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The Message Logic Division of Data Storage Corporation Delivers World-Class Email Archiving Solutions and Has Expanded Its Offering to the IBM Cloud With Global Access


NEW YORK, NY – Message Logic, a business unit of Data Storage Corporation (OTCQB: DTST), announces today the introduction of its hosted email archiving service, MLArchiver Cloud, on IBM Cloud. Organizations worldwide are faced with the challenge of collecting and archiving emails as unalterable corporate records, with specific retention periods. Recently, it has become a requirement for organizations to understand what content is being archived, in addition to being able and ready to produce emails for internal, regulatory and legal purposes. The MLArchiver solution addresses all of these requirements, while allowing customers scalable global capability with localization benefits, through access to the IBM Cloud market.

The SoftLayer infrastructure from IBM provides cloud infrastructure as a service globally, with a growing number of data centers and network points of presence. This allows Message Logic to deliver its MLArchiver Cloud email archiving service in any country, as well as address the needs of customers specific to their region. "Lately, many of our clients have been concerned about data privacy laws, and want to keep employees' email records stored in the country where they live and work," said Stephen Catanzano, Executive Vice President of Data Storage Corporation. "Working with IBM better enables us to offer our email archiving solutions to a global audience, and store data anywhere our customers want. It's a unique and powerful capability, which complements our award-winning email archiving services."

Message Logic is also introducing a new cloud-pricing model based on storage allocations. This is a unique approach that is more cost effective for customers. With the IBM Cloud infrastructure, MLArchiver is available in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Netherlands, Italy, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and all surrounding areas. 

About Message Logic
Message Logic, a business unit of Data Storage Corporation, delivers regulatory compliant email archiving and analytics as Cloud and customer site solutions. The company specializes in meeting all email archiving regulatory requirements, for all industries; the solution combines archiving with analytics to deliver a new level of advanced capabilities. For more information, visit www.messagelogic.net

Data Storage Corporation, a Cloud Services Provider, is a 14-year veteran in cloud storage and computing, providing infrastructure and software-as-a-service focused on data protection, disaster recovery, business continuity and compliance solutions that assist organizations in protecting their data, minimizing downtime and ensuring regulatory compliances. For more information, visit www.datastoragecorp.com

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – This is Part 2 in a series that explores the innovative and highly effective ways that organizations can strengthen their response to a cyber-attack. This series is written by CAPT. Mike Walls, former Commander of U.S. Navy Cyber Readiness and current Managing Director, Security & Operations at EdgeWave.

Most IT professionals will tell you that regular network vulnerability assessments are critical to good network hygiene. They will also tell you that periodic penetration tests are a good idea. But these techniques are only snapshots in time and do not measure or replicate the broader organizational impact of a breach.

The fact is that not even the most heavily resourced cyber defense capability will identify and defeat all adversaries at the network perimeter. Accepting the reality that at some point a hacker will be successful, organizations must prepare for sustaining critical business functions and operations while the Security and IT staffs are pushing the attacker off of the network. So how can a company do this? Let’s walk through a scenario which should answer the question…

Click HERE to read the full blog post

IRVINE, Calif. – Cylance, Inc., the first cyber security company to successfully use artificial intelligence to predictively identify and stop malware and advanced threats, and Blue Coat Systems, Inc., a market leader in enterprise security architecture, today announced a partnership to bring next-generation anti-malware technology to network security.

Blue Coat Systems' Content Analysis System (CAS) version 1.3 will include Cylance's artificial intelligence engine for combatting malware and advanced threats, allowing customers with a valid File Inspection subscription to perform real-time advanced detection as files move through networks. When the CAS identifies a new sample, Cylance's artificial intelligence engine uses algorithms developed though machine learning to identify and block malware.

"Cylance is thrilled to be working with Blue Coat, a fast-growing leader in cybersecurity," said Cylance vice president of corporate and business development Joel Bauman. "Our integration will enable Blue Coat customers to benefit from Cylance's artificial intelligence engine together with Blue Coat's leading Content Analysis System. By integrating these two best-in-class, next-generation threat detection solutions, we're further enhancing customers' ability to detect malicious software and stop advanced, targeted attacks."

Blue Coat's CAS uses a cutting-edge layered approach to protect against known and unknown threats when combined with Blue Coat ProxySG appliances. Starting with CAS version 1.3, CAS will use Cylance's highly accurate artificial-intelligence engine to assist in determining which samples are malicious.

