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MAX Backup offers data recovery in as little as five minutes and backs up 80% faster

EDINBURGH LogicNow has today announced the launch of a new version of MAX Backup, its hybrid cloud backup and disaster recovery solution. MAX Backup v15.0 is part of MAXfocus, the world’s most widely trusted managed service provider (MSP) and IT support platform.

This major release allows MSPs to upgrade their customers from a “Backup as a Service” offering, to a full mission-critical “Disaster Recovery as a Service” solution. MAX Backupdelivers the most up-to-the minute protection by backing-up 80% faster, and minimises time to recovery (TTR) by making standby images available in as little as 5 minutes after failure. This combination of best-in-class Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives puts MSPs in a position to satisfy even the most demanding customer requirements with a single solution.

MAX Backup v15.0 builds on previous releases that focused on the efficiency of backup processes and real-time notification. The new release allows customers to use pay-per-use public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure as recovery targets, reducing overall disaster recovery costs with a “Bring Your Public Cloud” model.

The new major features of MAX Backup v15.0 are:

  • Standby Image – By combining all the benefits of a granular, file-level backup with a full and quickly recoverable VM image, MAX Backup delivers a unique approach to business continuity and disaster recovery. This means our partners now have exceptional backup flexibility and rapid recovery all from one single product.
  • Backup Accelerator – Large databases, applications and files of 10s to 100s of gigabytes can be tricky to backup efficiently – much of the time used to backup such data is taken up simply determining what changes have been made in the files and require protection. Backup Accelerator reduces the backup “pre-processing” time through continuous monitoring of changes. Daily backups of these large files and databases are up to 80% faster with the new version of MAX Backup.
  • Cloud Recovery Targets – The update introduces two new Cloud Recovery Targets for our Virtual Disaster Recovery and Continuous Restore features. This will provides IT service providers with the opportunity to move from “Backup as a Service” to “Disaster Recovery as a Service” without the need for their own infrastructure, by using a bring-your-public-cloud (BYPC) model. The addition of Amazon Web Service (AWS) EC2 and Microsoft Azure support so that users can now specify these new remote cloud targets for recovery, or one of the existing local recovery targets (VMware vSphere, local VMDK or Microsoft Hyper-V).

“MSPs want to be able to provide more value to their customers. Backup can easily be seen as a business continuity box-ticking exercise – as long as everything is safe if the worst happens, then all is well,” said Chris Groot VP, Sales, MAX Backup & Recovery. “But we and the MSPs we work with know that with disaster recovery, the speed of backup and the speed of recovery is vital. The new features and new direction of MAX Backup v15.0 mean that MSPs can offer disaster recovery services where downtime will be measured in minutes rather than hours, positioning them as the best provider of this mission-critical service to their clients.”

IBM Beacon Awards recognise select Business Partners for delivering advanced cloud, analytics, mobile, security and social solutions


LONDON – Portal was named a winner of a 2015 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Solution for Midsize Businesses. Each year, this honor is awarded to a select number of IBM Business Partners who have delivered exceptional solutions to drive business value and transform the way their clients and industries do business in the future. The 2015 awards recognise achievements across a wide-range of solution areas, including, cloud, analytics, mobile, security and social business.


“We are delighted to receive this IBM Beacon Award for our work as a valued business consultant and advisor to Brockenhurst College and all our other clients in the education sector,” said Jon Bradshaw, managing director, Portal. “Being recognised for our IBM Exceptional Student Experience solution is a great accomplishment for the company and we look forward to helping more educational institutes increase their recruitment, retention and reputation and become truly student-centric in an increasingly competitive educational landscape.”


The Beacon Awards are an integral part of IBM’s Business Partner recognition program. Announced at the IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, the winners are selected by a panel of expert judges consisting of IBM executives, industry analysts and members of the press. IBM's Beacon Awards recognise Business Partners who have demonstrated business excellence in delivering IBM-based solutions to clients around the world to drive transformation and business growth. This year’s awards recognised Business Partner achievements across 28 award categories. This includes two new awards for 2015: the Big Data and Analytics Solution award and Technical Support Services Solution award.


