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Jon Seals

If we agree on the fact that a major IT issue is a business issue, then every minute in which a computer application is unavailable hurts the business; loss of revenue, drop of employee productivity, patient safety at risk, brand damage or just a big mess.

Companies have done a good job over the past years at automating issue detection with APM and NPM tools, and at automating ticket creation with ITSM solutions listed above.



You’ve probably heard the old saw that goes, “There’s an easy way to do something, and there’s a hard way.”

When it comes to energy consumption in the data center, the saying is technically correct, although there is a caveat: The hard way is not necessarily wrong and the easy way is not necessarily the lazy way out. Instead, there is room for both major overhauls to data infrastructure, like CDIM and converged systems, and small moves, like turning out the lights and raising the thermostat.

In fact, says Energy Manager Today’s Carl Weinschenk (also an IT Business Edge contributor), even the easy way can add up considerably over time. One of the newest trends making the rounds is to paint data equipment white, which, according to DAMAC’s Dave Johnson, requires less lighting to make units visible to IT techs and, consequently, less heat from those light sources. As well, creating as little as an inch-and-a-half of space behind devices in the rack can vastly improve air-flow and simplify cabling.



How often do you find a user who has a session freeze because a process is consuming too much CPU power, and there is no way to troubleshoot the problem easily? If only you could review CPU usage trends from the last month, you could plan better for the new delivery groups that you’re provisioning.

With the latest release of Citrix Director as part of Citrix Cloud you can get insight into the CPU and memory usage on your apps and desktops, enabling you to better prepare for CPU and memory consumption.



Tuesday, 14 June 2016 00:00

Crisis Management Team Mobilization

For business continuity, the Crisis Management Team (CMT) is charged with the responsibility of managing responses to disruptive events. The CMT includes senior management (with the authority to manage active crisis events) and is responsible for:

  • Gathering facts and analyzing conditions regarding a crisis
  • Making decisions during a crisis
  • Allocating internal resources
  • Obtaining needed external resources

For a CMT to be effective, members must be able to 1) assemble rapidly (possibly virtually) when a crisis event is identified and 2) communicate in real time to make decisions regarding proper response initiatives.



Tuesday, 14 June 2016 00:00

How Do You Identify Your Key Risks?

I was at New York University last week for an International Center for Enterprise Preparedness (InterCEP) forum on urgent threats, which included roughly 75 participants from government, the corporate sector, and a small number of us from academia as well.  Following several presentations that set the stage, our host orchestrated a “lightening round” in which each of us introduced ourselves and identified key risks we were working on.  By the time it was my turn there had been at least thirty speakers who identified risks that we would all put at the top of our lists, and the challenge for the rest of us was to keep on identifying critical risks without simply repeating risks identified by previous speakers.  As we went around the room, I drafted several versions of my top risks, which looked something like this:

  • cyber –emerging threats and actual breaches
  • weather/climate change –impacts on economic recovery & critical infrastructure
  • income disparity –the cause and effect of many other threats
  • disenfranchised populations
  • domestic  terrorism—from militia groups to home grown Islamic terrorists
  • infectious disease – not just Zika or Ebola, but highly resistant new strains of viruses
  • quality of political discourse –it has never been lower or so factionalized
  • technology and law enforcement—from militarization of police, to surveillance via dashboard and body cameras

In the end, I didn’t use any parts of the list in the lightning round, but ended up characterizing the top risks I was working on under the broad category of conduct risk and culture.



Business Continuity Awareness Week 2016 is now over and the BCI would love to hear your feedback so it can improve on its current services, and help inform the planning process for BCAW2017. If you haven't already then please take the short survey which can be found here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/bcaw2016

LONE TREE, Colo. – Pax8, the leading value-added cloud distributor, today announced an agreement with Vision Solutions, the premier provider of disaster recovery, high availability, and migration software and services that transform hybrid data centers.

"As cloud technology continues to rapidly evolve, Pax8 is helping IT solution providers adopt services that will enable their business transition to a cloud-based infrastructure," said Ryan Walsh, senior vice president of Partner Solutions at Pax8. "From migration services to disaster recovery, solution providers can purchase the full range of the Vision Solutions services through our cloud marketplace while increasing their profitability. Pax8 makes it easy to deploy solutions quickly by providing automated provisioning and end-to-end support so partners can focus on their core business."

Through the agreement, Pax8 will offer the full suite of Vision Solutions services. For solution providers with strict service level agreements (SLAs), Vision Solutions enables migration of business-critical applications with near-zero downtime across multiple operating systems, industry-leading high availability, and disaster recovery software.

