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Jon Seals

Industry-First Solution Addresses Global Privacy Complexities and Challenges for Unmatched Cloud Data Protection


SUNNYVALE, Calif. –  Druva, the leader in data protection and governance at the edge, today unveiled a set of new capabilities that together comprise a comprehensive data privacy framework to enable businesses to meet growing global privacy demands. The new framework, built on Druva's industry-proven cloud security foundation, addresses often-neglected concerns about corporate and employee data misuse and emerging legal data requirements. 

There is a rapidly increasing data privacy concern around the globe; Germany, France, Russia, Singapore and others have recently taken steps to ensure the privacy of their citizens' personal information by adopting new data protection regulations. This, combined with existing regulations such as HIPAA and FINRA in the United States has had a sweeping impact on global corporations. These businesses must now adapt their IT infrastructure to support the varied regional requirements or face potential sanctions and/or legal repercussions.

Druva centralizes and controls business data residing on employees' desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones via integrated endpoint backup, data loss prevention, IT-managed file sharing, and data governance controls. Druva continually mirrors end-user data, which enables rapid data recovery for lost or stolen devices, allows remote user access to any file or folder from any device, and supports eDiscovery, compliance and forensics needs.

The new privacy capabilities include geo-defined governance and administration features that ensure data privacy. Druva customers can also delegate storage and data administration rights to regional personnel, enabling global organizations to meet varied regional data privacy requirements within a single cloud solution. This geo-specific capability is critical for global organizations such as those with operations in Germany, whose data protection act mandates stringent employee data regulations, including a ban on data storage outside the country.

The new features complement Druva's use of Amazon Web Services, which recently opened its German region and supports data centers worldwide, as the underlying inSync cloud infrastructure. Druva now supports over 11 regions, which include Germany, GovCloud, Japan, and Australia.

"Securing data is important, but addressing security without enacting appropriate privacy measures leaves data -- and companies -- vulnerable. Today, more than ever, global organizations must comply with regional data regulations. Privacy concerns are being forced into IT's top priorities. Focusing exclusively on security can compromise privacy, exposing organizations to negative publicity as well as possible legal and regulatory action," said Jaspreet Singh, CEO, Druva. "With 70 percent of new inSync customers now choosing our cloud deployment option, we have developed a rigorous privacy framework to reduce those risks and support their global needs."

Druva Privacy Framework
The components of Druva's data privacy framework are designed to protect organizations from unauthorized data access, thwart misuse of employee data by authorized users, and ensure data integrity regarding legal or compliance initiatives. This unique combination of safeguards includes:

Regional Privacy

  • Global Storage Locations: Support for 11 global admin selectable regions that are policy-configured to ensure data is stored to meet DPA requirements, including the newest region in Germany.
  • Data Producibility Restrictions: Druva's approach to storing unique block data separated from metadata, along with its unique envelope key encryption model, delivers the highest level of data-scrambling and obfuscation ensuring cloud data privacy -- no third party, not even Druva under court order, can provide access to your data.
  • Delegated Role-Based Administrators: Regional end-to-end data management enables global organizations to meet local privacy laws while maintaining a single system of record for corporate governance.

Corporate Privacy

  • Privacy policy for officers: Enables organizations to identify officers who may handle sensitive materials in order to prevent their data from being visible to anyone else in the organization.
  • Audit trails for end-users and administrators:  Ensuring that all data access and file sharing activity is tracked with tamper-proof audit logs so that data privacy violations and interference with data integrity can be identified for forensics, regulatory, eDiscovery, and compliance investigations.

Employee-Based Privacy

  • Individual privacy controls:  Depending on regional requirements, end-users can be set private by default or flag their personal data to ensure administrators do not have visibility into their data.
  • Data segregation:  With Druva's mobile device containerization and exclusionary backup controls end-user personal data can be maintained separate from corporate data on both BYOD and COPE devices.