“The 2015 Beacon Award winners are Business Partners who have demonstrated their ability to transform the way their industries do business and deliver outstanding value to clients through the development of new, advanced solutions focused on cloud, analytics, mobile, security and social,” said Marc Dupaquier, general manager, IBM Global Business Partners. “We’re pleased to recognise Portal for consistently delivering these innovative IBM solutions by honoring them with a Beacon Award for Outstanding Solution for Midsize Businesses.”


For more information about the IBM Beacon Awards, including information about winners and finalists, please visit www.ibm.com/partnerworld/beacons.


To learn more about IBM PartnerWorld, a comprehensive program that offers marketing and sales resources, training, certification and technical support to help create new revenue and market opportunities for IBM Business Partners, visit http://www.ibm.com/partnerworld.


About Portal

Portal is an award-winning business and technology consultancy. Through expertise in Customer Engagement, Analytics and Collaboration, Portal helps customers transform their organisations for growth, productivity and profitability. Blending a deep understanding of customer challenges with expert knowledge of best-of-breed technologies, Portal delivers solutions across a range of industries including financial services, manufacturing, retail, transport, public sector and education. To learn more visit www.chooseportal.com or follow @ChoosePortal.

Provides higher end availability, scalability and simplicity for mid-size companies

INDIANAPOLIS – Scale Computing, the leading provider of hyperconverged solutions, today announced that it has added built-in VM level remote replication and introduced a new, streamlined user interface to make its HC3® platform an even better fit for small- and medium-sized businesses and enterprise departments looking to overcome the barriers of implementing virtualization, and fast recovery from IT disasters.

As data requirements at organizations of every size continue to require more storage assets and additional compute power, virtualization becomes a more-attractive option. For IT staffs at smaller organizations, the introduction of a virtualization layer can add complexity and management issues beyond what they are often prepared to handle.  Addressing disaster recovery is often out of reach due to increased cost and complexity of point solutions.  Scale Computing’s HC3 products provide the server hardware, virtualization software and storage needed in a hyperconverged platform that can be managed from a single, unified interface to simplify data center management.  Now that same simplicity can extend to remote disaster recovery as well.

Scale Computing’s latest release features built-in remote disaster recovery to allow users to set up continuous replication on a VM by VM basis between two HC3 clusters with space-efficient snapshot technology replicating to a secondary site, tracking only the blocks unique to each manual or automatic snapshot and sending the changed blocks.  Testing a DR infrastructure plan is now as simple as cloning a snapshot on the target cluster and starting a VM with no disruption to ongoing replication.  In case of disaster, users can simply “clone” a snapshot on the target cluster for the manual failover of a VM that is immediately bootable or simply replicate changed data at a DR site back to the primary site for simple failback. 

This capability is built in at no additional charge and is available as a non-disruptive “rolling upgrade” for users of HC3 HyperCore™ version 5.

“DR is out of reach of many SMBs, but now HC3 opens the door and provides an easy and cost effective solution to a major unmet need,” said George Crump, President and Founder of Storage Switzerland. “The new interface is also a big part of the HC3 6.0 release. Scale has created streamlined workflows for administrators, surrounded by a new intuitive design. This is critical for the SME, since the ‘server guy’ of these companies is also usually the ‘storage guy,’ the ‘network guy’ and the ‘desktop/laptop guy.’ Workflows allow an administrator to be guided through whatever virtualization task is needed and get back to doing other things, like troubleshooting the network or providing desktop support.”

In addition, the new user interface deployed in Scale Computing’s version 6 upgrade features an intuitive design with almost no learning curve that allows administrators to employ a “set it and forget it” mentality where they only need to periodically log in to make changes to the system.  The intelligence of Scale Computing’s patented HyperCore software handles the heavy lifting of VM failover and data redundancy.  Pop-up notifications display in-process user actions, alerts and processes to present users with relevant information about active events on the system.

Scale Computing’s built-in browser-based management console streamlines workflows for administrators with a 60 percent reduction in clicks during the VM creation workflow and quicker access to VM consoles directly from its Heads-Up Display (HUD).  Users can now combine VMs into logical groups via tagging and set multiple tags for easy filtering via spotlight search functionality that matches names and descriptions for quick access in larger environments.  Snapshot, cloning and replication functionality are now integrated into the card view of each VM for easy administration.

