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Jon Seals

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Exablox®, the award-winning company reimagining storage, today announced that it has partnered with SCSK Corporation, a global IT services company in Japan. SCSK is delivering Exablox's innovative OneBlox®, a scale-out object storage appliance, and OneSystem®, its secure, multi-tenant, cloud- based management service. This expansion adds a major partner for Exablox in Japan, increasing the company's global reach. SCSK supports businesses with a comprehensive portfolio of IT services and solutions ranging from system integration, IT infrastructure implementation, IT management and BPO (business process outsourcing) to IT hardware and software sales. Furthermore, with its proven storage expertise, SCSK is the ideal partner for Exablox and the Japanese market. For the first time, SCSK will be able to deliver affordable, on-premises, scale-out storage with leading-edge enterprise features including inline variable and fixed-length deduplication, inline compression, continuous data protection and zero-configuration storage expansion to its customers.

"I am very pleased to announce that SCSK Corporation signed the Master Distribution Agreement with Exablox and has launched the OneBlox scale-out storage appliance in Japan," said Naoki Ike, executive officer general manager, IT Engineering Div., IT Platform Solutions Group. "We will establish a distribution channel with our reseller partners and provide storage monitoring, software support and management services using OneSystem. In order to manage unpredictably growing data, the ability to begin with smaller capacity deployments, seamlessly scale-out over time, and provide data protection services are the must-have requirements for enterprise storage solutions. I'm confident that Exablox's OneBlox meets these requirements and will be well appreciated by customers in Japan."

Exablox fills a critical gap in the Japanese storage market, providing an easy, flexible approach to scale-out storage that enables customers of all sizes to pay as they grow. Exablox's OneBlox is the only solution that gives IT organizations the choice of both inline variable and fixed-length deduplication as well as inline compression, resulting in data-reduction ratios of up to 20:1. Exablox also offers its Private OneSystem, an on-premises storage management platform that can be deployed as a virtual machine and retains the benefits of a cloud-based management solution.

"The Japanese market has lacked a scale-out object-based storage solution built for the mid-market that does not sacrifice enterprise functionality," said Ezra Hookano, vice president of sales, Exablox. "We look forward to partnering with SCSK in filling this void and helping customers solve their rapid and unpredictable data-growth challenge."

Exablox's products are available immediately through SCSK. For more information, visit www.exablox.com.

About Exablox
Exablox is the award winning company reimagining storage. Exablox solves organizations' runaway storage costs and information management nightmares due to accelerating and unpredictable data growth. OneBlox is a scale-out object-based NAS solution that is far easier to scale and manage than the legacy systems and delivers enterprise-grade software, including inline deduplication, compression, continuous data protection and disaster recovery. Founded in 2010, Exablox is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., and backed by leading Silicon Valley venture firms and strategic investors. Visit Exablox online at www.exablox.com and join the conversation at www.twitter.com/exablox.


Aryaka Adds SD-WAN ULTRA to Its Software Defined Network Platform to Improve Application Performance, Reduce Capital Investments and Simplify Network Operations at Branch Offices

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Aryaka®, the Software Defined Network Platform provider, announced today the launch of its SD-WAN ULTRA service at the NFV&SDN Expo in Fort Lauderdale. Aryaka has built the first fully integrated SD-WAN solution that combines a global private network, WAN Optimization and cloud/SaaS acceleration to deliver enhanced application performance, reduce capital expenditures and simplify network operations at branch offices.

With these components, Aryaka's SD-WAN ULTRA addresses the Achilles' heel of SD-WAN solutions -- inconsistent latencies and jitter, associated with their dependence on the public Internet for transport of mission-critical voice, video, data and application traffic that is vital to business execution. The public Internet is a shared medium of communication, and due to congestion and packet loss, lacks the performance required for transferring business-critical voice, video and data, and accessing cloud services or SaaS applications globally.

Aryaka's SD-WAN ULTRA combines its proprietary Smart Edge and Smart Link technologies with a global private network to provide dramatic performance improvements for voice, video and real-time traffic. With added WAN Optimization functionality, data and application traffic also sees massive throughput and performance improvements. Further, due do the seamless integration and acceleration of cloud services and SaaS applications, Aryaka has launched the first and only SD-WAN solution that addresses application performance issues without enterprises having to invest in legacy MPLS circuits.

