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Jon Seals

AUSTIN, Texas – Caringo® today announced that it has been awarded patent No. 8,938,633 for adaptive power conservation in storage clusters by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  The company is using the patented technology under the trademarked name Darkive™.

Darkive enables users of Caringo Swarm object storage software to adaptively spin down disks and reduce CPU utilization. Administrators have complete control over Darkive and can specify periods of inactivity before disks and processors are spun down. In addition, there is a configurable time interval to wake up the node to check and automatically repair any data integrity issues via built in health processing. Darkive allows users to: • Lower their energy and cooling costs • Extend the life of all hardware by reducing constant use • Provide more efficient operation of older hardware • Provide similar operational costs of tape while maintaining sub-second access to data when needed • Set specific nodes as deep archive nodes that awaken only when needed, fill disk by disk, and go back to sleep until access is required
“The access patterns and retention requirements for enterprise data have changed considerably over the last few years to a store-everything, always accessible approach and storage must adapt,” said Adrian J Herrera, Caringo VP of Marketing. “We developed Darkive to help organizations of any size extract every bit and watt of value while keeping their data searchable, accessible, and protected. Caringo Swarm is the only object storage software solution on the market with this feature, and being awarded the patent is validation of our innovative approach.” Caringo patents are currently deployed as part of its comprehensive approach to software-defined object storage – Caringo Swarm. Swarm leverages simple and emergent behavior with decentralized coordination turning standard hardware into a reliable pool of shared resources that adapts to any workload or use case while offering a foundation for new data services. For more information on Caringo Swarm visit www.caringo.com. About Caringo Caringo was founded in 2005 to change the economics of storage by developing software designed from the ground up to solve the issues associated with relentless data growth. Caringo’s flagship product, Swarm, decouples data from applications and hardware providing a foundation for continued data access and analysis that continuously evolves while guaranteeing data integrity. Today, Caringo software is the foundation for web-scale storage solutions for the Department of Defense, the Brazilian Federal Court System, City of Austin, Telefonica, British Telecom, Ask.com, Johns Hopkins University and hundreds more worldwide. Follow us on twitter @CaringoStorage and visit www.caringo.com to learn more.

MANCHESTER – A shift in thinking across the financial services sector, embracing the advantages of private cloud software delivery, has seen leading eProcurement software provider Wax Digital pick up six new clients in the sector in the last six months, including three high street banks and a building society.


Five of those six organisations have made major investments in Purchase to Pay or Source to Pay technology, designed to offer a consumer shopping experience to hundreds of employees that need to raise requests for goods and services, from marketing material to temporary staff and all things in between.


The Wax Digital web3 platform makes it easy for those employees to build shopping baskets, code them to the correct budgets and account codes, get them properly authorised and then issue purchase orders automatically to suppliers. Goods receipting, invoice matching and workflow are all handled intuitively within web3, seamlessly integrated with the organisation's core financial systems.


Daniel Ball, Business Development Director at Wax Digital comments: "It's great to see major institutions in this space looking to address procurement process efficiencies as part of their recovery from what has been a challenging few years.


They are increasingly looking to implement nimble, user-friendly web-based systems to drive compliance and cost savings and to help them collaborate more effectively, both internally and with their suppliers.


And what has been really important in facilitating that move to intuitive cloud systems is a demonstrable commitment to security and process compliance that is at the level required to deal with bank data in the cloud. We've implemented security protocols that go far beyond what most providers in this space are capable of, whilst accreditations for ISO9001, Cyber Security Plus, and shortly ISO27001 demonstrate our commitment to process rigour."


While some of these financial services clients are new to eProcurement and electronic sourcing, a number of them have defected from systems provided by other vendors in the space such as SAP (Ariba) and Oracle, citing issues with usability, adoption and support as key factors in their decision.


Daniel Ball continues: "A highly intuitive interface is key - it's often what sets best of breed solutions so far apart from the finance-system alternative. We continually invest in web3 to take forward its user experience, from the basics to blue sky innovation like Google Glass. If we can make users love the system from the outset then the adoption battle is already won."


About Wax Digital

Wax Digital in Europe's leading provider of on-demand Purchase to Pay and eSourcing solutions.

For more information, visit: www.waxdigital.com.