The company’s latest release expands on the feature set first introduced in HyperCore v5 to further overcome barriers of virtualization adoption at smaller companies or departmental organizations. Scale Computing’s HC3 virtualization platform is a complete ‘data center in a box’ with server, storage and virtualization integrated into a single appliance to deliver simplicity, availability and scalability at a fraction of the cost of similar solutions.  

“Smaller companies and departments of larger organizations need solutions that provide them with enterprise-class capabilities that can easily be managed with an often limited and generalized IT staff,” said Jeff Ready, CEO at Scale Computing.  “With HC3, we’ve removed the complexity associated with traditional virtualization deployments to provide a solution that is simple, available and scalable.  The enhancements we’ve incorporated into our latest release further supports this objective with a new UI that is more responsive and added replication functionality that protects businesses from downtime and revenue loss.”

Scale Computing’s 6.0 release is available with all new HC1000, HC2000 and HC4000 purchases or as an upgrade to existing installations.  Pricing information, technical resources or live demonstration requests are available at http://www.scalecomputing.com/products/support/

About Scale Computing
Scale Computing integrates storage, servers, and virtualization software into an all-in-one appliance based system that is scalable, self-healing and as easy to manage as a single server. Using industry standard components, the HC3 appliances install in under an hour, and can be expanded and upgraded with no downtime. High availability insulates the user from any disk or server failure and a unified management capability driven by the patented HyperCore Software™, efficiently integrates all functionality. The result is a data center solution that reduces operational complexity, allows a faster response to business issues, and dramatically reduces costs. For more information, call 877-SCALE-59 or visit www.scalecomputing.com.
AUSTIN, Texas – Caringo® today announced that its software-defined object storage, Swarm, is the foundation for a security and data integrity-focused cloud storage service offered by Telefonica.

Telefonica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world in terms of market capitalization and number of customers. From its consolidated position in the sector, and with fixed telephony and mobile broadband as key areas that support future growth, the company focuses its strategy on securing its leadership in the digital world. Present in 24 countries and with a customer base of more than 320 million customers, Telefonica has a strong presence in Europe and Latin America, important industrial alliances and a leading global scale which positions the company to capture growth opportunities.
After an extensive multi-year search, Telefonica selected Caringo Swarm because of Swarm’s unique mix of data protection flexibility, compliance features, and extensive protocol support. Also integral in Telefonica’s selection was Swarm’s focus on automation and symmetric architecture that eliminates tedious manual management often found in file system based storage solutions.
“We selected Caringo Swarm because of the software’s stability, enterprise feature set, and continued consistent innovation. Swarm will help us differentiate our service offerings while enabling us to scale our enterprise cloud storage services to a global web-scale service,” said Juan Manuel Moreno, Global Cloud Director at Telefonica.
With multiple petabyte growth forecasts over the next few years, Telefonica was challenged to deliver an enterprise cloud storage service that could meet their aggressive growth plans while offering the most flexible data protection, compliance and data access services.
“Being selected by such a well known and respected international organization like Telefonica after their extensive search is a true testament to Swarm’s unique mix of enterprise features, resilience and scale,” said Mark Goros, CEO of Caringo. “We go far beyond your basic object store, focusing on eliminating complexity for our customers and providing real, demonstrable value which was key in being selected. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationship with Telefonica and helping them achieve their goal of value through service.”
Telefonica has deployed in its TIER IV Datacenter in Alcalá (SPAIN) a Caringo-based solution that combines Caringo Swarm, the market-leading object storage software, with Dell servers, Force 10 switches and Sonic Wall firewalls to deliver a secure cloud storage service with Enterprise-grade durability and high availability. The service is provided, in a first phase, by Telefonica España & acens (http://www.acens.com/cloud/cloud-storage) through Telefonica’s Datacentre in Alcala; one of the world-leading datacenters with Tier IV Gold certification offering the highest levels of reliability and security. As all data is held within Spain, not an external country, the service is truly unique for the Spanish market. About Caringo Caringo was founded in 2005 to change the economics of storage by developing software designed from the ground up to solve the issues associated with relentless data growth. Caringo’s flagship product, Swarm, decouples data from applications and hardware providing a foundation for continued data access and analysis that continuously evolves while guaranteeing data integrity. Today, Caringo software is the foundation for web-scale storage solutions for the Department of Defense, the Brazilian Federal Court System, City of Austin, Telefonica, British Telecom, Verizon, Ask.com, Johns Hopkins University and hundreds more worldwide. Follow us on twitter @CaringoStorage and visit www.caringo.com to learn more.
New features, enhancements and WorkView interface are a result of an open dialog between MaxxVault LLC and clients


