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Jon Seals

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) and partner Emergency Preparedness Resource Group (EPRG) recently took part in administering an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) exercise for Rockland County Office of Fire and Emergency Services in New York. The exercise utilized BCG's DisasterLAN (DLAN) software, which has been used by the County since 2011.

As part of BCG's commitment to act as an emergency response partner beyond its role as an EOC software vendor, BCG staff members participated in the exercise from preparation to after-action reporting.

Approximately 32 people from Rockland County Office of Fire and Emergency Services and other County agencies participated in the four hour exercise on October 14th inside Rockland County's EOC. The exercise simulated a hazardous winter storm with realistic situational information updated throughout the day. BCG staff created a number of "injects," or pre-staged developments, within DisasterLAN that were presented at different time intervals during the exercise. BCG staff also provided general support and on-the-spot training for all staff members.

Chris Jensen, Program Coordinator at Rockland County, noted the helpfulness of BCG's involvement, saying, "Participants were able to utilize the various functions of the DisasterLAN software and successfully navigate the exercise. The facilitator's knowledge of the system, expertise and ability to deliver a dynamic training experience is to be applauded."

EPRG helped setup, oversee, and review the exercise. BCG and EPRG are in the process of delivering an after-action report that will capture participant activity and will provide recommendations on configuring the DLAN system to better support the Rockland EOC processes to enhance communication and functionality.

About DisasterLAN:

DisasterLAN is a web-based incident management system designed for use in emergency operations centers to manage both planned events and disasters using ICS and NIMS standards.

About Buffalo Computer Graphics, Inc:

Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) is a global provider of Incident Management Software, Mass Notification Systems, Maritime Training Solutions, and Custom Hardware & Software Engineering. The ability to provide COTS and custom-tailored solutions that integrate with client's existing infrastructure is what sets BCG apart from its competitors.

About Emergency Preparedness Resource Group, LLC:

The mission and vision of EPRG is to utilize Subject Matter Experts and practical experience to provide comprehensive customized emergency preparedness planning and consultation.

Swedish State Secretary, Ann Linde, will meet with 4C Strategies on 23rd November to evaluate the Swedish crisis management system. The State Secretary has shown interest in the company's journey from the Swedish market to becoming a major global player with both the United Nations (UNDP) and NATO on its client list.

"The former Defense Minister, Karin Enstrom, has previously visited 4C Strategies and we look forward to discussing the opportunities and challenges that State Secretary Linde may encounter when it comes to national readiness. We will share our insights from risk and vulnerability assessments carried out with, amongst others, the City of Stockholm, as well as extensive experience gained from building capabilities in both the Armed Forces and private services, which are essential for society at large", says Anders Schyllert, MD Nordic at 4C Strategies.

Application for accreditation

The State Secretary’s visit will take place on 23rd November at Vattugatan 17, Stockholm, Sweden. There is an opportunity for journalists to meet Ann Linde for an interview between 2:45 and 3:00 p.m. Attendance can be booked in advance via Anders Klereborg, Group Marketing Director, at anders.klereborg@4cstrategies.com. Please note; only a limited number of journalists can be given access.

About Ann Linde

Ann Linde is a senior political official in Government Offices who works directly under the Minister for Home Affairs and is responsible for planning and coordination. Ann Linde's previous positions include International Secretary of the Social Democrats party and Director of International Staff.

About 4C Strategies

4C Strategies is a leading international provider of risk management solutions. We provide our public and private sector clients with the skills, tools and End to End solutions they require to "Build, Verify & Track" their Readiness capabilities across the risk, business continuity and crisis management spectrum.




