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Industry-first offering saves companies countless hours and thousands of dollars

BURLINGTON, Mass. – Unitrends, the industry’s fastest-growing multi-environment data protection and disaster recovery company, today announced BC/DR Link™, a free online service tool that enables companies worldwide to quickly and easily build a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. With this industry-first offering, companies can remain confident that their customized recovery plan will be immediately accessible following a disaster so they can rapidly respond to maintain business continuity.

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BC/DR Link provides users with step-by-step instructions for building a robust disaster recovery plan based onthe latest industry standards andbest practices. The service also includes 1 Gigabyte of centralized storage in the Unitrends cloud, which companies can use to house essential disaster recovery and business continuity documents, such as evacuation plans and emergency contacts. In the event of a disaster or outage, employees can access these materials remotely from a mobile device or computer, enabling them to function as a well-orchestrated team.

“For the first time, companies worldwide can now put together a sophisticated disaster recovery plan online free of charge, store it in the cloud, and take advantage of best practices and industry standards to test, update and share it in the event of disaster,” said Paul Kirvan, FBCI, CISA, an independent business continuity consultant who assisted Unitrends in the development of BC/DR Link. “Comparable services require days of effort and cost thousands of dollars to develop. BC/DR Link is easy to set up and manage, and it’s free – forever.”

According to the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council’s 2014 Preparedness Benchmark Survey, more than 60 percent of respondents do not have a fully documented disaster recovery plan. BC/DR Link solves a major business problem by equipping companies that don’t have the time, staff or budget to address disaster recovery with an easy, automated and cost-effective way to do so.

“BC/DR Link underscores our commitment to providing customers with iron-clad disaster recovery assurance and true business continuity,” said Mike Coney, president and CEO of Unitrends. “Even a short-term disruption can have devastating consequences on a business. BC/DR Link makes it possible for companies to confidently prepare for the worst with a best practices plan that will facilitate reliable and rapid recovery. The tool has dramatically simplified and expedited the planning process so that every organization can establish a fool-proof, no excuses approach to disaster recovery.”

Companies looking for increased storage in the cloud and white glove disaster recovery service can leverage Unitrends’ new hybrid cloud Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering, which utilizes the company’s proven ReliableDR™, Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ and Unitrends Bridge™ technologies. Unitrends’ DRaaS provides recovery services for business continuity and protection of heterogeneous virtual and physical infrastructure and applications.

For more information on BC/DR Link or to start building a disaster recovery plan, please visit www.BCDRLink.com.

About Unitrends

Unitrends provides physical, virtual and cloud-based protection and recovery for every organization’s most valuable assets: its data and applications. Supported by a “crazy-committed” customer service model based on engagement, experience and excellence, the company consistently achieves a 98 percent customer satisfaction rating and helps everyone play IT safe by delivering the best cost-to-value ratio in the data protection industry. Visit www.unitrends.com.

Free Application-Aware Continuity and DR Management Testing Sandbox Now Available

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Gartner “Cool Vendor” Sanovi [www.sanovi.com], the leading provider of business continuity and IT recovery software, today announced the general availability of the free Cloud Continuity Test Drive for Amazon Web Services (AWS)
environments: http://aws.amazon.com/testdrive/.
The all-new test drive lets IT administrators rapidly provision-deploy a private testing sandbox environment in the cloud. Powered by Sanovi's application defined continuity (ADC) technology, Cloud Continuity allows customers to monitor, maintain and manage enterprise application continuity across heterogeneous computing, network and storage tiers from a single pane of glass, and works with physical and virtual infrastructure. With Cloud Continuity, cloud service providers can meet critical compliance regulations and service-level agreements (SLAs). Sanovi Cloud Continuity's tight integration with AWS simplifies the lifecycle management and recovery of critical enterprise applications in the cloud. Through a single management console, IT administrators can manage the entire IT recovery lifecycle for applications using AWS as their recovery site from multiple on-premises datacenters. Once signed up for the test drive, users can perform automated, non-intrusive DR drills to test application recovery. Sanovi allows cloud and managed service providers to offer self-service-based recovery-as-a-service (RaaS) from on-premises to AWS using converged infrastructure or off-the-shelf hardware. Sanovi software enables system integrators and value added resellers to provide fully automated push-of-a-button business continuity for all enterprise applications. For more information, please go to: http://www.sanovi.com/recovery-for-amazon-cloud/ About Sanovi Technologies Sanovi provides business continuity and IT recovery solutions employing its innovative Application Defined Continuity (ADC) technology for tier-1 and tier-2 workloads across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. Sanovi has over 120 customers, including service providers and multi-billion dollar enterprises across vertical industries. Gartner’s 2013 Hype Cycle report on BCP/DR calls out Sanovi’s software as the recovery management solution for heterogeneous platforms. Sanovi is a Red Herring Global 100 award 2013 winner. Sanovi’s offerings include enterprise DRM and cloud continuity software products. For more on Sanovi solutions, please visit www.sanovi.com.

