Flexiant is a Gold Parallels Partner and a Dell certified technology partner. Customers include Brinkster, Acens part of Telefonica Group, FailProof Technology and ThinkGrid Ceano, part of Colt Telecom. Flexiant is also a key participant in the EU’s Horizon 2020 program. For more information visit www.flexiant.com.


About Acronis

Acronis sets the standard for New Generation Data Protection through its backup, disaster recovery, and secure access solutions. Powered by the AnyData Engine and set apart by its image technology, Acronis delivers easy, complete and safe backups of all files, applications and OS across any environment—virtual, physical, cloud and mobile.

Founded in 2003, Acronis protects the data of over 5 million consumers and 300,000 businesses in over 130 countries. With its more than 50 patents, Acronis’ products have been named best product of the year by Network Computing, TechTarget and IT Professional and cover a range of features, including migration, cloning and replication.

For additional information, please visit www.acronis.com. Follow Acronis on Twitter: http://twitter.com/acronis.

With days to go before Microsoft Windows Server 2003 support ends, IIS 6.0 users are heading towards new security dangers.


LONDON, UK – Research from RiskIQ, the enterprise digital footprint security specialist, has discovered that 24 of the top 30 FTSE-listed companies in the UK are running web servers that will be out of support in less than a week, posing a potential security risk to both them and the public.


On July 14th, Microsoft ends support for its popular Windows Server 2003 product, which includes its Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 web server and Small Business Server 2003. This move means these software versions will no longer receive critical security updates or patches.


RiskIQ’s research discovered that amongst the top 30 FTSE companies, there were more than 73,000 instances of web servers in use. Microsoft’s IIS 6.0, used for web hosting and media streaming, was the 6th most popular server and used more than 2,675 times. Whilst some organisations run IIS 6.0 on forgotten networks or as test servers, the research worryingly found it was also used to host high profile websites of some of the largest FTSE companies in the UK.


In comparison, 22 of the top 30 DAX companies in Germany also face the same risks from using outdated technology but are much further ahead in replacing their ageing infrastructure; only 650 instances of IIS 6.0 were found in RiskIQ’s study of DAX organisations, a quarter of the total found in comparable FTSE companies.


Ben Harknett, RiskIQ Managing Director EMEA, says: “Hackers bypass traditional defence in-depth measures by finding and compromising web sites, based on exploits in unsupported software versions. Due to the lack of availability of critical security updates for IIS 6.0 beyond 14th July, hackers will be able to more easily exploit its security weaknesses, accessing systems and using company websites to serve malware to unsuspecting users. Companies are running the risk of operating a webserver as a ticking time bomb of vulnerabilities and reliability issues after that date.”


Users of IIS 6.0 have a handful of days before support fully ends. But RiskIQ’s research also found 417 instances of the top FTSE companies still using the outdated IIS 5.0, a product which hasn’t been supported by Microsoft for over a year.


“People expect that when they access a website of a reputable organisation it will be a safe, secure experience, no matter where they navigate to within the site. Organisations who continue to run IIS 6.0 beyond the 14th July support date run the risk that they will no longer be delivering the same secure experience.


“For any organisation it’s vital to understand how digital assets are hosted. At RiskIQ we work with organisations all over the globe to help them uncover what digital assets they have. Using this knowledge, organisations can better understand where the security weaknesses within those assets are, such as instances of IIS 6.0, and therefore take suitable action to replace obsolete web servers.” Harknett concluded.


About the research

RiskIQ’s global crawling infrastructure was used to inspect the internet servers used by the top 30 FTSE organisations and the top 30 DAX organisations.


About RiskIQ

RiskIQ provides organizations the visibility and intelligence they need to secure their known and unknown Enterprise Digital Footprint. Using a global proxy network and virtual user technology, RiskIQ continuously discovers and creates an inventory of documented and undocumented web assets, and scans them for copycat mobile apps, drive-by malware and malvertisements. Leading financial institutions, insurance providers and consumer as well as B2B brands use RiskIQ to protect their web assets and users from security threats and fraud. RiskIQ is headquartered in San Francisco and backed by growth equity firms Summit Partners and Battery Ventures. To learn more about RiskIQ, visit www.riskiq.com

LDeX Group adds Colt to its list of carriers at LDeX2


LONDONLDeX Group has today announced that Colt has deployed a point of presence at the group’s newest datacentre facility, LDeX2, based in the Trafford Park region of Manchester. This news signals the strength and growth of the carrier neutral datacentre and network connectivity provider by enabling customers to have direct fibre connections to over 23,000 buildings and Colt’s 29 carrier neutral data centres. The addition of Colt will complement the growing list of tier 1 on-net carriers available at LDeX2 and further enhance the organisation’s global data centre footprint.


