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Jon Seals

Innovative solution expected to enable Facebook to quickly add capacity at its data center sites 

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR) and a global leader in maximizing availability, capacity and efficiency of critical infrastructure, today announced that it is working with Facebook to design and deploy the company’s second data center building in Luleå, Sweden.

“Luleå 2” will be the pilot for Facebook’s new “rapid deployment data center,” (RDDC), which was designed and developed in collaboration with Emerson Network Power’s data center design team.  Facebook’s RDDC incorporates a number of modular design elements, including pre-fabricated materials and on-site assembly, to enable an increase in the speed of deployment and reduction in material use.

“We worked with Facebook to understand their wants and needs, and we collectively developed an integrated, cost-effective, tailored solution,” said Scott Barbour, global business leader of Emerson Network Power.  “This collaboration with Facebook illustrates our competencies in modular construction and showcases next-generation thinking.  Emerson is able to deliver innovative, global, turnkey data center solutions comprising design, construction, critical infrastructure equipment, building management system, and services.”

“Because of our relentless focus on efficiency, we are always looking for ways to optimize our data centers including accelerating build times and reducing material use,” said Jay Park, director of data center design, Facebook. “We are excited to work with Emerson to pilot the RDDC concept in Luleå and apply it at the scale of a Facebook data center.”

Luleå 2 will span approximately 125,000 sq. ft. and Emerson will deliver over 250 shippable modules, including power skids, evaporative air handlers, a water treatment plant, and data center superstructure solutions.  It will be built next to Facebook’s first data center building in Luleå, which came online in June 2013.  Like its predecessor, Luleå 2 will be one of the most efficient and sustainable data centers in the world, powered by 100 percent renewable energy and featuring the latest in Open Compute Project server, storage, mechanical, and electrical designs.

For more information on Emerson Network Power products and solutions that support the data center, visit www.EmersonNetworkPower.com .

SILICON VALLEY, Calif.ParStream, provider of the leading Real-Time Database for Fast Data Analytics, today announced a strategic partnership with global Business Intelligence (BI) vendor, Yellowfin.

Yellowfin has certified its market-leading, easy-to-use BI solution on ParStream’s relational database, which is based on its patented High Performance Compressed Index (HPCI) technology. HPCI is a bitmapping structure that allows data to be analyzed in its compressed state, skipping the decompression – and often time resource-consuming – stage of analytics. The partnership means ParStream and Yellowfin will be offered as a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for big data analytics.

The alliance will enable organizations to process massive amounts of stored and streaming data, in structured and semi-structured formats, in real-time. This data can then be delivered throughout the enterprise in the form of highly intuitive visualizations to empower decision-makers with timely, fact-based actionable intelligence. Users are now able to achieve greater ROI on their data assets.

Michael Hummel, CEO and Co-Founder at ParStream, said:

“The partnership with Yellowfin underscores our commitment to bring to market the most robust analytics platform to support businesses of all sizes with their big data initiatives. With Yellowfin’s BI as a virtualized platform, Fast Data – simultaneous analysis of historical and live, streaming data – can now be accessed, monitored, visualized, and utilized with ease. As vast amounts of raw data can be hard to understand and contextualize, Yellowfin’s ability to make that information highly understandable and actionable – with its intuitive dashboards, collaborative BI features, and mobile applications – is critical.”

Joerg Bienert, CTO and Co-Founder at ParStream, stated:

“In the business analytics space, there are two inescapable truths: Organizations are attempting to act on increasingly large volumes of data in continually shrinking timeframes. At the same time, organizations realize the value in enabling more people to use that data to make faster, better decisions. Yellowfin’s focus on data consumers – business people from non-technical backgrounds – was an important factor in the partnership decision.”