BOHEMIA, NY – (http://www.myprgenie.com) – MaxxVault LLC, a leading provider of Electronic Information Management Systems software, is pleased to announce that MaxxVault Enterprise 6.5 is now available for general release. With the new release, MaxxVault continues to be a leader in the mid and enterprise markets. Whether you decide to buy an on-premise solution or have it hosted in MaxxCloud, you never have to worry about sacrificing scalability. We have included over 300 new features and enhancements in the new release. Scalability, ease of use and flexibility are still the driving forces behind the MaxxVault Software Platform but in this release more than 60% of the new features came as a result of client requests. MaxxVault 6.5 also introduces a new WorkView interface for MaxxCloud users that is optimized for the features that our clients use the most. In version 6.5 we are also releasing our PDF Forms Server module. Now, everyday fillable PDF documents can be turned into online forms that help any company become more efficient with their information without any custom coding. It’s never been easier to create your own online document forms portal.

Companies of all sizes will find MaxxVault Enterprise 6.5 to have one of the industry’s best overall out-of-the-box features vs cost ratio in the market today. Our on-premise MaxxVault Enterprise core application license now includes access to advanced workflow features, integration APIs, the MaxxMobile user interface for five concurrent users. We have added button integration to MaxxBolt which gives the ability to use the powerful MaxxBolt toolbar or a simple MaxxBolt button that launches automatically from almost any Windows application to perform automated searches at the push of a button. Another feature that our clients have been asking for is keyless indexing and we have delivered it in this release. Now a user can simply have the document open, and by clicking on a pre-determined area on the document it will OCR the data and transfer it automatically to the proper index field. This new keyless-indexing feature complements our existing template-based OCR Zone feature in MaxxVault.

Here is a summary of a few of the other major enhancements:

  • MaxxLogic — create custom toolbar buttons to automate advanced business processes
  • Version 3.0 of MaxxMobile is included as part of MV 6.5
  • MaxxConnect for Sharp OSA and Kyocera HyPAS for direct Scan to MaxxCloud
  • Fujitsu PaperStream scan interface
  • MaxxCloud offers additional PDF embedded viewer option
  • Publish Folder to MaxxCloud allows clients to decide which folders may be published and accessed via the MaxxCloud interface
  • Updated document encryption with password-level security
  • Send out password protected PDF documents via email
  • Digital signature support for online fillable PDF forms
  • MaxxCloud integrates seamlessly with MaxxEditor desktop PDF and image collaboration tool
  • Updated to version 19 of  Nuance OCR engine for our level 2 OCR module
  • Updated to version 7.78 of DT Search engine
  • Additional MaxxCloud HTML5 and Javascript based annotations for custom stamp tools and password protected signatures
  • Microsoft Word Add-in support for version control directly from within Word
  • Outlook Desktop client support option for just storing attachments
  • MaxxVault user logins can now be configured to support strong passwords
  • Thumbnail preview can now be turned on our off in desktop MaxxVault viewer
  • Advanced Imaging Processing module

MaxxVault Enterprise 6.5 takes our revolutionary approach to information management to the next level by making it even easier to find exactly what you need when you need it. MaxxVault lets you start small and expand as time and budget permits. From the easy-to-use and customizable interface, to accessing documents and workflows on your tablet and mobile devices... staying productive has never been simpler or more affordable.

Award acknowledges Computacenter’s longstanding commitment and value selling success


LONDONComputacenter, Europe's leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services, enabling users and their business, today announced that it has received the Citrix award for Most Influential UK Partner of 2014.


To earn this accolade, Computacenter provided the most value selling activities and business in the UK of any other partner. This was achieved through a number of different tactics, including; identifying sales opportunities, providing customer education and strategy development assistance, proposing technical solutions for business issues, engaging in account planning with Citrix sales teams and delivering proofs of concept or demos to customers.