Scenario-Based Privacy

  • Adaptive Administrator Roles: Administrative flexibility enables organization to address specific needs around compliance and litigation. For example, an explicitly defined legal administrator can override privacy controls to enforce data governance.

To learn more about Druva's new data privacy framework, visit www.druva.com/dataprivacy or join Druva for a live webinar on March 12 titled, "Cloudy or Clear? Understanding Today's Global Privacy Requirements in the Cloud."

About Druva
Druva is the leader in data protection and governance at the edge, bringing visibility and control to business information in the increasingly mobile and distributed enterprise. Built for public and private clouds, Druva's award-winning inSync and Phoenix solutions prevent data loss and address governance, compliance and eDiscovery needs on laptops, smart-devices and remote servers. As the industry's fastest growing edge data protection provider, Druva is trusted by over 3,000 global organizations on over 3 million devices. Learn more at www.druva.com and join the conversation at twitter.com/druvainc.

ATLANTA, Ga. – U.S. Security Associates (USA) announces the addition of the Measles: Awareness, Prevention, and Response training module to its lineup of award-winning security officer training resources. 

Recent outbreaks in the U.S. of this once rare and commonly thought to be eradicated disease point to its strongest comeback since the introduction of the measles vaccine in 1963. In response to the re-emergence of measles, USA has developed a brief, concise, and hard-hitting training module.  Topics include the history of measles, how measles is spread, symptoms and health implications of measles and important preventive measures and treatment options for measles.

The latest of the USA “Short Series”, this module also includes a video highlighting the importance of measles vaccination and outlines key points related to the current controversy surrounding vaccination. The module is presented in a read-only/go at your own pace format, includes a brief exam to verify the learner’s knowledge, and is suitable for and available to client personnel.

The module is offered through The USA Security Academy, the corporate university USA founded to provide consistent training for thousands of security officers from coast to coast. Through steady program expansion, innovative applications of technology, and strategic alignment with business objectives, The USA Security Academy training has earned widespread recognition, including two ASTD Best awards from the American Society for Training and Development and Training magazine’s Top 125 ranking for nine consecutive years.

Robert Lowrey, Manager of USA Security Academy, notes that the company’s service mission drives the development of security officer training. “A dynamic training program is the key to effective security service and exceptional customer service. We are always focused on adding high-quality training to our inventory in the USA Security Academy. We are training our workforce to provide the best service.”

U.S. Security Associates (USA) is North America’s security solutions leader, with 160 locally-responsive offices providing premier national security services and global consulting and investigations. The company provides career paths for over 46,000 security professionals serving several thousand clients and a range of industries. Innovative applications of leading-edge, proprietary technology enable USA to rank annually among the world’s best training companies, meet the globally recognized ISO standard for quality management, and underscore world-class customer service with unparalleled accountability. USA’s rise as one of today’s largest security companies is a natural byproduct of these differentiators together with a commitment to investing in employee reward and development, giving back to local communities and relentlessly striving to be a security company that is Safe.Secure.Friendly.SM. For more information, visit www.ussecurityassociates.com.

EXETER, RI – Carousel Industries, a leader in unified communications, managed services, data solutions and visual communications, announced that it has earned recognition on The Channel Company’s 2015 CRN Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list as one of the MSP Elite 150. This annual list distinguishes the top technology providers and consultants in North America whose leading approach to managed services enables their customers to improve operational efficiencies, elicit greater value from their IT investments, and successfully leverage technology to achieve greater competitive advantage.

In today’s world of outsourced IT, the expertise of MSPs has become increasingly important to organizations. The plethora of choices in terms of consumption and procurement of technology can become overwhelming. To help facilitate companies’ selection and adoption of managed services and providers, CRN, the leading media outlet for technology vendors and solution providers who serve end-user customers, has identified the top 500 MSPs.

