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Jon Seals

FARNBOROUGH – Datum Datacentres today announced the launch of Datum Cloud Connect to provide direct connectivity from its Farnborough data centre to major public clouds such as AWS Direct Connect and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute.


Datum’s Farnborough data centre is home to a diverse range of organisations who share a requirement for highly secure and resilient co-location to house and connect their business critical IT infrastructure. With the launch of Datum Cloud Connect, clients seeking cloud solutions can now derive additional benefit from secure, private connections to a hub of public clouds. Through Datum Cloud Connect, the additional resilience and flexible bandwidth delivers predictable high performance for organisational cloud strategies.


Dominic Phillips, Managing Director, Datum, comments: “Datum Cloud Connect supports clients whose businesses demand additional levels of performance and reliability when connecting to public clouds. The high throughput, low latency secure connections link into AWS EU West and Microsoft Azure North Europe regions offering significant performance improvements over public Internet connections. Enterprise clients can access automated, provisioning of cloud services from multiple providers whilst network and cloud service providers can both aggregate traffic and reduce time to market for new offerings.”


Part of the Attenda IT Services group, Datum’s data centres are trusted as secure environments for content, data and business critical IT to connect with a neutral choice of networks and cloud service providers. Datum built its co-location service to support a business outcome approach to data centre provision, working with both enterprises and service providers to deliver a highly secure, resilient data centre service that meets the needs of their business. Datum Cloud Connect adds another layer to the connection-rich nature of the data centre to further support hybrid compute and connected DR.


About Datum

Datum Farnborough (FRN1) Key Features

  • Strategic, London-edge, secure campus Location
  • Pressurised free cooling providing Leading-Edge Environmental Efficiency
  • SLA backed 100% Power Availability
  • Enhanced, Government-grade Security
  • Dynamic & Flexible support for High-Density deployments (up to 30kW per rack as standard)
  • Carrier & Cloud Neutral
  • Comprehensive Accreditations including ISO 9001, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 50001, PCI DSS, DCA Class 3 Fully Operational, EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres
  • Highly Resilient infrastructure design & operations to support business critical IT


Providing resilient, low latency direct connectivity to AWS, Microsoft Azure and other public clouds, as a key component of Attenda’s Hybrid IT strategy.


LONDON – Attenda Limited, the Business Critical IT company today announced the launch of the Attenda Cloud Exchange, providing direct connectivity to AWS Direct Connect and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute; with connectivity to Microsoft Office 365 and other public clouds planned.


Attenda Cloud Exchange provides a key component of Attenda’s Hybrid IT strategy, enabling its enterprise Clients to deploy applications into AWS and Microsoft Azure public clouds, connecting back to data and other applications residing within Attenda data centres.


Oliver Presland, Director of Service Strategy, Attenda, comments, “Our Cloud Exchange solution provides Clients with improved performance and reliability when connecting to public clouds, through high throughput, low latency, secure, cloud connections, with flexible bandwidth choices.” He continues, “It expands the potential options for Hybrid IT workloads and applications that clients can build, using a combination of Attenda hosted and public cloud services.”


Multiple bandwidth options are available, supporting fluctuating business requirements, with a flexible commercial model, and minimum monthly commitment, avoiding the lock-in of a long term network provider contract.


Alex Silk, Head of Development, Reed Online, adds, “reed.co.uk is our business, so a high performance, reliable and secure connection to the AWS public cloud is essential.”


Silk continues, “Attenda Cloud Exchange provides us with connectivity on a flexible commercial basis; it would be much more expensive to build the same connectivity ourselves.”


Attenda has delivered Business Critical IT managed hosting services for the last 18 years. Over time, it has expanded its portfolio to include AWS transformation, transition and operational managed services; and more recently added Microsoft Azure managed services to its portfolio, to offer enterprise Clients real Hybrid IT service choice.


About Attenda Limited (www.attenda.com)

We are the number one UK pure-play provider of Hybrid IT and Application Hosting Services, specialising in running business critical applications. Our Business Critical IT approach combines business outcome focus with, a structured engagement methodology, and a comprehensive services and infrastructure portfolio.