Colt provides Network, Voice and Data Centre services to businesses of all sizes around the world. It operates across Europe, Asia and North America with connections into over 200 cities globally.


Commenting on the news, LDeX Group’s CEO Rob Garbutt said: “We are delighted that Colt has chosen to deploy a PoP in our second UK datacentre, LDeX2, which we recently launched in the Trafford Park area of Manchester. As a leading provider of network access, Colt will add significant value to our current colocation and network services offering by enabling faster connectivity to businesses based in Europe via Colt’s extensive network.”


He added: “Attracting carriers such as Colt to the new site aligns with our strategic plans to be one of the best connected datacentre operators in the UK. This news solidifies our relationship with Colt, which already provides best in class connectivity services to our existing customers at LDeX1, our London based colocation facility.”


“Colt provides direct access to more than 540 Colt and third party data centres globally, providing enterprises of all sizes with the ability to choose from a vast network of data centres to best support their specific business requirements. We are pleased to add the LDeX2 facility to this network, connecting enterprises in the Manchester region to business partners not only in the rest of the UK, but also in Europe and beyond,” said Zhongmin Guo, VP of Strategy and Business Development, Network Services at Colt.


About LDeX Group

LDeX Group provides carrier neutral London colocation and data centre facilities in London and in Manchester. LDeX own, operate and manage their facilities, providing London and Manchester colocation services to a range of industry sectors to protect the availability of data, applications, ecommerce and online presence.

For more information please visit: www.ldexgroup.co.uk

LONDON, UK – Cloudian, the leading provider of hybrid cloud smart data storage software, and ShapeBlue, the CloudStack company, have announced a partnership to drive adoption of object storage within organisations running Cloud services powered by Apache CloudStack. CloudStack is the most widely adopted open source cloud platform in production use by service providers and enterprises alike.


The partnership will allow customers to implement a combined compute and Amazon S3 compatible object storage solution based on technologies that are proven and simple to deploy. The integration of Cloudian and Apache CloudStack unifies the S3 compatible cloud storage service along with the file system requirements of the CloudStack cloud computing platform.


Customers can directly utilise S3 cloud storage as they normally would with Cloudian, taking advantage of Cloudian's S3 compatibility to deliver interoperability with the wide diversity of tools and applications found in the S3 ecosystem. Additionally, CloudStack templates and snapshots are centrally stored within Cloudian and managed through the CloudStack service and available across datacentres or CloudStack Zones via Cloudian's multi-datacentre storage capabilities. Cloudian's Cloud Management Console is integrated with CloudStack to allow cloud service providers and their customers to access and administer cloud storage and cloud computing services via the product's intuitive user interface.


“At ShapeBlue we are seeing increasing demand for CloudStack-based orchestration environments as the market looks for production proven solutions. Those organisations also need storage capabilities and as CloudStack has very tight scope around infrastructure orchestration we have looked for a best of breed vendor partner,” explained Giles Sirett, CEO of ShapeBlue. “We evaluated a number of solutions both Open Source and proprietary and were very impressed with Cloudian’s technical architecture and commercial model.”


Paul Turner, Chief Marketing Officer at Cloudian, explained: “This is an exciting development for both organisations and we think ShapeBlue offers a perfect compliment to our approach. Their experience and expertise in designing and implementing CloudStack technology for customers around the world will prove invaluable.”


About Cloudian, Inc.

Cloudian is a Silicon Valley-based software-defined storage company specialising in enterprise-grade storage. Our flagship product, Cloudian HyperStore®, is an S3-compatible storage platform that enables service providers and enterprises to build reliable, affordable and scalable hybrid cloud storage solutions. For more information, or to try Cloudian HyperStore today, visit www.cloudian.com.


About ShapeBlue

ShapeBlue are the largest independent integrator of Cloudstack technologies globally and are specialists in the design and implementation of IaaS cloud infrastructures for both private and public cloud implementations. Services include IaaS Cloud Design, Software Engineering, CloudStack Consulting & training.

The company has a global customer base with offices in London (UK), Mountain View (CA) and Bangalore (India), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Cape Town (South Africa). For further information, visit: www.shapeblue.com