This year, CRN’s industryfocused directory highlights the Top 500 MSPs in three categories: 100 Hosting Providers who are experienced in providing mainly off-premise, or cloud-based, services; 150 Elite Service Providers who are large data center-focused solution providers with a strong mix of on-premise professional services as well as off-premise services; and 250 Progressive Service Providers who have a business model heavily weighted toward managed services geared toward the small and midsize business market.
Carousel launched its SmartPoint managed services program in 2009, when the company made significant efforts to scale its service and support to its many customers across a diversity of vertical markets. This best of breed program was designed to flexibly align with business processes and adapt to a range of different company types, providing end-users with more visibility into critical business applications with powerful monitoring tools and quality of service features.

“The allure of Everything-as-a-Service to organizations is largely rooted in the appeal of predictable operational expenses, cost-cutting, resource allocation and access to on-demand/pay-as-you-go technology. Therein lies a great need for the expertise of managed service providers,” said Robert Faletra, CEO, The Channel Company. “We congratulate the managed service providers who have engineered, or re-engineered, their businesses to deliver the services their customers rely on for future growth and ongoing success.”

"We are excited to have earned a spot once again on CRN's MSP 500," commented James Marsh, Senior Vice President, Carousel Industries. "Our managed services capabilities remain among the finest in the industry, and this continues to be one of our fastest growing business segments. Seamless operation of end users' unified communications infrastructures is mission critical — our team is able to handle all the monitoring, maintenance and operation of our customers' infrastructures in a secure fashion so they can focus on their business."

Coverage of the MSP500 will be featured in the February 2015 issue of CRN and online at www.CRN.com,
To learn more about Carousel's Avaya midmarket solutions, please visit http://www.carouselindustries.com/industry-solutions/mid-market-solutions.

About Carousel
Carousel Industries consults, integrates, and manages technology solutions that solve business problems and contribute to your organizations’ growth. This includes unified communications, managed services, virtualization, Voice over IP (VoIP), video conferencing and collaboration and data infrastructure solutions.
Today we have over 6,000 customers, including 35 of the Fortune 100. Carousel has been recognized by both VAR and CRN Magazines as one of the top technology integrators in the US and we’ve been listed in the Inc. 500/5000 seven times. Carousel is headquartered in Exeter, RI, with over 1,000 employees working from offices in 30 locations across the US, including over 250 service technicians deployed across the country. For more information visit: http://www.carouselindustries.com

Mitsubishi, a long-time customer of leading multi-commodity trade solutions vendor Aspect, has further entrusted its trade, risk and operations business by increasing its contract value by 24%, and extending its long-standing commitment by several more years.


A recurring theme for Aspect over the past 4 years has been in its ability to secure new business when other companies in the space are struggling, and also to renew its existing clients at a rate of 94%. This is a testament in its ability to service its clients, and bring on new functionality based on client demand.

According to Aspect CEO Steve Hughes, "We don't lose customers every year, very few over the past couple of years. The main reason cited for a client not renewing has been due to their own financial struggles in a tough economy. That's out of our hands."


Mitsubishi has added users and is taking advantage of new and upgraded physical operations and reporting tools. Mitsubishi relies on AspectCTRM for its physical crude oil operation globally. A number of years ago, it deployed AspectCTRM to manage risk implicit with its increasing volume of buy/store/sell/ship trades of physical products, and associated trades of derivatives for hedging.


“The pattern of our business has evolved with the times over the past several years, as we've been forced to do more position taking in combination with hedges to mitigate risk. AspectCTRM helps us understand our exposure, and reduce risk as our trading volumes and administrative tasks increase. It lifts the burden through automation providing, integrated transparency across several geographical locations in real time," says Mitsubishi Risk Management Director Robert (Tony) Nunan.


"And the cloud model works for us. We started a few years ago with a one month trial, and by the end of the four weeks, our traders were inputting actual trades populated with current positions," Nunan added. "From there we've continued to grow with the solution, without the costs and infrastructure required from traditional trade and risk software."