Global Network Provider’s Expansion into Metro Atlanta Increases Bandwidth for Colo Atl Customers for IPv4 and IPv6 Services 

ATLANTA – Colo Atl, a leading provider of network-neutral colocation, data center and interconnection solutions announces today that Hurricane Electric, the world’s largest IPv6-native Internet backbone, has established in downtown Atlanta a second Point-of-Presence (PoP) at Colo Atl. With Hurricane Electric’s further expansion into Metro Atlanta, Colo Atl customers have access to increased bandwidth options for the delivery of next generation IP services at an a flat-rate with a fixed amount of bandwidth and no overage charges. Services include 100GE (100 Gigabit Ethernet), 10GE (10 gigabit Ethernet) and GigE (1 gigabit Ethernet) network connections.

Hurricane Electric operates its own global IPv4 and IPv6 network and is considered the largest IPv6 backbone in the world as measured by number of networks connected.

“Establishing our latest PoP at Colo Atl is a positive growth move for our company as we expand our IP service offerings to the business community in the metro Atlanta area,” states Mike Leber, Owner and Founder of Hurricane Electric. “Colo Atl offers expert colocation services in an ideal location, backed with incredible customer service. We’re happy to extend our service offerings to Colo Atl customers, which include the opportunity to exchange IP traffic with our robust global network.”

“Connected to more than 100 major exchange points, exchanging traffic directly with more than 4,000 different networks, Hurricane Electric is a great addition to the Colo Atl family,” comments Tim Kiser, Owner and Founder of Colo Atl. “Since establishing its new PoP, Hurricane Electric has been able to assist the bandwidth needs of several of my customers by enabling them to connect to its vast global network.”

Founded in November 2001, Colo Atl is an Atlanta-based, network-neutral colocation, data center and interconnection facility providing cost-effective solutions for more than 80 local, regional and global network operators.

For more information about Colo Atl, visit www.coloatl.com.


About Colo Atl

Colo Atl, a JT Communications company, is the leading provider of network-neutral colocation, data center and interconnection solutions at 55 Marietta Street in the global telecom hub of Atlanta, GA. Colo Atl provides superior network-neutral colocation, data center and interconnection services at an affordable rate. Colo Atl is a network-neutral environment that allows all types of network operators to securely and conveniently cross connect within a SSAE 16 certified facility. Colo Atl has no monthly recurring cross connect fees between tenants and provides exceptional customer service.

Colo Atl is also home to the Georgia Technology Center (GTC), a live laboratory for network equipment vendors to highlight their optical and electrical hardware and operating systems, and the Southeast Network Access Point (SNAP), which provides next-generation Internet Exchange (IX) solutions, including SDN peering, testing, collaboration and implementation.

Visit Colo Atl online at: www.coloatl.com and follow us on Twitter @ColoAtl.

About Hurricane Electric

Fremont, California-based Hurricane Electric operates its own global IPv4 and IPv6 network and is considered the largest IPv6 backbone in the world as measured by number of networks connected. Within its global network, Hurricane Electric is connected more than 100 major exchange points and exchanges traffic directly with more than 4,000 different networks. Employing a resilient fiber-optic topology, Hurricane Electric has no less than four redundant paths crossing North America, two separate paths between the U.S. and Europe, and rings in Europe and Asia.

In addition to its vast global network, Hurricane Electric owns and operates two data centers in Fremont, California, including Fremont 2, its newest 208,000 square foot facility. Hurricane Electric offers IPv4 and IPv6 transit solutions over the same connection at speeds including 10 Gbps and 100 Gbps Ethernet.

For more information on Hurricane Electric, please visit http://he.net.

FalconStor Software experts make the case for more intelligent, heterogeneous analytics 

MELVILLE, N.Y. — Higher-end storage hardware suppliers have added a spate of customized tools for monitoring, reporting, and troubleshooting the health, performance, and utilization of their products to benefit customers. The business insights offered by these predictive analytics features – such as those by Pure, Nimble and Tintri – give IT professionals the ability to make proactive decisions about those specific systems within the infrastructure. Yet according to experts at FalconStor Software® Inc. (NASDAQ: FALC), a 15-year innovator of software-defined storage solutions, these tools are insufficient for today’s data centers that combine legacy, modern and virtual environments. 