"Blue Coat is excited to add Cylance's innovative, next generation anti-malware engine to our CAS. Cylance's predictive analysis is an important enhancement providing highly effective detection of never before seen threats," said Peter Doggart, vice president of business development for Blue Coat.

All Blue Coat CAS version 1.3 systems will be equipped with Cylance's technology. All existing and new File Inspection customers will have access to Cylance as of the version 1.3 release, expected to be available this month.

About Blue Coat Systems
Blue Coat is a leader in enterprise security, providing on-premise, hybrid and cloud-based solutions for protecting web connectivity, combating advanced threats and responding to security breaches. Blue Coat is the global market leader in securing connection to the web and counts nearly 80 percent of the Global Fortune 500 as its customers. Blue Coat was acquired by Bain Capital in March of 2015. For additional information, please visit www.bluecoat.com.

About Cylance Inc.
Irvine, California-based Cylance is the first company to apply artificial intelligence, algorithmic science and machine learning to solving the world's most difficult security problems. It offers the only true next-generation endpoint protection software available today.

Leader in Cloud-Based Incentive Solutions Chooses Aryaka's Zero-Compromise WAN as-a-Service Over Legacy MPLS Technologies


MILPITAS, Calif. – Aryaka®, the leading WAN as-a-Service company, announced today that Xactly Corp., the leading global provider of Connection Lifecycle Management (CLM) software and related services, has deployed Aryaka's WAN as-a-Service to improve remote desktop protocol (RDP) performance for its global users.

With offices in San Jose, California and Bangalore, India, and an organizational culture that's built on employee collaboration, the WAN serves as mission-critical infrastructure for Xactly. However, the company's networking and IT teams were encountering several challenges with their existing WAN solution.

Previously, Xactly relied on an MPLS connection between its offices. Since network performance and uptime directly impact business productivity, the fact that MPLS was underperforming was a major problem. Due to the high latency between U.S. and India, application performance and overall end-user experiences were poor. Moreover, sub-optimal use of WAN bandwidth resulted in massive MPLS bills. As a result, the company began searching for a better, more affordable alternative to MPLS.

On the recommendation of one of Xactly's IT providers in India, Xactly tested out Aryaka's WAN as-a-Service. Soon thereafter, Xactly moved all of the traffic between its San Jose and Bangalore offices over to Aryaka's WAN as-a-Service. Through multi-segment TCP optimization, compression, and application acceleration proxies built over a next-generation, software-defined, optimized network, Aryaka's solution solved the latency issues Xactly was experiencing when they delivered applications over long distances. Aryaka's exceptional customer support enabled their IT teams to focus on more strategic projects and higher level business deliverables rather than mundane network connectivity challenges. As an added bonus, Aryaka's solution was up and running in less than a day -- as opposed to the weeks or months that it typically takes to deploy MPLS.

"We had been using MPLS links to connect our international offices, but application performance remained poor, and latency was a killer," said Robert Genchi, Director of Information Systems/Technology at Xactly. "We switched to Aryaka because we place a high value on the consistency and affordability they deliver with their global, private WAN."

Xactly experienced the following benefits by switching to Aryaka:

  • Up to 6x application acceleration
  • Up to 90% data reduction across all applications
  • Up to 10.9 Mbps peak bandwidth savings
  • Up to 14x faster TCP connection set up
  • Incredibly quick deployment timelines
  • Truly world-class support and expertise

"The complexities and costs associated with MPLS make it unusable for many organizations today, especially those with distant remote offices and heavy investments in the cloud," said Ashwath Nagaraj, CTO at Aryaka. "We offer global businesses an alternative to the high costs and limited agility of legacy WAN technologies. As a result, Aryaka is uniquely positioned to help global businesses transform the WAN from a cost center to an enabling technology, one that can help them keep up with an array of challenges, from globalization to cloud computing to Big Data and the Internet of Things. We're excited that we could provide Xactly with the simple, agile solution it was looking for."

About Xactly Corp.

With 700+ customers, 35,000+ plan designs, $15B in payments, and 9 years of empirical data, Xactly Corp. is the market leader in on-demand sales performance management. The company's SPM suite of products enables sales and finance executives to design, implement, manage, audit, and optimize sales compensation management programs easily and affordably. Xactly's solutions automate the process of aggregating data from disparate systems into a secure, hosted repository, and Xactly then enables companies to leverage this business data, which is the lifeblood of sales performance management.