About Aspect Enterprise Solutions

Aspect is a leading global provider of multi-commodity trade, risk and operations management applications delivered Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in the cloud. With almost 500 customers in 90 countries, it's one of the fastest growing providers with rapid deployment, affordable subscriptions, and immediate ROI for all size companies. Solutions include AspectCTRM®, a full-featured commodity trading and risk management enterprise suite for front, middle and back office. It’s available in three editions: Lite, Standard and Enterprise, expanding in functionality according to the needs and budgets of clients. Aspect is the only ETRM/CTRM solutions provider with market data and analytics tools delivered with its trade and risk functions on the same platform. This provides users with a seamless packaged solution beginning with pre-trade pricing analysis and market assessments via AspectDSC. Aspect's solutions are available on desktop, tables and mobile devices Aspect's solutions are available on desktop, tables and mobile devices and through its new Aspect Partner Program (APP).

Avere-Sponsored Cambridge Healthtech Survey Shows Data Storage Decision Makers Believe the Cloud will Pick up the Storage Slack


PITTSBURGH, Pa.Avere Systems, a leading provider of enterprise storage for the hybrid cloud, today released a report analyzing data from a recent survey conducted by Cambridge HealthTech about data storage in the life sciences industry. The survey revealed that 64 percent of respondents said their current storage capacity has the potential to slow down access to important research data; 75 percent also agreed that the use of cloud storage will rise.


“The survey findings confirm what Avere is hearing and seeing out in the field from our customers. Current IT infrastructures are slowing down the ability to make critical discoveries in the field of life sciences,” said Jeff Tabor, Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing, Avere Systems. “There is an intensely competitive research market in the life sciences field and any delay can potentially result in the loss of millions of dollars and years of research due to patents being awarded to competitors.”


In addition to examining the existing hardships, respondents were asked what the main concerns were when considering an object-based cloud storage solution. The number one response was integrating cloud storage with on-premises storage. The second and third were data migration, specifically on-ramping and off-ramping data from the cloud.


The life sciences industry processes massive amounts of data and it is vital to have access to it across all storage mediums. Integrating cloud storage with on-premises storage is a unique benefit of Avere Systems and eliminates this concern. With Avere’s FlashMove software, the data can move seamlessly from the cloud to on-prem. Since the introduction of the Virtual FXT, Avere is able to help customers connect the dots between the compute cloud, storage cloud, and on-premises storage without sacrificing performance, worrying about security, or adding a costly budget line.

Additional key findings from the survey include:

  • 85 percent of respondents believe that use of cloud compute will rise
  • Just under two-thirds consider IT budgets to be “inadequate” to support the rate of data growth
  • 72 percent said IT infrastructure limitations will create bottlenecks
  • Three-quarters run applications that require high performance data access

“Enhancing on-premises infrastructure and providing a smooth path to the storage and compute cloud to enable management of the entire environment as a single, holistic solution is key to providing datacenter flexibility,” said Tabor. “At Avere, we want to equip customers with better ways to leverage their data without worrying about backend issues or additional costs and let them focus on significant breakthroughs in the life sciences community.”

To learn more about the survey results, read the whitepaper here: http://lp.averesystems.com/it-infrastructure-report-for-research-environments


About Avere Systems

Avere is radically changing the economics of data storage. Avere's hybrid cloud solutions give companies -- for the first time -- the ability to end the rising cost and complexity of data storage and compute via the freedom to store and access files anywhere in the cloud or on premises, without sacrificing the performance, availability, or security of enterprise data. Based in Pittsburgh, Avere is led by veterans and thought leaders in the data storage industry and is backed by investors Lightspeed Venture Partners, Menlo Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, Tenaya Capital, and Western Digital Capital. For more information, visit www.averesystems.com.

MAX Backup offers data recovery in as little as five minutes and backs up 80% faster

EDINBURGH LogicNow has today announced the launch of a new version of MAX Backup, its hybrid cloud backup and disaster recovery solution. MAX Backup v15.0 is part of MAXfocus, the world’s most widely trusted managed service provider (MSP) and IT support platform.