From natural disasters to potential data security breaches, having a plan in place in case of a catastrophe is essential. For solution providers seeking disaster recovery plans with minimal infrastructure requirement, Pax8 will also offer Double-Take® solutions. Double-Take enables solution providers to create a disaster recovery strategy to fully protect and recover data and entire servers across physical, virtual, and cloud-based resources.

"We are excited to partner with Pax8 because of their proven success transitioning partners to the cloud through their innovative marketplace," said Edward Vesely, chief marketing officer at Vision Solutions. "Solution providers will benefit from the partnership because they can quickly and seamlessly offer our migration services and disaster recovery solutions with maximum control."

To compliment the Vision Solutions services, Pax8 is offering the ProfitBricks Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform so solution providers can easily deploy high availability environments-including any hybrid cloud environments, disaster recovery cloud footprints, and migration capabilities via the Vision Solutions software suite. With ProfitBricks, solution providers can build and customize their cloud virtual data centers without the risk of overbuying. The ProfitBricks cloud IaaS allows the partner to customize solutions with greater flexibility, higher performance, and the most competitive price in the cloud IaaS ecosphere. ProfitBricks makes it easier to design, provision, and manage virtual environments.

To learn more about purchasing Vision Solutions on the ProfitBricks IaaS through Pax8, contact the cloud experts at (855) 884-PAX8, email info@pax8.com, or visit www.pax8.com.

Pax8 will also offer partners a live webinar about Vision Solutions on Tuesday, June 21, 2016 at 11:00 a.m. MT. To register, please visit: http://go.pax8.com/Vision-Solutions-Webinar-Registration.html.

About Pax8
Pax8 is leading the way in cloud transformation for IT solution providers. Its innovative cloud-focused services enable channel partners worldwide to accelerate growth in the cloud through on-demand selling and marketing, provisioning and subscription automation. The company's cloud marketplace platform provides the IT channel with leading-edge technology to efficiently and accurately buy, sell, automate and configure solutions and services. As the experts in cloud innovation, Pax8 is well-engineered to sell, assemble and deliver quality solutions to its channel of solution providers. For more information, please visit www.pax8.com.

About Vision Solutions (visionsolutions.com)
Vision Solutions® is the premier provider of cloud protection and recovery, high availability, disaster recovery, migration and cross-platform data sharing solutions for IBM Power Systems, Windows, Linux, AIX and cloud computing. Vision Solutions' Double-Take®, iTERA™ and MIMIX® solutions make it easy for organizations to adopt cloud-based disaster recovery strategies, perform near-zero downtime migrations without risk, share data in real-time across platforms and move, protect and restore data, applications and operating systems of any kind on any combination of physical, virtual or cloud servers. And, not only do our products eliminate downtime, they continue to evolve alongside the most cutting-edge technology on the market. For more information about Vision Solutions, please go to www.visionsolutions.com.

Initial Solution Will Enable Highly Scalable Cyber Maneuver for Federal Agencies and Financial Institutions

WASHINGTON, DC – At Federal Forum 2016, Brocade (NASDAQ: BRCD) and Harris Corporation (NYSE: HRS) today announced that they have formed a strategic partnership designed to deliver cybersecurity solutions for advanced protection of an organization's critical assets.

Brocade and Harris intend to jointly develop new solutions integrating Harris cybersecurity technology and Brocade's software-defined networking (SDN) capabilities. The companies are previewing a proof-of-concept solution today at Federal Forum demonstrating how highly scalable cyber maneuvers allow organizations to thwart cyberattacks on critical assets. This solution will be focused on meeting the needs of key market verticals including government, financial services, healthcare, energy, oil and gas, retail and service providers. Brocade and Harris expect to create additional solutions to address other cybersecurity challenges as the partnership progresses.

As cybersecurity continues to take on a more significant role in the framework of national security, IDC Government Insights reports1 that federal IT spending for national security and police or emergency services will increase at a CAGR of 9.3 percent, from $3.7 billion in 2015 to 5.7 billion in 2020.

"Strengthening the cybersecurity of federal and financial networks is one of the most important challenges facing our nation," said Ken Cheng, chief technology officer, Brocade. "Together with Harris, we will develop new solutions that leverage New IP architectures, providing a secure and automated network to improve federal agencies' and financial institutions' resilience to cyberattacks."

Among U.S. companies, 91 percent have been hit by a cyber threat2 and across the globe, the number of costly data breach incidents continues to increase. Cybercrime incidents are also more sophisticated, with hackers spending an average of 205 days in compromised systems before being discovered.

"The increasing number and impact of cybersecurity incidents demonstrate that continuously confronting cyber threats must remain a strategic priority for organizations of all sizes in every industry," said Carl D'Alessandro, president, Harris Critical Networks. "Our strategic partnership with Brocade will allow us to extend our expertise in protecting government assets to other markets."

