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Jon Seals

LONDON – Plustek, the Taiwanese photo and document scanner manufacturer, today announces a partnership with ERP[1] vendor, EasyBuild, to support the construction industry with a joint scanning and management and accounting software solution.


As part of the agreement, EasyBuild will bundle Plustek’s eScan A150 network scanner with its software as part of an end-to-end solution to help clients in the construction industry boost productivity, enhance efficiency and cut paper clutter from branch offices and building site compounds.


Carol Massay, EasyBuild’s chief executive officer, explains, “Dealing with paper on construction projects particularly when it comes to financial management is a perennial headache, with the industry frankly slow to embrace technology to drive efficiency. Our partnership with Plustek is one step to address this and offers an easy way for firms to digitise paperwork to populate our software.”


Construction sites are hectic and busy places and capturing documentation as part of the build process has always been a challenge to do economically. Plustek’s eScan A150 network scanner is cost effective and simple to deploy and is a standalone kiosk type of solution – in other words, no PC is required or specialist training needed. It integrates easily with EasyBuild’s software and enables documentation like goods received notes (GRNs), timesheets and other paperwork to be captured and shared.


Pat McGowan, EasyBuild’s chief technology officer, says, “Margins on most construction projects are tight so any solution that can help boost operational efficiently becomes particularly compelling. That’s the attraction of partnering with Plustek. The eScan A150 is cost effective to buy and, with the built-in network capability, it’s a super tool for people on remote sites to use to send back paperwork to head offices over the network using Wi-Fi or a VPN.”


Offering a large 7 inch colour touch screen, the eScan A150 scanner can process 15 documents per minute with a suggested daily volume of 1,500 pages.


Shooping Lin, Plustek’s UK sales director, says, “Installation is straightforward as all you need is Internet access for the eScan A150 to work. Walk up, put documents into the 50-page hopper and press scan - crystal clear images are produced every time. It’s as simple as using a Fax machine so perfect for all staff involved on construction sites where typically there’s a mix of technical skill.”


EasyBuild’s ERP suite is written using a combination of Microsoft .NET software running on Oracle. The software suite has a range of modules including accountancy, project management, admin & HR and client & supply chain. It offers a range of sophisticated features including cost-value reconciliation (CVR) which offers a ‘real-time’ view of project costs and against budget. This delivers early visibility of profit/loss on builds and helps with project and risk management.


EasyBuild’s software was originally developed for the Durkan Group prior to being made commercially available to the whole UK construction industry 10 years ago. Key customers today include Durkan, CJ O’Shea, Abbey Homes, with the software installed internationally in South Africa and the Middle East.


[1] Enterprise Resource Planning


About EasyBuild

For further information, please visit www.easybuilduk.com or enquiries@easybuilduk.com


About Plustek Inc

Respected as a world-class imaging and surveillance solutions provider, Plustek Inc. manufactures high-quality, professional scanners as well as security devices for businesses, professionals and consumers.

Founded in 1986, Plustek has developed a broad portfolio of scanners including document, photographic, graphic, ID card, mobile and book scanners. Focusing on meeting customer needs, the company has also developed a server-based File Management System which helps users manage documents by transforming piles of paper into usable and searchable information.

For further information, please visit the web at www.plustek.com

MESA, Ariz. – Syn-Apps LLC, a pioneer in mass notification software and paging solutions centered around unified communication, announced today the release of its CAP Activator and CAP Notifier, providing customers with the ability to receive and originate CAP-compliant notifications.

Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) is an open communication standard defined by OASIS and accepted by organizations around the world. Its purpose is to improve warning effectiveness, detect emerging patterns, and exchange emergency and non-emergency communication in a consistent format that is accepted across various networks. Both Syn-Apps' CAP Activator and CAP Notifier follow CAP version 1.2 specifications.

Organizations can leverage Syn-Apps' CAP Activator by subscribing to private or public CAP RSS or ATOM feeds and automatically receive information from sources, such as National Weather Service, U.S. Geological Survey, or National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. When CAP alerts matching pre-defined filters are received, CAP Activator triggers SA-Announce notification software and distributes notifications to devices, like IP phones, overhead speakers, mobile phones.

With Syn-Apps' CAP Notifier, organizations can create their own CAP service used to generate custom notifications for both internal and external subscribers. Using a standardized template to quickly dispatch alerts helps guarantee interoperability across SA-Announce endpoints and CAP-compliant systems and services, such as warning sirens, digital broadcasts, digital signage, and newswire feeds.