This major release allows MSPs to upgrade their customers from a “Backup as a Service” offering, to a full mission-critical “Disaster Recovery as a Service” solution. MAX Backupdelivers the most up-to-the minute protection by backing-up 80% faster, and minimises time to recovery (TTR) by making standby images available in as little as 5 minutes after failure. This combination of best-in-class Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives puts MSPs in a position to satisfy even the most demanding customer requirements with a single solution.

MAX Backup v15.0 builds on previous releases that focused on the efficiency of backup processes and real-time notification. The new release allows customers to use pay-per-use public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure as recovery targets, reducing overall disaster recovery costs with a “Bring Your Public Cloud” model.

The new major features of MAX Backup v15.0 are:

  • Standby Image – By combining all the benefits of a granular, file-level backup with a full and quickly recoverable VM image, MAX Backup delivers a unique approach to business continuity and disaster recovery. This means our partners now have exceptional backup flexibility and rapid recovery all from one single product.
  • Backup Accelerator – Large databases, applications and files of 10s to 100s of gigabytes can be tricky to backup efficiently – much of the time used to backup such data is taken up simply determining what changes have been made in the files and require protection. Backup Accelerator reduces the backup “pre-processing” time through continuous monitoring of changes. Daily backups of these large files and databases are up to 80% faster with the new version of MAX Backup.
  • Cloud Recovery Targets – The update introduces two new Cloud Recovery Targets for our Virtual Disaster Recovery and Continuous Restore features. This will provides IT service providers with the opportunity to move from “Backup as a Service” to “Disaster Recovery as a Service” without the need for their own infrastructure, by using a bring-your-public-cloud (BYPC) model. The addition of Amazon Web Service (AWS) EC2 and Microsoft Azure support so that users can now specify these new remote cloud targets for recovery, or one of the existing local recovery targets (VMware vSphere, local VMDK or Microsoft Hyper-V).

“MSPs want to be able to provide more value to their customers. Backup can easily be seen as a business continuity box-ticking exercise – as long as everything is safe if the worst happens, then all is well,” said Chris Groot VP, Sales, MAX Backup & Recovery. “But we and the MSPs we work with know that with disaster recovery, the speed of backup and the speed of recovery is vital. The new features and new direction of MAX Backup v15.0 mean that MSPs can offer disaster recovery services where downtime will be measured in minutes rather than hours, positioning them as the best provider of this mission-critical service to their clients.”

IBM Beacon Awards recognise select Business Partners for delivering advanced cloud, analytics, mobile, security and social solutions


LONDON – Portal was named a winner of a 2015 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Solution for Midsize Businesses. Each year, this honor is awarded to a select number of IBM Business Partners who have delivered exceptional solutions to drive business value and transform the way their clients and industries do business in the future. The 2015 awards recognise achievements across a wide-range of solution areas, including, cloud, analytics, mobile, security and social business.


“We are delighted to receive this IBM Beacon Award for our work as a valued business consultant and advisor to Brockenhurst College and all our other clients in the education sector,” said Jon Bradshaw, managing director, Portal. “Being recognised for our IBM Exceptional Student Experience solution is a great accomplishment for the company and we look forward to helping more educational institutes increase their recruitment, retention and reputation and become truly student-centric in an increasingly competitive educational landscape.”


The Beacon Awards are an integral part of IBM’s Business Partner recognition program. Announced at the IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, the winners are selected by a panel of expert judges consisting of IBM executives, industry analysts and members of the press. IBM's Beacon Awards recognise Business Partners who have demonstrated business excellence in delivering IBM-based solutions to clients around the world to drive transformation and business growth. This year’s awards recognised Business Partner achievements across 28 award categories. This includes two new awards for 2015: the Big Data and Analytics Solution award and Technical Support Services Solution award.


“The 2015 Beacon Award winners are Business Partners who have demonstrated their ability to transform the way their industries do business and deliver outstanding value to clients through the development of new, advanced solutions focused on cloud, analytics, mobile, security and social,” said Marc Dupaquier, general manager, IBM Global Business Partners. “We’re pleased to recognise Portal for consistently delivering these innovative IBM solutions by honoring them with a Beacon Award for Outstanding Solution for Midsize Businesses.”


