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EtherReach Global-IX Service Enables Russian Carrier to Reach Major Internet Exchanges

SUMMIT, NJ – Hibernia Networks, a provider of global telecommunications services, announces today TransTeleCom (TTK), which operates a fiber-optic communications network in Russia, is utilizing Hibernia’s EtherReach Global-IX service to augment TransTeleCom’s network connectivity in western Europe.

By leveraging Hibernia’s Global-IX service, TTK can directly connect to European Internet exchanges, including PLIX (Warsaw), NIX.CZ (Prague), Espanix (Madrid), MIX (Milan) and France-IX (Paris) over Hibernia’s Carrier Ethernet network. This augments TTK’s existing robust infrastructure to other exchanges throughout Europe.

TTK operates a fiber-optic network with over 1.6 Tbps in capacity and extending more than 76,000 kilometers throughout Russia, reaching 90% of Russia’s population. Its comprehensive suite of network services includes IP Access, international private lines, virtual Ethernet channels and also IP VPN services, all of which are tailored for carriers, enterprises and service providers.

Hibernia Networks has a robust network footprint,” comments Mr. Vitaly Kotov, Vice President and Head of the Backbone Unit for TTK. “By using Hibernia’s extensive presence at all of the European exchange points, TTK raises the quality and performance of its Internet services. TTK is already connected to major Internet exchanges in Europe, including LINX (London), DE-CIX (Frankfurt), AMS-IX (Amsterdam) and we plan to expand our presence throughout Europe leveraging Hibernia infrastructure. This is very important for TTK, as we aim to provide the highest-quality services for our global clients. With Hibernia’s solid price/performance ratios, we can expand into additional markets effectively.”

“Because of our state-of-the art network, Hibernia’s services are extremely flexible and scalable, offering clients a multitude of options and combinations,” states Eric Gutshall, Senior Vice President Global Sales for Hibernia Networks “With our EtherReach Global-IX service, we can easily scale from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps, allowing carriers immediate access to major global Internet exchanges – all across highly optimized routes. These qualities are key for content providers and carriers worldwide. We look forward to working with TTK, as they share our commitment to service excellence for their clients.”

With a next-generation, congestion-free and scalable Carrier Ethernet network, Hibernia’s EtherReach Global-IX product allows customers to connect with Internet exchanges from remote locations without any compromise on the performance. For more information on Hibernia’s global telecommunications services and to view its network map of over 200 Points of Presence, visit www.hibernianetworks.com.


About Hibernia Networks:

Hibernia Networks owns and operates a global network connecting North America, Europe and Asia. Hibernia offers over 200 network Points of Presence (PoPs) on over 27,000 kilometers of fiber.   

Hibernia Networks serves wholesale, financial and media customers with unparalleled support, flexibility and service. Hibernia’s wholesale services provide secure and diverse dedicated Ethernet, DTM and optical-level services, including GigE, 10G and LanPhy wavelengths and traditional SONET/SDH services. Hibernia’s financial services unite hundreds of global banks and financial exchanges with low-latency connectivity. Hibernia’s media services are dedicated to flawless delivery of video signals over fiber, supporting media companies across the globe with over 200 media connection points. Hibernia Networks is owned by Columbia Ventures Corporation and funds managed by Constellation Growth Capital.

About Company TTK:

Company TTK is among the top five Russian telecommunications operators. Its main shareholder is Russian Railways.

TTK operates and maintains one of the largest fiber-optic communication lines in Russia, with a length of more than 76,000 km and a channel capacity of over 1.6 Tbps. The 17 regional centers located in the largest Russian cities offer private and corporate customers throughout the country a wide spectrum of telecommunications services, including communication and data transfer, as well as broadband Internet access based on cutting-edge technology. TTK has over 1.5 million subscribers. TTK is an active player on the global market. The transcontinental TTK backbone, EurasiaHighway, has connections to the communication networks of almost all the neighboring countries, including China, Japan, Mongolia, North Korea, Finland, the Baltic states and the CIS, and it is the optimal route between Europe and Asia.

