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Jon Seals

With five new Virtual Data Centre zones launched this year alone Interoute claims its place as the fastest-growing enterprise cloud services platform in Europe.

LONDONInteroute, owner operator of Europe’s largest cloud services platform, today opens two new Interoute Virtual Data Centre (VDC) locations, one in London’s Canary Wharf and a second site in Slough, bringing its total number of Interoute VDC zones to ten globally. Together with its recent acquisition of one of the largest networks in the UK, Vtesse, this cements Interoute’s position as one of the fastest growing providers of enterprise cloud services across the world.

Matthew Finnie, Interoute CTO, said: “Interoute believes in being close to its customers and key markets because it brings lower latency and higher performing solutions, straightforward compliance management and good customer service. That’s why we are investing in many zones, rather than relying on a single or limited presence to serve a continent. Our recent UK data centre and network expansion brings our cloud within a few milliseconds of our customers, partners and major business hubs in the UK. Low latency means higher throughput, fewer servers for the same application and less rewrites to get it there, making Interoute Virtual Data Centre the practical option for Enterprise migration to the cloud and for the most ambitious of developers."

With five new Interoute VDC zones launched in 2014 [1] alone, Interoute’s networked cloud is the fastest-growing enterprise IaaS cloud computing platform in the European market, surpassing Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google and Softlayer [2] by number of locations on the continent. Users can now enjoy speeds as low as 1.3 milliseconds [3] for sending a data packet from one new London zone to the other and back, or down to 68.2 milliseconds between London and New York [4] zones.

Iftikhar Ahmad Dar, CTO of Machine-to-Machine and Internet of Things managed services provider, Wyless, said: “Interoute VDC is a global solution for highly scalable cloud environments. We’ve just deployed in the New York Interoute VDC zone and later this year we will be expanding into its new London City zone. The rapid growth of Interoute’s cloud computing platform means we have the ability to rapidly expand new instances of our platform for our partners.”

The two new Interoute VDC zones were deployed in less than 12 weeks. The high pace of Interoute’s rollout comes as cloud developers and CTOs increasingly look to gain a competitive edge via low-cost, highly available, cloud computing solutions that can meet their computing and storage requirements. Developers, start-ups and enterprises using Interoute VDC get location-sensitive access to computing, applications and storage on-demand, with free in and outbound data transfer included.

Interoute Virtual Data Centres are intrinsically part of the Interoute network and reside in some of the most highly connected and interconnected locations available. The low latencies delivered between European locations and in particular the new UK zones enable Interoute VDC users to architect for disaster avoidance as well as replication of even time-sensitive business applications. For developers and startups Interoute’s Jump StartUp offer launched last year, gives access to resources in the same or two different zones free for a year. With this announcement, any business now can set up a resilient dual-site, low latency setup in the UK using Interoute VDC.

Interoute VDC can deliver cloud solutions at an exceptionally low cost, because the computing platform is built into its global network – something that simply isn’t possible for cloud providers without their own international network. This feature makes both in and outbound data transfer free for Interoute VDC users, with pricing starting from €0.02 per server, per hour.

HAMILTON, Bermuda – Logic Communications today announces a new partnership with Masergy Communications Inc. to offer advanced, managed Security as a Service solutions to Bermuda businesses.

Masergy’s managed security solutions help companies’ secure their digital assets with advanced threat detection and continuous monitoring. Masergy will work with Logic customers to implement the solutions and provide on-going service.

Security breaches cost companies billions of dollars each year and can occur as a result of malicious or criminal attacks. According to the 2014 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis conducted by the Ponemon Institute and IBM, the average cost of a single incident among the companies surveyed is $3.5 million. The financial, insurance and reinsurance industries are among the top sectors with the costliest data breaches, according to the report.

 Masergy addresses today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape with a fully-integrated, managed security solution built on the company’s patented Unified Enterprise Security (UES) platform. UES is unique in its use of adaptive behavioural analytics and machine learning to monitor network activity and continuously adapt to changing threat conditions. This technology is combined with continuous monitoring performed by Masergy security experts to efficiently anticipate and detect malicious activities.