For more information about the IBM Beacon Awards, including information about winners and finalists, please visit www.ibm.com/partnerworld/beacons.


To learn more about IBM PartnerWorld, a comprehensive program that offers marketing and sales resources, training, certification and technical support to help create new revenue and market opportunities for IBM Business Partners, visit http://www.ibm.com/partnerworld.


About Portal

Portal is an award-winning business and technology consultancy. Through expertise in Customer Engagement, Analytics and Collaboration, Portal helps customers transform their organisations for growth, productivity and profitability. Blending a deep understanding of customer challenges with expert knowledge of best-of-breed technologies, Portal delivers solutions across a range of industries including financial services, manufacturing, retail, transport, public sector and education. To learn more visit www.chooseportal.com or follow @ChoosePortal.

Provides higher end availability, scalability and simplicity for mid-size companies

INDIANAPOLIS – Scale Computing, the leading provider of hyperconverged solutions, today announced that it has added built-in VM level remote replication and introduced a new, streamlined user interface to make its HC3® platform an even better fit for small- and medium-sized businesses and enterprise departments looking to overcome the barriers of implementing virtualization, and fast recovery from IT disasters.

As data requirements at organizations of every size continue to require more storage assets and additional compute power, virtualization becomes a more-attractive option. For IT staffs at smaller organizations, the introduction of a virtualization layer can add complexity and management issues beyond what they are often prepared to handle.  Addressing disaster recovery is often out of reach due to increased cost and complexity of point solutions.  Scale Computing’s HC3 products provide the server hardware, virtualization software and storage needed in a hyperconverged platform that can be managed from a single, unified interface to simplify data center management.  Now that same simplicity can extend to remote disaster recovery as well.

Scale Computing’s latest release features built-in remote disaster recovery to allow users to set up continuous replication on a VM by VM basis between two HC3 clusters with space-efficient snapshot technology replicating to a secondary site, tracking only the blocks unique to each manual or automatic snapshot and sending the changed blocks.  Testing a DR infrastructure plan is now as simple as cloning a snapshot on the target cluster and starting a VM with no disruption to ongoing replication.  In case of disaster, users can simply “clone” a snapshot on the target cluster for the manual failover of a VM that is immediately bootable or simply replicate changed data at a DR site back to the primary site for simple failback. 

This capability is built in at no additional charge and is available as a non-disruptive “rolling upgrade” for users of HC3 HyperCore™ version 5.

“DR is out of reach of many SMBs, but now HC3 opens the door and provides an easy and cost effective solution to a major unmet need,” said George Crump, President and Founder of Storage Switzerland. “The new interface is also a big part of the HC3 6.0 release. Scale has created streamlined workflows for administrators, surrounded by a new intuitive design. This is critical for the SME, since the ‘server guy’ of these companies is also usually the ‘storage guy,’ the ‘network guy’ and the ‘desktop/laptop guy.’ Workflows allow an administrator to be guided through whatever virtualization task is needed and get back to doing other things, like troubleshooting the network or providing desktop support.”

In addition, the new user interface deployed in Scale Computing’s version 6 upgrade features an intuitive design with almost no learning curve that allows administrators to employ a “set it and forget it” mentality where they only need to periodically log in to make changes to the system.  The intelligence of Scale Computing’s patented HyperCore software handles the heavy lifting of VM failover and data redundancy.  Pop-up notifications display in-process user actions, alerts and processes to present users with relevant information about active events on the system.

Scale Computing’s built-in browser-based management console streamlines workflows for administrators with a 60 percent reduction in clicks during the VM creation workflow and quicker access to VM consoles directly from its Heads-Up Display (HUD).  Users can now combine VMs into logical groups via tagging and set multiple tags for easy filtering via spotlight search functionality that matches names and descriptions for quick access in larger environments.  Snapshot, cloning and replication functionality are now integrated into the card view of each VM for easy administration.