Software-Defined Storage (SDS) solutions are able to integrate legacy infrastructure and processes with modern and commodity storage, including all-flash arrays, hybrid flash, and HDD arrays, by applying unified data services. These SDS environments of multi-vendor storage platforms and protocols will increasingly require a multi-vendor analytics engine for actionable information about arrays, servers, and application layers. Analytics across  workloads and  the entire storage infrastructure is what will deliver the most value to an IT organization. While this would have been an impossibility just a few years ago, today’s advancements in cloud and distributed computing are making it a reality. 

Intelligent, heterogeneous, predictive analytics tools provide real-time and historical data points on all components and adjust functions like performance, capacity usage, cache size, security, optimization, uptime and service levels. They also identify trends or patterns to forecast future requirements, detect problems before they result in failures or downtime, and most importantly convert that insight into policy-based actions like changing IO paths, storage tiers, or DR strategies.

“The ability of predictive analytics tools to work with software-defined storage architectures opens up a world of more important business possibilities than what storage vendors currently offer – if they offer any at all,” said Farid Yavari, Vice President of Technology at FalconStor. “A truly heterogeneous, multi-vendor tool on a single pane of glass, that can analyze an entire storage infrastructure would result in operational efficiencies, better SLA management for key workloads, and return on investment that is far superior to a single-vendor tool. With a heterogeneous multi-vendor predictive analytics tool, the entire storage ecosystem can be monitored and predictively managed from a single point of interaction. This cuts down on the complexity of the environment which is a great benefit in a hyper-scale storage implementation.”

Volume management, provisioning, and migration are often time-consuming chores, but with data mobility enabled by SDS solutions and rules-based analytics tools with automation; data and capacity can manage itself. The workload can manage its own performance requirements based on available resources, rather than going to great expense to meet a worst-case scenario. 

The health and endurance of flash media can be monitored so that data can be replicated to private cloud storage before any failure or data loss occurs. 

When an analytics tool is remote and cloud-based, it can also extend its benefits to service providers managing their customers’ data and infrastructures, even if secure multi-tenancy is required. With desktop and mobile interfaces, IT personnel can monitor the health of their data center from any location. 

“Adding analytics to SDS is moving beyond traditional data services – it’s about giving IT organizations the insight and tools to manage storage from a proactive business perspective versus a reactive technical perspective, and it enables IT organizations to allocate engineering and operations resources in a more cost effective manner,” said Yavari.

Under FalconStor’s exclusive licensing and joint development agreement with Cumulus Logic, by early 2016, FalconStor’s FreeStor® software will include this intelligent, predictive analytics capability that works horizontally across the entire heterogeneous storage environment. 

About FalconStor
FalconStor® Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: FALC) is a leading software-defined storage company offering a converged data services software platform that is hardware agnostic.  Our open, integrated flagship solution FreeStor® reduces vendor lock-in and gives enterprises the freedom to choose the applications and hardware components that make the best sense for their business.  We empower organizations to modernize their data center with the right performance, in the right location, all while protecting existing investments.  FalconStor’s mission is to maximize data availability and system uptime to ensure nonstop business productivity while simplifying data management to reduce operational costs.  Our award-winning solutions are available and supported worldwide by OEMs as well as leading service providers, system integrators, resellers and FalconStor.  The company is headquartered in Melville, N.Y. with offices throughout Europe and the Asia Pacific region. For more information, visit www.falconstor.com or call 1-866-NOW-FALC (866-669-3252).
As more IoT devices come online, mobile operators are virtualizing their subscriber repositories


REDWOOD CITY, Calif.Openwave Mobility, a software innovator enabling operators to manage and monetize encrypted mobile data, today announced that three Tier-1 operators have deployed its Subscriber Data Management (SDM) solutions. This validates the need for solutions that can help operators manage and monetize the Internet of Things (IoT) along with their subscriber data. According to Infonetics Research, the worldwide SDM market grew 29 percent in 2014 over 2013, to $1.4 billion. And ABI Research estimates 41 billion connected devices by 2020.