Yellowfin CEO and Co-Founder, Glen Rabie, commented:

“This partnership will help make crucial insights, derived from big data analytics, available to businesses and decision-makers of any discipline. Yellowfin’s consumer-oriented approach to reporting and analytics, combined with ParStream’s HPCI technology and low infrastructure requirements, enables us to deliver a world-class big data analytics platform that’s financially and technologically accessible to everyone. Together, ParStream and Yellowfin make pervasive real-time analytics on big data achievable for organizations of all sizes.”

For more information, visit www.parstream.com and www.yellowfinbi.com.

Paris – ICC BASIS (Business Action to Support the Information Society) has congratulated Brazil on the recently concluded NETmundial meeting and its contribution to the discussion of principles and values relating to the evolution of Internet governance processes. While consensus was not reached on all issues discussed at the meeting among stakeholders, spirited discussion and collaborative drafting resulted in a breadth of opinions as well as an outcomes document that will serve as a useful input to other forums and meetings addressing governance principles, issues, and processes. Business was pleased that the outcomes document not only reinforced the importance of meaningful multistakeholder participation in existing Internet governance processes and forums, but that it also reaffirmed the importance and value of the annual, UN-linked Internet Governance Forum (IGF).

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and its BASIS initiative have also praised NETmundial for aiding further consensus and dialogue on central issues being addressed at multiple, global forums, including the protection of the Internet as a vehicle of innovation and economic growth, respect for the rule of law, the importance of maintaining cross-border and global flows of information, and the vital importance of protecting and advancing the multistakeholder model in policy discussions.

“The success of NETmundial should not be measured in declarations or new commitments, but in how it helps to advance the multistakeholder model and set in motion talks that will add value to existing processes,” said Joe Alhadeff, Chair, ICC Commission on the Digital Economy. He added: “The meeting has reinforced the importance and validity of existing mechanisms, including the Internet Governance Forum, and the need for constructive dialogue on how to strengthen them.”

Despite divergent views on the content of a proposed roadmap for the evolution of Internet governance, business was gratified to see the importance placed on the orderly transition of the NTIA functions related to IANA. This was another important topic in the roadmap and business was encouraged by inclusion of all the NTIA operational conditions that must be met in this regard, including the need for a multistakeholder successor.

Voices not always heard in the global Internet governance debate were given a platform to join discussions that will directly influence policy development. Less developed economies, as well as the small business community and global citizens, were able to take advantage of opportunities to participate in the dialogue, both onsite, and via remote participation.

Alhadeff added: “ICC BASIS recognizes that NETmundial marked an important moment in the discussion of Internet governance, which has helped drive multistakeholder participation and encouraged greater geographic reach for Internet policy discussions.”

As an active participant in the discussions, ICC BASIS represented the international business community at NETmundial, working within its membership and with other global businesses and organizations, to contribute to dialogue that will feed into Internet governance meetings going forward, as appropriate.

Baton Rouge-based Insurer Chooses Venyu’s Managed Services and Data Backup to Secure and Support Company’s Growth

BATON ROUGE, La. –Venyu, a leader in business continuity, cloud-based virtualization, and battle-tested data recovery services, today announced that Baton Rouge-based StoneTrust Commercial Insurance has chosen the company to provide managed hosting services and cloud-based data backup to support their business operations. Venyu helped the company save more than $50,000 by eliminating costly IT capital upgrades as well as hiring additional IT support staff to manage a larger, in-house data center. For more information, please see the full case study: http://www.venyu.com/case-studies.

Stonetrust provides statutory workers’ compensation insurance for construction, wholesale, retail, manufacturing, and other service related businesses currently with more than 4,700 active policies.  As the company grew, the need for an outsourced, reliable backup, and managed hosting provider became clear. Stonetrust meet these needs with Venyu’s premier hosting site in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which provides a fully-redundant, secure infrastructure with immediate scalability.

Reliable data backup consists of Venyu’s cloud-based data recovery solution, RestartIT®.  As an essential element of any disaster recovery plan, Venyu’s data backup automatically saves all data changes, while securing information in the company's commercial-grade data centers.  Should a man-made or natural disaster prevent StoneTrust from accessing its on-site data, Venyu can quickly export all needed information to a Mobile Vault for instantaneous restoration and access.  