Major upgrade to leading IT auditing platform enhances control over security configuration management and data access governance across the entire IT infrastructure


Netwrix today announced the release of Netwrix Auditor VEGA, a major upgrade to its leading change and configuration auditing platform that will change the way organisations find and access audit data for investigating security incidents and passing compliance audits.

Netwrix Auditor provides complete visibility into both security configuration and data access across the entire IT infrastructure, providing actionable audit data about who did what, when and where and who has access to what. Netwrix Auditor helps prevent insider-caused security breaches, pass compliance audits, minimise compliance costs and  keep tabs on what privileged users are doing in the environment and why.


Key features of Netwrix Auditor VEGA include Interactive search, to quickly find exactly who changed what, when and where and who has access to what in the IT infrastructure. Delegated access allows key stakeholders to access audit data whenever they need it, while the new Netwrix Auditor client can be installed on any computer to provide full access to actionable intelligence. In addition, Out-of-the-box compliance reports mapped to specific regulatory compliance standards - including PCI DSS 3.0, ISO, HIPAA, SOX and FISMA/NIST - help to pass compliance audits and minimise compliance costs.


"Once the attacker has proliferated in your corporate network, you just need to have visibility into what is happening with your IT systems, what security settings are being changed, what sensitive data is being accessed, and how to stop the attack before it spreads further," said Michael Fimin, CEO and co-founder of Netwrix. "We live in the age of cyberwars, when complete visibility into your IT infrastructure becomes a critical weapon to win. Netwrix Auditor VEGA provides this much-needed insight, allowing you to navigate through complex audit data and ensuring a timely response to security threats."


"We need pervasive and true visibility into our enterprise environments," said Amit Yoran, president of RSA, in his speech "Escaping Security's Dark Ages" at the 2015 RSA Conference in San Francisco. "You simply can't do security today without the visibility of both continuous full-packet capture and end-point compromise assessment visibility. Within our digital environments we need to know exactly which systems are communicating with which, why, how, any related communications, their length, frequency, volume and ultimately the content itself to determine what exactly is happening."


"Back in the Middle Ages, when cities were fortresses surrounded by walls, the citizens could protect their strongholds only as long as knights were able to guard the walls and repel the sieges," continued Fimin. "Modern warfare has changed entirely and cities and countries are too vast to be surrounded by walls.

Similar changes have happened to modern IT security; remote employees, cloud computing, BYOD and other modern factors have eliminated the concept of walls and weakened traditional perimeter security mechanisms. Firewalls and endpoint hardening can no longer safeguard organisations against emerging security threats and data breaches."


For more information, please visit: www.netwrix.com/auditor_vega


About Netwrix Corporation
Netwrix Corporation, the #1 provider of change and configuration auditing solutions, delivers complete visibility into who did what, when, and where across the entire IT infrastructure. This strengthens security, streamlines compliance, and optimizes operations. Founded in 2006, Netwrix is named on the Inc. 5000 list and Deloitte Technology Fast 500. Netwrix software is used by 160,000 users worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.netwrix.com/.

Chief Technology Officer provides guidance on efficiently and effectively leveraging technology to anticipate risks and minimize the impact on safety, operations, and business continuity


LANSING, Mich. – Ian Clemens, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of IDV Solutions, LLC, has authored a new white paper and will host a webinar on the Next Generation Command Center.

The paper and webinar describe the critical role the Next Generation Command Center will play in organizations as they anticipate risk events and act to minimize their impact on safety, operations, and business continuity. Readers and attendees will get the chance to preview the innovations that will empower the Next Generation Command Center in the future. 

“This paper and webinar are geared toward leading organizations who are looking for the latest technology to enable them to maintain their market-leading positions,” said Clemens. “One tool that will support them today and in the future is enterprise risk visualization, an actionable, integrated approach to risk management, which facilitates the fusion of global risk data, signals and systems, big data analytics, and geospatial visualization.”

The webinar will be held at 1 p.m. EST on May 20. Register by clicking here. The white paper is available today, and can be downloaded by clicking here.

Enterprise Risk Visualization technology, like Visual Command Center®, provides a real-time, common operating picture of an organization’s assets, personnel and operations in relation to potential threats to those assets. It unites information on global sources of risk, like weather, terrorism, and natural disasters, with data from an organization's internal data stores and physical security systems on an interactive map and timeline. When a risk is detected near an asset or employee location, it alerts operators and provides tools to assess whether the risk is a threat and take immediate action to mitigate the impact of the threat.

