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Taking the whole concept of data security to its most logical conclusion, Secure Islands has come up with a method that automates the application of security to any piece of data, depending on how it’s classified, as that data is being generated.

Secure Islands CEO Aki Eldar says version 5.0 of the IQProtector Suite (IQP) adds what the company describes as a Data Immunization process. IQProtector automatically assigns security controls to data at the point that data is actually created, regardless of location. Those controls then attach themselves to that data wherever it is consumed.

Based on rights management technology developed by Microsoft, Secure Islands has different renditions of IQProtector for endpoints, servers, clouds and applications to make sure that wherever data is created, a security policy gets enforced.



There’s been plenty of attention paid over the past few years to what appears to be a growing IT skills gap.  Managed service providers (MSPs) can help alleviate the pain of this this gap for customers by providing services that customers would normally handle inhouse. For instance, they can offer and manage cloud-based file sharing and other IT services.

In her recent article for FierceCIO.com, Sarah Lahav weighs in on the IT talent shortage.

“Whether the IT talent shortage is myth or reality, I believe IT leaders can agree on at least one thing: some roles are harder to fill than others,” says Lahav.  “The needs of IT and the business have shifted faster than educators and professionals adapt.”



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High Availability IT Services

Reliability and Availability

This book starts with the basic premise that a service is comprised of the 3Ps—products, processes, and people. Moreover, these entities and their sub-entities interlink to support the services that end users require to run and support a business. This widens the scope of any availability design far beyond hardware and software. It also increases the potential for service failure for reasons beyond just hardware and software; the concept of logical outages.



With so many of today's businesses dependent on SAP as the core technology platform for some of their most critical business functions, it would follow that IT organizations would dedicate significant effort in securing SAP systems. But the truth is that SAP and other enterprise resource planning (ERP) software remain largely forgotten by even the most security-conscious organizations today. And the attackers have found this gap.

For years now, security researchers have warned of hefty security vulnerabilities in SAP that make it possible to create ghost accounts, change records in some of the most sensitive financial tracking applications and use the platform to break into other connected systems. And while security researchers and consultants confirm that attackers are already exploiting these vulnerabilities for malicious purposes, these attacks have largely gone unreported to the public. That all changed this week.



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How Would You Hire an Emergency Manager?

Let’s suppose you want to fill a position in your organisation by hiring an emergency manager. The role of this person is to coordinate the actions of different services responding to a sizable disaster, to translate strategy into tactics, and to keep senior officials or management informed of the situation and progress towards resolution. So far, so good – except this kind of person, or experience, doesn’t grow on trees. However, it is a role that is needed in many public sector areas, including utilities, health, education, airports and port authorities. You could place an ad asking for candidates, but what do you then need to know to evaluate applications?



DENTON, Texas – People who live in Texas are urged to get ready now for the possibility of flooding, following days of rain and with more potential rain in the forecast.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Region 6 office continues to monitor the flooding threat across parts of the state and stands ready to support state and local partners as needed and requested in any affected areas.

Know Your Risk Before a Flood:

•    Do your homework. Be aware of the potential flooding risks for the particular area where you live.
•    Familiarize yourself with the terms used to identify a flooding hazard. Some of the more common terms used are:

  •  A Flash Flood Watch: Flash flooding is possible.  Be prepared to move to higher ground; monitor NOAA Weather Radio, commercial radio, or television for information.
  • A Flash Flood Warning: A flash flood is occurring; seek higher ground on foot immediately.

Take Action Before and During a Flood:

•    Build an emergency kit and make a family communications plan.
•    Listen to local officials and monitor your local radio or television for information.
•    Do not drive into flooded areas. Turn Around; Don’t Drown. Two feet of rushing water can carry away most vehicles.
•    Do not walk through flowing water.  Six inches of swiftly moving water can knock you off your feet.
•    Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs) are now being sent directly to many cell phones on participating wireless carriers' networks.  WEAs sent by public safety officials such as the National Weather Service are designed to get your attention and to provide brief, critical instructions to warn about imminent threats like severe weather.  Take the alert seriously and follow instructions.  More information is available on WEA at www.fema.gov/wireless-emergency-alerts.

Visit www.ready.gov or www.nws.noaa.gov for more information on preparing for floods or other disasters.


FEMA’s mission is to support our citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work together to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards. Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/femaregion6 , and the FEMA Blog at http://blog.fema.gov

It’s clear that our relationship to data is changing, both in terms of how we work with data and our relationship on individual levels. That, in turn, is triggering changes in the underlying technologies.

Integration technology in particular is in the spotlight these days. After all, you can use the data only as fast as you can integrate, wrangle or blend the data. That’s leading to a lot of talk from vendors about “modern integration” that’s less concerned with on-premise, batch integration and more concerned with real-time access for business users.

At Informatica’s recent customer conference, CEO Sohaib Abbasi identified four disruptive technology trends changing data. His opinion is more significant than most because he heads one of the industry’s leading integration vendors, and despite a thriving data integration market, that company was recently acquired.



The data center has been the foundation of enterprise IT operations since the dawn of the computer age, so it is understandable that there is a lot of uncertainty now that it is undergoing the most monumental change in its history.

Indeed, many executives are still trying to wrap their heads around the idea of having no data center at all, or at best a rack or two of modular boxes devoted to maintaining access to external applications and resources.

But those who have been to the mountaintop say that the other side is indeed a lush, green valley in which advanced services and capabilities can be had at low cost and with little effort, and that the flexibility that comes from shedding fixed hardware assets more than makes up for the loss of direct control over infrastructure. The key, though, is to first realize that the new data environment does not serve the same purpose as the old, and then to learn how to leverage that app-centric, service-based environment for your business model.