Practical application of insights from Key Market Trends Report to be discussed at DatacenterDynamics Converged New York


NEW YORK CITY – The latest research from the Intelligence division of DatacenterDynamics identifies that the U.S. has one of the highest average facility ages in the world and as a result is fighting an ongoing battle to keep its armada of older facilities fit for purpose in today’s fast-changing, technology-driven data center world. American metropolitan areas with mature data center markets, including New York and the Tri-State, are finding that increasing proportions of budget are being spent on upgrading existing facilities, ensuring they continue to meet business drivers and are keeping up with the dynamic nature of IT requirements. In addition, the research identifies that almost a quarter of all data center footprint in the U.S. is now outsourced. This represents a significant ongoing shift in the marketplace and one which is expected to continue.


These issues will be on the agenda at DatacenterDynamics Converged New York on March 11 where industry experts, thought leaders and technologists will offer first hand insight and advice on managing the evolution of a maturing data center.


In keeping with the dynamic nature of the industry, this year sees the introduction of content tracks covering Design and Build, IT Optimization, Power and Cooling, New Technologies, and Outsourcing. According to Kieron O’Brien, CEO of DatacenterDynamics North America, “At DatacenterDynamics we are committed to ensuring our conference agendas reflect changes in the industry. With the growth in outsourcing across the U.S., increasing uptake of IT optimization strategies and the focus on operational expenditure concerns, we felt that it was important to widen the program of our flagship New York conference to cover the topics impacting data center professionals across New York and the Tri-State area.”


Key findings of the recently released North America Data Center Key Trends Report 2013-2014 by DCD Intelligence (DCDi), will be included in a keynote address. Stephen Worn, DatacenterDynamics CTO and Board Member, will present highlights from the report and give insight into trends on space, power, new technologies and investment across the data center industry in the U.S. and Canada.


DatacenterDynamics Converged New York offers a six-track program with sessions in Design and Build, IT and Networks, Power and Cooling, New Technologies, Cloud, and Integrated Management. Sessions will consist of dynamic roundtable discussions and case studies. 

Speakers include:

  • Sean Farney, Chief Operating Officer, Ubiquity Critical Environments
  • Simon  Lee, Managing Director, Sapience Capital New York
  • Ghian Foreman, Managing Partner, 55th & State LLC
  • Joseph Higgins PE, VP, Engineering and Corporate Sustainability, Fidelity Investments
  • Ambrose McNevin, Editor in Chief, DatacenterDynamics

View complete DCD Converged New York agenda here: http://www.datacenterdynamics.com/conferences/2014/new-york-2014?l=programme

Register for DCD Converged New York here: http://www.datacenterdynamics.com/conferences/2014/new-york-2014?l=register-now


There will be news released at the event, and opportunities to interview speakers. To register your attendance as a member of the press and/or other media inquiries, please contact Jaymie Scotto & Associates at jsa_dcd@jaymiescotto.com.


About DatacenterDynamics

DatacenterDynamics, part of the DCD Group, is a premier full service B2B information provider, offering a comprehensive product and service portfolio tailored specifically for the data center industry through its divisions: Media, Events, Intelligence and Performance.


The Media Division features the world’s only global publication for the data center market, DatacenterDynamics FOCUS Magazine, along with multimedia offerings, webinars, and a renowned awards program recognizing innovation in the industry.


The Events Division incorporates DatacenterDynamics core event offering, the Converged conference series presently running in 48 locations around the globe, along with FOCUSOn and Intelligence Seminars.


The Intelligence Division offers an array of market research, business intelligence, analysis and reporting services; and The Performance division provides DCProfessionalDevelopment training courses and certification.


To learn more about DatacenterDynamics and its product and service portfolio, please visit www.datacenterdynamics.com. You may also follow DCD on Twitter @dcdfocus or google+.

