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Disruptive companies must switch HR to SaaS, says Dr. Steve Garnett, Salesforce.com EMEA Chairman

READING, UK – As UK cloud-based HCM vendor Fairsail prepare to release the findings gathered from interviews with technology companies across the UK, Dr. Steve Garnett, Salesforce.com EMEA Chairman and non-executive director at Fairsail, comments on HCM, the fastest growing space in software:

“The cloud revolution has reached HCM and the business world cannot risk ignoring people and people systems in the race for growth,” says Garnett. “There has never been so much focus in this area - Fairsail’s new research shows that 76% of companies plan to change their HR/HCM system. Of those companies, 60% plan to start the project in 2014.”

It’s one of many statistics Fairsail will reveal during their breakfast event on 29th April at 30 St. Mary Axe, where attendees will receive an exclusive copy of Fairsail’s findings. The report includes the full research results collected from in-depth discussions with over 30 global technology companies to gauge attitudes and strategies surrounding HCM systems.

The event will also feature keynote speaker Roddy Temperley, Group HR Director at SDL, a global customer experience management vendor. Temperley will deliver a case study on how Fairsail has become the backbone of SDL’s business transformation project.

2014, predicted to be the year of talent management, will see the market players battle it out in the HR SaaS space (Forbes). Fairsail is investing heavily to promote its specialist HR solution and global customer portfolio. The company is backed by a technology leadership team from Salesforce, IBM, Russell Reynolds, and Baker Tilly.

For the year, the privately-held Fairsail recorded a 200% increase in top line sales, reflecting an increased appetite for cloud-based HR and HCM solutions capable of dealing with globally dispersed workforces. “It's incredible that so many technology companies use spreadsheets and MS Office to manage such a critical department, but then in recession that's what tends to happen,” says Fairsail CEO Adam Hale. “In the past 6 months we’ve seen unprecedented uptake of HCM, particularly from disruptive multi-nationals who recognise the need to remove manually intensive barriers to growth.”

Senior executives from technology companies will attend the event and there will be an open discussion of the findings.

To register your interest in the business breakfast, please contact Kate Fletcher at Fairsail: " _cc="" _bcc="" _subject="" _body="">katefletcher@fairsail.com.

About Fairsail
Fairsail is a leading provider of single suite HR systems to disruptive multinationals. Proven to tackle the HR challenges of global organisations, Fairsail solutions deliver local compliance across regions and corporate consolidation to head offices at enterprises around the world. Its customers include Oxford Instruments, RICS, Iris and United Allergy Services.

Fairsail mirrors HR's increasingly strategic role in modern organisations, eliminating administration and providing integrated analytics to help align employees with corporate objectives. Spanning Recruitment, Human Capital Management (HCM) and HR Analytics, Fairsail offers exciting ways for colleagues all over the world to collaborate both for the benefit of their own career and that of their employer's organisation. Fairsail is the global platform of choice for local HR.

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  • Three out of four CIOs report legacy systems, budget and resources are preventing IT from aligning with business strategy
  • Approximately half of organisations experience service level and availability issues causing significant impact to business

According to research among 250 UK CIOs and IT leaders, three out of four IT departments are limited in their ability to align objectives with the business strategy. This is despite 79% believing that IT leaders should be strategic as well as technical.

ControlCircle, UK provider of managed and cloud-based services, today released its findings from a major research project commissioned with Vanson Bourne, independent market researcher.

The ‘IT Growth and Transformation’ survey explores challenges within the IT department, IT budgets and alignment within the business, and the challenges of delivering a service to business in an IT environment. 40% of the organisations interviewed agree that their environments are becoming increasingly complex. Looking forward five years, around half believe this will simplify, though still 30% believe the complexity will become more acute.

The research reveals the level to which current IT systems are hindering overall growth and progression within organisations, with 78% claiming that they are hindered by legacy infrastructure.

56% of respondents agree that their IT department struggles to meet the volume of business cases being driven from within the business. Additionally, 53% respondents claim that the proliferation of multiple infrastructures and applications, along with their associated monitoring tools, is having an adverse impact on service levels and availability.

