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Jon Seals

The organizations we work with are increasingly coordinating, and in some cases integrating, the management of their Business Continuity Management (BCM) program with the management of Information Security (InfoSec). This perspective looks at how they are approaching coordination/integration. Let’s explore the various forms of integration possibilities between BCM and InfoSec..


Coordinating on Incident Response and Exercising
The most basic and common coordination between BCM and InfoSec occurs when coordinating the response to a cyber incident. For an in depth look at this type of coordination, see Integrating BCM and Cyber Security.



Wednesday, 28 September 2016 00:00

Using Social Media in Business Continuity

Social media can be a powerful tool in a business continuity management program arsenal, however, according to a PwC survey of business continuity managers, 57% of respondents are not systematically leveraging social media in their programs, and only 8% believe that social media has helped their organization better identify and respond to crisis events.

Social Media for Business Continuity Management

There are many ways business continuity managers can leverage social media in a crisis, but to be effective requires forethought and training. A 2014 survey on Social Media in the Workplace revealed that 88% of businesses are using social media in some form. Much of the focus to date has been about creating policies for appropriate employee use of social media vs. broadening how the tools can be used for crisis management. While employee misuse of social channels is a concern, this fear has slowed the expansion of social media for legitimate business purposes. There are many ways social media can be used to improve crisis management and overall organizational resiliency.



DALLAS, Texas – ACE Data Recovery successfully completed a recovery case from a multiple IBM storage expansion units managed by IBM Systems Storage with Dynamic Disk Pooling (DDP) organized in a single drive pool hosting VMware VMDK files. The DDP dynamically distributes data, spare capacity, and protection information across a pool of disk drives. This particular IBM Storage Subsystem was utilized by a large healthcare system in west Texas -- five facilities were affected. The IBM manufactures one of the best enterprise storage systems available. However, human error can cause the best units to crash. The failure caused critical patient, doctor and other healthcare official's data to become completely inaccessible. The healthcare system's director stated that this was must-have data and failure was not an option.

After initially contacting different data recovery companies, the healthcare system's director selected ACE Data Recovery as their data recovery service provider. His decision was based upon his research of ACE's past experience with complex storage arrays recovery and his initial consultation with Don Wells, the General Manager of the company. Other significant reasons included ACE Data Recovery's industry leading success rate, A+ BBB rating, no diagnostic fee and a "No data - No charge" guarantee. The diagnostic revealed that the chained SAS disk drive enclosures metadata tables were corrupted, preventing host storage OS to access raw data. The total drive pool physical space, involved in the recovery process, was 108 TB. "This was the most complex recovery we have had for the last couple of years," stated Mr. Wells.

Yevgeniy Tolkunov, ACE Data Recovery's CTO, gathered a team of Tier 3 Engineers. The R&D team reverse engineered the IBM Dynamic Disk Pooling data structure and deciphered the metadata tables to achieve successful access and extraction of all virtual machines from the storage pool. Their efforts resulted in 100% recovery of the critical data with over 238 VMware files with patients' critical documents, X-Ray images, and SQL database files. Mr. Tolkunov stated: "ACE Data Recovery R&D department has a lot of technical expertise in various storage and server recovery and can develop custom solution to retrieve data from storage systems that seem unrecoverable to our competitors. Our engineers gained a lot of technical expertise that will enable faster recovery times for future projects of this magnitude."

About ACE Data Recovery:

ACE Data Recovery, the leader in SAN, NAS and other storages systems data recovery, provides services to enterprise customers who experience business data loss. For additional information visit http://www.datarecovery.net or call 877-304-7189.

More Than a Quarter of Survey Participants Leveraging Alert Logic

HOUSTON, Texas – Alert Logic, the leading provider of Security-as-a-Service solutions for the cloud, today announced that Alert Logic has been recognized as a leader in 451 Research's Q4 2015 Voice of the Enterprise (VotE) Information Security Quarterly Advisory Report. The report, which surveyed more than 850 senior IT decision makers in Europe and North America, found that Alert Logic was cited as the top Cloud Infrastructure Security vendor in two categories: Primary Vendor for Cloud Infrastructure Security (25 percent) and Top Vendor in Consideration for Cloud Infrastructure Security (24 percent).