Reflecting this recent growth, Openwave Mobility maintains the largest SDM/UDR (User Data Repository) deployment in the world with over 130 million subscribers at a Tier-1 operator in North America. The SDM solutions are also being deployed with a Tier-1 operator in Japan, and one of the largest group operators based in Europe. SDM is being utilized by these operators to address critical use cases such as UDR and identity management solutions. Some of these operators are now looking to deploy IoT devices.


Openwave Mobility launched the industry’s first Subscriber Data Federator (SDF) earlier this year, which enables operators to manage diverse and siloed data stores through Data Federation. SDF has a flexible interface between data silos allowing for a consolidated view of all subscriber data that can be accessed by all authorized applications. This situation is arising with increasing frequency as IoT connected devices often arise in groups with their own dedicated and streamlined data stores.


In addition, Openwave Mobility has deployed its Smart User Repository (SUR) with several operators. SUR seeks to provide centralized management of all subscriber data. This allows operators to reduce service innovation cycles by exploiting common subscriber information. In the latest market inflexion Openwave Mobility is now seeing huge interest in its Identity Management solution, which puts mobile operators right at the center of the drive for subscribers to have a single protected identity as they move between applications, networks and IoT devices.


“Farsighted mobile operators understand that IoT will continue to generate a flood of devices or so called ‘USERS’ for service providers,” said Indranil Chatterjee, Vice President Strategy and Marketing at Openwave Mobility. “They are starting to plan how best to manage the ever growing scale of users and how they can store, manage and monetize it. We are thrilled that our SDM solutions have been globally embraced by leading Tier-1 operators in North America, Europe and Japan. In fact, one of the Tier-1 operators has deployed our fully virtualized SDM solution in their private cloud to scale up and manage hundreds of millions of IoT end points.”


An infographic on the journey to subscriber data management is available for download.


Visit www.owmobility.com or contact sales@owmobility.com for more information.


About Openwave Mobility

Openwave Mobility empowers operators to manage and monetize both encrypted and unencrypted mobile traffic. Based on the industry's most scalable NFV platform, its virtualized solutions eliminate RAN congestion, maximize value from subscriber data and create new revenue opportunities. The company provides solutions for mobile data optimization, subscriber data management and targeted promotions.

The company provides true carrier class solutions, working with over 40 of the world’s most innovative service providers including AT&T, Du, KDDI, Meditel, Orange, Rogers, Sasktel, Sprint, Telstra, Telus, and T-Mobile. Openwave Mobility is owned by Marlin Equity Partners, a leading investment firm with over two billion dollars of capital under management that has publicly committed to building the company through expanded investment in R&D. The company has built a robust portfolio of Intellectual Property, which is growing month by month. Openwave Mobility has a global presence and is headquartered in California.

Channel Data Management critical as partner networks become increasingly influential

READING, UK –Zyme, the market leader in the rapidly growing discipline of Channel Data Management (CDM), has today shared research findings which show that UK hardware companies will be taking a closer look at their routes to market in 2016 – with 67% of respondents stating that they would like to understand more about their channel partners, and channel marketing expenditure. In fact, the majority of those interviewed felt that effective channel data management would ultimately give them a greater sense of control over their business (68%).


The report, entitled “The UK Channel Data Management Barometer”, suggests that more than half (55%) of UK hardware companies see the proportion of sales coming through the channel increasing over the next two years. In parallel, and over the same period of time, 53% see the number of channel partners they work with growing. Just 9% reported expected channel partner consolidation or shrinkage. Ultimately, as a result, 79% said networks were becoming more influential within their commercial ecosystem.


“For all organisations a critical business objective to have in place is to ‘grow revenues’. Increased collaboration with channel partners is a sensible way to make significant leaps forward in this area. They are surely your quickest route to reaching new customers,” said Nick Andrews, General Manager, EMEA & India at Zyme. “This research report tells us that the key priorities for channel management over the next 12 months are accelerating channel sales (66%), eliminating channel inefficiencies (64%) and improving ROI from channel programmes (60%). Without a robust way of managing this data effectively, it will almost be impossible to see where improvements have been made and if these goals are on track to being achieved.”