Through an understanding of our Clients’ needs, we provide independent advice, to facilitate the right choices, modernising IT estates through the delivery of platform and location independent managed services that align to business outcomes. Our continual governance of these IT services enables Clients to focus on their business strategy, driving innovation and enhancing stakeholder value.


We have built up a commanding market reputation, with the industry's leading accreditations and an unrivalled portfolio of UK enterprise Clients including BSi, CVC, Nisa, Princes, reed.co.uk, Regus and Travelodge.

Attenda has been positioned in the quadrant, Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting, Europe for the last three years[1], and is ranked 20th in The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For 2015.


Attenda is ISO9001, ISO27001, ISO20000 and ISO22301 accredited, is a Microsoft Gold Hosting Partner, VMware Premier Service Provider, a SAP Partner, SAP Certified in Cloud Services, HP Gold Service Provider Partner and a G-Cloud certified service provider.

For further details, visit www.attenda.com

Allows Healthcare Providers to Streamline Administrative and Clinical Processes, Delivering Better Patient Outcomes for Less Cost


LONDON –Qinec, a digital health company focused on cloud based Care Pathway Management, today announces the launch of Release X. Features in this release include business and clinical analytics, a pathway focused workflow engine, and customisable patient communications schemes, all of which result in the creation and delivery of better quality care with improved outcomes at significantly lower cost.


Healthcare providers are struggling to connect their disparate siloed clinical and administrative IT systems into a unified and collaborative solution that addresses the full patient journey; the result is increased administrative time and less face-to-face time with patients. In a recent study from Accenture, 55 per cent of UK providers and 71 per cent of US providers said that healthcare IT has decreased time spent with patients.


Qinec’s Release X provides a single, real-time view of the entire patient journey from referral to discharge. It gives providers the ability to design and automate their own pathways, enabling each patient to be automatically progressed through their personal care journey.


“Qinec has been a great partner in helping us improve the way we deliver care,” said Guy Blomfield, CEO of Alliance Medical, Europe’s largest medical services provider. “We are looking forward to learning more about these new features and how they can benefit our patient experiences.”


Key new features of Release X include:


Business and Clinical Analytics

Qinec Analytics provides instant access to real-time clinical and administrative data across all specialties and sites, integrating with external pathology, PACS and Patient Administration Systems (PAS). It comes with a standard set of business and clinical reports pre-loaded and a “drag and drop” facility so customers can easily create their own reports and dashboards. By having all clinical and business intelligence in one place, customers are better able to forecast requirements, plan resources and run their organisations more efficiently.


Workflow Engine

Workflow Engine reduces administrative overhead by actively managing each patient’s pathway in real time, using “if this, then that” rules to automatically calculate how to progress their journey. This enables providers to model their own unique administrative and clinical pathways, across all specialties, delivering better care with less effort.


Communications Schemes

Qinec’s Communications Schemes give patients and providers better engagement and reduces “did not attend” (DNAs) by automatically setting preferred personal communications strategies across the patient journey. Patients can select their preferred modes of communication and corporates can create rules to ensure that their employees and patients are contacted only in line with overriding corporate guidelines.


Jon Dore, Operations Director at Optegra, said, “We’ve been using Release X to implement new care pathways, and we’ve been impressed with its flexibility. We’ve embedded new customer communications channels directly into our care pathways, which enables us to continually monitor and improve the patient experience and care we deliver.”


“The Healthcare market is trying to solve 21st Century problems with 20th Century technology,” said Robbie Hughes, Qinec CEO. “Our unique patient journey approach delivers better care for less money by joining up the patient journey and automating the delivery of care. With the new features in Release X, providers will have even greater control over the patient journey releasing clinicians and support staff from unnecessary activities, resulting in a better patient experience.”


For more details on the new features in Release X, and to learn more about Qinec’s unique approach, visit http://www.qinec.com/platform/.


About Qinec

Qinec is a UK-based digital health company providing Care Pathway management solutions. The company’s cloud-based SaaS platform uses real time data to orchestrate the patient journey to achieve optimal outcomes for patients, providers and payers at lower cost. Managing millions of patients a year across Europe, Qinec tailors processes and optimises clinical and administrative workflows across every specialty of outpatient care. For more information about Qinec please visit www.qinec.com.

