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Jon Seals

On any given day, most of us rely on the cloud to store, upload, and retrieve various types of data – work files, songs, pictures, videos, apps, etc. It’s a proven, reliable service that we’ve grown accustomed to working with – maybe even taken it for granted.

We’ve discussed the pros (and cons) of cloud computing before – reliability, affordability, and accessibility – but have you ever wondered, even with multiple levels of protections and policies in place, how data goes missing?



Having mold in your commercial establishment is risky business. A fast-moving health hazard, it can run rampant throughout your space in as little as 48 hours, scattering allergens and irritants as it spreads. What should you do if you suspect that you have a mold issue? Contact SERVPRO of Asheville East. Our mold remediation specialists are highly skilled professionals who are trained in the standards and best practices set by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. You can be confident that they have the expertise and equipment to handle your mold problem efficiently so that you can get back to business.


If a leaky roof, window or plumbing system allows water to flow into your business, mold damage is likely to follow. When you call SERVPRO of Asheville West about a mold problem, we’ll start by completing a thorough inspection of your commercial property, searching for both signs of mold and the hidden water sources that allow it to flourish. We use a variety of technologies to scour your commercial property, which allows us find mold in places that are in plain view and in concealed areas where it might otherwise be missed.



Communications at the Time of a Disaster

It is well known that business continuity and crisis communication plans are vital to minimizing losses during an emergency. 80% of companies that experience a major disaster and don’t have any form of contingency planning go into liquidation within 18 months. Yet only 55% of employers have a crisis communication plan in place.

Of course, simply having a crisis communication plan in place isn’t enough to ensure the safety of your employees and your company’s future. Only 60% of employers think that if a disaster were to effect their workplace, their employees would actually know what to do. Be confident that your employees are prepared for the worst by understanding how to optimize and efficiently execute your crisis communication and response plans, thanks to helpful advice from emergency management and business continuity expert Regina Phelps.



In the wake of the damaging Alberta fires, there has been a lot of attention paid to what role climate change plays in wildfires. Yet 2016 is also a powerful El Niño year, which has created ideal conditions for the extraordinary fires in Alberta.

So what climate phenomena could have led to the persistent warm, dry conditions and the extreme fire events?

I have analyzed weather trend data and found that higher temperatures and lower precipitation created the conditions for the extensive fires. It is by looking at exactly when those warmer months occur that we can begin to sort out the role of El Niño versus climate change.



(TNS) - Drone footage from Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Department reveals the scene that unfolded at Henningsen Cold Storage Wednesday morning.

To the casual observer, it would appear as the site of a gruesome accident — paramedics and firefighters respond to victims on the ground near an overturned school bus, a railroad car and multiple crashed cars.

The scene was a drill — a test of the county’s resources and response, but in an emergency scenario with unknown chemicals involved, the value of drone technology becomes apparent.



(TNS) - Marion County emergency officials say that each time they speak to community groups, they become more concerned about inexperience and complacency as hurricane season approaches.

It has been nearly 12 years since Marion County has been hit by a hurricane. In 2004, two storms — Frances and Jeanne — battered 3,000 homes and caused $30 million in damages across the area. And those were tropical storms, only packing 45 mph winds when they toppled trees across the area.

Since that time, there has been a hurricane drought. In fact, it has been more than a decade since Florida has been hit by a hurricane — the longest no-hurricane streak on record.



(TNS) - First responders geared up Wednesday as they held active shooter training at St. John's College where they simulated a gunman killing and wounding people inside the school's library.

The fake incident played out like this: A lone shooter with a book bag entered the library where he killed and wounded several people. He moved about the first floor and up to the second floor where he stood his ground in a back room.

The exercise was the second active shooter training done at St. John's since 2010. This year was different as emergency medical staff were outfitted with Kevlar vests and helmets as they followed police into the building after floors were cleared.



The secret to effective mass notifications lies in the simplicity of sending the notification, and streamlining all the activity into one seamless experience, so you can get to the core of what matters most: communicating an important message and monitoring the well-being of your people.

Every day, AlertMedia customers send notifications connecting their audiences in different locations all over the world. Two-way mass communications is quickly creating a connected audience—no matter the size.

An easy-to-use mass notification system that keeps the process of sending a notification simple, while facilitating activity that’s easy to access, manage, and measure, makes our emergency notification software smart and efficient.



The battle over ad blockers has never been fiercer: Their popularity with consumers is skyrocketing across the globe. Ad blockers offer a better online experience and have become easier to use. But consumers like them as a way to protect their privacy and their data from being misused. Firms increasingly think that their best bet is to block the blockers. But a recent study has shown that this strategy is just a losing game, as it has contributed to the deep decline in traffic figures. And the problem doesn’t end there; the EU recently made its voice heard by saying that blocking ad blockers is a practice that breaches EU privacy rules.

But what about your customers? If you use ad blockers, just think of the last time you wanted to check out an article online but were asked to uninstall your ad blocker first or, possibly worse, to fill in your details to “freely” enjoy your read.



How well do you know the cloud?  What are the roles and responsibilities of the companies that provide cloud services? What part does the state or local government IT organization play when it comes to cloud technology?

These questions and others were at the center of a panel discussion at the Florida Digital Government Summit held May 12 in Tallahassee. During the 90-minute session, Florida’s Chief Technology Officer Eric Larson and two private-sector representatives weighed in on the four most important considerations and steps that need to be made before diving headlong into cloud migration.