"CAP provides a unique extension to our line of Cloud Services products. Our mission is to develop flexible solutions that help our customers streamline their communication processes and reduce communication barriers. Providing customers with CAP-compliant solution is ultimately a byproduct of Syn-Apps' continuing initiatives to drive innovation through open communication and interoperability standards," said Ian Pitts, President and CEO of Syn-Apps, LLC.

CAP Activator and CAP Notifier are available to customers running SA-Announce 9.0.18.

About Syn-Apps

Syn-Apps is a leader in paging and mass notification solutions designed to improve business processes, increase safety, and streamline internal and external communication. Since 2001, thousands of organizations have integrated Syn-Apps' notification solutions with phones, paging systems, IP speakers, and hundreds of other internal systems and services.

Syn-Apps' flagship product, SA-Announce, provides a single, point-of-activation for authorized users to quickly dispatch critical communication when situations strike. SA-Announce sends notifications to a variety of voice, graphic, and text-enabled devices. Whether informing thousands of people, or ensuring one person receives a critical message, SA-Announce empowers organizations to lower response times and improve productivity through streamlined communication.

Image Available: http://www.marketwire.com/library/MwGo/2016/1/28/11G080697/Images/CAP_Notifier-ebca675e7288b79490d0838cec25379c.jpg
Image Available: http://www.marketwire.com/library/MwGo/2016/1/28/11G080697/Images/CAP_Activator-6fb3f31e76b69264bd6e85ae16241bc4.jpg

New GSX for SQL Server Keeps IT Admins on Top of Server and Database Health and Performance From Multiple Locations

BOSTON, Mass. – GSX Solutions [www.gsx.com], the global leader in proactive, consolidated monitoring and reporting of Unified Communication environments, including Microsoft, IBM, BlackBerry, Cisco ESA, SQL Server applications, today announced the release of GSX for SQL Server to help IT administrators ensure continuous and secure operation of servers and databases from multiple locations.

GSX for SQL Server enables IT administrators to monitor and troubleshoot the SQL backend from multiple locations in real-time, as well as monitor the applications that are using it. This continuous, proactive monitoring by GSX includes:

  • End-to-end performance monitoring, including SQL availability and performance, network diagnostics, and front-end applications.
  • SQL server availability, including alerts on critical Windows services and cluster failover.
  • End-user impacts, including CPU & RAM usage, paging, queue length, cache overload, full scans per second, average wait time, and dead locks.

All of these metrics are collected by the scanning engine to provide a clear view of the status of applications using SQL.

"A lot of enterprises still monitor their SQL environments manually, which is a long and complex effort requiring advanced expertise," said Antoine Leboyer, CEO of GSX. "Moreover, as the SQL back-end is used by multiple applications, this prevents other teams from understanding the SQL environment's issues. The GSX real-time dashboard can be shared across multiple teams, measuring performance to detect IT bottlenecks from multiple locations ahead of time."

GSX for SQL Server is now available
The new GSX for SQL Server is available at http://www.gsx.com/products/gsx-for-sql-server, where information on other GSX Solutions and partner opportunities can also be found.

About GSX Solutions

GSX Solutions is the global leader in non-intrusive, agentless analysis and management of consolidated enterprise collaboration, messaging environments including infrastructure, cloud, networks, database, mobility, operating systems -- all from a single platform. Whether for on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments, GSX's solutions are designed to not only assess the performance of applications themselves, but to monitor all components that might impact the quality of performance. GSX's goal is to enhance the end-user experience through agentless robot users to proactively collect all applications data; a modern platform to visualize and analyze the information with insightful reports and forecasts while helping IT administrators to meet ROI goals.

GSX is a Microsoft Systems Center Alliance Partner, and a Microsoft Silver Partner on Messaging competency. For more product information and partner opportunities, please visit www.gsx.com.

All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their registered owners.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – RightScale® Inc., a demonstrated leader in enterprise universal cloud management, today announced that it was among the select companies invited to participate in a report by Forrester Research, "The Forrester Wave™: Hybrid Cloud Management Solutions, Q1 2016" that was released on January 8, 2016.

RightScale was named a leader in Hybrid Cloud Management solutions and had the top score of all vendors in the strategy category. The full report is available for download from the RightScale web site: http://www.rightscale.com/lp/forrester-wave-hybrid-cloud-analyst-report.