Conforming Implementation of the User-Managed Access Standard Helps Organizations Build Trusted Digital Relationships With Customers and Protect Internet of Things Data Privacy

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – ForgeRock®, the leading open platform provider of identity management solutions, today introduced its newest identity management platform, including an implementation of the User-Managed Access (UMA) standard. Built on consent-by-default and consent-by-design principles, the ForgeRock Identity Platform™ is the first identity management platform to support an UMA implementation designed for consumer consent and data sharing purposes.

"Highly scalable platform architecture is becoming increasingly sought-after amongst hyper-connected organizations that must support millions of customers across even more devices and things," said Martin Kuppinger, founder and principal analyst of KuppingerCole. "As the influence of the IoT spreads to all aspects of our lives, the ability to adapt access management capabilities quickly will become pivotal to future business success. Furthermore, with consumer expectations surrounding data security and privacy higher than ever before, standards such as UMA will soon become the industry benchmark to which all organizations must conform."

Providing Strategic Business Certainty as the Regulatory Landscape Shifts
The use of customer's personal data has significantly evolved over time due to regulatory changes and court decisions. For example, the EU Court of Justice decision in late 2015 affected many U.S. companies' use of the Safe Harbor framework, and changes in regulations -- such as the emerging EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) -- often affect the use of data for which consent was previously gathered.

The new ForgeRock Identity Platform, specifically designed as a User-Managed Access solution, enables businesses and government organizations to present customers with options to proactively delegate -- and revoke -- data access to others. It also enables individuals to consent to data access that was requested and to deny requested access, to monitor data access they have consented to over time, and to adjust that access upwards and downwards, all in a fine-grained fashion and in a conveniently centralized location. These capabilities provide important freedoms to give or withhold consent.

A Superior Technical Solution Where Before There Were Few
Previous consent-to-share tools have consisted largely of checkboxes, cookie acknowledgment widgets, and -- for the more technically knowledgeable -- "social login" application libraries. However, today's new regulations require new solutions. The ForgeRock User-Managed Access solution offers a new dimension in consent-to-share tools.

Giving Customers Reasons to Trust
Sources and volumes of personal data have also grown as consumer Internet of Things (IoT) devices have become more pervasive; soon, connected cars, medical devices, and smart home devices -- all made by different manufacturers -- will be competing for consumers' attention in how their personal data is shared with other applications, people, and organizations in their lives.

"In an era of very public data breaches and heightened consumer awareness, 'fostering trusted digital relationships' can't be considered a buzz phrase. Privacy strategy must include a consent-to-share strategy that looks after the top line of the business," said Mike Ellis, CEO of ForgeRock. "The UMA standard was created to give an individual a unified control point for authorizing who and what can get access to their digital data, content and services, no matter where all those things live. The new ForgeRock Identity Platform enables private and public organizations to quickly deploy secure identity services based on UMA principles."

According to Eve Maler, VP of Innovation and Emerging Technology at ForgeRock and founder and chair of the UMA Work Group, "Organizations looking to design personalized digital services that also respect an individual's right to control access to their data will find that the ForgeRock Identity Platform offers a new set of tools making this possible. Further, by designing services that offer this transparency and respect, organizations are also better able to address the implications of the emerging regulatory landscape. As we celebrate the upcoming Data Privacy Day 2016, our new Identity Platform is tangible proof that ForgeRock is delivering on its commitments to consumer privacy and data protection."

The ForgeRock Identity Platform is available for download now at: https://www.forgerock.com/downloads/

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About ForgeRock
The ForgeRock Identity Platform™ transforms the way millions of customers and citizens interact with businesses and governments online, providing better security, building relationships, and enabling new cloud, mobile, and IoT offerings from any device or connected thing. ForgeRock serves hundreds of brands like Morningstar, Vodafone, GEICO, TomTom, and Pearson, as well as governments like Norway, Canada, and Belgium, among many others. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, ForgeRock has offices in London, Paris, Düsseldorf, Bristol, Grenoble, Oslo, Singapore, and Vancouver, Washington. ForgeRock is privately held, backed by leading global venture capital firms Accel Partners, Foundation Capital, and Meritech Capital. For more information and free downloads, visit http://www.forgerock.com or follow ForgeRock on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/forgerock.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. –  ForgeRock®, the leading open platform provider of identity management solutions, today introduced its enhanced ForgeRock Identity Platform™ -- offering the industry's first identity management platform to continuously and contextually assess the authenticity of users, devices and things. Built on privacy-by-consent principles, the ForgeRock Identity Platform is also now the first identity management platform to fully implement the User-Managed Access (UMA) standard, making it possible for organizations to address expanding privacy regulations and establish trusted digital relationships.