About Harris Corporation
Harris Corporation is a leading technology innovator, solving our customers' toughest mission-critical challenges by providing solutions that connect, inform and protect. Harris supports customers in more than 125 countries, has approximately $8 billion in annual revenue and 22,000 employees worldwide. The company is organized into four business segments: Communication Systems, Space and Intelligence Systems, Electronic Systems, and Critical Networks. Learn more at harris.com.

About Brocade
Brocade (NASDAQ: BRCD) networking solutions help the world's leading organizations turn their networks into platforms for business innovation. With solutions spanning public and private data centers to the network edge, Brocade is leading the industry in its transition to the New IP network infrastructures required for today's era of digital business. (www.brocade.com)

© 2016 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Brocade, Brocade Assurance, the B-wing symbol, ClearLink, DCX, Fabric OS, HyperEdge, ICX, MLX, MyBrocade, OpenScript, VCS, VDX, Vplane, and Vyatta are registered trademarks, and Fabric Vision is a trademark of Brocade Communications Systems, Inc., in the United States and/or in other countries. Other brands, products, or service names mentioned may be trademarks of others.

1 IDC Government Insights, "U.S. Federal Information Technology Security Forecast," Dec. 2015.
2 Bank of America Merrill Lynch, "Making Cents of Cyber-Security," Summer 2015.

Enhanced Data Protection Software Reduces Risk of Data Loss, Expands Choice of Cloud Resources

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – "Working with our clients to plan and schedule a migration and pointing their systems to the new data -- all this has to be done in a very short period of time. In healthcare and, specifically, hospitals, there is no downtime," said Jim Avazpour, director, I&O Platforms, Cerner. "With NetApp OnCommand Insight we have the ability to proactively triage and address an incident quickly without downtime and can confidently migrate our clients' data in real time during business hours."

NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) today announced enhancements to its data protection software, including NetApp® OnCommand® Insight. The company also introduced NetApp Data Protection Solutions for Microsoft Office 365 to help customers reduce the risk of data loss while enabling business continuity with the right mix of cloud resources.

"The data protection and recovery software market continues to show solid growth. The advancement of virtual computing and cloud computing and the need for rapid data recovery are forcing IT organizations to continuously augment their data protection strategies," said Phil Goodwin, research director, IDC Storage Group. "NetApp's data protection portfolio offers users a range of solutions, from cloud-integrated backup and archive to site-to-site high availability, which balance cost, recovery time, and risk."

OnCommand Insight software provides operational intelligence, business insight and IT ecosystem integration within complex enterprise environments. OnCommand Insight allows IT teams to respond more quickly to business needs by reducing cost, increasing efficiency, and mitigating risk. The latest release of OnCommand Insight offers simplified management with new reports and dashboards which help enterprises manage capacity, performance, and detect risks to IT applications and services. And, with a tighter integration between OnCommand Unified Manager and OnCommand Performance Manager, users will have a streamlined and customized management experience, while maintaining a comprehensive view of storage clusters.

Also announced, NetApp Data Protection Solutions for Microsoft Office 365 offer reliable backup and restore of SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Exchange Online data. Enterprise customers moving data to Office 365 can choose NetApp AltaVault™ storage for cloud-integrated storage with NetApp StorageGRID® Webscale for cost-effective, long-term storage. Or they can choose NetApp All Flash FAS and FAS storage systems residing on the premises. This solution can also be combined with NetApp Private Storage for high-performance and low-latency storage that provides complete control over the data.

NetApp also introduced new releases of:

  • AltaVault -- AltaVault cloud-integrated storage speeds recovery and reduces risk, enabling customers to securely back up data to any cloud. With the addition of four new cloud providers and integration with a range of backup software solutions and hypervisors, users can now protect branch offices in the cloud.
  • SnapCenter -- NetApp SnapCenter® software helps enterprises empower application and database administrators to self-manage their data protection and copies. The latest release now includes backup, restore, and cloning of both SQL Server and Oracle databases from a central management interface.
  • MetroCluster -- Customers using NetApp MetroCluster technology can avoid the impact of regional disasters with increased replication distances, up to 300km between sites, to better support infrastructure uptime objectives.
  • SnapMirror -- NetApp SnapMirror® unified replication enables customers to increase efficiency and reduce costs for disaster recovery and backup. Now, customers purchasing a SnapMirror license also receive a NetApp SnapVault® license to enable both remote mirroring and point-in-time backup and restore.

"The combination of Veritas NetBackup and NetApp AltaVault helps customers take advantage of the economics of the cloud while preserving their backup infrastructure investment," said Simon Jelley, vice president Product Management, Veritas. "By combining NetBackup and AltaVault cloud-integrated storage, customers can securely backup data to virtually any cloud storage platform with tremendous cost savings."

