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Helps Homeless Contact Friends And Family And Speak To Crisis Specialists Via Video Calls

READING, UK – IGEL Technology is extending its support for the Crisis at Christmas initiative to help London’s homeless over the festive period. This year 300 IGEL thin clients will be deployed at 10 schools and colleges used as Crisis Christmas Centres over the holiday. During the operation 8,000 Crisis charity volunteers across the country will make the greatest possible difference for more than 3,000 homeless guests. This will be IGEL’s fifth year of consecutive support for the initiative.

For the first time this year, IGEL thin clients will be used at each London location as Video Call Kiosks to allow homeless guests to get in touch with friends and family and to consult with Crisis specialists at other locations to help improve their situation. The remaining IGEL devices are used to provide access to email, word processing and collaboration tools to enable Crisis charity volunteers to communicate and identify shelter for homeless people over the Christmas period, as well as for homeless visitors to access the internet for information and communication.

The thin clients are part of a total IT solution being provided to Crisis at Christmas by the Aimar Foundation, a charity founded to provide IT support to other charities. The Aimar Foundation is funding and setting up the information systems network, with help from global IT companies, hosted desktop provider Vesk and the support of volunteers, principally from Morgan Stanley. In total 200 technology professionals and volunteers will set-up the vital communications network in a 48 hour period.

“We are providing thin clients and IT expertise, through the Aimar Foundation, to enable Crisis to provide vital support and contact for those who are homeless at this very difficult time of the year for them,” said Simon Richards, IGEL’s UK Managing Director.

“The IGEL thin clients are ideal for Crisis at Christmas because they are simple and fast to set-up using centralised management software, secure because all data is held on central servers and reliable.”

For further information about Crisis at Christmas visit: http://www.crisis.org.uk/pages/christmas.html

For further information about the Aimar Foundation visit: www.theaimarfoundation.org.

About IGEL Technology

A world leader in thin and zero client solutions, IGEL Technology helps organizations improve the agility, efficiency, and security of their virtual desktop and application delivery systems. IGEL produces one of the industry's widest range of hardware thin and zero clients, based on Linux and Microsoft Windows, and leads the market in software based thin clients allowing customers to access a broad spectrum of server-based infrastructures and applications. IGEL also offers powerful and intuitive management software for easy deployment and administration of thin clients throughout any size organization. Partnerships with industry leaders like Citrix, VMware, Red Hat, and Microsoft ensure that IGEL provides the most up-to-date technology and trustworthy security to clients in industries that include Healthcare, Education & Research, Public Sector, Financial, Insurance, Retail, Logistics, and Manufacturing. IGEL has offices in the United Kingdom, Australia, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, the United States, Germany, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore and is represented by partners in over 50 countries worldwide. To learn more, visit www.igel.co.uk or follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/IGEL_Technology

Leader in the Technology Industry Provides Expertise on How to "Go Mobile"