In the past, identity management was used primarily for employee security and viewed as a necessary enterprise cost. Yet innovations in identity management technology now enable enterprises and government organizations to securely provision digital services to millions -- and up to billions -- of customers and citizens. As more digital services and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices come online, the enhanced ForgeRock Identity Platform offers organizations new ways to simplify and enrich their customers' lives:

  • Continuous Security at Scale: Conventional identity products only provide protection "at the doorway," not through the life of a session. The ForgeRock Identity Platform is the first identity management platform to offer continuous security, making it possible to assess the authenticity of users, devices and things. Through ForgeRock's contextual authorization features and adaptive risk engine, organizations can verify the authenticity of users, devices, things and services throughout a session, and mitigate risk whenever an anomaly is detected. If a suspicious action is detected -- for example, a user moves from a protected network at his office to an unprotected network at the nearby coffee shop -- the ForgeRock Identity Platform can apply step-up authentication and require further authorization for the session to proceed. Additionally, the enhanced platform enables identity professionals to simplify security and lower the total cost of deploying multi-factor authentication with ForgeRock's out-of-the-box mobile iOS or Android mobile authentication app. The new mobile app provides strong multi-factor authentication, generates one-time passwords, and delivers easy and secure provisioning with quick response (QR) codes.
  • Security for the Internet of Things (IoT): Traditional identity management platforms have been designed to only support authorization policies for URLs and lack the ability to address the unique needs of the IoT. The ForgeRock Identity Platform's new universal authorization capability now makes it possible to secure IoT devices and things. For example, universal authorization can be used to enable a hotel room to be unlocked with the guest's phone. With universal authorization, it's now possible to define specific resource types or "things" with custom actions to build solution-specific policies.
  • Enhanced Data Privacy Controls:  The upcoming General Data Protection Regulation presents global implications for the way in which organizations deal with data privacy -- not just for customers but for employees as well. However, there has not previously been a standardized way for organizations to provide capabilities to control, share, and revoke access to data, whether that be for internal employees, partners, other organizations or consumers. User-Managed Access (UMA) is a new standard featuring a group of capabilities designed to enable individuals to selectively share, control, authorize and revoke access to data. ForgeRock is the first identity management platform vendor to include a full implementation of the UMA standard. Now organizations can build customer trust and unlock new opportunities by offering consumers the choice of who to share their personal data with, under what circumstances and for how long. For example, a patient collecting cardio data through a health wearable could stream data to a clinician to monitor heart rate, or collect and share that data with another doctor for a short time window in order to get a second opinion. For organizations, they no longer need to rely on proprietary tools to securely share data with employees, partners and third parties.

"ForgeRock's focus on highly scalable, business-to-customer identity management technology differentiates it in a sector still concerned primarily with traditional business-to-business offerings. Building identity management platforms around the customer rather than the business delivers significant benefits in terms of user experience, security and privacy online," said Rik Turner, senior analyst on Ovum's Infrastructure Solutions Team. "The implementation of the UMA standard in ForgeRock's new platform will put unprecedented levels of data control into the hands of the consumer. This approach will help build greater trust online by ensuring that consumer privacy is front and center of the online experience."

"Organizations, particularly those in the retail, healthcare and financial services industries, want an identity management platform that can aid them in providing their customers with highly personalized and convenient digital services faster than their competitors," said Mike Ellis, CEO of ForgeRock. "With the recent growth of the IoT and the shifting regulatory environment, it's also paramount that organizations are able to secure and meet demand for greater control of customer data. By leveraging our new platform, ForgeRock customers are able to build trusted digital relationships with their customers as well as address legal requirements for user consent." 