UES can be deployed as a standalone solution or integrated with companies’ existing security point solutions, such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Masergy also provides a full range of professional services including compliance assessments, network penetration testing and application vulnerability analysis.

Chris MacFarland, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Masergy says: “Masergy brings a unique combination of technical innovation and human expertise to the increasingly complex array of cyber security threats being faced by organizations around the world.  We are pleased to partner with Logic to offer this valuable service to Bermuda businesses.”

Vicki Coelho, Chief Executive Officer, Logic, says: “More and more companies are turning to third party experts that specialise in advanced managed network security.  Even the best-resourced organisations are challenged to effectively respond to the growing threat of a security breach. Masergy’s managed security solutions provide an integrated approach to the continuous monitoring of all the elements in an enterprise network. We are thrilled to bring this sophisticated service, combined with Masergy’s expertise and customer service, to our clients.”

The v5 Beta of NAKIVO Backup & Replication was released today enabling early testing of the Flash VM Boot feature, which provides the ability to run VMware VMs directly from compressed and deduplicated VM backups.

CAMPBELL, Calif. – NAKIVO Inc., the fastest growing virtualization and cloud backup software company for VMware environments, has announced today the launch of the v5 open Beta Program. NAKVIO invites VMware professionals to try the new version of NAKIVO Backup & Replication v5 Beta featuring the Flash VM Boot feature. All Beta Program participants completing the Beta Program participation requirements will be rewarded with an Amazon gift card. More details and v5 Beta download are available at www.nakivo.com/beta_5_0.htm

The Flash VM Boot feature provides the ability to boot VMware VMs directly from compressed and deduplicated VM backups, without recovering the entire VMs first. The backup from which the VM is started remains unchanged to preserve the integrity of the data.

The Flash VM Boot feature works right out of the box for both Windows-based and Linux-based VMs and provides customers with a rich set of opportunities, enabling them to:

-        Access files and application objects of any application on any OS within seconds

-        Test system updates and application patches before applying them to production VMs

-        Verify the VM backups and ensure that OSes and applications run properly

-        Copy VMDK files and then delete the virtual machine.

Named one of the top 10 coolest storage startups of 2014 by CRN, NAKIVO is delivering a new way for Cloud Providers, enterprises, and SMBs to protect their VMware environments more reliably, efficiently, and cost effectively. NAKIVO Backup & Replication is VMware-certified, purely agentless, and can be deployed on both Linux and Windows. Featuring a simple and intuitive Web UI, the product can back up and replicate VMware VMs onsite, offsite, and to private/public clouds (including single-click integration with Amazon cloud). NAKIVO Backup & Replication supports live applications and databases, instantly recovers files and application objects directly from compressed and de-duplicated VM backups, speeds up data transfer with network acceleration, and reduces data size with global deduplication and compression.


“We continue to improve NAKIVO Backup & Replication and introduce new features that are requested by Cloud Providers, enterprises, and SMBs,” said Bruce Talley, CEO and Co-Founder of NAKIVO. “We encourage VMware professionals to join our open Beta Program and help us build a better VM backup solution.”


Overview: www.nakivo.com/VMware-VM-backup-replication-recovery-software.htm

Datasheet: www.nakivo.com/Resources/NBR-DS.pdf

Cloud Backup: www.nakivo.com/vmware-cloud-backup-as-a-service.htm

Success Stories: www.nakivo.com/success-stories.htm

Trial Download: http://www.nakivo.com/en/VMware-Backup-Free-Trial.htm


Headquartered in Silicon Valley, NAKIVO is a privately-held software company that has been profitable since founding in 2012. With more than 3,300 customers - including many Fortune 1,000 companies - and over 500 channel partners across 70 countries worldwide, NAKIVO develops and markets a line of next generation data protection products for clouds and VMware virtualized environments. NAKIVO provides a fast, reliable, and affordable VM backup and replication solution for enabling SMBs and enterprises to protect and recover VM data onsite, offsite, and to the cloud. NAKIVO has also enabled over 50 hosting, managed, and cloud services providers to create and offer VM Backup-as-a-Service, Replication-as-a-Service, and DR-as-a-Service to their customers. NAKIVO was the first virtualization backup specialist to offer SMBs cloud backup to public clouds such as Amazon and multi-tenancy to cloud service providers and enterprise customers. For more information, please visit www.nakivo.com.