The report was based on an extensive survey that was completed during the months of December, 2015 and January, 2016. The report focused on security budgeting for 2016, cloud security challenges and cloud security vendor adoption. In it, Alert Logic was cited as survey participants' primary vendor for Cloud Infrastructure Security at a rate of 150 percent more often than the next cited vendor and as the top vendor in consideration for Cloud Infrastructure Security at a rate 60 percent more often than the next cited vendor.

"Customers are deploying critical business applications in the cloud in record numbers," said Ben Matheson, Chief Marketing Officer of Alert Logic. "To protect these cloud-based workloads, they're choosing security vendors who provide cloud-native security technologies in combination with 24x7 monitoring by security and compliance experts."

To access a customized excerpted version of 451 Research's Q4 2015 VoTE Information Security Quarterly Advisory Report, visit here.

In addition to being recognized as a leader by 451 Research, Alert Logic was also recently recognized as one of only three leaders in The Forrester Wave™: Managed Security Services Providers, North America, Q3 2016.

Alert Logic has also been acknowledged with 15 industry awards and recognitions in 2016. These include: two Silver awards in the Info Security Products Guide Global Excellence Awards -- Alert Logic Cloud Defender for Best New Products and Services and Alert Logic Cloud Insight for Product or Service of the Year: Vulnerability Assessment, Remediation and Management (500-2,499 Employees); 2016 European SC Magazine Awards -- Cloud Insight for Best Vulnerability Management Solution and Cloud Defender as a finalist for Best Managed Security Service; Cloud Computing Magazine's 5th Annual Cloud Computing Excellence Awards -- Cloud Defender; Cybersecurity Excellence Awards -- Best Cybersecurity Company (101-1,000 employees), Cloud Insight for Best Vulnerability Management Solution and Cloud Defender as a finalist for Best Cloud Security Solution; Network Products Guide IT World Awards -- a Gold award for Cloud Defender for Best Products and Services, Cloud Security, and a Silver award for Gray Hall for CEO of the Year (500-2,499 Employees); a 2016 Channel Chief award for Michael Stoeger, and inclusion on CRN's 20 Coolest SIEM and Threat Detection Vendors, Inc. 5000 and Houston Business Journal's Fast 100. Cloud Insight has also been named a finalist for Best Cloud Security Product in the UK's V3 Technology Awards 2016.

Additional Resources Available:
@alertlogic on Twitter

About Alert Logic
Alert Logic, the leader in security and compliance solutions for the cloud, provides Security-as-a-Service for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures, delivering deep security insight and continuous protection for customers at a lower cost than traditional security solutions. Fully managed by a team of experts, the Alert Logic Security-as-a-Service solution provides network, system and web application protection immediately, wherever your IT infrastructure resides. Alert Logic partners with the leading cloud platforms and hosting providers to protect over 3,900 organizations worldwide. Built for cloud scale, the Alert Logic patented platform stores petabytes of data, analyses over 400 million events and identifies over 50,000 security incidents each month, which are managed by its 24x7 Security Operations Centers. Alert Logic, founded in 2002, is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with offices in Austin, Seattle, Dallas, Cardiff, Belfast and London. For more information, please visit www.alertlogic.com.


NEW YORK -- Infor, a leading provider of beautiful business applications specialized by industry and built for the cloud, is moving its global treasury operations to the Reval Cloud Platform, complementing its own financial management system in use by the company. Infor is using Reval’s ClearPath™ migration service to ensure a smooth transition. Infor will be using Reval for global cash management, liquidity forecasting, debt and FX risk management.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have a software provider as innovative as Infor run its global treasury organization using the Reval Cloud Platform.”

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Reval’s ClearPath service provides migration specialists, data transformation functionality, and financial support to make it easy for companies to switch from installed treasury systems to the Reval Cloud Platform. Introduced last year, ClearPath formalizes Reval’s 17 years of experience in helping companies take advantage of cloud-based treasury and risk management software, delivered as a service.

“Like Reval, Infor is dedicated to providing its customers with superior technology, sharing our common vision for cloud-delivered solutions,” says Reval CEO and Co-founder Jiro Okochi. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to have a software provider as innovative as Infor run its global treasury organization using the Reval Cloud Platform.”