ISO has just published a set of three standards to help companies and organizations get value from their assets:

ISO 55001 - sets out the requirements of an asset management system
ISO 55002 - provides additional useful guidance for applying ISO 55001
ISO 55000 - gives an overview of the subject and sets out principles and terminology.

Is it for me?

The standards can be used to manage any assets, from railway sleepers to brand reputation to telecommunications networks. Read more from Rhys Davies, one of the experts leading their development, to find out how these new standards can help you make the most of your assets.

How do I get them?

All standards can be bought from the ISO Store or from ISO members

The freely available parts of the standards, including the introduction, scope and terms and definitions, can be previewed on the Online Browsing Platform. Preview ISO 55000, ISO 55001 and ISO 55002.

New enhanced pdf format

For the first time, some of our standards are being made available in a new user-friendly, colour format (preview). For the price of the traditional black and white pdf of ISO 55001, you can also test out the new enhanced, colour pdf and the ePub. Let us know what you think: customerservice@iso.org">Customerservice@iso.org.

SAN FRANCISCO – Riverbed Technology (NASDAQ: RVBD), the leader in application performance infrastructure, today announced that Spot Trading, a Chicago-based trading firm, has deployed Riverbed® Whitewater® cloud storage appliances for efficient and secure transport of data to and from Amazon Glacier from Amazon Web Services (AWS). The switch to the cloud saves the company $500,000 in storage infrastructure costs while securing Spot Trading’s data. By deploying Riverbed Whitewater as part of its cloud strategy, Spot Trading can now encrypt and de-duplicate traffic to the cloud, further reducing deployment costs and securing data sent to and from the cloud. Additionally, in the event of disaster or loss of data, recovery of recent files takes just minutes from the Whitewater appliance, instead of days.

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Spot Trading is a technology-focused proprietary trading firm built on applied technology, using the latest in innovation to solve problems in the financial markets. The company has grown from a team of five individuals in 1999 to over 120 professionals working in technology, equity, research, quantitative, administrative, and trading roles. The IT team is responsible for ensuring an optimal computing infrastructure for real-time trading. Among its many other responsibilities, the team maintains offsite backups to store trading logs, email, and other communications. Backing up to tape and storing data offsite took seven days each month to manage. Moving to cloud-based backup has completely eliminated the need for tape, including the fees to offsite tapes.

“With Amazon Glacier, customers can reliably store data in a storage service designed with eleven nines of durability for as little as $0.01 per gigabyte per month, a significant savings compared to on-premises solutions,” said Terry Wise, Director, Worldwide Partner Ecosystem, Amazon Web Services. “Riverbed Whitewater gives customers added flexibility in how they can access Amazon Glacier for their long-term archival and tape replacement strategies.”

The Whitewater cloud storage appliance saved Spot Trading $500,000 by eliminating the need to upgrade its storage area network (SAN). “Riverbed Whitewater gave us a clear path for offloading backups securely to cloud storage in a much more cost-effective way,” said Andrew Girin, IT technical team lead, Spot Trading.

By compressing and deduplicating data before sending it to the cloud, Whitewater reduces the amount of data stored in the cloud up to 30x, further lowering the cost of storing data in Amazon Glacier. Recent data is cached locally so customers experience restores at the speed of disk with cost and durability of the cloud. In addition, the Whitewater appliance encrypts data to keep it safe. “My concern was how to protect the data and make sure it’s not being accessed by someone else,” said Girin. “By being able to encrypt on the Whitewater appliance, if data is ever exposed, a third party would have nothing but encrypted text.”

Recoveries are also much faster with Whitewater. When backing up to tape and moving data offsite, it took two or three days to recover. When restoring data from Amazon Glacier via the Whitewater appliance, recovery times go down to a few hours and can take as little as a few minutes if the data is cached within the Whitewater appliance.