July 2014: Heart Internet, the UK’s largest reseller hosting company, has become one of the first major businesses in the United Kingdom to switch to the recently launched .uk domain name.

Launched in June, .uk is the new flagship domain name, bringing the United Kingdom in line with other major European markets such as France (.fr) and Germany (.de).

According to Heart Internet, the launch of the new shorter and more memorable domain name is good news for British businesses and the UK domain space as a whole. By combining a shorter extension with the trust of the .uk brand, businesses and individuals will gain wider choice, appeal and more potential opportunities when creating their own online space.

Heart Internet Director Craig Cotter said: “Moving to .uk is an important forward step for Heart Internet, a move which highlights our continued commitment to the UK name space. As one of the UK’s leading web hosting companies it is vital that we take the lead and show our customers the benefits of moving to the shorter .uk domain name.

“Businesses that are looking to make the switch to .uk should not feel overwhelmed, as long as search engine best practices are followed. As well as this, businesses and individuals should always look to protect their brand online. The .uk domain name has become one of the fastest selling new arrivals on record and this is a great opportunity to invest in an extension name that symbolises being part of the digital economy.”

The new, shorter, more memorable domain name will help define website owners as part of the UK. To take advantage of this great opportunity, visit https://www.heartinternet.uk/domain-names.

New Enhancements Increase Deployment Speeds by more than 20x and Reduce Provisioning Steps by 94%

UNITED KINGDOM – LANDESK, a global leader in delivering user-oriented IT solutions that solve systems, security, mobility, asset, and IT service management challenges, today announced the newest release of LANDESK® Management and Security Suites, adding new features to its Total User Management solution. This release enables greater enterprise speed and scalability, is easier to administer, and provides added focus on user productivity. In addition, LANDESK user-based pricing eliminates anxiety related to BYOD and helps keep IT budgets in check.

"IT managers struggle with the challenges of managing, maintaining and securing user devices," said Duane Newman, senior director of product management, LANDESK. "This version makes significant advancements to help IT empower users to access IT resources from their devices, reduce the number of steps IT takes to get users up and running, and speeds the delivery of applications and operating systems anywhere on the network. Now, it's even easier for IT to free up resources to tackle more strategic problems." 

Key enhancements and capabilities include:

  • More than 20x faster deployment. Decrease administrative times and ensure the best security when downloading and installing software and patches. For example an organization can now deploy a critical security patch across the entire enterprise in minutes, instead of hours with even less impact to the network.
  • 94 percent time savings in OS provisioning. Provisioning is a complex process that takes many organizations more than a 100 steps to accomplish. LANDESK allows IT to create provisioning templates in just a few clicks, accelerating the user provisioning process.
  • Manage PC, Mac and mobile from one interface. Enhanced features allow IT to manage Mac and mobile users from the same console they use for PC clients. The new LANDESK Management Suite provides central FileVault 2 configuration, HTML 5 browser-based remote control from the login and improved Mac patching.
  • Self-service access to applications. LANDESK Fuse, a new, integrated app portal included with LANDESK Management Suite, gives end users simple access to IT services from any device. LANDESK Fuse can also be extended with other LANDESK user management solutions to consolidate service desk requests and provide access to a comprehensive IT service catalog.           
  • Last agent you need to install. Using its intelligent design, the LANDESK agent now automatically self-updates and self-heals. IT no longer needs to continually configure and roll out new agents, making this the last agent you will need to install on users' devices.

"We are excited about the improvements we're seeing in this new version," said Dan Lutter, Director of Field Technology Services at Advocate Health Care "This update ensures we're less intrusive to our users and allows us to focus on the business, making sure both IT and our end users are productive and successful. IT is under strain to do more with less, now we can gain back time, and maintain and secure our environment even more by not having to deploy a new agent for every upgrade, and knowing that it self-heals is one less thing I have to worry about."

Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company, recently recognised LANDESK as the best fit for Total Client Management in the Critical Capabilities for Client Management Tools report. LANDESK was also recognised as a Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Client Management Tools for the eighth consecutive year. 

These updates are now available for purchase in Total User Management Solution, Secure User Management Suite, LANDESK Management Suite, and LANDESK Security Suite. Customers can inquire about industry-leading user-based pricing from a LANDESK representative.

About LANDESK Software
LANDESK, the global authority on user-oriented IT, enables users to be their most productive while helping IT embrace the speed of change. Through the integration and automation of IT systems management, endpoint security management, service desk management, IT asset management, and mobile device management, LANDESK empowers IT to balance rapidly evolving user requirements with the need to secure critical assets and data. With offices located across the globe, LANDESK is headquartered in Salt Lake City. For more information, visit www.landesk.com.

Copyright © 2014, LANDESK. All rights reserved. LANDESK and its logo are registered trademarks of LANDESK Software, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

BSI has published a new white paper which explains why the benefits of BCM ‘go far beyond helping organizations recover from unexpected disruptions’.