For more information about Enterprise Risk Visualization, click here or contact us.

About IDV Solutions, LLC

IDV Solutions, LLC is the global leader in delivering Enterprise Risk Visualization capabilities through software and services that enable organizations to protect their assets, ensure continuity of operations and optimize performance. Its Visual Command Center software is used in functions such as security, field services, supply chain, and operations. By repeatedly solving key problems for customers in the Global 2000 and government, IDV and its products have earned a reputation for delivering immediate value and building risk resilient organizations. For more information, please visit http://www.idvsolutions.com.

New products provide increased focus on IT infrastructure security and productivity


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR) and a global leader in maximizing availability, capacity and efficiency of critical infrastructure, recently worked with the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) to update NIAP’s protection profile 3.0 for peripheral sharing switches. Building on this work with NIAP, Emerson Network Power today introduced a line of new secure KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) and KM (Keyboard, Mouse) switches designed to meet the new protection profile. In high-security environments, the Emerson portfolio of IT management solutions helps organizations streamline access to critical information and increase productivity.   

The new line of products includes the Cybex™ SC family of secure desktop KVM and all‑new KM switches—the only KVM and KM switches on the market today designed to meet the new NIAP protection profile. These switches enable easy, secure access to up to four systems through discrete processing paths to each system, preventing data leakage, transfer or crosstalk between adjacent ports. Also, introduced today, the Avocent® SV family of KVM and KM switches provide industry-leading productivity features including the ability to share and easily transfer information between an array of devices—including PCs, printers, scanners, high-end graphic systems and mobile devices. Available in North America, Europe, Australia and Japan, these switches are part of an ongoing launch of new and enhanced solutions that deliver best-in-class security capabilities for government, multimedia, broadcast, financial and IT operation center environments.


“Our collaboration with NIAP has given us a unique opportunity to work together to develop comprehensive security protocols that make a real difference in terms of security capabilities for these devices,” said Jay Wirts, general manager, Avocent Core Products at Emerson Network Power. “Our intent always has been to ensure the protocols provide the best possible security for users without compromising access and capabilities. The new protocol does just that, and our new line of KVM and KM switches are designed to those standards.”


Emerson Network Power’s work with NIAP illustrates its leadership position on issues concerning network security from desktop to data center and a heightened awareness within the industry of the propagation of vulnerabilities in today’s hyper-connected world. As security threats escalate, organizations increasingly separate sensitive information onto multiple networks.

To learn more about Emerson Network Power’s hardware and software solutions, please visit www.EmersonNetworkPower.com.


About Emerson Network Power

Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson, delivers software, hardware, and services that maximize availability, capacity, and efficiency for data centers healthcare and industrial facilities. A trusted industry leader in smart infrastructure technologies, Emerson Network Power provides innovative data center infrastructure management solutions that bridge the gap between IT and facility management and deliver efficiency and uncompromised availability regardless of capacity demands. Our solutions are supported globally by local Emerson Network Power service technicians. Learn more about Emerson Network Power products and services at www.EmersonNetworkPower.com.


About Emerson 
Emerson (NYSE: EMR), based in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), is a global leader in bringing technology and engineering together to provide innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial and consumer markets around the world. The company is comprised  of five business segments: Process Management, Industrial Automation, Network Power, Climate Technologies, and Commercial & Residential Solutions. Sales in fiscal 2014 were $24.5 billion. For more information, visit 

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom – UltraSoC and Teledyne LeCroy today announce that they will collaborate on debug and validation technologies to reduce time-to-market and overall development costs in a wide range of high-tech industries, from automotive and computer peripheral manufacture, to emerging IoT applications.


Teledyne LeCroy, the worldwide leader in protocol test solutions, delivers a range of hardware and software tools that enables engineers to verify, test, debug, and validate electronic system designs. UltraSoC provides silicon IP for data acquisition and analysis that can be “baked-in” to the complex semiconductor devices (System on Chip or SoC) at the heart of such designs. The combination of Teledyne LeCroy’s ability to provide a high-level view of system behavior and UltraSoC’s capabilities to offer visibility deep within the SoC creates a powerful toolset that allows the engineer to quickly and instinctively understand the system’s operation, spot problems and devise solutions.