“Given the real threat of catastrophic events in our region, disaster recovery isn’t just a ‘nice-to-have,’ but a necessity to keep business going,” said Sukhy Dhillon, CIO, StoneTrust Commercial Insurance. “With Venyu, we don’t worry about data being lost or unavailable in the event of emergency.  No matter what the situation – we know Venyu’s got us covered.”

“StoneTrust’s customers rely on them, which means they need to have access to vital data at all times,” said Scott Thompson, CEO, Venyu. “With our managed hosting and backup, StoneTrust eliminates outages because all data is safely held and accessible in Venyu’s data centers. StoneTrust can focus on what they’re known for: providing quality customer service.”

To find out more or connect with Venyu for back-up, recovery, colocation and managed services, please visit www.venyu.com.

About Venyu
Venyu is a premier provider of data center, managed hosting, cloud, virtualization and data protection solutions. By leveraging Venyu's portfolio of innovative, ROI-focused solutions, including VenyuCloud and RestartIT, within secure, highly available data centers, organizations can reduce IT costs while increasing security and scalability. For more information about Venyu and its industry-leading offerings, please visit www.venyu.comYour Data Made Invincible™.

‘Shinrai’ initiative to increase trust, confidence and loyalty in the OKI brand, building sales via common targeted sales and marketing programmes

EGHAM – OKI Europe has launched a new single channel partner programme across the EMEA region, as it looks to strengthen the OKI brand by building closer relationships with existing and new partners.

The new ‘Shinrai’ partner initiative is designed to build trust, confidence and loyalty between OKI and its partner community, by opening up new business opportunities through a comprehensive EMEA-wide programme, including targeted sales, marketing, finance and training support.

“OKI is unique, as we are the only major printer manufacturer to sell 100% indirectly through a distribution network,” says Terry Kawashima, managing director, OKI Europe. “Until now we have supported this with a series of independent local initiatives. However, the new regional programme underlines our total commitment to the channel, working together in opening up new opportunities and building profitable business, as part of a true partnership approach.”

Tiered support

The tiered OKI partner programme operates at a number of levels, including Executive Partner, Premium Partner, Business Partner and specialist e-Commerce and BPO Partners.

Each is based on the individual distributor’s business model and level of integration and commitment to OKI and benefits from different levels of support and rewards.

Partners benefit from structured support across a number of key areas:

  • Marketing – OKI will provide a range of marketing materials, including POS, promotional collateral, direct mail, eShots, invitations and advertisements
  • Sales – Lead generation support will include lead provision (Premium and Executive Partners), visibility on OKI’s Dealer Locator and programmes of promotion with supporting marketing materials
  • Specialisations – bespoke marketing, promotions, product/solutions expertise and training support is available to support partners specialising in Managed Print Services (MPS), Solutions and Graphical Arts
  • Finance (for Executive Partners) – includes access to third-party finance, assistance to provide total package solutions and refinancing of existing or old equipment

Premium Partners, Executive Partners and E-commerce Partners will receive a certificate and a Partner Programme Contract, designed to formalise the relationship and emphasise the mutual benefits of working closely together. Additional support will be provided by a dedicated account manager, whose role is to help each distributor achieve their business goals. Sales targets will be set in each case and a new bonus structure is designed to reward investment in OKI, its products and services.

“Through this structured and supportive programme of incentives, tools and training, OKI will help each partner build on its existing customer base and develop new opportunities,” confirms Kawshima. “This will not only benefit OKI and its partners, but also end-customers who will not only have greater access to OKI’s outstanding product innovation but also enterprise-quality consultancy and support.”

About OKI Europe

OKI Europe Ltd is a division of OKI Data Corporation, a global business-to-business organisation dedicated to creating professional in-house printed communications products, applications and services which are designed to increase the efficiency of today’s and tomorrow’s businesses.