About Aryaka

Aryaka's WAN as-a-Service is the only WAN with enterprise-grade performance and Internet-like simplicity. Aryaka invented the Software-Defined WAN, built a global multi-tenant private network, created the world's best optimization technology to accelerate applications of all types, and delivers all of it as a 24×7 managed service. Aryaka's services have 10 million+ users across 4,000+ sites globally. Leading brands such as AstraZeneca, Skullcandy, Air China, Freescale Semiconductor, and ThoughtWorks, as well as partners like Microsoft Azure, AWS, Intelisys, and SK Broadband, have all chosen Aryaka for their enterprise-grade networking needs.

To learn more, visit www.aryaka.com. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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Send Word Now Acquires One Call Now

NEW YORK, NY Send Word Now®, the worldwide leader in enterprise communications, emergency notification and mobile collaboration, announced today its acquisition of Dayton, Ohio-based mass notification provider, One Call Now. An affiliate of MSD Partners, L.P. provided financing for the transaction.  Terms of the transactions were not disclosed.

The acquisition builds on both companies’ strong track records of growth, while creating a full-spectrum of offerings for both critical and routine communications.

“Send Word Now is thrilled to announce its acquisition of One Call Now,” said Tony Schmitz, President and CEO of Send Word Now. “The company has demonstrated impressive growth through its success in delivering outstanding group messaging services to a variety of markets. The acquisition will complement Send Word Now’s own dynamic success and growth trajectory, resulting in a single, unmatched global notification provider.”

One Call Now president Leib Lurie said, “With the acquisition of One Call Now by Send Word Now, two leading communications companies are becoming even stronger together. I am truly excited about the acquisition and what it means for the future of critical communications.”

About Send Word Now
Headquartered in New York City, Send Word Now is the leading worldwide provider of enterprise critical communications solutions. The company’s easy-to-use, web-based emergency notification, enterprise collaboration and mobile applications are used by businesses, government agencies, universities and non-profit organizations worldwide to ensure fast, effective, two-way communication when it is needed the most.

Among its many accolades, Send Word Now recently received the CIR Cloud Services Provider of the Year Award and the BCI Continuity and Resilience Innovation 2015 Award. It was named a “Leader” in Gartner’s 2014 Magic Quadrant for U.S. Emergency/Mass Notification Services. It also won the DRI Notification System of the Year Award, and the Small Business Achievement Award from the Department of Homeland Security for its work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

About One Call Now
Founded in 2002, One Call Now is a leading provider of outbound communications to communities, consumers and organizations of all types and sizes. The company offers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that allows subscribers to easily create alerts and send them through a wide range of communication channels and devices. With more than 100,000 group leaders communicating with millions of contacts all over the world, One Call Now’s simple, fast and reliable group messaging platform connects people with the information they need for rapid and effective communications.

About MSD Partners, L.P.
MSD Partners, L.P., an SEC-registered investment adviser, was formed in 2009 by the principals of MSD Capital, L.P. to enable a select group of investors to invest in strategies that were developed by MSD Capital.  MSD Capital was established in 1998 to exclusively manage the capital of Michael Dell and his family.  MSD Partners utilizes a multi-disciplinary investment strategy focused on maximizing long-term capital appreciation by making investments across the globe in the equities of public and private companies, credit, real estate and other asset classes and securities.  MSD Partners’ team operates from the firm’s offices in New York and London.

Major accomplishments and robust growth drive successful first year and promising future for data protection and recovery company


MINNEAPOLIS – Arcserve, LLC, a leading provider of data protection and recovery solutions, is commemorating its first year of operation as an independent company. Since the spinout from CA Technologies, Arcserve established a new headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, launched Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) for virtual, physical and cloud in both a software and appliance form-factor, hired over 170 new employees globally and expanded its reach to over 45,000 end users in 150 countries.

According to a recent survey of 138 IT professionals conducted by Arcserve, 65 percent of respondents have had to utilize their data recovery solutions in the past year, highlighting the importance of this technology for business continuity. Not surprisingly, the widespread adoption of Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP), an easy-to-use data protection and recovery solution for physical, virtual and cloud systems, has contributed to the company’s robust growth. In less than a year, its customer base has nearly tripled, with over 85 percent representing net new customers. UDP was named Storage Product of the Year at the 2015 DCS Awards and Backup and Disaster Recovery Product of the Year by Storage Magazine.