"With the rapid proliferation of cloud services and SaaS applications, existing SD-WAN solutions fall short of meeting application performance expectations due to their reliance on the Internet," said Ashwath Nagaraj, Founder and CTO of Aryaka Networks. "Building our SD-WAN technology on top of a global private network and adding WAN Optimization allows us to not only address these performance bottlenecks but also reduce network complexity at branch offices while keeping capital investments low."

"Businesses around the world are responding to the "digital enterprise" imperative by exploiting the cloud as an agile platform for applications. As with yesterday's LAN connected applications, performance is a key consideration and as more employees use additional applications, application performance directly becomes a business performance issue," said Peter Christy, Research Director at 451 Research. "Whereas most SD WAN solutions are built on raw Internet connectivity or existing MPLS WAN's, Aryaka's SD-WAN ULTRA is built on Aryaka's purpose engineered Global Private Network that optimizes performance based on dynamic network conditions and incorporates WAN optimization technology and by doing so has proven to be an excellent platform for delivering consistent performance for applications that are used by global populations."

SD-WAN ULTRA Functionality:

  • Smart Link:
    This feature provides enterprises with the benefits of Link Aggregation and enables them to use two ISP links simultaneously at the edge, in an active-active form, to improve reliability and network performance on the Internet links. Enterprise locations and remote users securely connect to Aryaka's Software Defined Network Platform within their region using Internet links for first and last mile connectivity.

    Smart Link improves the reliability and network performance on the Internet links through load balancing, path selection, and single and dual link packet loss recovery technologies. This results in enhanced performance, especially for voice, video and real-time traffic. The edge intelligence comes in the form of application classification rules that can be set to use both these links in multiple ways. These rules can be defined to reflect the unique requirements of the business.
  • Smart Edge:
    This feature converges an enterprise's WAN edge functionality at the branch and includes cloud and VPN connectivity, routing, firewall, QoS and application level control in a single customer premise equipment (CPE), which is provided and fully managed by Aryaka. This drastically simplifies network management at the customer branch. It also minimizes or eliminates the need for distributed IT resources.

    Smart Edge eliminates the need to deploy a router, firewall and WAN Optimization device at the edge. It also drastically simplifies SaaS, VPN and Internet connectivity, allowing for policy-based routing and the control and distribution of bandwidth between VPN and the Internet.

    Smart Edge also allows for link high availability and full diversity at the edge to enhance network redundancy. Additionally, with Smart Edge, the Aryaka CPE can split Internet traffic at the edge.
  • WAN Optimization: This enables Aryaka's SD-WAN ULTRA to deliver consistently better performance than other solutions on the market. Aryaka's customers have realized up to 40x performance improvements for both on-premise and cloud applications.
  • Fully Managed Service: This includes end-to-end monitoring and 24x7 CCIE Engineer-level support. Aryaka's fully managed service delivery model results in cost savings, reduces complexity, requires fewer IT resources, and eliminates the need to work with multiple vendors.
  • SaaS/Cloud Integration and Acceleration: This feature permits the seamless integration of Office 365, AWS, Azure and other cloud/SaaS services into the customer's VPN and delivers significant performance improvements. Thus, it results in better end user experience and higher productivity, and enables businesses to leverage the benefits of SaaS.
  • Private Global Network: Aryaka's private global network bypasses the unreliability of the public Internet, providing enterprises with consistent latencies and negligible packet loss to deliver predictable application performance and user experience globally.

Aryaka's new SD-WAN ULTRA is now available as part of its award-winning Software Defined Network Platform.

Aryaka will be presenting its SD-WAN ULTRA solution at the NFV&SDN Expo on January 28, 2016, where Aryaka CMO Gary Sevounts will be participating in a panel discussion.

Aryaka's Software Defined Network Platform has seen record adoption as global enterprises have been increasingly looking to replace MPLS and legacy WAN technology. Earlier this month, Aryaka announced that it saw record bookings in Q4 2015, with 117 percent year-over-year growth from Q4 2014.

About Aryaka

Aryaka's Software Defined Network Platform provides optimized, software-defined network connectivity and application acceleration to globally distributed enterprises. Aryaka's services have over 10 million users across 4,000+ sites globally. Leading brands such as Skullcandy, Air China, Freescale Semiconductor and ThoughtWorks, as well as partners like Microsoft Azure, AWS, Intelisys and SK Broadband, have all chosen Aryaka for their enterprise-grade networking needs.