"To be named Citrix’s Most Influential UK Partner of 2014 is continued recognition of the time and commitment we have invested into Citrix, and in particular its mobile solutions." said Pierre Hall, Line of Business Director for Workspace and Mobile Solutions at Computacenter. "In today’s anytime, anywhere, any device workplace, it’s more important than ever for businesses to provide an excellent user experience. This is why we are also rolling out an Enterprise Mobility Management system to our own employees, as well as championing the solutions for our customers. We believe there are real business benefits to enable users and their businesses.”


Jason Tooley, UK country manager at Citrix commented: “Citrix is delighted to present Computacenter the award for Most Influential UK Partner of 2014. This award demonstrates Computacenter’s long standing commitment to Citrix, as further proven by the recent launch and deployment of an enterprise mobility management solution based on Citrix technology for use by Computacenter employees.” He added “Citrix considers its partner ecosystem integral to its success; it is vital that we acknowledge the exceptional contributions partners such as Computacenter have made – from managing the sales cycle to customer education and the implementation of software-defined workplace solutions. Congratulations on this well-deserved achievement.”


About Computacenter

Computacenter is Europe's leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services, enabling users and their business. We advise organisations on IT strategy, implement the most appropriate technology, optimise its performance, and manage our customers’ infrastructures. In doing this we help CIOs and IT departments in enterprise and corporate organisations maximise productivity and the business value of IT for internal and external users.

Rooted in core European countries Computacenter combines global reach with local expertise.

Market Leader in Electronics Manufacturing Uses IBM Cognos for Optimum Decision Making and Information-on-Demand


SLOUGH, UK – International IT solutions provider, Logicalis UK, has successfully completed an expansive business analytics implementation with ASM Assembly Systems, Printing Solutions Division (“ASM”) using the latest software from the IBM Cognos suite. ASM specialises in the equipment and processes to enable fast, high quality production of advanced electronics, semiconductors and fuel cells for sectors including automotive, telecoms and energy generation.


Achieving the objective of converting large quantities of its data into valuable, actionable knowledge, ASM has saved hundreds of man-hours and equipped a large group of ‘super-users’ to execute decisions that realise efficiencies in existing processes, improving customer relations and proactively addressing issues and opportunities with this project.


“ASM is relied upon around the world for its accuracy, quality and innovation, so having access to the best possible business intelligence is enormously valuable,” said Ian Bleazard, CIO at ASM. “We’ve been able to enjoy world-class support from Logicalis on this project, and believe we have a great platform for future development with the IBM Cognos suite.”


The Cognos solution – based around the Cognos products TM1, BI and Controller, and delivered and supported by Logicalis UK - provides ASM with a comprehensive and tightly integrated Management Information System (MIS) that is closely aligned to business processes, improving communication, collaboration and informed decision making in its manufacturing facilities, sales and support operations worldwide. As well as assisting with the solution’s integration, Logicalis also provided training and consultancy throughout the deployment.

“It’s been a successful and rewarding project, helping ASM realise their business aspirations in the areas of forecasting and financial reporting,” said Chris Gabriel, Chief Technology Officer at Logicalis UK. “Choosing the strength and flexibility of the IBM Business Analytics portfolio not only satisfies ASM’s immediate requirements but provides a platform for realising many future benefits from fact-based decision making and predictive management capabilities.”

Telstra today announced it has achieved Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) CE 2.0 certification of its international Ethernet portfolio, giving its customers confidence in the quality and global reach of these products.

MEF CE 2.0 certification assures Telstra’s customers that its international network is compliant with the industry’s highest technical standards and this latest international accreditation builds on the MEF CE 2.0 domestic certification achieved in March 2013 for its wholesale carrier Ethernet products.


Jim Clarke, Director, Marketing, Products and Pricing, Telstra Global Enterprise & Services said MEF CE 2.0 certification of Telstra’s international Ethernet portfolio demonstrated the company’s continued commitment to offering the best and leading technology standards for its products.


“At Telstra we have complete confidence in our service quality, and this next level of certification across our international Ethernet product range reaffirms this.