Acquisition Extends Courion’s Technology Leadership in Identity Analytics and Role Management and Grows European Presence


WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — Courion®, the market leading provider of intelligent identity governance and administration (IGA) solutions, is excited to announce the acquisition of Bay31 AG (“Bay 31”), an innovative provider of advanced access governance solutions that helps organizations ensure secure access to business processes and reduce the cost of compliance. The combination of the two companies will enable Courion to extend its technology leadership in identity analytics and enhance the company’s product offerings in role mining and role-based access control, particularly for large and complex applications.

Bay31’s solutions, which complement and interface with existing identity management products, leverage proprietary in-memory technology and data-mining algorithms that analyze high volumes of access control data in real-time.


Commenting on the acquisition Chris Sullivan, GM of Intelligence/Analytics at Courion said, “Bay31’s in-memory capabilities will enhance Courion’s existing intelligence and analytics offerings resulting in even faster solutions for the largest and most complex applications. This will enable us to solve important problems that the market has not even considered possible.”


In response to the acquisition, Cris Merritt, founder of Bay31, said, “We are thrilled to join Courion Corporation. The company’s perennial leadership in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for IGA and its installed base of customers will enable us to deliver dynamic analytics capabilities to organizations that need to better manage access to critical information and processes.”


Bay31 team members will be attending CONVERGE 2015 in Las Vegas May 19-21. Customers can meet the team and learn more about Bay31 at CONVERGE. For more information on CONVERGE 2015 and how to attend visit www.courion.com/converge.


To learn more about Courion’s intelligent IAM solutions for managing both the cloud and enterprise, contact (1) 866.Courion or info@courion.com.



With deep experience and more than 600 customers managing more than 10 million identities, Courion is the market leader in identity governance and administration (IGA), from provisioning to governance to identity and access intelligence (IAI). Courion provides insight from analyzing the big data generated from an organization’s identity and access relationships so users can efficiently and accurately provision, identify and minimize risks, and maintain continuous compliance. As a result, IT costs are reduced and audits expedited. With Courion, you can confidently provide open and compliant access to all while also protecting critical company data and assets from unauthorized access.

To learn more, contact 866.Courion or info@courion.com or visit www.courion.com or follow linkedin.com/Courion-Corporation.

  • Leading French Identity and Access Management firm brings a suite of award winning, robust IT security products
  • Addresses the challenges associated with increased mobility, cloud based solutions, wearables and Internet of Things
  • Sets ambitious growth targets in UK as part of broader expansion plans - aiming to generate 50 per cent of revenue from outside France within five years


LONDON — Leading French Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions firm, Ilex International, today announced its expansion to the UK, offering enterprises the highest level of IT security products. The expansion to the UK is part of a broader growth strategy, with an ambitious target to generate 50 per cent of its revenue from outside France within five years.


Formed in 1989, Ilex International is the clear IAM and IT Security leader in France. It serves sectors ranging from banking, finance and insurance, to defence, healthcare, Government departments and retail. Clients include Aegis Media, Air France, Airbus, Argenteuil Hospital Centre, Bank of France, Canal+, French Ministry of Defence, French National Assembly, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Société Générale. Ilex’s suite of solutions includes access management and global Single Sign On (SSO), mobile SSO, identity and authorisation management, and authentication device management.


Identity and Access Management remains a significant consideration for UK enterprises, as many fail to adequately prepare and plan for this aspect of their business. This challenge can be compounded by a shortage of skilled staff, which negatively affects how organisations respond to IT security issues. While the instances of information security breaches in the UK were down slightly in 2014, 81 per cent of large organisations and 60 per cent of small businesses experienced a breach in the past 12 months.


“In a world of increasing and more impactful global cyber attacks, it has never been more important for businesses to get their IT security infrastructure in place,” said Thierry Bettini, Sales Director at Ilex International. “Too often, Identity and Access Management is an afterthought, but enterprises must show a commitment to it in order to know who has access to what on their IT System. Failing to adequately address and minimise the risk of cyber attacks could be catastrophic for a modern business.”


“Mobility is definitely the biggest challenge UK enterprises face with IT security. With the rise of BYOD, cloud based solutions, wearable technology and the Internet of Things - users and consumers have never been more mobile. Enterprises must take a holistic approach when it comes to mobile devices. Mobile can not be seen as an exception to security infrastructure, instead they must be managed by the same authentication, access and single sign-on solution. Ilex offers a complete and comprehensive solution for UK enterprises,” Mr Bettini said.


As part of their expansion to the UK, Ilex will open their first office in London and are currently seeking integration partners across the IT channel. For Ilex, partners are instrumental in ensuring the quality of service the clients require. The vendor proposes a partner program in order to build a long-term relationship of trust with its partners while maintaining a consistent development strategy.


Interested organisations should contact Thierry Bettini, partner@ilex-international.com, for more information.



About Ilex International

Ilex International is a European software vendor which specialises in Identity & Access Management solutions (IAM).

Their offer is centred around 4 products: Sign&go (Web Access Management, Enterprise SSO and Identity Federation), Meibo (workflow, provisioning and identity management), Meibo People Pack (a turn-key solution for enterprise employee lifecycle management) and IDen Park (a solution for managing the lifecycle of authentication devices).

Founded in 1989, the company is based in France and provides solutions and services in Europe and Africa through its Moroccan office. Our R&D and integration teams are composed of high level IT engineers who are passionate about IT Security. We have been providing, over the past 25 years, state of the art solutions, support and integration services to a large international customer base.

For more information : www.ilex-international.com