For more information about ClearPath, visit www.reval.com/reval-clearpath, or contact info@reval.com

About Infor

Infor builds beautiful business applications with last mile functionality and scientific insights for select industries delivered as a cloud service. With 15,000 employees and customers in more than 200 countries and territories, Infor automates critical processes for industries including healthcare, manufacturing, fashion, wholesale distribution, hospitality, retail, and public sector. Infor software helps eliminate the need for costly customization through embedded deep industry domain expertise. Headquartered in New York City, Infor is also home to one of the largest creative agencies in Manhattan, Hook & Loop, focused on delivering a user experience that is fun and engaging. Infor deploys its cloud applications primarily on the Amazon Web Services cloud and open source platforms. To learn more about Infor, please visit www.infor.com.

About Reval

Reval is the leading, global provider of a scalable cloud platform for Treasury and Risk Management (TRM). Our cloud-based offerings enable enterprises to better manage cash, liquidity and financial risk, and to account for and report on complex financial instruments and hedging activities. The scope and timeliness of the data and analytics we provide allow chief financial officers, treasurers and finance managers to operate more confidently in an increasingly complex and volatile global business environment. With offerings built on the Reval Cloud Platform companies can optimize treasury and risk management activities across the enterprise for greater operational efficiency, security, control and compliance. Founded in 1999, Reval is headquartered in New York with regional centers across North America, EMEA and Asia Pacific.

For more information, visit www.reval.com or email info@reval.com.

Latest release includes new capacity for clients to optimize multi-cloud costs and new capabilities to drive smoother transition of IaaS and PaaS workloads to Microsoft Azure

NEW YORK -- Accenture (NYSE:ACN) has released an enhanced version of the Accenture Cloud Platform, designed to help organizations reduce costs associated with cloud implementations, such as migrating to cloud, modernization of cloud applications, and ongoing management of cloud infrastructure. New cloud economics capabilities enable enterprises of all sizes take greater advantage of the flexibility offered by an as-a-Service operating model, where IT and business services are delivered on-demand via the cloud.

“In order to adopt an as-a-Service operating model and truly become digital businesses, companies must focus on greater operational agility, increased flexibility and speed-to-value that requires the right cloud management tools”

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With the power and flexibility to manage complex enterprise workloads simply and securely across any cloud environment on demand and at speed, the Accenture Cloud Platform is an open, scalable and technical solution for enterprises. The multi-cloud management platform allows services to be ramped up or down as needed, centrally managing all enterprise cloud resources—public, private or hybrid—by automating and accelerating the delivery of cloud solutions.

“In order to adopt an as-a-Service operating model and truly become digital businesses, companies must focus on greater operational agility, increased flexibility and speed-to-value that requires the right cloud management tools,” said Michael Liebow, Global Managing Director, Accenture Cloud Platform. “This release of the Accenture Cloud Platform addresses and improves the organizational capabilities designed to manage their cloud ambitions, significantly cutting the time to deploy resources while providing greater control and boosting the ability to innovate and integrate new solutions quicker than ever before on the journey to cloud every company must embark on.”

Helping clients optimize cloud costs, agility, governance and control of cloud applications in the as-a-Service economy

The Accenture Cloud Platform’s latest release includes capabilities designed to help organizations improve their cost efficiency by enhancing resource usage and reducing operational costs that improve ROI with better consumption and cost-management. The resulting reduction in overall cloud costs can be as much as 40 percent. Additionally, by centralizing cloud governance with analytics, cost controls and policy management, the Accenture Cloud Platform enhances control of cloud capabilities and provides better visibility, accountability and compliance while reducing IT operational costs.

A key new offering with this release includes the piloting of a new Cloud Optimization Service to help clients control cloud sprawl and reduce cloud spend through expertise, actionable analytics and continued process improvement. A combination of platform capabilities and consulting knowledge, this service provides:

  • Collaborative Assessment – A deep collaboration with clients to gather business requirements, understand expenditures and organize their cloud portfolio.
  • Proactive Monitoring – Establish visibility and control through analytics, targeted alerts, and automated reporting that enables continued flexibility and oversight.
  • Actionable Recommendations – Leveraging insights and deep industry expertise to produce custom optimization roadmaps tailored to client’s business needs and industry requirements.
  • Continuous Improvement – An ongoing refinement and simplified implementation that leverages automation to optimize migration processes and addresses changes in cloud usage.