The company is well-established as one of Europe’s leading printer brands, in terms of value and units shipped. OKI Europe’s award-winning product portfolio comprises six distinct segments: colour and mono printers, multifunctional devices, which combine printing, copying, scanning and faxing functionalities, as well as Serial Dot Matrix printers, faxes and specialty printers for point-of-sales and manufacturing. Established in 1990, today OKI Europe employs approximately 1,100 people in 21 production sites and sales offices and is represented in 60 countries throughout the EMEA region. For further information visit www.okieurope.com

OKI Data Corporation is a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Oki Electric Industry Co. Ltd., established in 1881 and Japan’s first telecommunications manufacturer.

Launches of EV|ServiceManager, EV|ServiceApps and EV|Click2Get and the next generation of EV|NEO as the codeless dynamic orchestrator of service management

NEW YORK – EasyVista Inc., (www.easyvista.com) a global leader in IT Service and Asset Management solutions, has launched a revolutionary suite of solutions that allow IT to radically build a new front office customer experience as well streamlining and automating back office IT management.

EasyVista is increasingly winning business from vendors who provide hard-coded, high-administration solutions. Customers now want a solution that delivers new services and a storefront that can be rapidly realized and easily administered. This launch will decimate IT costs, facilitate an increased delivery to business needs and empower IT to transform customer interfaces and applications.

EV|ServiceManager is the workflow and asset management engine that facilitates the process requirements found in best practice, whether ITIL or ISO, to provide the functional components for IT service management, financial management, project management and the consolidation of organizational and customer service.

EV|ServiceApps is the presentation engine that transforms IT by meeting the demands of business for a service experience which is familiar, easy-to-use and mobile. Being able to abstract and present services in a familiar interface increases self-service effectiveness and responsive delivery.

For example, design and deliver a service catalog with a consumerized look and feel that needs no training or introduction or present business value metrics through customized dashboards for individual decision support. EV|ServiceApps provides design templates that allow quick generation of stylized, location-based services for end-users and customers.

Global research firm, Aberdeen Group, believes organizations that modernize service delivery with a store-fronted IT service catalog will see a 7.9% increase in SLA achievement.

EV|Click2Get is the on-demand delivery engine that turns a Service Catalog into a Service Store. Users of corporate IT are increasingly mobile and remote and ‘broadcast’ methods of software distribution, today, simply fail IT and end-users. The ability to download software as and when needed, click and get, minimizes disruption to the end-user. Native integration to EasyVista software license management with the profile of the requestor delivers compliant end-to-end lifecycle management.

EV|NEO is the design and orchestration platform embedded in all EasyVista products. NEO Design enables the realization of the complete service supply chain, from customer experience through workflow to lifecycle management. NEO Connect allows for codeless integration across all EasyVista engines into traditional IT datasources, New IT Apps (Twitter, Google etc.) and a range of business applications and services. All services are delivered through familiar and stylized interfaces.

“EasyVista solutions already transform the delivery of services in organizations and enterprises across the world, from every industry. Typically we remove the complexity of legacy enterprise providers and extend capabilities to all service management disciplines with a much lower cost of ownership”, commented Andrew White, EVP and General Manager of EasyVista. ‘This launch delivers the presentation layer so sought after by the business and end-users, where services and information are accessible through familiar interfaces and apps. Where a Service Store can be built like Amazon to broker the services of many 3rd party enterprise solutions and systems and parse the information logically into services as apps.”

EasyVista customers have access to these new engines within the Company’s CSN Communities and prospective customers will be introduced to the products by their account management teams. More information is available from www.easyvista.com.

About EasyVista

EasyVista Inc., a leading provider of IT Service and Asset Management software, has more than 25 years of experience as a pure player in the IT Management space. The company has a direct presence around the world with offices in the US, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain and Portugal. EasyVista is quoted on NYSE Alternext exchange (ALEZV).