These joint developments will benefit designers of a broad range of end-products. For example, hard disk manufacturers could combine protocol analysis of the external system-level interfaces, such as SATA, gathered via one or more Teledyne LeCroy instruments, with data gathered internally to the drive’s controller chip by UltraSoC’s UltraDebug technology. This capability will enable system developers to track information, including time sensitive events, as it flows from one side of an interface to another and correlate it with internal software execution.


“Teledyne LeCroy is the leading name in protocol test; electronic design engineers around the world rely upon their solutions every day,” said Rupert Baines, UltraSoC CEO. “We believe that the combination of UltraSoC and Teledyne LeCroy technology will put a powerful and unique capability in the hands of those engineers, not just making their job easier but also fostering innovation and problem-solving.”


Joe Mendolia, Vice President of Marketing at Teledyne LeCroy, said: “Building dedicated debug and analytics IP into semiconductor devices dramatically eases the task of post-silicon validation and debug, one of the key bottlenecks in time-to-market today. UltraSoC’s technology allows SoC designers to put together IP and processing cores from multiple vendors, with a unified on-chip analytics capability. Teledyne LeCroy’s key strengths are clearly complementary – in acquiring, displaying, and contextualizing such data. We’re delighted to be working together.”


Loring Wirbel, Senior Analyst with The Linley Group, commented: “As systems are growing more complex but development resources are stretched, anything that can accelerate debug, integration and time-to-volume becomes critical. We are seeing SoC companies and end-users placing far greater emphasis on development and debug early on in the design flow. Partnerships like this can significantly help both chip development and system level debug, and are an essential tool for anyone planning a complex development”.


Joint work by the two companies will build on the capabilities of Teledyne LeCroy’s protocol analysis instruments, CrossSync and InSight tools, combining these with UltraSoC’s UltraDebug technology.



About UltraSoC

UltraSoC is an independent provider of SoC infrastructure that enables rapid development of embedded systems based on advanced SoC devices and is headquartered in Cambridge, United Kingdom. For more information visit www.ultrasoc.com.


About Teledyne LeCroy

Teledyne LeCroy is a leading manufacturer of advanced test instruments that measure, analyze, and verify complex electronic signals. The Company offers high-performance oscilloscopes and protocol test solutions used by electronic design engineers in a wide range of application and end markets. Teledyne LeCroy is based in Chestnut Ridge, N.Y. For more information, visit Teledyne LeCroy's website at teledynelecroy.com.

Moving Beyond a Secure Colocation Solution into Collaboration on Innovative Curriculum Enhancements


DENVER, Colo. – ViaWest, a leading hybrid colocation provider in North America, announces Grand Canyon University (GCU) chose ViaWest’s Arizona data center to support its IT environment and to augment curriculum options for its computer science department.  As one of two primary GCU data centers, ViaWest designed a data center solution that serves as a production environment, as well as a backup to their other data center. The ViaWest data center solution will support the campus’ online classes, student-facing portal, all email and chat functions, along with its vital CRM software.

Founded in 1949, Grand Canyon University is a private, Christian university located in Phoenix, Arizona. GCU’s significant growth in its student body is expected to continue in the coming years and the University needs a way to grow efficiently, while also minimizing its carbon footprint. ViaWest worked in conjunction with one of its leading global real estate channel partners, Colliers International and its Technology Solutions Practice group on this project.

“The ViaWest team’s preparation and deep understanding of what we needed was a huge factor in selecting their Arizona data center,” states Mike Lacrosse , Sr. Director of Technology

for Grand Canyon University.  “They are not only providing the foundation for our data center solution, but also willing to fully commit themselves as a partner on Grand Canyon University’s core needs. Their team came up with innovative ideas to support the university and prepare students for work life,  while gaining real-world experience in how technology impacts businesses today.”

“The collaboration between ViaWest and GCU is exciting, as we look for ways to elevate the University with high tech, innovative projects,” states Dale Miller, Director of Sales for ViaWest Arizona. “We are looking at ways to add value to their core curriculum and programs to show students how technology affects the workplace. In addition, we designed an infrastructure solution that can accommodate their high growth and truly leverage technology to propel GCU forward.”