When questioned about performance throughout the department, from delivering a consistent quality of service to driving efficiencies, in all but one level, less than a quarter of large organisations could report excellence. For the most part, smaller organisations reported better performance results, although service excellence and the ability to effect budget reductions still only accounted for 59% and 52%, respectively.

On average, less than half of IT budgets are being spent on business growth and transformation projects combined, whilst over half is spent on IT operations, or the day to day running of the business.

“With so much effort going into ‘keeping the lights on’, and almost all businesses experiencing regular availability issues, it is hardly surprising that IT leaders are often unable to fulfill their ambitions,” said Carmen Carey, MD at ControlCircle. “This report shows that IT departments are facing a range of challenges that are hindering them from delivering consistent quality of service and innovation.”

Summary findings from the ‘IT Growth and Transformation’ report:

  • 79% believe IT leaders should be strategically led, and 56% believe that IT leaders are struggling to meet the volume of business cases being driven from within the organisation.
  • Three quarters of respondents report that the lack of IT resources - budget and skilled people - and legacy infrastructure are preventing the IT department from aligning with business strategy. 78% of IT departments are hindered by legacy infrastructure.
  • 24% of IT budget is used to grow the average business. 55% of the budget is spent running the business, and the remaining 21% on innovation.
  • 43% of IT project budgets are drawn from other departments.
  • 7/10 leaders believe they could improve services using innovation. 84% of IT departments cite innovation and new technology as best ways to improve efficiency.
  • Security (65%), cloud (36%), and compliance (34%) are the top 3 challenges IT leaders face today. Looking to the future these challenges will evolve to security (56%), cloud (46%) and mobility (41%).
  • Nearly half of surveyed IT departments experience weekly availability issues, 21% hourly or daily, and 48% hourly, daily or weekly.
  • Respondents reported their IT environments include a variety of models: 82% on premises; 67% managed service; 64% private cloud.
  • The top three drivers within the organisation are: the use of technology to innovate or streamline business processes (59%), lower operating costs (56%) and improving workforce productivity (50%).

The in-depth research was conducted with 250 senior IT decision-makers working in UK organisations that employ 3rd party and managed service providers and a minimum of 250 staff. The IT leaders interviewed were taken from the manufacturing, technology, financial services, professional services, healthcare, telecoms and utilities industries.

“These results highlight that the ability of the IT organisation to align its strategy with that of the business is currently limited. Larger enterprises are more vulnerable to issues impacting service levels than smaller organisations, due to the amount of legacy systems they are dealing with,” said Carmen. “With enterprises also more focused on the reduction of Capex, they need to identify specific areas for discrete IT projects that use innovative commercials and tools to help them achieve their strategic goals.”

The Vanson Bourne survey is available for download to customers, partners, analysts and media on ControlCircle’s website, www.controlcircle.com.

Burlington, WA – ProRestore Products, the leading provider of water damage restoration antimicrobials, announces that Microban’s popular nature-inspired antimicrobial BotaniClean is now approved for sale in Canada under the name BotaniPure (DIN #02523022). Microban BotaniPure is an effective cleaner, disinfectant and deodorizer in a simple-one step, ready-to-use formulation that is economically priced. It is excellent for cleaning and disinfecting hard non-porous surfaces, including stainless steel, chrome, glass, plastics, vinyl, etc.

BotaniPure has a low toxicity formulation, so there are no warning labels required for use. It is mildly acidic to attack acid-workable soils such as hard water scale, and the active in BotaniPure - thymol - is highly biodegradable.  

Microban BotaniPure is effective against infectious organisms such as MRSA, MRSE, and HIV-1, yet registered for use on children’s play care equipment and for neonatal care. It is also approved for use in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, intensive care units, nurseries, dental offices, nursing homes, and more.

BotaniPure will be available to ProRestore Canadian distributors in late April.

About ProRestore

ProRestore Products and its three well-known brands – Microban, Unsmoke and OdorX – are part of Legend Brands, a family of companies that combines over 185 years of experience in manufacturing equipment, accessories and chemicals for professional cleaning, portable environmental control, and water and fire damage restoration and remediation. Legend Brands companies include Dri-Eaz, ProRestore, Sapphire Scientific and Chemspec.