"Data is no longer just an IT challenge -- it's a strategic business asset. It requires the engagement of the workforce, an ecosystem of strategic partners, and an integrated approach to data protection across the organization to realize the full value of data," said Tim Russell, vice president, Product Management, NetApp. "We help our customers simplify the protection and management of their data regardless of data type, location, or infrastructure."

Additional Resources

About NetApp
Leading organizations worldwide count on NetApp for software, systems and services to manage and store their data. Customers value our teamwork, expertise and passion for helping them succeed now and into the future. To learn more, visit www.netapp.com.

NetApp, the NetApp logo, AltaVault, MetroCluster, OnCommand, SnapCenter, SnapMirror, SnapVault, and StorageGRID are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetApp, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. A current list of NetApp trademarks is available on the web at http://www.netapp.com/us/legal/netapptmlist.aspx.

Latest Offering Provides a Fast, Affordable Solution for Streaming Big Data Analytics, Applicable to Use Cases Such as IoT, Recommendations, and Automated Alerts

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Altiscale, Inc., the leading provider of Big Data-as-a-Service, today introduced the Altiscale Insight Cloud Real-Time Edition, a fully managed Big Data solution for real-time analytics. This solution helps enterprises gain immediate intelligence into and react rapidly to high-volume data streams. The Real-Time Edition broadens the Altiscale Insight Cloud self-service analytics solution by unifying real-time, interactive, and batch analytics into a single integrated package.

With the proliferation of data-generating sensors and devices, real-time analytics has taken on greater significance and is used in numerous applications, including marketing recommendations, fraud detection, cybersecurity threat detection, and IT operational intelligence. In these and other instances, the Altiscale Insight Cloud Real-Time Edition powers dashboards, notifications, and pattern matching on real-time data. Enterprises gain visibility into key metrics, early warning of anomalous behavior, and opportunities to take action to positively impact business outcomes.

The Altiscale Insight Cloud Real-Time Edition combines real-time data ingestion and analytics, backed by Apache HBase and Spark Streaming, with the existing capabilities of the Altiscale Insight Cloud.

The solution is offered as a "concierge cloud." Altiscale fully integrates and provides full operational services for all components of the Altiscale Insight Cloud Real-Time Edition. This ensures a streamlined, easy user experience and makes it possible for any organization to benefit from real-time analytics, since they don't have to invest in additional operations headcount or overburden their existing IT team.

"The Altiscale Insight Cloud Real-Time Edition has been a tremendous advantage for us, since we are now able to make sense of large streams of customer and operational data easily and cost-effectively," said Edreece Arghandiwal, CEO of Jurni, which provides a mobile application for sharing experiences via video journals. "As an app publisher, it is critical for us to have up-to-the-minute information about our application performance at all times. Altiscale drives our real-time dashboard for monitoring usage and app health. It alerts us to any emerging issues, so we can rectify them quickly. And because Altiscale manages all aspects of the analytical operations for us, we are able to get the analytics that we need with a lean team."

The Altiscale Insight Cloud Real-Time Edition raises user productivity through the use of graphical tools that simplify the work of ingesting, transforming, and analyzing data. The solution features a web interface that controls both streaming and batch data ingestion, data modeling, and data aggregation for subsequent analysis. This allows data scientists and analysts to avoid time-consuming data engineering work and instead focus on obtaining useful insights.

"Altiscale's mission is to help our customers find meaning from data. We introduced the Altiscale Insight Cloud earlier this year to expand the benefits of Big Data insights to a broader range of business users," said Raymie Stata, CEO and founder, Altiscale. "Today we are announcing the Altiscale Insight Cloud Real-Time Edition, so that enterprises can realize value from their high-velocity data, too. Now our users can act on revenue opportunities and respond to emerging situations in real time, without having to maintain and operate a Big Data analytics platform themselves."

Altiscale is a Silver Sponsor at Hadoop Summit from June 28th - June 30th in San Jose (Booth 1606). A demonstration of the Altiscale Insight Cloud will be available at the event. If you are interested in a private meeting, please go to https://www.altiscale.com/contact-us/.

About Altiscale
Altiscale, a provider of Big Data as a Service, helps businesses to maximize the value of their data quickly and easily, without the challenge and expense of managing complex technologies on their own. Altiscale offers "concierge cloud" services, with full Big Data operations services included for every customer. The combination of a secure, scalable big data platform, dedicated operations services, and a passion for results means that Altiscale customers experience performance that is up to 10x faster than alternatives. Altiscale customers include leading companies across financial services, media, marketing services, AdTech, and gaming.

For more information about Altiscale's Hadoop as a Service, Spark as a Service, or Big Data Analytics offerings, please visit www.altiscale.com or follow us on Twitter @Altiscale.