BIRMINGHAM, UK – Suprema Inc., a leading global provider of technology in biometrics and security, today announced with ENTERTECH SYSTEMS an expanded partnership that now includes the United Kingdom and Ireland. ENTERTECH SYSTEMS is not only the new official operating partner in the UK market but also continues operating in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, delivering Suprema biometric products and applications for use with access control systems and workforce management solutions.

“Suprema is pleased to expand our partnership with ENTERTECH SYSTEMS to now include the United Kingdom and Ireland,” says Young S. Moon, Vice President, Suprema Inc. “Their technical support team has an established track record of being very responsive, results-driven and are well-equipped to work with our local customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland to ensure complete customer satisfaction. And the new partnership is also expected to deliver an enhanced level of support amongst our local partners in the country.”

Last year, ENTERTECH SYSTEMS won the Suprema Best Global Partner Award – the highest recognition awarded annually among Suprema’s global partner network; their well-known customer service focus is one of the key reasons they have been chosen as Suprema’s official operating partner in the UK and Ireland.

“We are proud to be the official Suprema operating partner in the United Kingdom and Ireland and to be backed by Suprema, the premier provider of next-generation IP access control and the global market leader in biometric access control,” says Rob Douglas, CEO of ENTERTECH SYSTEMS.

In the UK, ENTERTECH SYSTEMS offers Suprema’s line of biometric devices in all of their markets, including fingerprint recognition, face recognition, card and PIN readers. Based in Birmingham, ENTERTECH SYTEMS will be working closely with Norbain SD, a distributor of Suprema’s technology and products in the UK security market, which is one of Europe’s most successful distributors of CCTV, IP Video, access control and intruder detection equipment.

“The unique combination of Suprema biometric products and expert support services from ENTERTECH SYSTEMS will help increase the local technical expertise in biometrics that we can offer Norbain customers.” said Gareth Ellams, Divisional Director of Business Development at Norbain.

“This expansion is the result of our success in North America, and the unique value BioConnect has delivered to our access control partners. BioConnect is an application that provides a seamless synchronization between Suprema devices and leading access control systems, enabling easy biometric integration into existing and future deployments. Expanding our service base to the United Kingdom and Ireland and having our expert technical team available locally means we can better serve our partners and customers, many of whom have operations in both regions.” adds Douglas.

Suprema and ENTERTECH SYSTEMS will be at IFSEC International 2014 from 17-19 June at ExCel London, stand #E1400. They will be offering product demonstrations and information on their newest technologies. For more information on Suprema devices and applications in the UK and Ireland, please visit www.entertechsystems.co.uk or call 0800-368-8123 or 020 3743 9123.


About Suprema

Suprema Inc. is a leading global provider of technology in biometrics and security. The company’s range of products includes fingerprint modules, biometric access control systems, e-passport readers and live-scanners. Suprema has worldwide sales network in over 125 countries and also a listed company in stock exchange in South Korea (KOSDAQ). For further information, visit www.supremainc.com

About ENTERTECH SYSTEMS partnered with Suprema

ENTERTECH SYSTEMS provides market-leading intelligent identity management solutions to systems integrators in key markets, including critical infrastructure, enterprise, education, healthcare, public sector, financial services, retail, luxury high-rise condominiums and more. Our biometrics for IP access control systems and workforce management solutions are purpose-built to overcome the three main obstacles to mainstream adoption: cost, complexity and on-boarding users. And the company’s highly responsive, results-driven technical services team works with our certified partner network to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

ENTERTECH SYSTEMS is Suprema’s official operating partner in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The company offers Suprema’s family of #1-rated biometric devices (finger, face, card and PIN), next generation IP access control system, biometric algorithm and SDK, and software products. The company’s industry-first BioConnect advanced template management and mobile applications enable Suprema’s biometric readers to be easily integrated with leading global access control systems. For more information, visit www.entertechsystems.co.uk.