Other areas under scrutiny for UK hardware companies in 2016 include reducing costs (62%), new customer acquisition (59%), improving sales insight and performance (51%), improving data quality (51%) and maximising channel relationships (46%). From the organisations interviewed, 90% saw the benefits of more accurate, real-time channel data in identifying new sales opportunities whilst accurately measuring current demand (85%) in parallel. For 83% the importance was placed on delivering insight to business users in near real-time whilst for others (81%) accurately measuring sales commission / partner incentives was deemed critical to success.


About the research

Zyme commissioned an independent study among UK hardware companies in September 2015. The study was conducted by Loudhouse, an independent research agency in London. A total of 100 decision makers responsible for channel data management were surveyed from companies with an annual turnover of at least £65m. Respondents were sourced across a variety of sectors, including industrial automation, enterprise networking and consumer technology/hardware.


About Zyme

Zyme is the global leader in the emerging channel data management (CDM) space, empowering the New Smart Channel™, a proven approach to creating visibility to actionable knowledge that manufacturers need to accelerate partner sales and optimize marketing program ROI. Zyme’s flexible, cloud-based offerings facilitate enterprise-grade decisions by responding to real-time, granular channel intelligence. Benefits include better-targeted MDF, co-op, and rebate programs, plus improved segmentation. Zyme replaces outdated, ad-hoc systems with a state-of-the-art, cloud-based platform, data steward services, and a worldwide channel directory of more than one million partners for guaranteed database quality, support for a wider range of formats, and best practices that enhance reporting compliance.

Industry leaders like Dell, Microsoft, VMware, Fujitsu, Plantronics, Honeywell, Xerox, Symantec, Lenovo, GoPro, Armstrong World Industries, and Seagate rely on Zyme.

Headquartered in Redwood Shores, CA, Zyme has offices in Texas, China, India, and the UK.

For more information, visit www.Zyme.com

New cloud service to save housing associations over £100,000 pa in operational costs


BRACKNELL Google for Work Premier Partner, Ancoris, has today announced the launch of Ancoris Maps for Housing, an online mapping and visualisation solution for housing associations, available on an annual subscription basis.

Ancoris Maps for Housing gives housing association workers access to live data from their existing systems such as property types, voids, rent arrears, housing officer patches, administration boundaries and maintenance status, which are then overlaid securely on a familiar Google Map.

The online service helps housing associations to reduce costs, improve decision making and enhance tenant satisfaction. Examples include:

  • increasing the number of property and tenant visits by letting, rent, maintenance and estate officers through improved travel planning.
  • ensuring gas safety checks are valid, and repairs are done on time by allocating appropriate staff based on location.
  • reducing rent arrears by visualising information to plan and take preventative action.
  • allocating property to the right tenant by matching customer needs to local areas.

The solution combines operational data with location elements and is accessible from any device, web and mobile. This data can be filtered and analysed to identify trends and patterns to help improve housing association performance. In addition, when staff are in the field, they can optimise travel planning from the map, and easily contact tenants, contractors or other workers.

Jon Cocker, Director of Business Technology at Waterloo Housing, said after a successful pilot: “Ancoris Maps for Housing has given both directors and housing officers a much clearer picture of our housing stock to help make smarter decisions and improve productivity. 94% of our users said mapping would be a vital tool moving forward”.

“We want to help housing associations experience the transformative nature of going digital with applications based on the simplicity of Google Maps” commented Ancoris CEO David McLeman. “With continued pressure on housing, we can support Housing Associations as they carry out their vital role in communities, with relevant information and data to help them make better decisions for tenants.”

World leading provider of advanced crisis management solutions, Cobalt, is to support Paris in the wake of Friday’s attacks.