The ForgeRock Identity Platform is available for download now at:

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About ForgeRock
The ForgeRock Identity Platform™ transforms the way millions of customers and citizens interact with businesses and governments online, providing better security, building relationships, and enabling new cloud, mobile, and IoT offerings from any device or connected thing. ForgeRock serves hundreds of brands like Morningstar, Vodafone, GEICO, TomTom, and Pearson, as well as governments like Norway, Canada, and Belgium, among many others. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, ForgeRock has offices in London, Paris, Düsseldorf, Bristol, Grenoble, Oslo, Singapore, and Vancouver, Washington. ForgeRock is privately held, backed by leading global venture capital firms Accel Partners, Foundation Capital, and Meritech Capital. For more information and free downloads, visit http://www.forgerock.com or follow ForgeRock on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/forgerock.

CSTAR Creates First Actionable Score for Businesses and Insurance Carriers to Accurately, Easily Measure Cyber Risk

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – UpGuard (www.upguard.com), formerly ScriptRock (www.scriptrock.com), today unveiled its Cybersecurity Threat Assessment Report (CSTAR), the industry's first and only comprehensive and actionable cybersecurity preparedness score for enterprises. UpGuard's CSTAR is a FICO-like score that allows businesses to measurably understand the risk of data breaches and unplanned outages due to misconfigurations and software vulnerabilities, while also offering insurance carriers a new standard by which to more effectively assess risk and compliance profiles.

Cybersecurity insurance is designed to mitigate losses from a variety of cyber incidents, including data breaches, business interruption and network damage; however, many companies forego available policies due to perceived high cost and uncertainty that their organizations will suffer an attack. With CSTAR, insurance carriers can make smarter underwriting decisions while accelerating the availability of comprehensive and cost-effective cybersecurity insurance policies for businesses.

"It's impossible for businesses to get a clear picture of their systems -- and put simply, they can't even begin to fix what they don't understand. That shortcoming has led to many high-profile data breaches making headlines and has also left the bulk of the global economy uninsured," said Mike Baukes, co-CEO and co-founder of UpGuard. "CSTAR aims to be the standard upon which companies re-evaluate security practices and for insurance carriers to sharpen evaluation methods and broaden coverage policies."

Introducing The First Comprehensive, FICO-Like Standard For Cybersecurity
UpGuard's expertise in configuration anomaly and vulnerability detection allows for a complete picture of an organization's cybersecurity preparedness. An organization's CSTAR represents a company's aptitude in the areas of compliance, integrity and security across all servers, network devices and cloud applications. UpGuard customers can trace changes in their CSTAR evaluation down to the smallest building blocks of information technology and use the full report to then remediate potential risks, creating a safer environment for customer data and lowering insurance costs. Thousands of customers worldwide already use UpGuard's technology to validate mission-critical infrastructure and continuously detect potential risks.

The CSTAR reflects three distinct assessment categories:

  • Compliance measures an organization's ability to maintain its systems in a resilient state. A high score in this category indicates the organization ensures their servers, network devices, and cloud services are maintained properly and correctly configured.
  • Integrity measures an organization's ability to determine whether changes are authorized or unauthorized. UpGuard documents every change within its auditable system of record, then performs a number of policy-based checks to determine how many of those changes are expected.
  • Security measures an organization's ability to detect and remediate vulnerabilities. UpGuard maintains an updated database of information about known software vulnerabilities from top security organizations, as well as integrates with multiple vulnerability assessment tools, to determine which systems and software packages may be at risk. The number and severity of vulnerabilities, along with the frequency of scans, determine this category's score.

Just as FICO became a global standard for measuring risk in the financial industry through establishing an accurate and reliable number lenders trust to make credit decisions, UpGuard envisions a similar path for CSTAR to be the single score for measuring risk that insurance providers and businesses alike rely on to make cyber risk decisions.

"The market for cyberinsurance is still developing, because the risks underlying the coverage are difficult to quantify from an actuarial standpoint. With no standard set of actuarial tables, insurers are often left to their own underwriting standards and creativity when offering cyberinsurance policies. The lack of actuarial data and the diversity of IT risks that are not presently covered, as well as the increased price, make cyberinsurance less desirable to companies seeking coverage," notes Gartner, Inc. in Understanding When and How to Use Cyberinsurance Effectively, John A. Wheeler, March 12, 2015.

