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Jon Seals

Jon Seals

Fast-Growing Firm Hires Tech Veteran Dan Haley to Lead North America, Opens Office in Cambridge, Mass.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – StarLink, the world's largest and fastest growing "True" Value-added Distributor for network and data security, announced today that it has initiated planned investments into the US for 2016 as a part of the company's expansion strategy. Initial activities include the hiring of a seasoned CEO to manage the North America region, and simultaneously relocating its US headquarters to Cambridge, Massachusetts, one of North America's key technology hubs.

StarLink has appointed Dan Haley as CEO - North America, adding an unrivaled expert to its leadership team. Dan Haley brings with him a rich experience of 35 years in the high tech industry, with his previous role as the President and CEO of network security leader Bradford Networks Inc. Prior to that he served as CEO for four start-ups, and was also a General Partner in a global private equity company.

StarLink's True Value-Added Distribution sets it apart from other software distributors -- rather than just being a fulfillment house, StarLink offers the same services to channel partners and end customers as a software vendor would, from pre-sales through support. And though it never sells direct, StarLink works directly with end customers to help create and seed the market for security solutions. As a result:

  • StarLink channel partners benefit from an educated market that's primed for the partners' offerings.
  • Software vendors benefit from accelerated sales through the channel.
  • End customers benefit from StarLink's consultative approach and ability to assemble end-to-end security solutions.

Nidal Othman, Managing Director at StarLink, commented, "The US expansion is a fundamental part of our vision, and we are thrilled to have Dan Haley on board with us, further strengthening our management team, to spearhead the growth that we anticipate in North America going forward. We are also excited about the move to our new US headquarters in the Boston area, where the talent pool is second to none, which enables us to execute on our initial plan of replicating our True VAD business model in the US and eventually all of North America."

Dan Haley said, "StarLink's unique go-to-market approach is one the key reasons for its success in other parts of the world. I look forward to executing this recipe for success and become recognized as a Trusted Security Advisor in North America as well." He added, "We are in the midst of finalizing the extension of our initial vendor contracts, and beginning an aggressive recruitment drive across various functions including Sales, Sales Engineering, Channel and Operations. Our strategy for the remainder of this year is to create awareness about StarLink within the channel and customer communities."

Haley anticipates that StarLink will employ at least 10 full-time professionals in North America by the end of the year. To see current job openings with StarLink in North America, visit

About StarLink
StarLink is acclaimed as the largest and fastest growing "True" Value-added Distributor across globe with on-the-ground presence in 14 countries. With its innovate Security Framework, StarLink is also recognized as a "Trusted Security Advisor" to over 1000 enterprise and government customers that use one or more of StarLink's best-of-breed and market-leading technologies, sold through its Channel network of over 250 Partners. The StarLink Solutions Lifecycle helps Channel Partners differentiate offerings, and assists customers to identify key risks and define priorities for addressing IT Security gaps relating to compliance and next-generation threat protection. For more information about StarLink, please visit

Thursday, 02 June 2016 00:00

9 Secrets Of Data-Driven Companies

The competitive landscape is shifting rapidly in virtually every industry, fueled by the intelligent application of technology and data. While nearly all companies have more data than they know what to do with, a powerful minority is discovering new ways of leveraging it.

"Everyone is trying to figure out what the best route is, and what value data science can bring to the business," said Vivian Zhang, CTO and founder of the NYC Data Science Academy.

Internal fragmentation is one of the biggest obstacles facing companies as they seek to become data-driven. Data remains trapped under the control of a given department or business unit. The fact often frustrates efforts to use data strategically across the enterprise.


Thursday, 02 June 2016 00:00

Outward-Looking Business Continuity

It is easy to indulge in navel-gazing when it comes to business continuity. We examine our business, its components, its requirements, its objectives and the risks that could affect it.

Then we draw up business continuity plans and put them into action. Yet a business only means something if it has customers it can serve.

It is remarkable therefore to see how FINRA (the US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.) emphasises the notion of the end-customer when defining requirements for financial firms to create and maintain business continuity plans.

With its Rule 4370 (are there really 4369 rules before this one?!), it specifies that BCP procedures must be designed so that existing obligations to customers can be met.


Thursday, 02 June 2016 00:00

Turning a big storage ship

Storage is a funny old part of IT industry and a part of the industry that is going through change much quicker than most.

The rapid move to flash, the need to integrate cloud, issues over management, security and governance all make the storage industry a challenging place for vendors and those architecting and using storage solution alike.

If we add to that a change in how we view our infrastructure, we see technologies that are abstracting much of our infrastructure from end users and developers, we see tech like openstack, Azurestack and even tech like Vmware VVOLS all of which present a single look and feel higher up the technology stack, this move almost sees some parts of the decision making cycle have a view of “we don’t really care about storage.”


NEW YORK – Learning from leaders whose decisions changed lives and careers, who experienced a situation that took them to the brink and back — that’s the purpose of the newly-launched podcast series, “Resilient,” from Deloitte Advisory. The biweekly podcast series explores the story of real-life executives, board members and government officials who led through crises, navigated through disruptions, managed through significant risk events and came back stronger. Each “Resilient” episode is designed to help today’s leaders embrace risk and improve performance by becoming better prepared to manage confidently in this unpredictable world.

 “Clients routinely tell us that they want to hear the stories and experiences of their peers. But more often than not, those stories are kept quiet or only heard by a few,” says Mike Kearney, National Managing Partner for Deloitte & Touche LLP, and leader of Deloitte Advisory strategic risk services. “We lay it all out there for the benefit of the listeners and take them on the executive’s journey. Resilient leaders don’t get knocked down by disaster or disruption, they find ways to navigate through it and come back stronger, and that is what you’ll hear in each episode.”

In the first episode, Deloitte Advisory’s Mike Kearney interviews former Verisign CEO Bill Roper about his experience transitioning from a lead independent director to CEO during a volatile crisis. Roper shares the complexity of the short-term decisions that had to be made and frames the crisis with an eye on the long game as well.