Among the clients already using the Accenture Cloud Platform for cloud management and cost efficacy of their cloud investments is GRTgaz, France’s leading natural gas transmission system operator, who has deployed a cloud-based infrastructure on Amazon Web Services to drastically shorten release cycles from 8–12 weeks to just 10 days, improving the performance and increasing the agility of business-critical applications. By using AWS with the Accenture Cloud Platform, GRTgaz achieved a 30 percent reduction in IT infrastructure costs, and was able to resolve incidents 20 percent faster and increase environment availability from 54 percent to 90 percent.

With an increasing interest and demand from the enterprise for simplifying and accelerating application modernization, Accenture Cloud Platform’s recently released capabilities have been enhanced to help shepherd clients on their transformations to cloud, whether focusing on infrastructure or platform needs. Over the past year alone, Accenture has seen a spike in consumption of resources. Accenture’s virtual machine count has grown by 50 percent, and public cloud spend increase by well over 100 percent, with over 3x growth in non-VM types or PaaS resource usage, and storage up nearly 3x in the same timeframe. Regardless of client need for IaaS or PaaS resources, Accenture Cloud Platform is designed to not only provide a smoother transition to the cloud but the required management and governance of the resulting new IT estate.

New capabilities to drive smoother transition of IaaS and PaaS workloads for clients

Accenture invests in high-fidelity features across 7 different cloud providers with continued emphasis on the hyper-3 leaders, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. For example, ACP now includes support for 19 Azure PaaS solution types and high-fidelity feature support for VMs based on Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates. These features helped a global natural resource client with their cloud-application modernization to streamline their operations. The features helped another global client migrate their legacy datacenter workloads to Azure – all from a single portal. This approach not only made provisioning and managing cloud applications faster and easier, it created a centralized governance that met regulatory requirements, while also fostering better ongoing operational visibility and management of the client’s overall cloud strategies.

The Accenture Cloud Platform has a global footprint on six continents as well as strategic relationships with all three leading hyper-scale cloud providers and more than 150 alliance partners. Accenture has managed thousands of projects of major enterprise clients using ACP, including its own internal transformation where 60% of applications now reside in the public cloud.

For more information on the Accenture Cloud Platform, visit www.accenture.com/us-en/cloud-platform.

About Accenture

Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Combining unmatched experience and specialized skills across more than 40 industries and all business functions—underpinned by the world’s largest delivery network—Accenture works at the intersection of business and technology to help clients improve their performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders. With more than 375,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries, Accenture drives innovation to improve the way the world works and lives. Visit us at www.accenture.com.

Accenture is a leader in helping organizations move to the cloud to take advantage of a new era of service delivery and flexibility, where applications, infrastructure and business processes are brought together and delivered As-a-Service. Accenture’s Cloud First agenda offers comprehensive, industry-focused cloud services including strategy, implementation, migration and managed services, and assets including the Accenture Cloud Platform that can drive broader transformational programs for clients. Accenture has worked on over 20,000 cloud computing projects for clients, including three-quarters of the Fortune Global 100, and has more than 31,000 professionals trained in cloud computing.

For the First Time, Security Practitioners and Business Executives Can Speak the Same Language When Discussing Cyber Risk in Their Enterprise

BALTIMORE -- FourV Systems today announced the release of GreySpark 2.0, the company’s flagship product for enabling business-centric risk management in IT operations. Designed for business leaders, GreySpark translates existing tool and sensor data into a fact-driven measurement of IT security health. Through simple risk indices, business managers can quickly gauge the impact of IT decisions on the corporate risk spectrum.

“GreySpark clearly informs IT security managers which people, process or technology parameters are most impactful on business risk.”

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With version 2.0, GreySpark, definitively closes the gap between organizational risk management and IT security, providing an independent and consistent measure of IT security program performance. For the first time, security practitioners and business executives are able to clearly communicate regarding cyber risk within their organization. Specifically, GreySpark 2.0 continuously measures key risk indicators and visualizes them for executives, while providing direct access to the underlying drivers that are made actionable for technologists. This allows for the creation of an effective and repeatable regimen for communicating cyber risk among executives and measuring the effectiveness of security controls and programs.

“Demand for cybersecurity expertise is outstripping supply in a big way; creating the need for smarter technology systems that can help the few experts we have be more productive and communicative when it comes to pertinent risks,” said Casey Corcoran, Vice President, FourV Systems. “GreySpark clearly informs IT security managers which people, process or technology parameters are most impactful on business risk.”