During the evaluation of Whitewater, the setup took less than an hour. “We pointed our existing Symantec Backup Exec to the Whitewater appliance and entered in our Amazon Glacier credentials and we were done,” said Girin.  IT also spends dramatically less time on backup and recovery. With tape, it required one or two people managing the backup, which took about seven days of time per month to manage and even more time if recovery was needed. Girin explained: “With Riverbed Whitewater, we gained a weeks’ time back that can be spent on higher-priority projects, where before it was spent managing backup.”

Whitewater Cloud Storage Appliances

Whitewater is a purpose-built storage appliance, optimized for data protection and archiving, that helps seamlessly integrate cloud storage infrastructures to deliver instant recovery, end-to-end security, and the industry’s most cost-effective storage for backup and archive data.

Connect with Riverbed

About Riverbed

Riverbed® is the leader in Application Performance Infrastructure, delivering the most complete platform for Location-Independent Computing™ Location-Independent Computing turns location and distance into a competitive advantage by allowing IT to have the flexibility to host applications and data in the most optimal locations while ensuring applications perform as expected, data is always available when needed, and performance issues are detected and fixed before end users notice. Riverbed's 24,000+ customers include 97% of the Fortune 100 and 95% of the Forbes Global 100. Learn more at www.riverbed.com.

New SSD Array is First and Only SAN to Combine SSD Caching and SSD Tiering into a Single Appliance


NORCROSS, Ga. – (AMI) today announced the release of its , the first and only storage area network (SAN) to combine solid state drive (SSD) caching and SSD tiering into a single storage appliance. Optimized to support VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix and RHEV enterprises of all sizes, the StorTrends 3500i is available as a hybrid or full flash array and delivers dramatic enterprise performance and reliability at an extremely affordable price point.


"We observed in our hands-on Technology Validation of the StorTrends 3500i array that AMI has crafted SSD into a mature, field-proven, and well-architected storage system.  With a comprehensive set of storage features and an intriguingly flexible ability to integrate SSDs with the StorTrends cache and tiering architecture, the 3500i showed us that it is ready to deliver superb performance, extreme versatility, and serious value for mid-range storage customers," said Sr. Analyst Jeff Boles when asked about the report.  "The NetNet is there is no need to look for alternatives to make solid state more affordable and practical for the mainstream - with the AMI StorTrends 3500i, it is clearly here."


The new StorTrends 3500i SSD Array features an embedded storage architecture, StorTrends iTX, to offer an all-inclusive set of features including SSD Caching, SSD Tiering, Automatically Tiered Volumes (ATV), Automated Data Tiering, and replication with WAN optimization. These features, together with the unique combination of SSD and HDD technology in a slim 3U configuration, deliver up to 56TB of raw storage capacity within the 3U and expansion capacity of up to 256TB. The SAN storage solution features hot-swappable dual controllers with Active/Active or Active/Passive high availability and redundant, hot-swappable power supply units.


To flexibly support SSD growth to match the dynamics of business, the StorTrends 3500i enables both SSD cache and SSD Tier upgrades. The scalable solution enables options to upgrade from 200GB SSD drives to 400GB, 800GB or 2000GB SSD drives without costly forklift upgrades. By running the free StorTrends iDATA tool, customers can easily identify how much flash is required to support their environment. The StorTrends iDATA tool analyzes capacity utilization, IOPS usage, reads vs. writes for volumes, network bandwidth, performance, server statistics and more to classify the amount of "hot data" and "cold data" required.