To learn more, visit www.aryaka.com. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Leading Pork Producer Deploys PernixData FVP, Sees 500% Reduction in ERP Query Times

SAN JOSE, Calif. – PernixData today announced that HyLife, a premier global producer and distributor of pork products, has deployed PernixData FVP™ software to accelerate access to its strategic ERP systems. With 5x faster database queries, the company has optimized operations, lowered costs, and maximized employee productivity.

Headquartered in Manitoba, Canada with operations in the U.S., Canada and China, HyLife produces 1.6 million hogs annually for global sales. Accurate information is critical for HyLife, who relies on two primary ERP applications to pull key data from various systems to forecast the business and maximize the efficiency of its operations. HyLife's 1,000+ employees query this data -- which includes ham scale, loin scale, bacteria levels, boxing systems, plant activity and more -- throughout the day from all over the world.

All of HyLife's core applications and databases are virtualized, making its infrastructure versatile and cost effective infrastructure. However, this was causing queries to take longer than expected, and the severe lag was taking a toll on employee productivity levels.

Faced with the challenge of finding a way to substantially shorten database query times, HyLife's senior systems administrator, Marcel Broesky, turned to PernixData FVP. After installing FVP, HyLife was able to create a low latency acceleration tier for storage reads and writes, with no changes required to their existing storage arrays.

"Queries that used to take up to 2.5 minutes now take under 30 seconds," said Broesky. "This performance improvement has a far reaching impact across the business, from better fulfillment of orders to optimized hog production. FVP has enabled HyLife to keep our strategic ERP systems on a virtualization cluster, which has important implications to the IT organization."

To read the full HyLife case study, please visit: http://bit.ly/1Upc7kF

About PernixData®
PernixData software brings scale-out performance and management to any storage environment, maximizing the responsiveness of virtualized applications while minimizing infrastructure costs. 

Based in San Jose, California, PernixData was founded by virtualization and storage experts and backed by industry luminaries in the software space. For more information, please visit www.pernixdata.com and follow us on Twitter @PernixData.

Copyright © 2016 PernixData, Inc. All rights reserved. This product is protected by U.S. and international copyright and intellectual property laws. PernixData, FVP, Flash Hypervisor and Flash Cluster are trademarks of PernixData, Inc. in the United States and/or other jurisdictions. All other brands, products, marks and names mentioned herein may be trademarks or service marks of, and are used to identify, products or services.


Commercial and Government Agency Appetite for Incident Response Propels Adoption of RedSeal Cybersecurity Analytics Platform

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – RedSeal (redseal.co), the cybersecurity analytics company, today announced record 2015 sales growth and business momentum. Increased market realization that digital resilience and cyber security preparedness are now business critical strategies has been a key factor in increased adoption of the RedSeal analytics platform. The company achieved several milestones in 2015 including its highest year-over-year revenue growth, and record numbers of new customer acquisitions and customer renewals. In addition, all of these milestones helped drive positive cash flow for RedSeal for the last two quarters.

RedSeal achieved significant new customer acquisition, adding 59 new customers in 2015, including 15 federal agencies, counting among them the US Senate, USAF, US Navy, FEMA, and NASA. This past year the company also added a number of major box retailers, and leading brands in software, media, hospitality and services sectors. Federal business bookings grew 55 percent year-over-year and commercial bookings grew 83 percent in the last half of 2015 alone. The company sold 53,000 licenses in 2015. As well as new customer acquisition, RedSeal achieved its best year ever in customer confidence and continuity with renewal rates of 85 percent across all sectors and geographies.

The company's international presence and channel strength made an important contribution to 2015 success. RedSeal plans to accelerate momentum in 2016, including expanding its global channel partner program, continuing to scale global expansion with new offices in Canada, and increasing headcount by 50 percent in order to expand engineering and sales groups. 

"2015 was an extraordinary year of growth and accelerated business performance for RedSeal across all sectors," said Ray Rothrock, chairman and CEO of RedSeal. "The market has clearly signaled the importance and value of the RedSeal platform in its ability to provide the actionable intelligence and insight needed to build continuously digitally resilient and hardened cyber prepared organizations." 

About RedSeal (redseal.co)
RedSeal is an essential step in building digitally resilient organizations people can trust. RedSeal's security analytics platform builds an accurate, up-to-date model of an organization's entire, as-built network to visualize access paths, prioritize what to fix, and target existing cybersecurity resources on the most valuable assets. With RedSeal's Digital Resilience Score, decision makers can see the security status and benchmark progress toward digital resilience in the inevitable attack. RedSeal's customers are Global 2000 corporations and government agencies that depend on the most sophisticated security. Founded in 2004, RedSeal is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and serves customers in North America, Europe and Asia.