"We believe that Forrester's 2016 Wave on hybrid cloud management solutions is validation of the work RightScale has done over the past 9 years to build a robust, scalable and feature-rich platform," said Michael Crandell, co-founder and CEO of RightScale. "Because of the unique depth and breadth of the RightScale product suite, RightScale is being used by large enterprises across a variety of verticals, including financial services, healthcare, media and entertainment, retail, and technology industries."

Forrester on the Hybrid Cloud Management Space
As it worked on this assessment of 11 significant hybrid cloud management solutions, Forrester interviewed more than 30 vendor and user companies. It concluded that enterprise buyers want both developer productivity and cloud infrastructure control.

Quotes from the The Forrester Wave™: Hybrid Cloud Management Solutions, Q1 2016 report:

  • "The hybrid cloud management solutions market is mature and growing because more developers and I&O professionals see it as a way to address the needs of a growing multi-cloud portfolio. These solutions help developers build cloud apps faster and easier while giving I&O pros the governance and control they need to enforce usage and cost policies."
  • "As the use of hybrid clouds expands, the leading vendor solutions will offer developers a rich library of app and infrastructure templates, APIs, and a choice of multiple public and private clouds. They will also give I&O pros strong policy-based automation, orchestration, and governance tools. The best will do both equally well."

Forrester on RightScale
To assess strategy, Forrester examined each vendor in terms of product vision, execution roadmap, market approach, and partner ecosystem. RightScale received the top strategy score of the 11 vendors in the strategy category.

Quotes from the The Forrester Wave™: Hybrid Cloud Management Solutions, Q1 2016 report:

  • "RightScale led the pack with support for many different cloud platform basic and advanced services, the broadest breadth and depth of available cross-cloud templates, very mature governance capabilities, embedded cost analytics, and the most widely used and praised hybrid cloud APIs and external tool integrations. Customers are very loyal, praise the vendor's support staff, and repeatedly called out its market-leading developer-friendly APIs and unwavering cloud-agnostic strategy ("they don't compete at the platform layer")." - The Forrester Wave™: Hybrid Cloud Management Solutions, Q1 2016
  • "The RightScale Cloud Portfolio Management suite includes a self-service portal, a cloud management module, and a cloud analytics (cost management) module, all offered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). RightScale was one of the earliest independent cloud management vendors and created the ServerTemplate and, later, the Cloud Application Template format." - The Forrester Wave™: Hybrid Cloud Management Solutions, Q1 2016

About RightScale
RightScale Cloud Portfolio Management enables leading enterprises to accelerate delivery of cloud-based applications that engage customers and drive top-line revenue while optimizing cloud usage to reduce risk and costs. With RightScale, IT organizations can deliver instant access to a portfolio of public, private, and hybrid cloud services across business units and development teams while maintaining enterprise control. RightScale Consulting Services help companies develop cloud strategies, deliver cloud projects, and optimize cloud usage. RightScale was named a "100 Best Places to Work in 2015" by Outside Magazine and was listed in "The Best Enterprise Cloud Computing Startups to Work For in 2015" by Forbes. Since 2007, leading enterprises including Audi, Pinterest, and Yellow Pages Group have launched millions of servers through RightScale.

Innovative Integration Provides Threat Protection, Cloud Malware and Forensics Across IDaaS Cloud Environments

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – CloudLock, the leading provider of CASB and Cybersecurity-as-a-Service solutions, and OneLogin, the innovator in identity management bringing speed and integrity to the modern enterprise, today announced a new partnership to manage all identities that touch corporate data and protect organizations from threats and cloud malware across users, accounts and applications.

OneLogin offers the fastest, easiest and most secure path to cloud-based SSO and enterprise identity management across all users, devices and cloud and on-premises applications. Pre-integrated with thousands of enterprise SaaS applications and commonly used web applications, OneLogin is simple to deploy and easy to administer, dramatically reducing the time to on-board and off-board employees while reducing the risk associated with bad password hygiene and enabling employees to be good security citizens.

CloudLock and OneLogin extend CloudLock's Cloud Security Fabric, a unified cloud security solution that enables organizations to manage and secure all of their SaaS applications centrally. Managing and securing millions of identities across more than 200 countries, OneLogin secures connections across users, devices, and applications. The integration of CloudLock's cybersecurity platform with OneLogin provides a comprehensive security solution with a set of unique capabilities:

CloudLock defends against account compromise with cross-platform User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) for SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and IDaaS environments. CloudLock uses advanced machine learning to detect anomalies in account usage based on factors such as activities outside of whitelisted countries and actions across distances in an impossible amount of time. The CloudLock Apps Firewall discovers and controls cloud apps connected to the corporate environment, and provides the largest crowd-sourced security solution to identify individual app risk, using our Community Trust Rating. CloudLock is the only company to have discovered over 100,000 connected cloud applications.