CROSBY, Texas – Abletek, an industry leader in unified communications, announced today that the company has launched a mobile workforce initiative in order to help their customers leverage the benefits of advanced technology in today's mobile environment. According to a Cisco study, the growth of the mobile workforce has evolved from startups to enterprises and 3 out of every 5 workers say that they no longer need to be located in an office in order to be productive. With clear benefits in reduced rent costs, flexibility in scheduling, reduced employee commute times, environmental friendliness, improved employee morale, results-focused productivity and enhanced accountability, it's no wonder that managers and employees alike are embracing the notion of the mobile workforce. 
	Perhaps the most compelling reason to embrace the idea of a remote workforce is that there is finally the capability for business owners to properly manage telecommuters through recent advances in technology. Also, the functionality of such technologies has matured to the point where they are reliable, simple and scalable. 
One such feature that is quickly rising in popularity is called presence management. This technology enables a manager the same functionality as if they were in the same room as a remote worker, without actually needing to physically be there. Presence management technologies monitor employee location, track laptop activity, share availability and enable instant messaging for quick collaboration. In fact, presence management has gotten so precise that it can actually notify a manager when a remote worker has left his or her desk, is on the phone, or has taken a break to go to lunch. With managers constantly within an arm's reach for assistance, this advancement completely eliminates the frustrating element of "phone tag" inherent in antiquated telecommuting environments. 
	Many of today's businesses operate with a central folder on the Local Area Network (LAN) which stores all of the businesses key documents, spreadsheets, presentations and files. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is one that enables remote workers to access all of the exact same files as if they were sitting at their desk in the office, through a secure and safe remote connection. With VPN access, remote workers can instantly collaborate with in-office or out-of-office coworkers, since they all have the same documents at their fingertips. 
	Furthermore, telecommuters can now leverage Desktop Optimization Centers (DOCs) which monitor, manage, enhance and fix remote laptops or desktops with ease. For example, regardless of location, an employee can call into a designated customer service line and get immediate assistance with any technical issues that arise. In fact, DOCs often solve computer issues much faster than in-house IT staff because of the inherent scalability associated with these firms and sheer number of technicians available. For example, if a computer crashes during an installation of new software program, an employee simply calls the technician and the technician remotely connects to the off-site computer and resolves the problem right in front of the employee's eyes. 
	Lastly, call accounting, call forwarding and caller ID features have absolutely vital use-cases in the work-from-home environment. Sales managers can utilize simple call accounting software to track employee outreach, see how long employees spend on the phone, number of calls, and screen calls all the way down to specific words that are used. So, if a salesperson is never supposed to say "free," a manager can know how many times that word was used. You now can have a remote workforce that essentially functions "under the same roof," enhancing the customer experience. To the outside world, calls will sound the same to the end user whether that call is being answered at an employee's home or in the boardroom.  
	"When you have the same level of technology in the home office as you do in the corporate headquarters employees are able to save time on their daily commute, business owners can scale the organization more effectively by adding staff and everyone involved can enjoy increased flexibility and productivity," said Bill Parker, President of Abletek. "Now, business owners can leverage the talents and skill sets of people all over the world and it is our role at Abletek to provide the technology and the guidance to get this accomplished." 

Abletek is not your typical IT & communications company. We are a TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION PROVIDER and we care deeply about helping you maximize your productivity through effective Managed Services (MSP), IT, communications and related business technology solutions, and while a lot of companies may talk about increasing your productivity, Abletek actually delivers. 
ABLETEK will remove the burden of managing your network and communications infrastructures by providing everything needed to  maintain your servers, workstations, laptops, Pocket PCs/PDA/Treo, Switches, Routers, Email, Printers, VoIP, SIP, Digital & Analog Communications systems and more.  Leverage our team of dedicated professionals and proven  technology  management  resources  to:  CONTROL & REDUCE YOUR COSTS. 
For more information on Abletek, call (713) 455.1888 or visit www.abletek.com.

Dot Hill AssuredSAN 4004 Next-Generation Storage Systems to Power Customized Solutions for RAID, Inc. Customers in Technical Computing and Big Data Sectors


NEW ORLEANS – Dot Hill Systems Corp.(Nasdaq:HILL), a trusted supplier of innovative enterprise-class storage systems, today announced Raid Incorporated (RAID, Inc.) has adopted the Dot Hill AssuredSAN® 4004 series as its next-generation storage platform to further develop its capabilities in the high-performance computing storage market.

Dot Hill AssuredSAN 4004 storage systems will be used to power RAID, Inc.'s end-to-end customized solutions for clients in the high performance, technical computing and Big Data sectors. RAID Inc.'s technical computing solutions incorporate parallel file systems, storage, interconnect and compute clusters.

To provide the performance and reliability that its customers require, RAID, Inc. will incorporate Dot Hill AssuredSAN® 4004 SAN storage arrays in Ultra56™, Ultra48™, 24-drive, and 12-drive configurations into its customized computing solutions. Offering up to 6400 MB/s sequential reads and 5300 MB/s sequential writes, the AssuredSAN 4004 storage systems are tuned to provide accelerated, predictable performance for demanding workloads, making them ideal data storage solutions for high performance computing needs and rigorous application requirements. AssuredSAN 4004 models are NEBS Level 3 and MIL STD 810G-compliant to meet telecommunications requirements and military standards for shock and vibration.