To help users maximize the value of the SSD technology, the StorTrends 3500i SSD Array combines caching and tiering on the SSD drives to provide the following benefits:

  • Enhanced SSD Endurance by leveraging both cache and tier for writes and reads avoiding burning the cells of the SSD drives
  • Sustained Latency Reduction from 10ms to sub-3ms for the hybrid configuration to sub-1ms for the all-flash configuration
  • Automated Tiering allows for promoting critical data to higher performance SSDs, while demoting data between tiers during off-peak times to maintain SSD space utilization
  • Auto Balance Volumes with ATV Technology on the SSD tier as data access trends change between hot and cold to effectively feed applications and databases that need higher performance
  • Easy Growth Expansion for the SSD drives allowing for a simple upgrade path for cache and tier capacity growth avoiding forklift upgrades

"When used in a virtual server environment, we have found the StorTrends 3500i SSD Array delivers superior performance, reliability and efficiency, end-to-end," said Jayesh Dave, CEO, . "It has helped us achieve new levels of management flexibility with a total ownership cost that is lower than we could have imagined. This efficient solution has also helped us to reduce energy consumption costs and because it integrates seamlessly with VMware Vsphere and Hyper-V we can deliver the flexible virtual server and virtual storage management options our customers both need and want."


The StorTrends 3500i SSD Array virtualizes SAN management via a web-based console to simplify SAN volume creation, expansion and deletion. Here, customers may manage datastores and VMs with ease and view overview data on the system's capacity, health and many storage resource management charts.


"Enterprises are demanding higher performance and availability to serve resource intensive applications such as virtual desktop infrastructure and heavy-transaction databases, and traditional disk arrays simply cannot meet the demand," said, Justin Bagby, Director of at American Megatrends. "That is why we have taken our years of RAID expertise and more than 100 technology patents to build the next generation of storage solutions. The StorTrends 3500i SSD Array is the culmination of our innovation strategy which truly harnesses the power and performance of SSD to revolutionize storage performance, agility and savings."


Available now, the StorTrends 3500i SSD Array has an MSRP starting at $34,999. StorTrends solutions are offered with the StorAID support program which includes 24 x 7 technical phone support and next business day onsite replacement. The StorAID Plus Support Program adds 4 Hour On-Site to the Standard StorAID program.  For more information, please visit: http://stortrends.com/products/stortrends-models/stortrends-3500i/ 

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About StorTrends
StorTrends® from American Megatrends isPerformance Storage with Proven Value. StorTrends SAN and NAS storage appliances are installed worldwide and trusted by companies and institutions in a wide range of industries including education, energy, finance, state & local government, healthcare, manufacturing, marketing, retail, R&D and many more. StorTrends meets the challenges and demands of today's business environments by offering key network storage functionality such as unified storage, simplified management, business continuity, disaster recovery, high efficiency and virtualization support.

End Users Benefit From Access to ViSX All-Flash Solid-State Storage (SSD) Appliance, Offering Industry's Highest IOPs at Unbeatable Price Point, via Trusted Advisors


SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Astute Networks™,Inc., the leading provider of Networked Flash™ appliances, today announced significant enhancements to its AstuteNET Program designed to enable its strategic channel partners to capitalize on the multi-billion dollar all-flash storage market opportunity.  Value-added resellers (VARs), system integrators (SIs), managed service providers (MSPs) and consultants will now have access to significantly enhanced resources designed to enable them to better serve and grow their client base, and consequently increase profit margins.


AstuteNET's strategic channel partners will enjoy: early access and input into product roadmaps and Beta releases, increased training, sales and marketing support/resources, expanded demand creation and lead referral programs, and enriched loyalty rewards, as well as a dedicated program manager to ensure the smooth launch and ongoing success of the relationship.  


End users will benefit from access to the Astute Networks all-flash solid-state storage appliance, delivering the industry's highest IOPs at prices comparable (typically lower than) hard disk systems - directly from their trusted advisors.  Together, the trusted channel advisor and end user will now be able to ensure the highest performance of business critical applications distributed across physical, virtual and cloud environments, while still adhering to strict budgetary guidelines. 


A recent International Data Corp. (IDC) research report entitled, "Worldwide Enterprise All-Solid State Storage Array 2013 - 2016 Forecast" (April 2013, Doc #240424) predicts $1.2 billion in revenues by 2015, due to the fact that it is "the most critical, new performance-enabling technology of storage industry development and market expansion."