The executive summary reads as follows:

  • BCM is a critical business discipline, helping organizations prepare for, and recover from, a wide range of unexpected incidents and unwelcome interruptions.
  • The importance of recovery – the most obvious purpose of BCM – can hardly be overstated. Thousands of businesses have saved time and money by getting back up and running quickly after a disruption – and some even owe their survival to it.
  • Despite the ‘recovery rationale’ for BCM, many business leaders are yet to embrace the discipline – while others are implementing it piecemeal or poorly.
  • Organizations are missing out on more – much more – than simply a speedy return to ‘business as usual’ in the event of disruption. BCM can provide a rich return on investment (ROI) without the occurrence of a disaster.
  • A robust BCM process offers many advantages, from lower insurance premiums and process improvements to business expansion and brand enhancement.
  • At a strategic level, BCM can play a key part in organizations’ risk management processes, answering to the demands of today’s onerous regulatory and corporate governance requirements.
  • It is time for the ‘C-suite’ to wake up to the full range of BCM benefits and the true ROI the discipline offers.
  • Help is at hand: the management system standard ISO 22301 provides the ideal framework for implementing a BCM system.
  • Many organizations, both large and small, have already implemented ISO 22301, harnessing a host of benefits from this multi-faceted standard.
  • Some have maximized the benefits by achieving independent third party certification to ISO 22301, enabling them to demonstrate ‘badge on the wall’ best practice in this vital area.
  • There is a growing trend for companies to be required to hold certification to ISO 22301 by powerful private and public sector customers – or risk losing business.

Read the white paper (PDF).

Business continuity problems often carry their own penalty in the form of lost revenue, customer churn and reputational damage. In some cases, outages also mean stiff fines that go beyond the penalties that are part of any service level agreement. Thus, SingTel, the Singaporean telecommunications company, received a 6 million dollar fine (about 4.81 million USD) from the ICT regulator in Singapore for a breakdown in service in October 2013. The disruption affected government agencies and financial institutions and had an impact on 270,000 subscribers. But what is really behind fining a company whose business continuity fails like this?



Among the many unwitting assumptions that occur when developing Business Continuity plans is the assignment of roles to specific individuals.  A smart BCM planner will at least buttress that assignment with a backup person – just in case.  But is that really enough?

In many cases is should be.  But there are many others in which roles assigned to individuals (even with a backup) may prove wholly inadequate.

The most obvious is in a natural disaster scenario.  What if the individuals cannot be contacted or the roads are closed?  Those may cause a temporary problem.  On the other hand, consider that the individuals may have other priorities – like protecting their family, or their home.  Those priorities may not mean they can’t respond to their BCM obligations – but they may be unwilling.  If you’ve assigned tasks to an individual who doesn’t show up, you’ll have to scramble to reassign the task (perhaps to someone unfamiliar with the role and responsibilities).  And even in a non-disaster situation, a named individual may be on holiday or away on business.  They can’t help if they’re not there.



If circumventing the IT department is “kind of a given,” as one executive from a cloud services provider put it in a post I wrote earlier this month, it may be just as much of a given that what business units are most eager to acquire when they do circumvent the IT department are business intelligence and data analytics tools.

I recently discussed this phenomenon in an email interview with Fred Shilmover, CEO of InsightSquared, a provider of cloud-based BI services in Cambridge, Mass. When I asked Shilmover if he’s finding that business units are circumventing the IT department in order to get the data analytics tools they need, Shilmover said they see it all the time among companies that have purchased a lot of cloud-hosted software, and he noted that the tools are often purchased by a new line-of-business leader:



Residents of Alaska have historically been more likely than people in other states to have a supply of frozen food on hand, but their reliance on food from stores has grown in recent years, leaving them vulnerable in an emergency.

Like every other state, Alaska has to be prepared for disasters, both natural and man-made. But as it works to make sure its residents would have enough food in a disaster, the state also has to deal with some unique challenges.

“We’ve got volcanoes, earthquakes, cold weather — a lot of potential for emergencies up here,” said Danny Consenstein, state executive director for the U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency in Alaska. “Do we have a food system that is resilient and strong, that could help us in case of emergencies?”



Catastrophe risk modelling firm AIR Worldwide has updated its earthquake model for Canada. The comprehensive update will provide insurers and other industry stakeholders with an advanced tool for assessing potential losses from ground shaking, fire following earthquake, tsunami, liquefaction, and landslide for the Canadian market and will be a significant tool for compliance with OSFI Guideline B-9.

"The updated Earthquake Model for Canada has been extensively reengineered and offers significant enhancements," said Dr Jayanta Guin, executive vice-president, research and modelling, AIR Worldwide. "The model reflects an up-to-date view of seismicity based on the latest hazard information from the Geological Survey of Canada and collaboration with leading academics. In addition to the ability to estimate losses from shake, fire following, and liquefaction, the release is the first in the industry to include fully probabilistic landslide and tsunami models for Canada. Virtually every component of the updated model has undergone peer review."

Testament to the sophistication of the model, the Insurance Bureau of Canada selected AIR Worldwide to conduct the most comprehensive study of seismic risk in Canada ever undertaken. According to IBC, AIR's study will help drive a national discourse on mitigation, financial preparedness, and emergency response.