GreySpark identifies and measures risk factors by normalizing and evaluating threat, vulnerability, and operational events from an organization’s sensors and systems. The calculated risk factors drive clear risk indices and provide a continuous view of IT security risk trends and IT security operation’s performance. The platform requires no tuning or programming to deliver risk measures, and IT security teams can quickly diagnose and optimize their security posture while watching the effect on risk factors.

Evolved from solutions developed for critical national programs, GreySpark was built in collaboration with operations and business risk management professionals. It is specifically designed for use by both technical and non-technical managers and executives and combines subject matter expertise and standards from common frameworks such as NIST and CIS. GreySpark can be deployed and matured in a matter of days or weeks rather than months or years, to quickly enhance security staff productivity by placing security events which drive risk indicators into business and organizational context. For more information on GreySpark, please visit: http://fourv.com/measuring-it-security-health/.

About FourV Systems

FourV Systems is an SRC Company located in Baltimore, MD and is dedicated to helping organizations manage business risk aligned with IT operations. FourV leverages existing IT investments to measure IT security health via a simple score that provides fact-based information about organizational risk. With more than 60 years of commercial, defense and intelligence experience, FourV builds on a foundation of experts in cyber security and analytics. With FourV, business risk managers can have confidence in their IT security decisions and investments. For more information, visit www.fourv.com.

Ediscovery technologies combined with process expertise expand solution options for corporations faced with complex legal projects

MINNEAPOLIS – With ediscovery technologies being increasingly leveraged outside the context of traditional document review scenarios, Kroll Ontrack today announced the expansion of its Advanced Review Services to include the extraction, analysis, disposition and potential repapering of contracts as part of a new Corporate Legal Projects offering. By combining methodical solution design and planning, expert legal project management and rigorous quality control standards, Kroll Ontrack delivers a consistent, high-quality project outcome to corporate clients at a significantly lower cost.

“When a corporation is navigating a transaction that involves a large set of contracts and a looming deadline to execute a change, they need great technology and exceptional process expertise”

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In support of the new offering, Kroll Ontrack has opened a state-of-the-art review facility in Chicago, Ill., with highly seasoned leaders holding a combined 30 years of experience designing, managing and executing complex legal projects.

“When a corporation is navigating a transaction that involves a large set of contracts and a looming deadline to execute a change, they need great technology and exceptional process expertise,” said Mark Williams, CEO, Kroll Ontrack. “As an ediscovery technology pioneer with real experience managing complex global review projects, Kroll Ontrack is in an excellent position to help corporate clients more efficiently and cost-effectively navigate these complex legal projects.”

As part of its Corporate Legal Project offering, Kroll Ontrack is providing process and subject matter expertise around designing and executing integrated, end-to-end solutions to guide clients through their project – from start to finish. Whether extracting or inserting new contract language as part of a corporate transaction, a regulatory requirement, or endeavoring to achieve uniformity across a full database of contracts, Kroll Ontrack’s Corporate Legal Project offering delivers an accurate, timely result based on three solution pillars:

  • Diligent Solution Design & Planning: A meticulous, goal-and-results-driven approach – one that identifies all the moving pieces, defines exactly what success looks like and outlines the many steps and workflows needed to achieve success – and an experienced team of solutions architects and review process consultants focused on consistency and accuracy.
  • Expert Legal Process Management: A methodical, diligent approach that integrates the countless steps and distinct processes – each carrying unique goals and outcomes – required by high-pressure corporate legal projects to gain efficiencies and ensure complete transparency into project status, timeline for completion and expenditure against budget.
  • Proven Quality Control: A systematic approach to quality legal project management rooted in planning, exacting accuracy, continual evaluation and real-time improvement. Project managers weave proven Six Sigma quality control principles throughout the corporate legal project lifecycle, applying measurable and aggressive methods of quality control to reduce ambiguity, promote consistency and improve project results.

“While there are many ways to tackle a complex legal project, utilizing a defined methodology that leverages sophisticated quality process standards will result in the best outcome,” said Raj Bagga, vice president, Advanced Review Services, Kroll Ontrack.