"The rapid expansion of the all-flash storage arrays market validates that there is pent-up demand for storage performance and accelerating applications at the right price point," IDC noted.  


"We have made quite an investment in the newly enhanced AstuteNET program; and, while we have indeed bolstered its vetting process in order to ensure that we team with only the most trustworthy and proven channel partners, we have also further streamlined the program to assure ease of entry and fast time to profit," said Miharu Gold, director, channel sales, Astute Networks.  "Bottom line, AstuteNET ensures our strategic channel partners will be able to solve their end user clients' toughest I/O performance challenges and consequently, meet existing requirements, support agile response to new business opportunities, and increase competitive advantage."


Astute Networks AstuteNET New Strategic Partners Validate Value of ViSX

"We strive to partner with organizations that deliver powerful yet economical solutions that align with our clients' IT objectives and business goals," said Traci Weston, CEO, Awdata, a trusted provider of comprehensive and progressive technology (IT) solutions since 1981.  "We have found after careful assessment, that the Astute Networks ViSX delivers an unmatched solution for achieving lightning fast I/O application performance, while also actually lowering overall IT costs."  She continued, "We look forward to a long lasting and mutually fruitful relationship."


"Application performance has become a top priority for our clients and prospects, with reliability, availability and cost control following close behind.  Astute's ViSX is by far the best suited to meet these requirements," said Attila Galamb, government sales manager, Coast to Coast Computer Products, a trusted provider of IT hardware, software and services for private businesses, as well as local, state and Federal government customers, for over 25 years.  "The AstuteNET Program combined with the ViSX solution has strengthened our product portfolio and led to new revenue opportunities."


"Virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) have unique performance characteristics that legacy storage architectures simply cannot support.  Astute's ViSX flash-based storage appliance ensures predictable and sustained performance at the industry's lowest cost per user," said Bruce Thompson, vice president,  E-Safe Technologies, a leading provider of state-of-the art support, service and products that allow its small and medium-sized clients to get ahead of the competition and achieve greater success.

"By leveraging Astute's ViSX SSD technology, we are ideally positioned to help our media and entertainment clients to simplify and accelerate information accessibility, in order to meet strategic IT and business goals, such as virtualization, consolidation, cloud initiatives, and big data, as well as other demanding performance objectives - all while considerably lowering IT expenses," said Frank Quinlisk, vice president of  Media Supply, one of the nation's premier providers of publishing, recording and storage systems, equipment and services to the media industry. 


"Before we partnered with Astute Networks, we also looked at other flash storage products, however we found that virtually all of them required a tradeoff between performance and suitability for virtualized infrastructures.  Only the ViSX could meet our requirements and deliver a solution designed specifically for highly virtualized environments with I/O intensive applications, such as relational databases, VDI and cloud computing," said Joe Asady, founder and CEO, Netfast Technology Solutions, a leading provider of cutting-edge IT Performance and Cost Optimization Solutions for business and government organizations worldwide.  


"Boosting productivity, improving efficiencies and growing the business all while keeping costs in check is oftentimes easier said than done.  The Astute Networks ViSX enables our clients to achieve high and consistent I/O performance, while improving efficiencies and keeping costs down," said Bryan Norman, president, NORLEM, one of the foremost managed services providers (MSP), focused on enabling business growth through automation and providing solutions with the lowest cost of ownership.


"The AstuteNET Program combined with the innovative ViSX all-flash application acceleration solution, has helped us to further our goal to offer only the most robust and production-proven data management solutions, with the greatest ROI," said Kevin Corcoran, vice president, Storage-IT Solutions, one of the nation's most highly respected providers of delivery and execution solutions across the areas of storage, backup and recovery, asset management, networking, and archiving.


For further information on becoming an Astute partner, please email: or call: 858-432-5672.