On the heels of the UDP launch, Arcserve introduced the first all-in-one data protection appliance in early 2015, which earned a PC Pro recommendation as a top choice for protecting physical and virtual systems. The Arcserve UDP 7000 Appliance, powered by UDP, simplifies disaster recovery for SMB and mid-market organizations that want a true “set and forget” solution. With a unique combination of agile capabilities and unmatched simplicity, the UDP Appliance is ideal for businesses that are looking for cost-effective, comprehensive protection, a fact underscored by its 700 percent sales growth over the last fiscal year. In addition to the current series, organizations now have more options with an expanded offering that includes six appliances to protect up to 90 terabytes of data.

“Backups are worthless without the ability to recover data and UDP gives me confidence that I can perform system restores one after another, and it works well,” said Mark K Mueller, senior electronic delivery analyst at San Mateo Credit Union. “I was pleased to find the UDP Appliance very easy to configure, yet powerful… it blows me away.”

In July 2015, the company launched Arcserve Cloud to provide off-site disaster recovery and business continuity for organizations without the resources for up-front investment and maintenance of secondary sites, infrastructure and personnel. Arcserve Cloud is fully integrated with the UDP Appliance and provides users with Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) capabilities, including long-term data storage options and application failover testing. The solution is well-positioned for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs) as an extension to their data protection solution portfolios.

“Organizations are struggling with a combination of issues related to data growth, compliance requirements, security threats and limited resources, causing many to seek new solutions for protection and recovery,” said Mike Crest, CEO, Arcserve. “In fact, nearly 20 percent of companies that have had to utilize their recovery solutions failed to get back all of their data, according to our recent survey results. Since emerging as an independent, private data protection company one year ago, we’ve focused squarely on resolving these issues for our customers through the development of feature-rich solutions that are easy to deploy and manage.”

In order to further its channel commitment and accelerate partner success, Arcserve forged an exclusive alliance with Ingram Micro Inc. (NYSE: IM) to market, sell and support its entire product line to channel partners across the U.S. and Canada. This new alliance marked a significant shift in the company’s distribution strategy, increasing Arcserve’s speed of business and expanding its reach throughout the North American IT channel.

Following this announcement, the Arcserve Partner Program was introduced as an exclusive distribution strategy, ensuring channel partners receive the leads, bottom-line results, and support they need with no risk of conflicts. Launched at Ingram Micro’s Spring ONE event last May, the program focuses on driving faster and easier transactions that channel partners can use to offer proven data protection that customers will value. This year alone, the program has supported over 7,200 channel partners and service providers.

“Arcserve’s growing success within the IT channel is a result of targeted technology, thoughtful planning, and consistent partner engagement, enablement and business execution,” said Scott Zahl, vice president, Advanced Solutions, Ingram Micro. “It’s been a great first year, and we congratulate Arcserve and look forward to expanding on our success.” 

“The Arcserve partner program has made it easy to build and scale our data protection service, adding tremendous value for our customers,” said John Jensen, Director of Sales at JensenIT. “It has delivered a rewarding framework for accelerating deal transactions and given us the resources and support we need to provide exceptional service and solutions to our customers.”

Looking ahead, Arcserve is well positioned to accelerate its business upmarket by further enhancing the simplicity and usability of Arcserve UDP particularly for MSP partners, introducing additional geographic coverage for the Arcserve Cloud and releasing larger capacity appliances. Continuing its momentum, the company is on target to exceed its fiscal year 2016 growth plans and is aggressively looking at additional offerings for its solution portfolio.

“More than ever, organizations are seeking cost-effective and simple, yet highly sophisticated backup and recovery for data across a variety of environments and locations,” said Jason Buffington, senior analyst for data protection at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Arcserve has stepped up to this challenge head-on with its Unified Data Protection platform, and continues to show significant growth with its robust strategy that positions them well to achieve their vision of providing reliable insight and assured recovery from all sources to all targets. Considering the two-decade data protection pedigree of Arcserve, it’s been exciting to see them thrive in their new independence: congratulations on year one.”


About Arcserve

Arcserve is a leading provider of data protection and recovery software that provides organizations with the assurance that they can recover their data and applications when needed. Launched in 1990, Arcserve provides a comprehensive solution for cloud, virtual and physical environments, on premise or in the cloud, backed by unsurpassed support and expertise. Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP), available on Arcserve’s appliance or your hardware, drives a full range of highly efficient and integrated data protection capabilities through a simple, web-based user console. Arcserve has a customer base of 45,000 end users in more than 150 countries and partners with over 7,500 distributors, resellers and service providers around the world. Arcserve is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with offices around the world. Visit www.arcserve.com.