RAID, Inc. customers will also benefit from RealStor™ 2.0, the latest version of Dot Hill's seriously smart storage management software, which delivers application workload-aware intelligence for today's next-generation hybrid flash storage arrays. Easy-to-use RealStor 2.0 accelerates storage management operations to deliver data where customers need it, when they need it in real-time, using autonomic real-time tiering.

Featuring a simplified user interface with patent-pending innovations that deliver better storage efficiency, higher reliability, enhanced cost-effectiveness, and fast access to "hot" data, RealStor 2.0 delivers optimal data placement, providing the highest performance to the most critical application data and aids the growth of virtual environments while improving data protection and system up-time.

"The Dot Hill AssuredSAN 4004 with RealStor 2.0 software and the unique Ultra56 chassis provide an exceptional solution for our clients in research, the federal government, pharmaceuticals, biotech and in manufacturing sectors, that rely on high performance parallel file systems such as GPFS and Lustre," said Bob Picardi, RAID, Inc.'s CEO. "These new features, combined with a lower cost than most legacy arrays on the market, make this an easy upgrade path for our existing customers."

"The Dot Hill/RAID Inc. combination offers innovative products and experienced technical resources to support high performance computing environments with highly specialized needs at an affordable price tag," said Garrett Wein, vice president of OEM sales worldwide, Dot Hill. "Organizations can achieve performance gains of up to 3 times for real-world workloads by leveraging Dot Hill AssuredSAN 4004 storage solutions, ultra-density 2u 48 or 4u 56-device configurations with flash technology and RealStor 2.0 autonomic real-time tiering to create multiple application-sensitive tiers. In head-to-head tests over competitors' automated tiering systems, these Dot Hill solutions deliver 30 percent faster data access, providing the robust I/O performance needed for data analytics applications."

Dot Hill AssuredSAN 4004 storage arrays can scale to more than a petabyte of storage with additional expansion arrays. The dual redundant design eliminates "single points-of-failure," which can disrupt business operations. Engineered to deliver 99.999 percent availability, the AssuredSAN 4004 family of arrays has dual active-active controllers for higher performance and failover, hot swappable drives, dual power supplies and fans.

Compatible with Dot Hill's high-density chassis counterparts, as well as all other AssuredSAN solutions, Dot Hill AssuredSAN 4004 storage solutions offer the highest storage networking bandwidth available, enabling organizations to do more business with less capital infrastructure - thereby increasing competitive advantage through continuous system innovation and improvement.


About Dot Hill

Leveraging its proprietary Assured family of storage solutions, Dot Hill solves many of today's most challenging storage problems - helping IT to improve performance, increase availability, simplify operations, and reduce costs. Dot Hill's solutions combine breakthrough software with the industry's most flexible and extensive hardware platform and automated management to deliver best-in-class solutions. Headquartered in Longmont, Colo., Dot Hill has offices and/or representatives in China, Germany, India, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

For more information, visit us at www.dothill.com.



Statements contained in this press release regarding matters that are not historical facts are "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act. Because such statements are subject to risks and uncertainties, actual results may differ from those expressed or implied by the statements. For a discussion of risks and uncertainties that Dot Hill may face, please consult the Forms 10-K and 10-Q most recently filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission by Dot Hill. Forward-looking statements speak only as of the date they were made and Dot Hill undertakes no obligation to update such statements to reflect changes in circumstances and Dot Hill is not responsible for statements made by third parties, such as RAID, Inc.