Giving Rise To The Cybersecurity Insurance Industry
The White House expects by 2020 for cybersecurity insurance to be as common as product liability coverage and other basic policies -- and yet, only a few dozen insurers globally currently offer it. UpGuard has worked with major industry players, including CRC Insurance Services, Inc. and Corona Underwriters, to deeply understand challenges unique to the underwriting and decision-making process. Rather than write policies based on ballpark estimates or conjecture, CSTAR enables carriers to measure cyber risk for companies at an individualized operational level, and write policies based on concrete security data. It provides a much-needed industry standard that allows carriers to finally understand cybersecurity risk and to act on that information.

"UpGuard takes an altogether different approach to an issue that's long hindered the cyber insurance industry. Such an easy-to-understand score and scalable solution will greatly enhance our ability to assess the cybersecurity of our clients," said Garrett Koehn, president, Northwestern Region for CRC Insurance Group, a leading commercial insurance wholesaler.

To see how it works, or to get your CSTAR rating, visit www.upguard.com.

About UpGuard
UpGuard is the company behind CSTAR, the world's only comprehensive and actionable cybersecurity preparedness score for enterprises. The FICO-like score allows businesses to understand the risk of breaches and unplanned outages due to misconfigurations and software vulnerabilities. It also offers insurance carriers a new standard by which to effectively assess client risk and compliance profiles. Thousands of companies, including ADP, E*TRADE and Cisco Systems, use UpGuard to validate infrastructure, continuously detect risks and procure cybersecurity insurance. UpGuard is headquartered in Mountain View, CA with offices in Portland, OR. To see how UpGuard works, or to get your CSTAR rating, visit www.upguard.com.

Subscribe to the UpGuard blog: www.upguard.com/blog
Follow UpGuard on Twitter: @UpGuard
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Illumio to Deliver Continuous and Adaptive Security Within Data Centers and Cloud

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Illumio announced today that NetSuite Inc., the industry's leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP and omnichannel commerce software suites, has selected the Illumio Adaptive Security Platform (ASP)™ to secure its high-value applications across its data centers and cloud environments. NetSuite's decision to adopt Illumio ASP was driven by its need for continuous security and the desire for complete flexibility when determining the granularity of security policy enforcement for high-value applications and processes.

Illumio ASP is the first software to deliver intelligent visibility, micro-segmentation and encryption that constantly adapts to changes in computing environments. With Illumio ASP, security is always kept intact, including during moves, changes and orchestration, regardless of where a workload resides. 

"There can be no rest in what we do with our security because we are delivering software continuously to our customers all over the world. The sun never sets for us," said Brian Chess, SVP of Infrastructure and Security, NetSuite. "Illumio has delivered security and visibility so intelligent my team only needs to set policies once and then as our computing environment expands, contracts and moves, Illumio ASP takes care of ensuring our desired security is always enforced. It has been like having an additional member of our security team that never sleeps -- allowing us to increase security across our suite of software applications."

NetSuite is utilizing Illumio ASP's full suite of features across its data centers and clouds to increase security and benefit immediately from:

  • Continuous Policy Enforcement: Illumio's Policy Compute Engine delivers intelligent visibility, segmentation and encryption that constantly adapts to changes in any computing environment.
  • Live Traffic and Policy Visibility: Real-time graphical map of all application traffic enables NetSuite to create well-informed security policies down to the workload and process level.
  • Infrastructure Independence: Security decoupled from the network works across data centers and public clouds with uniform policies on any combination of computing, bare metal, virtual machines and containers. This enables NetSuite to evolve securely to new computing.
  • On-Demand, Policy-Based Encryption: IPsec connections are implemented for applications across environments with a single click, without any VLANs or hardware.
  • Enterprise Scale and Reliability: Software is built for distributed scale out with a self-healing redundant architecture. Enforcement remains consistent even with system outage.
  • One Click to Quarantine: NetSuite can see unauthorized workload communications (policy violations) in real time -- including malware and Trojans -- and can quarantine with a single click.

About Illumio
Illumio delivers adaptive security for every computing environment, protecting the 80 percent of data center and cloud traffic missed by the perimeter. The company's Adaptive Security Platform™ visualizes application traffic and delivers continuous, scalable, and dynamic policy and enforcement to every bare-metal server, VM, container, and VDI within data centers and public clouds. Using Illumio, enterprises such as Morgan Stanley, Plantronics, NTT, King Entertainment, NetSuite, and Creative Artists Agency have achieved secure application and cloud migration, environmental segmentation, compliance, and high-value application protection from breaches and threats with no changes to applications or infrastructure. For more information, visit www.illumio.com or follow @Illumio.