RedSeal and the RedSeal logo are trademarks of RedSeal, Inc. All other names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Can Now Quickly and Easily Sync and Share Files Between Office and Field with Transporter Private Cloud Storage Appliance
SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Nexsan's Connected Data® today announced that DeMeo Construction Inc., a custom residential, light commercial and concrete construction services company serving the Northern California market, has standardized its business operations data on Connected Data's Transporter, private cloud file sync and share appliances.  Having deployed two Connected Data Transporters, a Transporter 30 in the office and a Transporter 15 in the field, DeMeo Construction is now able to quickly and easily access and share data between cross-functional teams, and consequently has increased project productivity, lowered costs and increased profitability.
Throughout a project, the DeMeo Construction team requires quick access to files, including drawings and design plans, photos, contracts and subcontracts. If the wrong documents are brought into the field or slow access to needed files causes project managers to access older designs, inaccurate instructions can be given to subcontractors, costing both time and money. With storage capacities on the company's Mac computer systems pushing their limit, owner Mark DeMeo Jr. began to seek a solution that would solve both the storage and file sharing challenges at the same time.
"In our business the time factor is critical," said DeMeo. "If incorrect information is used during onsite decision making it can be devastating; and waiting in the field for documents to get there can slow down the entire project."
After evaluating potential new server options, as well as public cloud solutions, DeMeo discovered he could solve both his storage and file sharing challenges with one solution: Connected Data's Transporter, file sync and share appliance.
"Server options just couldn't match the flexibility and speed of our Transporters," said DeMeo. "Likewise, public cloud solutions, like Dropbox, didn't provide us with the security and peace of mind achieved when you have the equipment right here in your office. I like to see that it's up and running; and also know that our data is secure because I'm in control."
"With the Transporters I can organize project files to my specifications, making it easy for the field to get right to the information they need. That means we can get right to work without any delay or risk of error due to a lack of information, or accessing older designs or instructions."
The productivity boost has been so dramatic for DeMeo Construction that the company has been able to grow its capacity. It can now take on four projects at a time, whereas previously it was three. And more productivity increases are on their way too. Today, in addition to its fleet of Mac computers, DeMeo Construction uses a PC-based system to run its construction project management and billing solution, Prolog. To access its contents easily, DeMeo has to print and scan files from the PC to import them into his Mac. Soon he will be migrating content from his PC system to the Transporters where everything will be easily accessible from anywhere, and on any computer, saving hours every week.
"Not only have the Transporters solved both my storage and file sharing problems in one solution, they have also greatly increased my organization and productivity," said DeMeo. "They save time and money and make everyone on the team more productive. The more I learn about Transporter, the more efficient I get. It's become our secret advantage."
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About Nexsan's Connected Data
Nexsan's Connected Data is the leading provider of private file, sync and share appliances designed to combine the simplicity of public cloud file sharing solutions with the performance and security of an on-premise appliance. The Transporter for Business family of solutions deliver the control, privacy and security enterprises require to protect their critical data while providing the easy mobile access that todays users demand. The Transporter Network Storage Connector is included with the Transporter 75 and 150 private cloud solutions and extends the two-way synchronization capabilities from their existing NAS storage systems to mobile devices and laptops. This gives users the ability to access files from anywhere, on any device, enhancing workflow productivity without the costly fees or privacy issues of public cloud subscription models. Connected Data is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. and has over 40,000 Transporter users managing more than 24 Petabytes of storage worldwide. For more information, visit www.connecteddata.com.
Nexsan, Connected Data and Transporter are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nexsan.  All other trademarks used are the property of the respective trademark owners.

While 91 percent of enterprises said they still worry about threats to data, many of them are still focusing on the wrong security priorities to best help protect themselves from data breaches and other attacks, according to a recent survey.

The 2016 Vormetric Data Threat Report—sponsored by security startup Vormetric and conducted by analyst firm 451 Research—found that compliance is the top area of focus for enterprises when it comes to security because they equate compliance with protecting critical data.

Common thinking among companies is that if they meet compliance requirements, it will be enough to keep data safe, according to the report, penned by 451 Research Senior Analyst Garrett Bekker. This is despite the fact that data breaches actually occur more often in organizations certified as compliant, he said.