As a comprehensive identity solution for hybrid environments, OneLogin easily integrates into heterogeneous web environments to manage all identities that touch corporate data, including every user, app, and device. In addition to OneLogin's existing support for federation through SAML & WS-Trust, OneLogin's new LDAP service allows enterprises to connect to OneLogin's cloud directory via LDAP.

Together, CloudLock and OneLogin aggregate and correlate data indicative of suspicious behavior to identify risk that may otherwise go undetected. CloudLock's UEBA, acting in an orchestration role between event feeds from OneLogin and SaaS applications, utilizes advanced machine learning techniques to dynamically classify the riskiness level of user behavior. This classification level is shared with OneLogin for purposes of automatically stepping up or stepping down the security policy of the user in real time. For instance, when CloudLock detects suspicious activities by a user (say login from a previously unknown location or access to sensitive records within a SaaS application), it will tell OneLogin "this user is now classified as risky". In turn, OneLogin can respond in a number of configurable ways, from requiring more frequent MFA challenges from the user all the way to locking the user's account and requiring they reset their password in order to regain access.

The integrated solution delivers the best of both worlds, with the ability to deploy new apps and on-/off-board employees within seconds to optimize productivity, while access changes propagated in real-time to all end-points instantly update all systems across the entire app portfolio to keep enterprise data secure.

In addition to the full integration of CloudLock and OneLogin, CloudLock can be accessed through OneLogin's IDaaS solution via SAML integration, enabling security professionals to easily manage user access through the OneLogin Admin Console.

"We are very excited about the unified offering between CloudLock and OneLogin, and to experience the combined power of their best in class security and IDaaS solutions," said Stanley Amaya, CISO at LAFISE Group.

"Partnering with OneLogin to provide next-generation IDaaS/IAM security further extends our mission to provide the most comprehensive CASB cybersecurity-as-a-service solution," said Gil Zimmermann, CEO and co-founder at CloudLock. "Bridging our unique API approach with OneLogin's single sign-on and identity-management platform empowers our joint customers to gain control over suspicious activity and the growing volume of cloud malware."

"Our unified solution will enable joint customers to better protect mission-critical business assets. Combining OneLogin's identity and access management capabilities with CloudLock's cybersecurity services extends IT's capabilities to monitor and address security incidents around users, data, and applications and mitigate risk of account compromise in real time," said David Meyer, Vice President of Product at OneLogin.

For more information about CloudLock for OneLogin, please visit https://www.cloudlock.com/products/onelogin/.

About OneLogin, Inc.
OneLogin brings speed and integrity to the modern enterprise with an award-winning SSO and identity management platform. Our portfolio of solutions secure connections across all users, all devices, and every application, helping enterprises drive new levels of business integrity and operational velocity across their entire app portfolios. The choice for innovators of all sizes such as Condé Nast, Pinterest and Steelcase, OneLogin manages and secures millions of identities across more than 200 countries around the globe. We are headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit www.onelogin.com, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

About CloudLock
CloudLock, the leading CASB and Cybersecurity-as-a-Service provider, offers the Cloud Security Fabric™ enabling enterprises to protect their data in the cloud, reduce risk, achieve compliance, manage threats and increase productivity by continuously monitoring and protecting more than one billion files for more than 10 million end users daily. CloudLock delivers the only complete, risk-appropriate and people-centric approach to cloud cybersecurity. Learn more at www.cloudlock.com.

Leading Financial Services Company Relies on LORIC to Secure Critical Services in the Cloud and Is an Early Adopter Using Palerra Consulting Services

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Palerra, the leader in cloud security automation, today announced Marlette Funding has successfully implemented the Palerra LORIC™ platform to help secure its critical cloud infrastructure and applications. LORIC presently secures Box, Microsoft Office 365 and AWS for Marlette Funding.

Marlette Funding is a large specialty finance company that has serviced more that $1 billion in loans since its launch in 2013. As a financial lending institution, Marlette Funding must ensure regulatory compliance and privacy of its customer data, both financial and Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Maintaining tight security over this data was the critical business driver for the purchase of Palerra's LORIC platform. LORIC provides Marlette Funding enterprise-class visibility into user activities, detects anomalous activities, helps them maintain compliance, identifies security configuration drift of cloud services and provides automated incident response.