Clone Systems' Proven Security Intelligence and Monitoring Solutions, Combined with Carousel's SmartPoint Guard Managed Services Program, Protects Enterprises Against Voice and Video Breaches

EXETER, RI – Carousel Industries, a leader in unified communications, managed services, data solutions, and security, announced that it has extended its SmartPoint Guard managed services offering powered by Clone Systems to include voice and video data protection. According to AT&T and other UC providers, attacks to UC networks can cost up to $4 billion a year. This includes the actual cost of the hack, as well as, loss of productivity to fix the vulnerability on the system.*
To mitigate and eliminate voice and video data breaches, companies need to consistently monitor voice activity on their networks. By enrolling in Carousel's SmartPoint Guard program, powered by Clone Systems, companies can access a suite of proven network security services that consistently monitor and detect for malicious activity, while preventing intrusions and improving compliance for enterprise customers. SmartPoint Guard consists of Clone System's proprietary monitoring and security solutions, coupled with Carousel's unrivalled integration experience and managed services.
"Each week there is a new story on a major data security breach, while voice and video security are often left out of the discussion entirely," said Jeffrey Hewson, National Sales Director, Data Networking Group at Carousel Industries. "As companies realize the potential of unified communications, hackers are actively pursuing the path of least resistance in illegally accessing corporate data. This is often voice related information pertaining to credit cards, personal information, and even corporate financial results. Through our continued partnership with Clone Systems, we can help companies eliminate the possibility of such a data breach."
With the broad adoption of unified communications technologies, enterprises have become increasingly decentralized, with employees — and executive staff — often working from remote locations. As a result, companies have become more dependent on live streaming, teleconferencing and videoconferencing for meetings, as employees connect to the network using an increasing variety of mobile devices. This massive increase in voice and video data has created an unprecedented opportunity for hackers, who can more easily access this information since it is typically running on the same corporate data network.
"When people make phone calls, they are often communicating about sensitive topics and sometimes sharing financial information — such as credit card data," said Richard Daw, COO at Clone Systems. "If someone is listening in on that network, that data is compromised. As a top integrator, Carousel routinely speaks with its customers about security and is very aware of this threat. The enhanced SmartPoint Guard program alleviates these concerns and provides a structured, proven approach to preventing potentially millions of dollars worth of lost data."
To learn more about SmartPoint Guard powered by Clone Systems, please visit http://www.carouselindustries.com/solutions/managed-services/security-solutions.
*Source: Clone Systems Press Release, Clone Systems Explains How Overlooking Voice and Video Security Can Cost Billions, October 1, 2014.
About Carousel
Carousel Industries consults, integrates, and manages technology solutions that solve business problems and contribute to your organizations’ growth. This includes unified communications, managed services, virtualization, Voice over IP (VoIP), video conferencing and collaboration and data infrastructure solutions.
Today we have over 6,000 customers, including 35 of the Fortune 100. Carousel has been recognized by both VAR and CRN Magazines as one of the top technology integrators in the US and we’ve been listed in the Inc. 500/5000 seven times. Carousel is headquartered in Exeter, RI, with over 1,000 employees working from offices in 30 locations across the US, including over 250 service technicians deployed across the country. For more information visit: http://www.carouselindustries.com

About Clone Systems
Clone Systems secures more than 1,500 customers by preventing over 50,000 attacks every day. Their Security Operation Centers (SOCs) are responsible for continuously monitoring approximately 5 million end users and conducting at least 40 million vulnerability scans on a daily basis. Clone's proprietary Clone Guard® Security Solutions Suite ensures businesses are protected against an evolving threat landscape by detecting malicious activity, preventing security threats, and improving ongoing compliance.

LONG BRANCH, N.J. – Power management company Eaton today announced that its Cooper Notification business has introduced the Wheelock Exceder LED low frequency sounder line. These new products represent a first in the industry and are designed to meet both the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) fire alarm and carbon monoxide 520 Hertz (Hz) code requirements for sleeping areas.

“Eaton is committed to providing our customers with cutting-edge and efficient solutions, allowing organizations to now meet both sleeping room codes – NFPA 72 and NFPA 720 – with one device, which features two different sound patterns, T3 for fire detection and T4 for carbon monoxide,” said Huyenchau Villas, product manager, Eaton’s Cooper Notification business. “The Exceder LED low frequency sounders and sounder strobes can replace a facility’s existing appliances, using the same pair of wires currently installed and offering a simple retrofit to meet new codes for sleeping rooms.”