OT Disaster Recovery as a Service to Offer a Warm Recovery Site Option for Clients

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Online Tech announced today the release of its latest business continuity service, OT Disaster Recovery as a Service (OT DRaaS). The new product, OT DRaaS, offers shorter recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) for clients that are now measured in minutes, versus previous recovery times of hours to days.

"Disaster Recovery has been a thorny hurdle throughout most of my career running large-scale enterprise infrastructure," said Nick Lumsden, Online Tech's Vice President of Technology and Product Strategy. "Cold sites can take too long for critical applications. Hot sites can increase costs by two to three times the capital and operating expenditure of the primary site. And warm failover has historically been very difficult to orchestrate. That's why we are so excited about our new DRaaS offering -- it makes having a warm recovery site so easy for our clients to use."

As an added service to Online Tech's existing backup offering, OT DRaaS offers better control of testing and recovery practices through test alerts and the monitoring of results, improving recovery practices and compliance testing. In addition to access and analytics, they will also greatly benefit from better integration into their client portal, providing additional control in testing environments and clearer insights into their servers and recovery. 

"This is a huge benefit for our clients, because our new offering grows our disaster recovery solution tenfold," said Yan Ness, CEO of Online Tech. "Instead of just cold site offering, we now can combine our two cloud locations and dozens of managed services for any client to offer warm and, eventually, hot DR. We will be making DR as easy as offsite backup with failover measured in minutes, not hours."

The fully managed disaster recovery service comes with the full backing of the Online Tech support team which is always ready to help configure, test, and initiate a failover. Visit www.onlinetech.com/products/disaster-recovery-as-a-service for more information.

About Online Tech

Online Tech is the Midwest's leader in secure, compliant enterprise cloud and colocation hosting services. The company's network of five data centers protect mission critical applications to ensure they are always available, secure and comply with government and industry regulations. Backed by independent HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2 and Safe Harbor audits, Online Tech delivers exceptional experiences for companies in need of a strategic hosting partner. For more information, call (877) 740-5028, email contactus@onlinetech.com or visit www.onlinetech.com.

MIMIX 8.1 Update Delivers Faster Replication, Virtual Switch and Other New Features for Easy Management, Scalability and Assured Protection From All Forms of Downtime

IRVINE, Calif. – Vision Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of high availability, disaster recovery, and migration software and services, announced today the release of MIMIX 8.1 for IBM i. The product update delivers faster replication to protect the growing volumes of data and transactions reported by businesses of all sizes; greater confidence that applications can switch to a backup server at a moment's notice; and easier solution management to minimize demands on IT resources. 

MIMIX 8.1 makes Vision Solutions' suite of MIMIX products -- which includes MIMIX Availability, the industry leader in IBM i high availability, as well as MIMIX DR, MIMIX Move and MIMIX for PowerHA -- even more robust. MIMIX products scale to meet the demands of small to enterprise-class businesses that cannot afford the impact of data loss or downtime for their mission-critical IBM i applications. Its flexible, sophisticated replication technology makes it a match for on-premises or cloud environments with any type of IBM Power Systems hardware, storage or IBM i OS version.

MIMIX 8.1 delivers benefits to the full MIMIX brand family. New features include:

  • Virtual switch, an automated procedure that supports HA/DR plan testing by enabling business applications to be tested on the backup server without impacting production operations
  • Continuous autofix technology that detects and intelligently repairs issues found during replication and audits to reduce day-to-day management requirements while enhancing performance
  • Enhanced replication performance for high throughput environments or highly constrained environments
  • Greater control of audit status to allow administrators to refine the audit exceptions they receive, noticeably reducing solution management needs
  • Simplified replication configuration and smart problem resolution to support the creation of optimal replication configurations from MIMIX's data protection reports and guide administrators through the analysis of exceptions

"The virtual switch feature in MIMIX 8.1 is particularly useful because it allows our customers to test their HA environments without affecting production operations, which gives them the confidence to perform full switch tests," said Neil Clark, Senior Consultant at Clear Technologies. "I've been working with MIMIX for 20 years. There's simply no better solution in the market."