Marlette Funding also recently began using Palerra Consulting Services, a new offering delivering hands-on cloud security expertise, threat research and ongoing supervised analysis to help extend Marlette's LORIC implementation. Palerra Consulting Services enables organizations to design, configure and scale a LORIC deployment with custom security policies and groundbreaking threat research in an effective and efficient manner -- truly a unique offering highlighting Palerra's commitment to securing an organization's entire cloud adoption process and portfolio. Palerra Consulting Services has integrated LORIC into Marlette's existing security operations as well as trained their security operations personnel, resulting in a more secure and efficient overall business operation.

"Palerra's LORIC platform secures our entire cloud service environment, from Box and Office 365, to our AWS infrastructure. To mold to our specific needs, the Palerra Consulting Services team integrated LORIC into our existing operations and provided comprehensive insight into the configurations and capabilities of all the cloud services we leverage," said Chet Sharrar, senior director of security and infrastructure at Marlette Funding. "We have looked into other cloud security solutions and they do not offer the breadth of service, or top-down visibility into potential threats that LORIC provides. We look forward to a long-term partnership with Palerra and plan to engage with them more as we continue to grow our cloud footprint."

"This implementation is yet another example of an established and well respected organization relying on LORIC to secure its cloud platforms and applications, keeping sensitive, company and user data private and safe," said Rohit Gupta, founder and CEO of Palerra. "Marlette Funding has demonstrated rapid innovation by embracing the cloud for mission critical applications. As they consume more services from the cloud, Marlette recognized the safety-net LORIC delivers through its unmatched visibility into cloud services, surgical threat analytics, configuration compliance and automated remediation."

LORIC monitors enterprise cloud services including Google apps, Amazon AWS, Salesforce, Box, Microsoft® Office 365™ and ServiceNow, and promotes the security of these services through a single pane of glass.

Palerra Consulting Services provides advisory and professional services to help secure enterprise use of Cloud Services, including:

  • Cloud Security and Cloud Capability Maturity Assessments
  • LORIC Customizations and Configurations
  • Operations support of your Cloud security monitoring function

To learn more about LORIC and Palerra Consulting Services

About Palerra
Palerra helps organizations protect their business-critical cloud infrastructure and data with LORIC™, the industry-leader in cloud security automation. It is the only solution to combine visibility, threat detection, compliance management, and automated incident response for cloud services into a single platform. Leading enterprises including Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, BMC Software, Jefferies, and VMware leverage LORIC for continuous monitoring and security of their cloud applications. Palerra is a privately held company funded by Norwest Venture Partners, Wing Venture Capital and August Capital and is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. For more information, visit www.palerra.com.

New Console Provides Global View Across Distributed, Hybrid Cloud Storage Infrastructure With a "Time Machine" Look-Back Capability

CAMPBELL, Calif. – Panzura, leading the charge in removing the barrier to the cloud, today announced immediate availability of its CloudFS Console, a Google Maps-based monitoring, alerting and reporting interface for the entire Panzura Global File System. The CloudFS UI simplifies management of globally distributed, cloud-integrated storage, making it easier for companies to take advantage of cloud storage economics and use it as their primary storage. It also gives administrators a simple visual interface to check status and activity up to 14 days in the past across the entire Panzura deployment.

"When the cloud becomes your primary file storage, you need to take a different approach to how you manage the hybrid environment. Storage solutions -- even ones that provide some cloud connectivity or site-to-site replication -- typically provide an administrator interface for each local storage system, but don't offer a global view," said Rich Weber, Chief Strategy Officer at Panzura. "There's normally no unified view of unstructured file data. As more and more companies expand internationally and make cloud storage part of their infrastructure, IT managers need a global view of their file data. We're pleased to provide just that with our new CloudFS UI."

With Panzura, the cloud is the authoritative source for all files. Active data is cached on local controllers to provide fast access for users, and Panzura's patented global file locking ensures data integrity across every site. To manage primary storage that is dispersed across both the cloud and every office, administrators benefit from both a map-based user interface and the ability to look back in time across the system.

The CloudFS Console gives administrators:

  • Google Maps view of all controllers and connectivity between them.
  • The ability to view activity, status and alerts going back in time up to 14 days.
  • Status of locally cached data at each site.
  • Status of cloud and network connectivity.
  • Status of each controller.
  • Status and information about every file stored in the Global File System.
  • Alerts on any potential problems across the entire Panzura infrastructure, network and cloud.