The company’s latest release expands on the feature set first introduced in HyperCore v5 to further overcome barriers of virtualization adoption at smaller companies or departmental organizations. Scale Computing’s HC3 virtualization platform is a complete ‘data center in a box’ with server, storage and virtualization integrated into a single appliance to deliver simplicity, availability and scalability at a fraction of the cost of similar solutions.  

“Smaller companies and departments of larger organizations need solutions that provide them with enterprise-class capabilities that can easily be managed with an often limited and generalized IT staff,” said Jeff Ready, CEO at Scale Computing.  “With HC3, we’ve removed the complexity associated with traditional virtualization deployments to provide a solution that is simple, available and scalable.  The enhancements we’ve incorporated into our latest release further supports this objective with a new UI that is more responsive and added replication functionality that protects businesses from downtime and revenue loss.”

Scale Computing’s 6.0 release is available with all new HC1000, HC2000 and HC4000 purchases or as an upgrade to existing installations.  Pricing information, technical resources or live demonstration requests are available at http://www.scalecomputing.com/products/support/

About Scale Computing
Scale Computing integrates storage, servers, and virtualization software into an all-in-one appliance based system that is scalable, self-healing and as easy to manage as a single server. Using industry standard components, the HC3 appliances install in under an hour, and can be expanded and upgraded with no downtime. High availability insulates the user from any disk or server failure and a unified management capability driven by the patented HyperCore Software™, efficiently integrates all functionality. The result is a data center solution that reduces operational complexity, allows a faster response to business issues, and dramatically reduces costs. For more information, call 877-SCALE-59 or visit www.scalecomputing.com.
AUSTIN, Texas – Caringo® today announced that its software-defined object storage, Swarm, is the foundation for a security and data integrity-focused cloud storage service offered by Telefonica.

Telefonica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world in terms of market capitalization and number of customers. From its consolidated position in the sector, and with fixed telephony and mobile broadband as key areas that support future growth, the company focuses its strategy on securing its leadership in the digital world. Present in 24 countries and with a customer base of more than 320 million customers, Telefonica has a strong presence in Europe and Latin America, important industrial alliances and a leading global scale which positions the company to capture growth opportunities.
After an extensive multi-year search, Telefonica selected Caringo Swarm because of Swarm’s unique mix of data protection flexibility, compliance features, and extensive protocol support. Also integral in Telefonica’s selection was Swarm’s focus on automation and symmetric architecture that eliminates tedious manual management often found in file system based storage solutions.
“We selected Caringo Swarm because of the software’s stability, enterprise feature set, and continued consistent innovation. Swarm will help us differentiate our service offerings while enabling us to scale our enterprise cloud storage services to a global web-scale service,” said Juan Manuel Moreno, Global Cloud Director at Telefonica.
With multiple petabyte growth forecasts over the next few years, Telefonica was challenged to deliver an enterprise cloud storage service that could meet their aggressive growth plans while offering the most flexible data protection, compliance and data access services.
“Being selected by such a well known and respected international organization like Telefonica after their extensive search is a true testament to Swarm’s unique mix of enterprise features, resilience and scale,” said Mark Goros, CEO of Caringo. “We go far beyond your basic object store, focusing on eliminating complexity for our customers and providing real, demonstrable value which was key in being selected. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationship with Telefonica and helping them achieve their goal of value through service.”
Telefonica has deployed in its TIER IV Datacenter in Alcalá (SPAIN) a Caringo-based solution that combines Caringo Swarm, the market-leading object storage software, with Dell servers, Force 10 switches and Sonic Wall firewalls to deliver a secure cloud storage service with Enterprise-grade durability and high availability. The service is provided, in a first phase, by Telefonica España & acens (http://www.acens.com/cloud/cloud-storage) through Telefonica’s Datacentre in Alcala; one of the world-leading datacenters with Tier IV Gold certification offering the highest levels of reliability and security. As all data is held within Spain, not an external country, the service is truly unique for the Spanish market. About Caringo Caringo was founded in 2005 to change the economics of storage by developing software designed from the ground up to solve the issues associated with relentless data growth. Caringo’s flagship product, Swarm, decouples data from applications and hardware providing a foundation for continued data access and analysis that continuously evolves while guaranteeing data integrity. Today, Caringo software is the foundation for web-scale storage solutions for the Department of Defense, the Brazilian Federal Court System, City of Austin, Telefonica, British Telecom, Verizon, Ask.com, Johns Hopkins University and hundreds more worldwide. Follow us on twitter @CaringoStorage and visit www.caringo.com to learn more.
New features, enhancements and WorkView interface are a result of an open dialog between MaxxVault LLC and clients