Ealing Hospital NHS Trust (EHT) has used Ascribe's integration consultancy services to provide core development work to migrate their clinical systems' interfaces from their existing McKesson "TotalCARE" PAS and "eGate" integration engine to the CSC/Silverlink iCS PAS used by the North West London Hospitals NHS Trust (NWLHT).

Ascribe's Consultancy team was selected by EHT to undertake this critical project based on their proven expertise with complex healthcare integration projects.

To ensure that clinicians would see no change in their access to clinical data, EHT had to replace their current McKesson eGate integration engine with their recently installed InterSystems "Ensemble" TIE (Trust Integration Engine) and migrate the ten operational interfaces. The project's go-live had to be managed in parallel with the migration of the PAS system and data migration to NWLHT's existing CSC/Silverlink iCS PAS.

EHT is using InterSystems Ensemble® integration engine platform to connect the Trusts' clinical systems. Ascribe worked with EHT to provide a robust interface development methodology, interface design, development and deployment using this platform, which will also be used for all future interface development across the trust.

Cost Savings

  • EHT chose to move to a single Ensemble® Integration platform to enable a more strategic, flexible and scalable integration architecture, and to consolidate interfaces within the Trusts onto one consistent platform. This consolidated architecture provides EHT with a lower cost of ownership and the integration rationalisation will enhance flow of patient information securely and seamlessly across healthcare settings, ensuring increased safety of clinical data.
  • By empowering the EHT IT staff through mentoring and co-working, Ascribe have enabled staff at the Trust to take ownership of future development requirements and implementation; with Ascribe support as and when is needed. This will result in lower support expenditure due to in-house interface support and reduced demand on support staff.

Neil Bridgeman, Assistant Director of Information and Systems at EHT, commented "Our strategic vision in merging the two Trusts has led us to integrate to one PAS and one integration engine; we are expecting to see benefits in improved service, performance and reduced costs through developing our in-house team's skills. We enjoyed working with Ascribe and Intersystems on this project."

Stephen Critchlow, CEO at Ascribe, commented "Ascribe have a strategic goal to integrate healthcare systems to improve clinical safety and performance. We were pleased to work with EHT and look forward to seeing the benefits they realise through their integration work."

About Ealing Hospital NHS Trust
Since April 2011 Ealing Hospital NHS Trust incorporated the community services of Brent, Ealing and Harrow into our Trust; making them a large, locally-focused provider of both hospital and community services. During the past year, Ealing Hospital NHS Trust had 41,726 visits to its Emergency Department. More than 186,000 attendances were made to the Out-patients department. The hospital treated 36,521 in-patients and day case patients.

About Ascribe
Ascribe delivers high quality clinical IT solutions and services to over 70% of the UK's secondary healthcare providers, and serves customers in Australasia, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Core strengths include Pharmacy and ePrescribing, Electronic Patient Records (including Patient Administration Systems), Unscheduled Care solutions and Mental Health Client Management systems. In addition, Ascribe provides Consultancy expertise in Business Intelligence, Transformation and Integration.

Through integration and interoperability, Ascribe, as a member of EMIS Group, helps clinicians across multiple care settings, share vital information, facilitating better, more efficient healthcare and supporting longer and healthier lives.

Ascribe is a Microsoft Gold Partner and was awarded Health Partner of the Year in 2012.

Website: www.ascribe.com

Leader in Unified Communications Brings Powerful Productivity & Collaboration Tool to Customers

CROSBY, TX —  Abletek, a leading provider of unified communications, announced today that the company will now provide cloud video conferencing solutions to its customers. Abletek cloud video conferencing technology enables end users to cost effectively collaborate via video with standard HD conference room systems, desktops/laptops, web browsers, tablets and smartphones. The interoperable cloud video service requires zero hardware and is very easy to use. Cloud video conferencing offered by Abletek will improve productivity within an organization and enhance collaboration like never before.