Over a third of Panzura's customers have already deployed the new CloudFS UI and are seeing the benefits.

"The new Panzura CloudFS Console makes it even easier to take advantage of cloud storage for my primary data. Panzura's new console lets me proactively monitor the status of file services in all of GRAEF's offices," said David Neumann, IT Director at GRAEF-USA. "The combination of the Google Map view and status dashboard means I get a panoramic view of all of the controllers at all of my offices, including overall file service performance, connectivity to the cloud and details on every file." 

"Panzura's Global File System already lets us collaborate in real-time across offices in applications like AutoDesk Revit and AutoCAD. It's one of the single most important technology 'enablers' to our One Company philosophy, and makes establishing new offices much easier as we grow," said Hernan Gutierrez, IT Manager at Entuitive. "The CloudFS UI gives us the ability to easily monitor each office and our cloud storage, and address any potential bottlenecks in the network or cloud before they affect project timelines."

The Panzura CloudFS UI is available at no additional charge to all Panzura customers with current support contracts.

About Panzura
Panzura makes the cloud seamless by solving the last mile of hybrid cloud, transforming the cloud into another corporate datacenter, transparently blending the scale and economics of the cloud with the performance and flexibility of the corporate datacenter. By making the file system transparent across the cloud and corporate datacenters as well as eliminating the barriers of connectivity and authentication with the cloud, Panzura enables applications to run without a single change in the cloud, on-premises, or both.

For more information, visit www.panzura.com.

The January 22-24 blizzard, which dumped heavy snow from the Mid-Atlantic to southern New England has been rated as a Category 4 or “Crippling” winter storm on NOAA’s Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale, also known as NESIS. It is also among the most powerful winter storms, ranked 4th, to impact the Northeast U.S. since 1950.

NESIS characterizes and ranks Northeast snowstorms based on areas affected within and outside of the region, using data calculated by NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information. NESIS is based on the following factors: how much snow falls (at least 10 inches); the size of the area impacted; and the population of the impacted area. NESIS ranks these storms on a five-tier scale ranging from Category 1 “Notable” to Category 5 “Extreme.”

snowfall map

Snowfall coverage of the recent blizzard, which NOAA has ranked as category 4 on the Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale. (Credit: NOAA)

“While there were significant impacts, this storm was well forecast. We saw the system coming a week in advance. Improvements and investments in the capabilities of our supercomputers, our models, our science, and the skills of our forecasters in recent years helped us to provide critical information to emergency managers and decision makers,” said Louis W. Uccellini, Ph.D., director, NOAA’s National Weather Service and co-developer of NESIS with Paul Kocin, meteorologist, NOAA’s National Weather Service.

Kocin added, “This storm ranks up there with the great blizzards of the past 100 years in terms of amount of snowfall, size of impacted areas and population affected.”  

snowfall scene

The 2016 blizzard ranked as a category 4 storm on the NESIS scale. Residents were forced to walk in the streets of Washington, D.C., during and after the snowstorm. (Credit: Joe Flood, NOAA)

The snowstorm covered about 434 thousand square miles and impacted about 102.8 million people. Of those, about 1.5 million people had over 30 inches of snowfall; almost 24 million had over 20 inches.

Other storms on NESIS scale include:

NOAA’s mission is to understand and predict changes in the Earth’s environment, from the depths of the ocean to the surface of the sun, and to conserve and manage our coastal and marine resources. Join us on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and our other social media channels.

If you’re not thinking about expanding your security services, you should be. At least, that’s the news from Kaseya’s 5th Annual Global MSP Pricing Survey*.  

"Heightened security risks" is the top IT problem or service need MSP respondents expect their clients to face in 2016. And it won by a mile, selected by more than a quarter of all respondents and receiving 40% more votes than the second-highest selection. This result isn’t a surprise given the unremitting flow of news on breaches and hacks.



Thursday, 28 January 2016 00:00

Data Center Colocation in 2016: What to Expect

Edge data center users and companies with Internet of Things applications may breathe new life into secondary data center colocation markets in 2016. However, when it comes to large-footprint deployments, it appears 2016 will unfold in a similar manner to last year.

That’s according to Bo Bond, a managing director at the commercial real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle. JLL recently released its Winter 2016 North America Data Center Perspective report, which examines the leasing activity and sale-leasebacks by data center providers.