The release of MIMIX 8.1 is further evidence of Vision Solutions' ongoing commitment to enhance its product portfolio and provide customers, channel partners and cloud service providers with a competitive edge.

"We are continuing to evolve MIMIX for IBM i to meet the ever-changing needs of the marketplace and drive innovation through products that are easy to use," said Alan Arnold, Vision Solutions executive vice president and chief technology officer. "Our MIMIX 8.1 update delivers significantly reduced solution management requirements, enhanced replication performance and the much-needed ability to test an HA/DR plan without business impact."

MIMIX is a must-have for businesses looking for a complete, easy-to-use solution to migrate, protect and recover IBM i data and applications. With a host of new and improved features, MIMIX 8.1 delivers an even higher level of protection from a proven market-leader.

To learn more about MIMIX 8.1 or to request a product demo, visit http://visionsolutions.com/Contact-Us.

About Vision Solutions (www.visionsolutions.com/)
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Collaboration Will Provide Visibility and Control Over User Identity Access Across Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments and Mobile Devices

WALTHAM, Mass. – CloudLock®, the leading provider of Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Cybersecurity-as-a-Service solutions, today announced it is working with AirWatch® on identity management and enterprise mobility management with CASB and cloud cybersecurity capabilities. The convergence of mobile, cloud and identities has extended the corporate perimeter, leading to new vulnerabilities. This collaboration is designed to provide organizations control over user identities and can help protect users, accounts and applications from account compromise, data breaches and cloud malware across cloud infrastructure and mobile devices.

The solution will combine VMware Identity Manager™, AirWatch by VMware Enterprise Mobility Management™ and CloudLock's CASB and cybersecurity solution to provide extensive visibility and control over user identity access rights and privileges across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, including SaaS, PaaS and IaaS cloud platforms, as well as mobile devices.

CloudLock defends against account compromise with cross-platform User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) for SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and IDaaS environments. Through advanced machine learning, CloudLock detects anomalies in account usage based on factors such as activities outside of whitelisted countries and actions across distances in an impossible amount of time.

Additionally, CloudLock is now listed on the AirWatch marketplace. CloudLock can be accessed using VMware Identity Manager via SAML, enabling security professionals to easily manage user access. CloudLock is also working to extend CASB security controls with AirWatch.

Consider the example of an individual using VMware Identity Manager to authenticate to a cloud platform monitored by CloudLock on a device protected by AirWatch. While each solution may individually detect anomalous activity, aggregating the data streams of all three solutions harmonizes on-premises, cloud, and mobile cybersecurity intelligence and capabilities for a comprehensive understanding of cyber threats and meaningful security insight.

Correlating multiple incidents, such as a user's attempt to login from an atypical geography (as detected by VMware Identity Manager and AirWatch), and an unusually high volume of file download within the monitored cloud application (as seen by CloudLock), makes this possible.

Through an integrated and enriched data feed, organizations gain the sufficient intelligence to identify and eliminate threats that would otherwise go undetected. Additionally, the strengths of each solution can be leveraged to respond to the threat: AirWatch can take predetermined compliance actions on compromised devices, VMware Identity Manager can require multi-factor authentication upon the next login, while CloudLock leverages deep, API-driven integration with cloud platforms to remediate risk by automating capabilities native to the monitored platforms, such as encryption or quarantine.

"As the CASB market leader, this collaboration extends that leadership to the identity management and enterprise mobility management space with a significant security solution," said John Amaral, Head of Product Delivery at CloudLock. "This is a very important collaboration for us and industry security leaders, CIOs and CISOs. We are very excited to work with VMware to bring a comprehensive solution to our mutual customers."

"VMware's extensive mobility ecosystem enables our customers to bring additional layers of security and threat defense automation to their mobile programs," said Noah Wasmer, senior vice president of mobile engineering and product management, End-User Computing, VMware. "Organizations are discovering how CASB solutions combined with identity management and EMM bring a new level of automation and security for full-scale cloud security. VMware Identity Manager, VMware AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management and CloudLock CASB empowers organizations to further protect their users, devices, accounts and information across cloud environments."

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