“Our approach at Kroll Ontrack is to design and execute an end-to-end project solution that unifies the many project pieces to create efficiencies for our clients,” explains Victoria Bobryk, director, Advanced Review Services. “It’s an approach that employs proven Six Sigma quality principles to improve results, and it’s an approach that is committed to keeping an open dialog with clients around timelines and budget throughout the project lifecycle.”

For more information on Kroll Ontrack’s Corporate Legal Projects offering, please visit: http://www.ediscovery.com/solutions/corporate-legal-projects/

About Kroll Ontrack LLC
Kroll Ontrack provides technology-driven services and solutions to help legal, corporate and government entities as well as consumers manage, recover, search, analyze, review and produce data efficiently and cost-effectively. In addition to its award-winning suite of software, Kroll Ontrack provides data recovery, data destruction, electronic discovery, consulting and document review. For more information about Kroll Ontrack and its offerings please visit: www.ediscovery.com or follow @KrollOntrack on Twitter.

ATLANTA  – WinMagic Inc. today announced the availability of SecureDoc for Microsoft’s BitLocker, an intelligent key management and encryption solution that improves BitLocker management for more robust security, enhanced functionality and ease-of-use for both IT administrators and end-users. Securing critical information across global enterprises and throughout the cloud has become an executive-level and regulatory business imperative. Effective encryption management is a cornerstone to ensure protection of global information and critical assets. WinMagic’s SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES) provides enhanced encryption options to BitLocker environments and cloud management for Azure in addition to managing all encryption methods seamlessly across the growing number of extended heterogeneous IT environments.

“PC’s continue to dominate the enterprise market over other operating systems such as Linux and Mac, however, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment is becoming more common and the days of “one OS serves all”

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As a native feature included with select editions of Windows designed to protect data by providing 128-bit or 256-bit encryption, BitLocker becomes an enterprise-class encryption solution when combined with a separate enterprise key management system that is platform and end point agnostic and designed to ease deployment and operation. SecureDoc for BitLocker delivers the best of both worlds by combining the seamless encryption of BitLocker with WinMagic’s sophisticated and comprehensive enterprise key management. Enterprises leveraging BitLocker encryption with WinMagic’s key management can take advantage of:

  • PBA Preboot Authentication with smartcard
  • User friendliness with single sign on for the end user
  • Seamless provisioning through SecureDoc’s innovative full-disk-encryption deployment solution
  • Always-on enterprise-class protocol that prevents accidentally (or intentionally) disabling BitLocker
  • Platform and device-agnostic, Azure Windows based VMs functionality – centrally managing encryption supporting multi-platform
  • Comprehensive and sophisticated key management including access to multiple methods of password reset and key labeling for sustained data recovery capabilities over time
  • Single pane of glass for improved Endpoint and cloud management for Azure

“PC’s continue to dominate the enterprise market over other operating systems such as Linux and Mac, however, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment is becoming more common and the days of “one OS serves all” are coming to an end for large enterprises,” said Mark Hickman, COO of WinMagic. “Mobile Devices, tablets, and the Internet-of-Things have made it necessary for many organizations to integrate and utilize a variety of devices as a way to increase productivity and reduce costs. Securing these endpoints are adding complexities and costs calling for solutions like SecureDoc for BitLocker.”

Hickman continued, “WinMagic’s SecureDoc for BitLocker offers organizations total control over their data security environment ensuring maximum security and transparency. With SecureDoc’s added management of BitLocker, organizations can take advantage of the native OS encryption provided by BitLocker while gaining increased security through improved authentication and integration with SecureDoc pre-boot network authentication technology.”

About WinMagic Inc.
WinMagic provides application-aware intelligent key management for enterprise controlled grade encryption, with robust, manageable and easy-to-use data security solutions. WinMagic SecureDoc secures data wherever it is stored, providing enterprise grade data encryption and key management policies across all operating systems while enabling a unified encryption strategy across any end point and virtualized or Cloud IaaS environment. SecureDoc is trusted by thousands of enterprises and government organizations worldwide to minimize business risks, meet privacy and regulatory compliance requirements, while protecting valuable information assets against unauthorized access.

Follow us @WinMagic. For more information, please visit www.winmagic.com, call 1-888-879-5879 or e-mail us at info@winmagic.com.