To improve the effectiveness of waking up individuals in the event of fire, the NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code added requirements in the 2010 and 2013 editions, effective January 1, 2014, that audible alarms in sleeping rooms shall produce a low frequency temporal pattern (T3). The NFPA 720 Standard for the Installation of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detection and Warning Equipment introduced requirements in the 2009 edition that audible alarms in sleeping rooms shall produce a low frequency T4 pattern for CO detection, effective January 1, 2015. These codes affect sounders in hotel and motel guest rooms, college and university dormitories, and assisted living facilities.

The Exceder LED low frequency sounder strobes and sounders feature multiple 520 Hz modes of operation, including T3, T4, Continuous and T3/T4. When the device is set to T3/T4, the appliance can switch from T3 to T4 based upon the condition sensed by the fire alarm control panel.

Like the entire Wheelock Exceder LED product line, models feature one of the industry’s smallest footprints and a sleek, modern, low-profile design. The low-frequency sounder strobes utilize a LED as the light source, resulting in energy efficiency that enables material and system cost savings, allowing for a greater number of appliances on the notification appliance circuit and fewer power supplies. All strobe models include a 110 candela setting.

To learn more about this solution or others from Eaton’s Cooper Notification business, visitwww.coopernotification.com.

Eaton’s Cooper Notification business is a leader in developing integrated, advanced technology and code-compliant solutions for life safety and mass notification, providing critical, emergency communications for higher education, industrial, commercial, government and military markets.

Eaton’s Electrical Sector is a global leader with expertise in power distribution and circuit protection; backup power protection; control and automation; lighting and security; structural solutions and wiring devices; solutions for harsh and hazardous environments; and engineering services. Eaton is positioned through its global solutions to answer today’s most critical electrical power management challenges.

Eaton is a power management company with 2013 sales of $22.0 billion. Eaton provides energy-efficient solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably. Eaton has approximately 103,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 175 countries. For more information, visit www.eaton.com.

Hyper-Convergence for Mission Critical Use Cases with Maxta MaxDeploy Pre-Validated Reference Architecture and Cisco Compatibility Certifications 

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Maxta®, a leading provider of hyper-converged and software-defined storage solutions, today announced that it is the first Cisco® certified hyper-converged solution to run on the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) C-Series Rack-Mount systems and also support clusters spanning metro distances. 
The Maxta MxSP™ Storage Platform with UCS Rack-Mount servers provides a cost-effective yet powerful solution that provides the simplicity of VM-centric management, scale-up, scale-out, the ability to independently scale compute and storage, along with a full suite of enterprise-class data services. Additionally, MaxDeploy™ reference architecture testing has been completed and has been certified by Cisco as a fully tested and pre-validated solution that delivers high performance and scalability for a range of virtualized workloads. 

Tweet This: @Maxtainc first #hyperconverged solution to run on @Cisco UCS C240 M3 w/continuous availability for mission critical data over metro distances #storage

Metro cluster takes high availability one-step further than local replication, RAID and/or software mirroring. Found traditionally in storage arrays, metro cluster enables business continuity in the event of a complete site failure by replicating data across data centers vs. servers. Maxta metro cluster with the Cisco UCS C240 M3 is the first hyper-converged solution for Cisco servers to replicate across metro distances from a few hundred meters up to 500 kilometers. The addition of this functionality now enables leveraging Cisco UCS servers for hyper-converged solutions hosting mission critical data. 
Pre-configured and pre-tested solutions are a critical part of many organizations’ evaluation processes. (See recent Hyper-convergence State of the Market Survey.) MaxDeploy reference architecture testing and Cisco IVT testing provides organizations with the predictability of performance and peace of mind to hyper-converge and run mission critical applications on Cisco UCS systems. 