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C4i Releases “All Hazards” EDMSIM

Calgary, Alberta – C4i Consultants is announcing the latest release of its disaster and emergency management training solution, EDMSIM (Emergency and Disaster Management Simulation), which mimics the challenges of responding to any man-made or natural disaster.

This “all hazards” release is designed for seamless interoperability with Bohemia Interactive’s (bisimulations.com) 3D “Virtual Battlespace 3” environment as well as continuing support for a wide variety of C2 (Command and Control) systems. It includes complete and realistic Pandemic exercise tools, including state of the art infection models providing medical and health agencies the ability to effectively and accurately run infectious disease exercises. The addition of these tools confirms EDMSIM’s lead as the most versatile emergency simulation tool on the market.

Other improved components include:

  • Our industry leading ESRI (esri.com) ArcEngine Runtime map tools are now enhanced to allow users to understand their units’ response times. Dispatchers can analyze drive time, determine service areas and also query the closest facilities such as hospitals.    

  • Automation of ambulance functions to simplify dispatcher activities improve the user/controller’s participation in an exercise.

  • Additional support for multiple languages within the simulation at the same time. Now we support English, French, Portuguese and Spanish within the same exercise.

  • Our Emergency Creation Tool now allows you to introduce conditional triggers, including launching Master Scenario Events List messages when a particular trigger occurs. As well, when a selected simulation entity nears a defined point or area on the map, other messages are released. This provides for much more realistic information-based exercises.

Designed for Emergency Management staff, Emergency Operations Centers and Civil Leadership, EDMSIM is currently saving lives by helping organizations like US Northern Command, the US National Guard, Public Health Agencies, Nuclear Power Plants, Municipalities and others prepare for their next emergency.


About C4i Consultants:

C4i Consultants’ vision is to change the way the world trains and manages information. Our areas of expertise include award-winning custom software development, system integration, training solution development and mission command and simulation solutions. C4i’s customer focus is commercial and government organizations at all levels and covers the energy, defence, public safety and homeland security sectors. Visit: www.c4ic.com

(TNS) -- Thanks to the proliferation of cellphones and access to social media, misinformation sometimes is conveyed to parents of Pasco County, Fla., schoolchildren during emergencies and nonemergencies.

In the past, a school participating in a safety drill received frantic phone calls from worried parents whose children texted them to say the school was in a lockdown situation, which means there is a direct threat to the campus, staff or students, Superintendent Kurt Browning said.

“You know how the game of rumor goes,” Browning said. “A student will (send a tweet, text or other message) about guns being on campus, when there are no guns on campus.

“We want to start pushing the right information out.”

To keep parents better informed about safety matters, the school district recently partnered with Pasco sheriff’s officials to develop an information system that will dispense fast, accurate information via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the Internet, officials said.



The Solutions Lab recently produced a document that provides single server scalability data regarding the running of XenApp and XenDesktop within a Federal environment.  

This environment was built out using Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation Scheme (CCEVS) guidelines provided by Citrix Security, as it pertains to Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 compliancy and other essential components such as McAfee HBSS.

Test scenarios were designed to use various combinations of configurations and encryption types. Data collected during these scenarios shows the impact of a public sector normal configuration as it compares to the commercial base.

They were as follows:

  • Baseline
  • Common Criteria with HBSS
  • SecureICA
  • FIPS Internal (TLS + AES)
  • NetScaler FIPS Out + Basic In
  • NetScaler FIPS Out + FIPS In

The measurements and interpretation of the data gathered during this process and the explanation of the different scenarios and configurations used are fully documented in the Citrix XenApp 7.6 and XenDesktop 7.6 Public Sector Lockdown Design Guide.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015 00:00

Behavior Recognition as Cybersecurity Tool

If you think about it, many of the security incidents that companies deal with are a direct result of human behavior. Take phishing emails, for instance. You can put in all kinds of perimeter protection like firewalls, but that only does so much. Those who use phishing (or spearphishing) email as a form of attack aren’t worried about firewalls. They know that at some point the perimeter security will break down, and it will be that email versus the most vulnerable link in the security chain: the human being reading that email. According to an EnterpriseAppsTech article, the bad guys are targeting the weakest link on the network, and more often than not, that weakest link is an employee:

Since the target of these attacks is actually the user, it is the user that needs to be the first line of defense. Security awareness training, then, is the best defense against these attacks. The more end users are made aware of the risks, the more they will be able not to act in an impulse when pressed for information and will be able to evaluate better each request.