Manufacturer of Hair Grooming Products Replaces Spreadsheets with a Robust Supply Chain Planning Solution

ST. LOUIS -- Demand Management Inc., a leading global resource for cloud-based supply chain management solutions, announced today that Andis Company has purchased Demand Solutions DSX as its new supply chain planning solution. This leading provider of hair grooming products will use Demand Solutions DSX Forecast Management to improve the accuracy of its forecasts.

Andis Company selects @demandsolutions DSX

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Andis Company’s new Demand Solutions DSX platform will replace a homegrown forecasting system. Based on spreadsheets, this system had become increasingly frustrating for the company’s planners to use.

“There’s only so much you can do to improve the accuracy of your forecasts on a homegrown, spreadsheet-based system,” says Marc Rohde, IT director, Andis Company. “As the total number of parts we needed to forecast increased, our spreadsheets became unwieldy to use.”

Rohde and his team began looking for a supply chain planning solution that would be robust enough to handle several thousand SKUs, yet intuitive enough to allow a lean team of planners to manage exceptions on a day-to-day basis. They researched six solutions before seriously evaluating three—and ultimately choosing Demand Solutions.

“We sell a wide variety of hair grooming products for both humans and animals, and our market is worldwide,” says Rohde. “Many of our sales come from beauty supply stores, but we also do significant business in big-box stores. It takes a powerful supply chain planning solution to handle this complexity—and we’re completely confident that Demand Solutions DSX will be up to the task. We’re anticipating higher stock rates and more on-time deliveries to customers as a result of using this solution.”

Andis Company joins the ranks of the many companies that have chosen to run their businesses on Demand Solutions DSX platform. Although Andis Company has chosen an on-premises implementation, the platform can also be implemented in the cloud for companies that want to avoid an up-front investment in hardware and software licenses.

“We are delighted that Andis Company has chosen Demand Solutions DSX,” says Bill Harrison, president of Demand Management. “Andis Company began as a small, family-run company but has grown exponentially over the years. With Demand Solutions DSX, they now have the platform they need to sustain profitable growth for decades to come.”

About Demand Management, Inc.

Demand Management, Inc. is a leading global provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) supply chain planning software. These affordable, easy-to-use solutions for manufacturers and distributors are designed to increase forecast accuracy, improve customer service levels, and reduce overall inventory to maximize profits and lower costs. Designed to run on Azure, a cloud service from Microsoft, the Demand Solutions DSX supply chain planning solution offers functionality for demand planning, collaborative forecasting, inventory planning, production planning and schedulingsales and operations planning (S&OP)and integrated business planning (IBP). Demand Management, Inc. has worked with supply chain professionals for over 30 years and has incorporated their best practices and real-world business requirements into its software. The company’s extensive customer base across 79 countries includes Siemens Healthcare, AutomationDirect.com, and Newfoundland Labrador Liquor Corporation. Demand Management is a wholly owned subsidiary of Logility, Inc., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Software (NASDAQ: AMSWA), named one of Forbes Magazine’s 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America.

About Andis Company

Andis Company, a family held business founded in 1922, is a leading manufacturer of handheld tools to trim, cut, curl, straighten and dry hair. The company's products are purchased in more than 90 countries by barbers and salon professionals, consumers, hotels, motels, resorts, small animal groomers and large animal groomers and shearers. To find a local distributor, call 800-558-9441 or visit www.andis.com.

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements that are subject to substantial risks and uncertainties. There are a number of factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated by statements made herein. These factors include, but are not limited to, continuing U.S. and global economic uncertainty, the timing and degree of business recovery, unpredictability and the irregular pattern of future revenues, dependence on particular market segments or customers, competitive pressures, delays, product liability and warranty claims and other risks associated with new product development, undetected software errors, market acceptance of the Company’s products, technological complexity, the challenges and risks associated with integration of acquired product lines, companies and services, as well as a number of other risk factors that could affect the Company’s future performance. For further information about risks the Company and American Software could experience as well as other information, please refer to American Software, Inc’s current Form 10-K and other reports and documents subsequently filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. For more information, contact: Vincent C. Klinges, Chief Financial Officer, American Software, Inc., (404) 264-5477 or fax: (404) 237-8868.

Demand Management and Demand Solutions are registered trademarks of Demand Management Inc. Other products mentioned in this document are registered, trademarked or service marked by their respective owners.

If you would like more information about this topic, please email plape@demandsolutions.com.

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