Integrated Solution Information: 
•	MaxDeploy reference architecture tested with 4 Cisco UCS C240 M3 Systems with 2 Socket 4 cores (Intel Xeon® CPU E5-2643 @ 3.30GHz)
•	MxSP Storage Platform achieved Cisco compatibility certification with Rack Mounts (C-series) UCSM 2.2.1* 
•	Support for VMware Stretch Storage Metro Cluster for continuous availability in case of site, data center, or rack failure in vSphere environments
•	Resiliency and High Availability with local mirroring and replication across local and metro distances 
•	Provides VM-centric enterprise-class reliability and data services 
•	Cost-effectively scales up VM performance and VM density for more and larger VM workloads  
•	Seamlessly integrates with VMware environments supporting vMotion, Storage vMotion, HA and Dynamic Resource Scheduler (DRS)
•	Dramatically simplifies IT by eliminating the need for storage arrays, storage networking and storage management
•	50,000+ IOPS in a 4 server cluster, leveraging server attached SSD and HDD resources
•	Provides 3X savings over traditional converged infrastructure configurations

* Compatibility certification via Interoperability Verification Testing and Cisco Validated Design is designed to simulate typical customer configurations and does not replace the need for on-site testing and interoperability validation in conjunction with actual implementation.

“Maxta’s success in the enterprise and service provider market is possible because of our strong relationships with vendors across the industry, which ensures technical integration and comprehensive solutions for the virtual data center,” said Yoram Novick, founder, President and CEO Maxta. “By working closely with Cisco, we are able to create pre-defined and pre-validated MaxDeploy reference architectures that provide the latest in innovation while removing the interoperability and performance guesswork for customers deploying hyper-converged solutions.”
Yoram Novick, CEO Maxta

“With the growing popularity of hyper-convergence, there has been a strong demand for hyper-converged solutions to provide equivalent functionality to traditional storage arrays, along with pre-validated and integrated solutions from leading server vendors,” said Arun Taneja, Founder, President and Consulting Analyst, Taneja Group. “The addition of metro cluster functionality enables mission critical workloads to be added to hyper-converged use cases, further broadening the opportunity for Cisco and its partners to offer hyper-converged solutions.
Arun Taneja, Founder, President and Consulting Analyst, Taneja Group

Maxta is a member of the Cisco Solution Partner Program, part of the Cisco Partner Ecosystem, which unites Cisco with third-party independent hardware and software vendors to deliver integrated solutions to joint customers.  As a Solution Partner, Maxta offers a complementary product offering and collaborates with Cisco to meet the needs of joint customers. https://marketplace.cisco.com/catalog/companies/maxta

Availability and Pricing
MaxDeploy Running on Cisco UCS C240 is available immediately. Pricing starts at MSRP $39,000.

About Maxta
Maxta maximizes the promise of hyper-convergence. Maxta software-defined storage solutions provide organizations the choice to deploy hyper-convergence on any x86 server, use any hypervisor and any combination of storage devices. The simplicity of Maxta’s VM-centric solution reduces IT management to further maximize cost savings.  Hyper-scale, enterprise-level data services and capacity optimization, empower organizations to hyper-converge, eliminating the need for SAN or NAS devices. Think outside the storage box. For more information visit http://www.maxta.com.

113 percent growth in revenue from new clients, numerous multi-year deals, and product development deliver another outstanding quarter in 2014

NEW YORK – Confirmit, the leading global solutions provider for Customer Experience, Employee Engagement and Market Research, took major strides forward in Q3 with 113 percent growth in revenue from new clients and 71 percent growth in the number of new clients compared to the same quarter last year. Continued success in building multi-year contracts with clients, along with an unwavering commitment to technological performance provide a solid foundation for the end of the year.

Confirmit's commitment to market leading mobile solutions was reinforced by a significant increase in surveys completed on mobile devices. The most dramatic increase was in the number of multimedia files uploaded, up almost 40 percent over the previous quarter, demonstrating that respondents are increasingly prepared to use photos, videos and audio files to share their experiences.