Cobalt, an award-winning specialist Security and Business Continuity organisation with offices in Montreal, UAE and the UK is supporting Paris based businesses by providing companies with free access to its smartphone product enabling business to provide employees and their families with advice on what to do and how to respond to a range of emergency situations, similar to the tragic events on Friday.

Jean-François Plante, CEO and founder of Cobalt, commented “we are shocked and deeply saddened by the events in Paris last week and wanted to do something to help support and reassure businesses in the region and their employees. There will be many businesses looking at how they respond and advise their employees who may be held back by budget constraints or lack of awareness that such business support tools exist. Therefore, we will be offering our Cobalt Docs application to Paris-based businesses free of charge. We can also help them to write and create such plans if they don’t have processes in place.”

Operating on any device, Cobalt’s mobile application gives business managers the ability to update plans and share vital information in real time, ensuring that every employee has the most accurate information and advice at their fingertips in the event of an incident. Through the Cobalt Docs, staff can be provided with both general and role specific emergency procedures and crucial contact information even when their device is offline.

Cobalt has recently been recognised by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) and is one of only four companies in the world to achieve entry into its prestigious Hall of Fame.

To find out more about this initiative, businesses are advised to contact Cobalt on the dedicated number: 06 44 60 72 00

See the offer at: http://www.e-cobalt.com/docs/

London Fire Brigade (LFB) has selected 4C Strategies’ exercise management solution, Exonaut™, to support the EU-funded Exercise Unified Response (EUR) – the UK’s largest ever emergency services training exercise.

The Largest Multi-Agency Training Exercise

EUR is a large scale and complex, live and command post exercise. It will be held in February and March 2016 in the greater London area. All of London's emergency response organisations, including local and national authorities, will be involved together with specialised rescue and response teams from across the UK and from Hungary, Italy and Cyprus. The EU Emergency Response Coordination Centre will also take part and the exercise is designed to validate in real time protocols and coordination arrangements at all three levels of operations and command: the operational, tactical and strategic levels.

“We chose Exonaut because it is a modern and readily accessible solution for training and exercise management, reinforced by 4C Strategies’ track record of delivering to the British Army and the UK Government,” said London Fire Brigade Assistant Commissioner, Peter Cowup. “Given that Exercise Unified Response is the largest multi-agency training exercise in our history, we needed the assurance of using a proven platform to enable the effective management of every aspect of the exercise.”

Proven Automated Platform

Exonaut™ will be used to deliver a flexible IT-based platform, which can operate on a range of smartphones, tablets and other devices for exercise design, development, delivery and evaluation. The Exonaut™ Observer mobile application will be used by exercise participants, evaluators and observers from across the EU to track the live status of the exercise and its progress throughout the four day event.

“We are delighted to support London Fire Brigade in the delivery of this exciting and ground-breaking exercise. This further embeds 4C Strategies in the UK’s resilience community, contributing to government, military and emergency services’ efforts to build, verify and track readiness,” said Peter Munksgaard, Managing Director, 4C Strategies UK&I.

More Information

If you would like more information about how Exonaut™ can support your training and exercising, please contact Nathaniel Logan at info@4cstrategies.com or on 020 3795 2350.


About LFB

London Fire Brigade (LFB) is the capital’s fire and rescue service – the busiest in the country and one of the largest fire-fighting and rescue organisations in the world. LFB is here to make London a safer city.

Exercise Unified Response

(TNS) – NYPD Commissioner William Bratton appealed to Silicon Valley Monday, urging the manufacturers of encryption software to help law enforcement agencies monitor terrorist activity by allowing them intercept capabilities.

Speaking on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" the dark technology that law enforcement suspects was used to plan the attacks on Paris, Bratton said tracking terrorists with technology is becoming more and more difficult because of end-to-end encryption.

Bratton said groups like the Islamic State are adept at going dark -- or communicating plans via encrypted messages that cannot be monitored.

"They need to work with us right now," Bratton said of the manufacturers of such software. "In many respects, they are working against us."