The de Blasio administration has released a comprehensive diagnostic report on New York’s response to Hurricane Sandy, including an extensive set of recommendations to provide financial relief to homeowners and businesses and engage communities directly in the rebuilding process.

The report represents a major overhaul of currently active recovery programs—including expediting the process for families and businesses currently rebuilding and expanding eligibility for immediate relief; using the rebuilding and recovery process to expand economic opportunity and create job pathways for more New Yorkers; and improving coordination within the city and across levels of government. The report also provides details on the city’s infrastructure-related efforts to rebuild a stronger, more resilient New York to protect against future extreme weather and climate change.

The report follows a number of improvements made since January to cut red tape.

The full report is available here (PDF).

As businesses increasingly rely on external parties for critical services, they become more vulnerable to business interruptions. This is especially true when such businesses know little about their third party vendors' resiliency and recovery capabilities, according to a new PwC US whitepaper, which examines the effects that vendor resiliency, or lack thereof, can have on an organization's business continuity strategy.

Entitled, ‘Business continuity beyond company walls: When a crisis hits, will your vendors' resiliency match your own?’, the PwC report also notes that risk becomes greater when the organization has a limited understanding of its own business interruption threats, resiliency status and recovery capabilities and strategies.

"In a world of ever increasing dependence on third party vendors, you need to know if you can count on the other party when a crisis strikes," said Phil Samson, principal in PwC's Risk Assurance practice and the firm's Business Continuity Management services leader. "It's all about transparency - asking the right questions and pushing the right levers to determine whether your vendors will be able to weather a serious business interruption and quickly resume business as usual. The more you know about your own needs, your vendor's capabilities, and the robustness of your resiliency plans, the more comfort you'll have about staying on track toward your long-term strategic and operational goals even when faced with adverse developments."



Last week, news about yet another data breach at major retail outlets surfaced. As Krebs on Security reported, Michaels Stores Inc., which includes Michaels Arts and Crafts and Aaron Brothers stores, admitted that its stores suffered two different eight-month-long breaches over the past year. Approximately three million credit card numbers were compromised in these attacks.

These breaches are a big deal—especially as seen in conjunction with other high-profile retail breaches. Millions of consumers have been victimized in these security breakdowns, at no fault of their own.

It is no wonder that a new survey from research firm GfK found that an overwhelming majority of consumers, 88 percent, voiced concerns over the privacy of their information and data. According to eSecurity Planet:



Tuesday, 22 April 2014 15:40

The Green Data Center in the Real World

In an ideal world, all energy would be free, data resources would be unlimited, and every day would be Christmas, Easter and your birthday rolled into one.

But as my grandma always told me, “this ain’t a perfect world, kid.” As you can probably guess, grandma wasn’t one of those sweet, little old ladies who sat in rocking chairs all day knitting sweaters.

Enterprise executives, and the environmental lobbies that are prodding them, need to get real about two key aspects of the burgeoning “green data center” movement. The first is that no matter how often you place the word “free” in front of an eco-friendly endeavor – free heat, free cooling, free power – none of it is truly free. There is both a financial and environmental cost to everything we do.



Monday, 21 April 2014 13:41

For your bookshelf

n the coming months there will be some new books from us and our alumni which aim to contribute to areas of organisational resilience and assist in knowledge development; perhaps even encourage some debate:

‘In Hindsight’, edited by Robert Clark, is a collection of case-study based analyses related to continuity and organisational resilience carried out by an international cohort of our postgraduates with backgrounds and experience in multiple sectors



Enterprises today are still choosing to outsource many IT functions despite the sometimes negative views of the practice. For many businesses, the only way to affordably provide skilled IT services is to sign on with an outsourcing company. If your company is considering the option of outsourcing some of its IT processes, management should create a list of areas of concern and go through each scenario prior to signing on the dotted line with an outsourcer.

The foremost concern for the enterprise should, of course, be security and privacy. How would email, smartphones, instant messaging, VPNs, and even documents and paperwork be affected by outsourcing some IT services to a company overseas? Are your networks ready to handle such risk? Are proper governance and procedural documentation in place to spell out what is and is not allowed and how outsourcing issues will be handled?