In simple terms, cloud video conferencing allows users to communicate face-to-face without travelling anywhere. With applications spread throughout all industries, video conferencing has been shown to dramatically increase performance for individuals who perform any tasks associated with relationship building, customer service, consultative sales, education, technical assistance, training and more. This is driven by the fact that video conferencing allows individuals to interact as if they were in the same room. Individuals retain significantly more information when verbal communication is combined with visual cues. Thus, video conferencing takes a traditional phone call to an entirely new level and is just as easy to initiate.

Traditional video conferencing is very expensive and prohibitive for most small and mid-sized companies. Cloud video conferencing, on the other hand, has caused a paradigm shift making this type of communications tool affordable for any business regardless of size. Plus, Abletek solution is interoperable with traditional video conference room systems so if larger companies that have already made a significant investment in hardware can still reap the rewards of reduced utilization costs by connecting it to the cloud.

Video conferencing has been available for a while but being able to do so from ‘the cloud’ has opened up the floodgates of opportunity,” stated Bill Parker, President of Abletek. “The costs for this caliber of communications technology was previously and exclusively available for large enterprises, but now every small to mid-sized business, organization or institution can benefit from it. We see this technology radically changing the way we interact because it is based on a very simple premise – there’s no better way to communicate than by looking someone into the eye and expressing your ideas. People who try it once, instantly see how powerful it is, and we are thrilled to see how businesses leverage this tool to gain a leg up on their competitors and increase their profitability.”

ABOUT Abletek

Abletek is not your typical IT & communications company. We are a TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION PROVIDER and we care deeply about helping you maximize your productivity through effective Managed Services (MSP), IT, communications and related business technology solutions, and while a lot of companies may talk about increasing your productivity, Abletek actually delivers.

ABLETEK will remove the burden of managing your network and communications infrastructures by providing everything needed to maintain your servers, workstations, laptops, Pocket PCs/PDA/Treo, Switches, Routers, Email, Printers, VoIP, SIP, Digital & Analog Communications systems and more. Leverage our team of dedicated professionals and proven technology management resources to: CONTROL & REDUCE YOUR COSTS.

For more information on Abletek, call (713) 455.1888 or visit www.abletek.com.

Icon Labs Iconfidant SSL is safe from major vulnerability impacting millions of devices.

WEST DES MOINES, IowaIcon Labs (www.iconlabs.com), a leading provider of embedded networking and security technology, today announced that its Iconfidant SSL product, a leading SSL solution for embedded devices, is not affected by the Heartbleed SSL bug.  Heartbleed is a serious vulnerability in OpenSSL, a popular version of SSL—the technology that security professionals rely on to protect the most critical data exposed on the Internet.  Icon Labs Iconfidant SSL is an SSL solution utilized in embedded devices that power many of the systems we use in our everyday lives.

“Heartbleed is a serious vulnerability in OpenSSL. While this vulnerability exposes millions of devices to serious security concerns, we are happy to report that our Iconfidant SSL solution is not affected by Heartbleed,” said Alan Grau, President of Icon Labs. “Designing security solutions for embedded devices means including multiple layers of protection. The Heartbleed bug highlights the importance of security for all devices connected to the Internet.”

Embedded devices require security solutions designed specifically for them – simply using a desktop security solution in an embedded device is not an answer. Icon Labs provides a full suite of security products and services for device manufacturers. 

“The Heartbleed bug points out that undiscovered vulnerabilities can be lurking in places previously assumed to be safe,” commented Steve Hoffenberg, Director of M2M Embedded Software & Tools at VDC Research. “Makers and users of embedded systems are best served by proactively protecting data to the fullest extent possible, and updating the security of those systems throughout their usable lifespans.”

About Icon Laboratories, Inc.
Icon Labs is a leading provider of embedded software for device security, device protection and networking management, including the award winning Floodgate Defender. Founded in 1992, Icon Labs is headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa. For more information, visit www.iconlabs.com, send email to info@iconlabs.com, or call 1.888.235.3443 (U.S. and Canada) or 515.226.3443 (International).