Throughout the quarter, the company continued to launch innovations, such as text analytics solution, Confirmit Genius™, based on its decades of leadership in the industry. Developments such as this and Confirmit Horizons™ Version 18 have provided customers with the power and sophistication to drive value and increase key metrics, with customers reporting customer retention rates surging to 90 percent, significant improvements in Net Promoter® scores, and 30 percent reduction in Market Research study set up time.

Specific Q3 highlights include:

  • 113 percent growth in revenue from new clients as compared to Q3 2013.
  • 71 percent growth in number of new clients as compared to Q3 2013, with industry leading clients signing on for multi-year contracts.
  • The launch of Confirmit Genius, a text and social analytics solution that provides categorisation and sentiment analysis for free-form text.
  • The new Confirmit Mobile Panel App allowsorganisations running customer or Market Research panels a seamless mobile experience for their panellists. The app encourages engagement with panellists by enabling them to use it at a time and location that's convenient for them.
  • 100 percent platform uptime of the Confirmit Horizons solution for web-based data collection.
  • 32 percent growth YTD on the Confirmit Horizons on-demand environments.
  • 11 billion posts collected through Confirmit Genius™ for analysis from social media platforms, forums, blogs and news media, at an average rate of over 10 million posts per day.
  • The Confirmit Community Conference in San Francisco which wrapped up a series of 4 global events featuring industry experts from Forrester, Gartner and Temkin Group as well as brands such as ViaSat Inc., Best Buy, Infor, Asurion, Fresh Intelligence, ITV, Kobra, Safmarine, Virgin Holidays, RONIN Corporation, Futurelab, Equinix Inc., AIG, NetApp, Siemens Building Technologies, Sony Mobile Communications, and Research Now.
  • AAA rating from Dun & Bradstreet for the sixth consecutive year.

"Organisations today collect data through a number of different channels including social media and unstructured data," shared Henning Hansen, Confirmit CEO. "It's critical that they can manage this information to uncover the hidden truths that lie beneath the surface. This quarter, we've made major advances in supplying our growing client roster with new technologies and advanced analytics to deliver real value from their Voice of the Customer, Employee Engagement and Market Research programmes."

For more information about Confirmit and upcoming events, please visit www.confirmit.com/who-we-are/events/event-calendar.aspx.

DALLAS – Risk Point, LLC is excited to announce the release of its industry leading weather alert application, Risk Point Alert.  This cutting edge technology is designed specifically for the auto dealer industry.

Risk Point Alert sends push notifications to a mobile device when severe weather is within 30 miles, 20 miles, and 5 miles of a target auto dealership.  In this ever changing weather environment, this tool provides auto dealers with advanced warning to help them decide how to protect their auto inventory.  Protecting autos improves dealer profitability by minimizing damage and controlling insurance costs.    

Risk Point Alert is provided free of charge to all Risk Point customers, is customized to the dealers locations, and available on both iPhone and Android Smart platforms. 

Risk Point's Vehicle Inventory Program specializes in dealer open lot insurance coverage for franchised and non-franchised auto and truck dealers.

For information about Risk Point or becoming an agent or customer, please visit www.riskpoint.com or contact Brian Atkinson at 469-310-9142.

New Ethernet-focused data center program adds efficiency and flexibility to business critical tasks like data storage and backup, billing or website hosting

Network with one million Ethernet-enabled buildings, on-net data centers nationwide and access to cloud exchanges to provide businesses with ‘LAN-like’ connectivity to cloud solutions

PHILADELPHIA Comcast Business today announced a data center and cloud program designed to provide customers with more efficient access to their own cloud solutions. This new initiative will give businesses more freedom and added flexibility to perform critical processes like data storage and backup, dev/test, collaboration, billing or website hosting.

“A key challenge in data center and cloud connectivity has been making the ‘on-ramps’ more accessible to a wider number of business locations,” said Nav Chander, Research Manager, Enterprise Telecom at IDC. “Comcast’s network reach, portfolio of Ethernet services, on-net data centers in a variety of geographies, and dynamic access to multiple cloud services gives businesses in its service areas flexible and compelling options to customize hybrid IT solutions for their specific organization’s business goals.”