BOHEMIA, NY – (http://www.myprgenie.com) – MaxxVault LLC, a leading provider of Electronic Information Management Systems software, is pleased to announce that MaxxVault Enterprise 6.5 is now available for general release. With the new release, MaxxVault continues to be a leader in the mid and enterprise markets. Whether you decide to buy an on-premise solution or have it hosted in MaxxCloud, you never have to worry about sacrificing scalability. We have included over 300 new features and enhancements in the new release. Scalability, ease of use and flexibility are still the driving forces behind the MaxxVault Software Platform but in this release more than 60% of the new features came as a result of client requests. MaxxVault 6.5 also introduces a new WorkView interface for MaxxCloud users that is optimized for the features that our clients use the most. In version 6.5 we are also releasing our PDF Forms Server module. Now, everyday fillable PDF documents can be turned into online forms that help any company become more efficient with their information without any custom coding. It’s never been easier to create your own online document forms portal.

Companies of all sizes will find MaxxVault Enterprise 6.5 to have one of the industry’s best overall out-of-the-box features vs cost ratio in the market today. Our on-premise MaxxVault Enterprise core application license now includes access to advanced workflow features, integration APIs, the MaxxMobile user interface for five concurrent users. We have added button integration to MaxxBolt which gives the ability to use the powerful MaxxBolt toolbar or a simple MaxxBolt button that launches automatically from almost any Windows application to perform automated searches at the push of a button. Another feature that our clients have been asking for is keyless indexing and we have delivered it in this release. Now a user can simply have the document open, and by clicking on a pre-determined area on the document it will OCR the data and transfer it automatically to the proper index field. This new keyless-indexing feature complements our existing template-based OCR Zone feature in MaxxVault.

Here is a summary of a few of the other major enhancements:

  • MaxxLogic — create custom toolbar buttons to automate advanced business processes
  • Version 3.0 of MaxxMobile is included as part of MV 6.5
  • MaxxConnect for Sharp OSA and Kyocera HyPAS for direct Scan to MaxxCloud
  • Fujitsu PaperStream scan interface
  • MaxxCloud offers additional PDF embedded viewer option
  • Publish Folder to MaxxCloud allows clients to decide which folders may be published and accessed via the MaxxCloud interface
  • Updated document encryption with password-level security
  • Send out password protected PDF documents via email
  • Digital signature support for online fillable PDF forms
  • MaxxCloud integrates seamlessly with MaxxEditor desktop PDF and image collaboration tool
  • Updated to version 19 of  Nuance OCR engine for our level 2 OCR module
  • Updated to version 7.78 of DT Search engine
  • Additional MaxxCloud HTML5 and Javascript based annotations for custom stamp tools and password protected signatures
  • Microsoft Word Add-in support for version control directly from within Word
  • Outlook Desktop client support option for just storing attachments
  • MaxxVault user logins can now be configured to support strong passwords
  • Thumbnail preview can now be turned on our off in desktop MaxxVault viewer
  • Advanced Imaging Processing module

MaxxVault Enterprise 6.5 takes our revolutionary approach to information management to the next level by making it even easier to find exactly what you need when you need it. MaxxVault lets you start small and expand as time and budget permits. From the easy-to-use and customizable interface, to accessing documents and workflows on your tablet and mobile devices... staying productive has never been simpler or more affordable.