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About Astute Networks

Astute Networks is the leading provider of Networked Flash™ appliances that accelerate application performance by 10x or more, enhance user productivity and lower IT costs for physical, virtual and cloud environments.  The company's ViSX family ofis based on a 100% solid state flash technology that cost-effectively delivers a high number of sustained IOPS to dramatically increase application performance. Powered by its patented™, ViSX overcomes performance limitations by non-disruptively delivering shared performance to all servers and virtual machines over pervasively deployed Ethernet networks. ViSX is available through the company's network of authorized. For more information, please visit.

It’s obvious that data is making major headways in terms of its role in our lives. That’s good news for data management workers, but as I discussed in my previous post, the push to become data-driven also raises some serious questions about our ability to use data in responsible, appropriate ways.

You may not think that’s IT’s problem, but I disagree. As decisions become more data-driven, I think data modelers, data managers, CIOs and other IT data workers have a professional and perhaps moral obligation to help guide its use, at least in terms of insuring that the findings remain valid.

Frankly, I’m worried that data illiteracy might be a major barrier to embracing data-driven leadership.



BOTHELL, Wash. – Why is there so much activity right now at the FEMA Region 10 office in Bothell?

Partners from the American Red Cross to the Bonneville Power Administration to the U.S. Army, and many others, are joining FEMA for what is known as a table-top exercise, planning for a larger full-scale exercise in March.

A table-top is an exercise in which field and logistics movements are “simulated” – not actually performed – while planning and decision-making proceed as if they are. A similar scenario will play out in late March when many of the same partners participate in a full-scale exercise with real field and logistical activity.

The table-top brings more than 100 people to the Region 10 Response Coordination Center in Bothell through Thursday.

The scenario involves a magnitude 9.2 earthquake and resulting tsunami. Such a quake would be the second strongest in known history, and the largest in known U.S. history. In fact, that largest-ever U.S. quake inspired the scenario; the upcoming full-scale “Alaska Shield” exercise coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964.

The scenario projects the loss of hundreds of lives. Also, it has thousands displaced in an Alaska winter with no power or heat and possibly tens of thousands of buildings damaged. Other problems would include loss of communications and how to moving relief commodities to survivors despite destroyed roads and bridges.

Region 10 Administrator Ken Murphy said of the table-top, “This exercise is important for all of us to work with all of our partners leading up to Alaska Shield, and to make sure that all of our systems are working together smoothly and seamlessly.”

FEMA regularly tests procedures and practices in this way, together with local, state, tribes, and other federal agencies.

FEMA’s mission is to support our citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work together to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards.

Follow the Alaska Shield Exercise at #Akshield and FEMA online at twitter.com/femaregion10, www.facebook.com/fema, and www.youtube.com/fema. The social media links provided are for reference only. FEMA does not endorse any non-government websites, companies or applications.

Each January 28, Data Privacy Day is observed, with business owners and managers, vendors and concerned citizens taking time to raise their awareness of the most up-to-date approaches to keeping their companies’ and their own data safe. It’s an education effort that feels especially urgent this year, given the public’s focus on how their data is handled by the companies and vendors they have dealings with, not to mention the government and their own employers.

Today, with all of that being the case, I spoke with Jay Livens, director of product and solutions marketing for Iron Mountain, about the current state of data protection and IT’s priorities for the coming year. Iron Mountain recently conducted a survey of IT professionals that found that “with 68 percent probability, … data loss and privacy breaches are the most prevalent concern for IT leaders over the next 12-18 months.”



By now, everyone has heard some variation on the statistic about the data scientist shortage: By 2018, there will be a shortage of up to 190,000 qualified data scientists, to cite one version from the McKinsey Global Institute.

Organizations around the globe are trying to figure that one out, and the consensus seems to be that many will have to rely on a team approach when it comes to the tasks of mining Big Data.

Fair enough. But I’m beginning to think we have an even bigger problem ahead of us.