Since launching its private Ethernet services in 2011, Comcast Business has extended its fiber-based network to multi-tenant data centers and cloud exchanges. Today’s announcement will further broaden that access throughout its footprint of more than one million Ethernet-enabled buildings.

“For CIOs and IT departments, sourcing their business applications to a multi-tenant data center or cloud is only viable if their business locations have private Ethernet connectivity to ensure application performance would be the same whether the server is on-site or hundreds of miles away,” said Mike Tighe, Executive Director, Data Services, Comcast Business. “Our focus is on being the data center and cloud-neutral transport provider that empowers businesses with a choice in hybrid IT solutions and massive Ethernet network reach to connect data centers and cloud services to more than one million Ethernet-enabled buildings.”

As companies increasingly mix and match private and public cloud services based on the requirements of specific applications, Comcast Business is building direct connections into cloud exchanges to give its Ethernet customers dynamic and scalable access to a range of cloud service providers. As part of this strategy, Comcast Business has private, high-performance connections with automated provisioning to multiple cloud services through the Equinix Cloud Exchange™ at 10 Gbps, 1 Gbps and sub-gigabit connections.

Driven by the shift to hybrid IT solutions, multi-tenant data centers are increasingly a strategic area of network traffic and interconnection. Comcast Business has extended its fiber network and Ethernet services into more than 325 data centers across the United States, ranging from individual Tier I facilities that local businesses use for data back-up to regional, multi-facility Tier IV providers that offer colocation, managed hosting and cloud services with replication across diverse geographies. Beyond just the network connections, Comcast Business is partnering with data center providers in a variety of co-marketing and sales enablement activities as data centers recognize that Comcast Business’ network reach and rapid Ethernet provisioning expand their addressable market.

“With more ports installed during the first half of 2014 than any previous corresponding period, the Ethernet market is accelerating quickly and it is the technology of choice for data center and cloud connectivity,” said Rick Malone, principal at Vertical Systems Group. “The demand for Comcast’s Ethernet services reflects business customers’ desire for direct, on-net access to a variety of data center facilities and cloud services to meet the requirements of businesses of all sizes and across different industries.”

In the Mid-Year 2014 U.S. Carrier Ethernet LEADERBOARD from Vertical Systems Group, Comcast Business moved up two spots to the number six position and is now the second largest cable MSO in terms of Ethernet services. Vertical Systems Group’s LEADERBOARD is the industry’s foremost benchmark for measuring Ethernet provider market presence based on billable retail port installations.

About Comcast Business
Comcast Business, a unit of Comcast Cable, provides advanced communication solutions to help organizations of all sizes meet their business objectives. Through a next-generation network that is backed by 24/7 technical support, Comcast delivers Business Internet, Ethernet, TV and a full portfolio of Voice services for cost-effective, simplified communications management.

For more information, call 866-429-3085.

Follow us on Twitter @ComcastBusiness and on other social media networks at http://business.comcast.com/social.


About Comcast Cable

Comcast Cable is the nation's largest video, high-speed Internet and phone provider to businesses and residential customers. Comcast has invested in technology to build an advanced network that delivers among the fastest broadband speeds, and brings customers personalized video, communications and home management offerings. Comcast Corporation (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK) is a global media and technology company. Visit www.comcastcorporation.com for more information.

Cloud adoption has historically been hampered by security concerns. All of Forrester's research shows this to be the number one impediemtn to adoption. Forrester just finished evaluating four cloud platform providers on the depth and breadth of their security controls. This Forrester Wave™ evaluates four of the leading public clouds along 15 key security criteria evaluations to answer this question. The participating cloud services providers were: AWS, CenturyLink Cloud, IBM SoftLayer, and Microsoft Azure. This report details our findings about how well each vendor fulfills our criteria and where they stand in relation to each other, to help S&R professionals select the right public cloud partner with the best options for security controls and overall security capabilities.

The results can be found here:  The Forrester Wave™: Public Cloud Platform Service Providers' Security, Q4 2014.