ViaWest’s Arizona data center has 42,500 sq. ft. of raised floor capacity and features:

  • 2(N+1) redundancy
  • 5,400 kW UPS system capacity
  • 250+ Watts/SF high density capability
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Commitment
  • HIPAA and PCI compliant solutions
  • Direct access to secure services including cloud computing, managed, security and hybrid configurations

As part of the GCU curriculum enhancements, ViaWest will offer internships to students working on advanced degree programs in computer science and will provide GCU the ability to offer tours of the facility showcasing a “day in the life of a data center,” all aimed at positively impacting their students and faculty.

For more information about ViaWest’s infrastructure-as-as-service solutions, please visit www.viawest.com.


About Grand Canyon University

was founded in 1949 and is Arizona’s premier private Christian university. GCU is regionally accredited and offers more than 160 academic programs for both traditional undergraduate students and working professionals. The University’s curriculum emphasizes interaction with classmates, both in-person and online, and individual attention from instructors while fusing academic rigor with Christian values to help students find their purpose and become skilled, caring professionals. For more information, visit .


About ViaWest

ViaWest is a leading provider of hybrid colocation solutions in North America.  Our individualized IT environments include premium wholesale and retail colocation, private, public and compliant cloud solutions and managed services.  We enable businesses to leverage both their existing IT infrastructure and emerging cloud resources, ViaWest delivers the right balance of cost, scalability and security. With a team-based account management approach and 100% uptime commitment, ViaWest offers tailored solutions designed for maximum reliability and flexibility.

For additional information on ViaWest, please visit www.viawest.com or call 1-877-448-9378. Follow ViaWest on LinkedIn and Twitter.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass – Permabit Technology Corporation, the innovative leader in data efficiency technology, today announced that it is teaming with NEC Corporation of America (NEC) to deliver data efficiency solutions including deduplication and compression for its enterprise M-Series SAN storage systems.

Permabit’s award-winning Albireo data efficiency software provides data reduction across a wide range of applications, including mixed virtual server, VDI, database (OLTP and data warehouse) and Big Data environments. 

NEC’s SAN storage solutions are designed to solve data management challenges facing enterprise organizations. M-Series hybrid storage provides high performance solid state, local and remote data protection, and a vCenter plug-in, enabling management of servers and storage from a single pane-of-glass in virtualized environments. 

“We look forward to collaborating with Permabit to integrate Albireo data efficiency software with NEC’s M-Series SAN storage solutions,” said Gideon Senderov, director, Advanced Storage Products. “The combined solution will expand NEC’s enterprise SAN storage solution offerings and deliver advanced SAN capabilities at an extremely attractive cost of ownership for our customers.”

“We are committed to helping our partners gain market share by providing field-tested data efficiency solutions,” said Tom Cook, Permabit CEO. “We are excited to work with NEC to deliver primary SAN storage solutions with capacity savings that meet or exceed customer expectations.” 

About Permabit
Permabit pioneers development of data efficiency technologies. Our innovative data deduplication, compression and thin provisioning products enable the world’s leading storage OEMs to cut effective cost, accelerate performance, reduce time to market and gain competitive advantage. Just as server virtualization revolutionized the economics of compute, our data reduction technologies are transforming storage economics, today.
Permabit is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts with operations in California, Texas, Florida, Korea and Japan. For more information, visit www.permabit.com.

About NEC Corporation of America NEC Corporation of America (NEC) is a leading technology integrator providing solutions that improve the way people work and communicate. NEC delivers integrated Solutions for Society that are aligned with our customers’ priorities to create new value for people, businesses and society, with a special focus on safety, security and efficiency. We deliver one of the industry’s strongest and most innovative portfolios of communications, analytics, security, biometrics and technology solutions that unleash customers' productivity potential. Through these solutions, NEC combines its best-in-class solutions and technology, and leverages a robust partner ecosystem to solve today's most complex business problems. NEC Corporation of America is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, a global technology leader with a presence in 140 countries and $29.5 billion in revenues. For more information, please visit www.necam.com.
Service management app automatically adds mobile enablement to ITSM applications and introduces new productivity features


CRAWLEY, UK - The latest version of the IT Service Management (ITSM) software from iET Solutions, a division of UNICOM® Global, comes with a new self-service mobile app that boosts productivity and enhances user experience. The app will be showcased by iET Solutions' sister company Macro 4 at this year's Service Desk & IT Support Show (3-4 June 2015), alongside the latest iET ITSM software release.