“Ultimately we strive for this level of certification so that our global customers can have guaranteed peace of mind on compatibility and ease of integration. With so many customers using our service as a component in a wider global IT environment, this seamless experience is critical,” Mr Clarke said.


Nan Chen, President of the MEF said the MEF Certification Program had been foundational in accelerating worldwide adoption of Carrier Ethernet solutions by tens of thousands of businesses and organisations.


“CE 2.0 certification is a highly challenging and significant accreditation to achieve and represents the gold standard of deployment for the marketplace. We congratulate Telstra on such an impressive result across its full international Ethernet product range,” Mr Chen concluded.


About Telstra

Telstra is the leading telecommunications and information services company in Australia. We provide end-to-end solutions including managed network services, global connectivity, cloud, voice, colocation, conferencing and satellite solutions. We have licenses in Asia, Europe and the US and offer access to over 2,000 PoPs in 230 countries and territories across the globe. Our extended reach means that we can offer customers smarter technology solutions to support sustainable business growth.


About the MEF

The MEF is the driving force behind the $70+ billion global market for Carrier Ethernet services and technologies and the defining body for LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration) standards that underpin emerging Third Network services with CE 2.0, SDN, and NFV. An industry alliance consisting of 220+ member organizations based in 43 countries, the MEF operates through a powerful collaborative framework of service providers, network solutions suppliers, and other stakeholders to achieve CE 2.0 and LSO development and globalization objectives.

Organisations that don’t embrace digital customer engagement channels – that’s web chat, social media, SMS, smart phones and mobile applications, and even video - into their engagement strategies within the next two years, are likely to see their customers jump ship to competitors that do. In fact, the digital customer engagement revolution is here, and is forcing organisations to adapt their customer service strategies, or die.

That’s according to new research published today by Dimension Data in its annual Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report. This year, 901 organisations in 72 countries across Asia Pacific, Australia, the Americas, Middle East & Africa, and Europe participated.


Results from the report show non-voice traffic (digital) is set to rise in 87 percent of contact centres within the next two years, and voice traffic (talking to a customer centre agent on the telephone) will drop in 42 percent of contact centres during the same period[1]. Based upon information gathered by Dimension Data gathered over last 10 years, contact centres will manage more digital interactions than voice in the next 24 months.


“This represents the biggest change in the contact centre business in 30 years, and has profound implications for the way organisations deploy technology to deliver and manage customer service,” says Adam Foster, Dimension Data’s Group Executive – Communications.


According to the report, by the end of 2016, customers will commonly be using up to seven different digital channels, in addition to the telephone.


“But,” stresses Foster, “That’s not to say that contact centres are dead, and customer service agents will become redundant. That’s definitely not the case. The reality is that their scope has been broadened, and the types of interactions that are happening via the telephone where an agent is required, are becoming more complex and more critical.


“Organisations will need to focus on getting their staff highly skilled and putting systems in place to enable them to answer customer enquiries immediately. Because voice is often the channel of last resort, this is where the moment of truth really happens. If agents can’t resolve the customer’s call, it will reflect badly on the organisation, and could lead to the search for an alternative supplier.”


Meanwhile, with around 74 percent of contact centres predicting the overall number of transactions to increase – largely fuelled by digital – the impact that this trend is having on customer satisfaction is concerning. Of the 901 research participants polled, 75 percent companies recognise that service is a differentiator, yet customer satisfaction is down for the fourth consecutive year.

A new survey from identity and access management (IAM) solutions provider SailPoint has revealed there is a "clear disconnect" between cloud usage and IT controls in many businesses.

SailPoint's "2014 Market Pulse Survey" of at least 3,000 employees worldwide showed that one out of every four workers admitted they would take copies of corporate data with them when they leave a company.

Survey researchers also pointed out that one in five employees is "going rogue" with corporate data and has uploaded this information to a cloud application such as Dropbox or Google Docs with the intent to share it outside the company.

"The challenge with cloud applications is that IT organizations must now manage applications that are deployed – and accessed – completely outside the firewall," SailPoint President Kevin Cunningham wrote in a blog post. "Adding to the complexity, employees are starting to use consumer-oriented applications for work-related activities, creating a significant blind spot when it comes to risk."