Recent studies have shown that enterprises are embracing advanced analytics and big data projects. But are they getting real value out of these efforts? Or are we headed for a period of disillusionment? Newly private Informatica has refocused on a mission to help enterprises turn their data investments into projects that drive real business value and avoid the disillusionment pitfall.

CEO Anil Chakravarthy spoke with InformationWeek in an interview about the company's mission, and the trends and opportunities he sees ahead this year.

Informatica appointed Chakravarthy as CEO this month, almost six months after naming him as acting CEO in conjunction with the company's acquisition by two private equity firms. The acquisition by Permira funds and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board -- along with strategic investments from Microsoft and Salesforce -- was completed in August 2015. It took Informatica private and gave the company "more flexibility and more time to implement our transformative innovation roadmap and to evolve our business model," the company's chairman, Sohaib Abbasi, said in a prepared statement at the time.



It’s safe to say that enterprise cloud is here to stay. Cloud services have augmented the way we deliver resources, support new types of users, and create new types of business strategies. Today, organizations are looking at even more ways to leverage cloud computing environments to help their businesses become much more agile.

Spending on cloud infrastructure and platform could rise from $16 billion in 2014 to $43 billion by 2018, according to a recent Goldman Sachs report. The share of cloud infrastructure and platform in enterprise IT spending is forecast to increase from 5 percent in 2014 to 11 percent by 2018. This will be driven by the increasing shift of IT budget from traditional in-house delivery methods to various flavors of cloud computing as a means to cut cost and create new revenue streams.

All this in mind, let’s focus on one of the biggest questions facing enterprises when they look at the modern cloud ecosystem: “How do I create a good cloud connectivity strategy that will allow me to leverage my on-premise investment and a public cloud architecture?”

To answer it, let’s look at two leading public cloud providers and what they’re offering around enterprise cloud connectivity. But first, we’ll need some definitions.



Wednesday, 27 January 2016 00:00

How Secure Is Your Data Store?

In the business world today, the data held by a company can often be their most valuable asset. The value of the data is also dependent on its quality, so the more time you spend making sure that it is fit-for-purpose, the more value can be extracted. These values can be significant too, with the Verizon Data Breach Report reporting an average cost of $201 per lost record in 2014.

Therefore, keeping it safe and secure should be at the forefront of company strategies, but this is rarely the case. When this happens you have situations such as for Ashley Madison or Carphone Warehouse, whereby huge and valuable datasets are stolen or leaked. It is like having a car that you spend several thousand on, but leave it in a high crime rate area, most of the time it won't get stolen, but the chances of it being taken are much higher than they need to be.

One of the key reasons for this lapse in security is that many of the most popular platforms, like Hadoop, have in-built security. The danger here is that people think that their data is safe because of these systems, which is true to a degree, but having only these systems in place is like locking your car - it can still be broken into relatively easily.



Boards of directors lack understanding of the cyber risk

45% of cyber security professionals believe their board of directors has a major gap in its understanding of cyber risk, or simply don’t understand the risk at all. This is despite over half (54%) of boards being ultimately accountable for the cyber strategy, according to a new study by Harvey Nash and PGI Cyber.

The Cyber Security Survey also revealed that one third of cyber professionals (33%) believe their CEO has major knowledge gaps and almost half (49%) believe the same for their Chief Finance Officer. Chief Marketing Officers, many of whom have increasing responsibility for customer data and driving customer facing digital strategies, were also rated poorly, with 43% of cyber professionals believing they had major knowledge gaps, and one in ten (11%) believing they had no cyber risk awareness at all.

Whilst most cyber professionals feel their organisations have the basics covered, 85% still think there is more to do, and one quarter (26%) believe there is significantly more work to do. Unsurprisingly it is lack of finance that is holding cyber security back with 57% of respondents citing this as a reason for any gaps, while lack of security aware culture (49%) and a lack of understandings of the real threat (43%) were also highlighted.

Understanding of the threat is very high among business continuity professionals according to the latest Horizon Scan Report published by the Business Continuity Institute. 82% of respondents to a global survey expressed concern about the possibility of a cyber attack and 74% expressed concern about a data breach occurring.

Brian Lord, Managing Director, PGI Cyber commented: “Cyber security is as much about people as it is about technology. Whilst there is no doubt many boards are asking more questions about cyber security than they did five years ago, it is clear that there is much more to do to make organisations fully aware and prepared for the challenges of an increasingly global and digital world.