The new app automatically adapts customers' existing ITSM forms and processes to a mobile-friendly layout without requiring any customization - and is available for both Apple iOS and Android phones and tablet devices.  The software introduces innovative productivity features to help mobile users work quickly and effectively while on the go. 


A time-saving ‘shortcut' system allows iET ITSM users to save common actions so they can be accessed directly from the home screen. Users can also save time and effort by setting up pre-populated templates for completing common tasks. For example, end users can quickly raise a ‘toner low' incident from their mobile device while standing at a printer, and printer engineers can update the status of incidents (such as ‘toner replaced') while on the move.


The self-service web browser interface for iET ITSM has also been updated to improve usability. The interface has a new layout with enhanced navigation and new icons. It also incorporates responsive design so that it automatically resizes to suit the user's device, and is touchscreen-enabled for ease of use on tablets.


Lynda Kershaw, Marketing Manager at Macro 4, who will be exhibiting on stand 323 at this year's SITS show, said: "The new iET ITSM app gives customers instant mobile access to any of their ITSM applications, without having to change any of the processes or forms they have already customized to suit their business.

We have added some clever features to make it easy for people to go in and do what they want as effortlessly and quickly as possible - which is especially important for users who are working on the move."


"And of course our customers can also continue to enjoy self-service access to their ITSM applications using our browser-based front end, which has been refreshed with a sleek new look and feel in the latest software release." 

iET ITSM, a comprehensive suite of flexible ITIL-aligned Service Management and Software Asset Management software developed by iET Solutions, is available in the UK from Macro 4, a division of UNICOM Global.  

ATLANTA – BrightClaim, a leading provider of claims administration solutions to property/casualty insurers, today announced the results of a property claims research survey it commissioned. Conducted by Ward Group, an independent consulting firm specializing in the insurance industry, this survey identifies and compares insurer utilization of third party claims services for the property line of business. It highlights the use of external partners in several aspects of the claims process, including file adjusting, catastrophe management, contractor repair networks, and contents evaluation.

Participants included more than 70 property/casualty insurers across North America, and represented a cross-section of carriers by size, business type, and financial performance.

Survey highlights include the following findings:

  • Enhancing customer claims experience ranked as the most important area of current focus for participants. However, while 84 percent of companies believed they outperformed peers in customer service, only 23 percent validated their customer experience results through independent sources.
  • 90 percent of participants used independent adjusting services in some form. Task-based assignments were most common for daily claims while full claim adjustment services were most often used and 30 percent more common than task assignments in a catastrophe event.
  • When using independent adjusters, high-performing carriers were nearly 2 times more likely to assign full claims adjustment activities to the independent firms rather than task-based assignments. These carriers achieved loss and expense ratios six points lower than the overall benchmark.
  • 95 percent of insurers that utilized a managed contractor repair network were satisfied with its performance and indicated loss adjustment expense expectations had been met or exceeded. Those carriers with contractor repair networks achieved lower loss and expense ratios.
  • 52 percent of insurers had a corporate-wide program for contents evaluation. 37 percent completely outsourced contents evaluation to a third party vendor.

"This property claims survey highlights the role of third party service providers in helping insurers attain their claims objectives. It provides unique insight into the ways insurers work with service providers and the impact those services have on insurer performance, productivity and cost of claims services," said Howard Rogers, CEO of BrightClaim.

To register for a survey results webinar on June 4, 2105 or to receive a copy of the survey visit www.brightclaim.com

About BrightClaim
BrightClaim is a national provider of integrated claims solutions, including property & casualty claims administration, contents evaluation, warranty administration, contractor network management and catastrophe claims services. From individual claims services to complete claims outsourcing, BrightClaim provides superior claims outcomes backed by quantitative performance metrics.


About Ward Group
Ward Group, a McLagan/Aon Hewitt company, is the leading provider of benchmarking and best practices studies for insurance companies. The firm analyzes staff levels, compensation, expenses and business practices for all areas of insurance company operations and helps companies to measure results, optimize performance and improve profitability. For more information about Ward Group, visit www.wardinc.com.