Large loss claim assessment service proves successful in multi-system and high exposure HVAC and refrigeration claims.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – HVAC Investigators (HVACi), the leading provider of objective investigations of HVAC and refrigeration damage, announces the release of a new case study detailing a large loss claim investigation conducted by the firm.  The case study also provides an overview of HVACi's large loss claim assessment process.

The case study, based on a recent assessment, illustrates a multi-system, large loss claim, assigned to HVACi by an independent adjuster in the summer of 2014.  The insured claimed the full replacement of nearly 500 systems for a total of more than $4.5 million.  The high settlement exposure and complex nature of the claim prompted the adjuster to engage HVACi's large loss assessment team. Within 9 business days, HVACi had completed the onsite investigation and provided a comprehensive damage assessment of each system to the adjuster with a recommended settlement.  As a result, the carrier was able to realize more than $4 million in accuracy versus the initial claimed amount.

"The complex nature of HVAC systems increases the risk of any large loss claim, particularly with a claim of this size and scope," said the assigning adjuster. "If it were not for HVACi's objective assessment, we would have grossly overpaid for the replacement of many systems that could have easily been repaired, and some that were not damaged at all!"

HVACi's large loss claim process provides high exposure claims the scrutiny and attentiveness they warrant. By applying the necessary resources and a unique assessment process, HVACi is able to provide carriers with a comprehensive settlement recommendation for complex claims, far faster and more accurately than previously thought possible.  A copy of the case study is available via the HVAC Investigators website: http://www.hvacinvestigators.com/2014/10/large-loss-claim-case-study/.


HVAC Investigators is the nation's leading provider of objective assessments and market analysis of HVAC insurance claims. The company provides timely inspections and actionable reports to help carriers settle HVAC claims more quickly and with a higher degree of accuracy. For more information, or to submit an assignment, visit HVACinvestigators.com or call 888.407.5224.

HOESBACH, Germany – ASC, a leading global provider of innovative solutions to record, analyze and evaluate multimedia-based communications, today announced the completion of testing and certification between ASC’s solutions and Tango Networks network-based enforceable Mobile Call Recording product.

This integration enables mobile call recording to work seamlessly and completely independently of the mobile operating system thereby supporting any mobile device including but not limited to Android, Blackberry, iOS, Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms. It also complies with evolving regulations for financial institutions and ensures PCI-DSS compliant data security when the preservation of recordings is required.

Dr. Frank Schaffrath, CEO of ASC, said, “As employees have increasingly adopted mobile devices to enhance productivity, ASC has embraced this trend and now has a recording platform that has been fully certified with Tango Networks.

Marco Mueller, COO of ASC, additionally noted, that ASC’s mobile phone recording platform can be deployed in both on-premises and Cloud (multi-tenant) configurations with replication to premise-based ASC recorders for long-term storage. The platform provides real-time recording at any time and any place and various failover methods ensure fail-safe operation.

“The certified integration between ASC and Tango Networks' solutions brings significant value to both enterprises and mobile service providers”, said Al Leo, Senior Vice President Sales at Tango Networks. “It is a major advancement for the Financial Services Industry as well as for other verticals that require or desire fully enforceable mobile call recording.

With more than 50 years in the communications industry, ASC continues to develop new enabling technologies to ensure compliance with financial regulations and achieve competitive advantage over other vendors. It typically invests 20 percent of annual revenues into research and development.

About ASC

ASC is a worldwide leading software company with innovative solutions to record, analyze and evaluate communications. All multimedia interactions in contact centers, financial institutions and public safety organizations are documented and analyzed. The content of communications becomes transparent, critical information is generated and market trends are revealed, providing real-time business intelligence for immediate management action.

ASC solutions make customer experience measurable. Specific actions can be taken to significantly improve customer retention, increasing corporate revenue and creating sustained loyal customers. Thus, ASC’s clients are always one step ahead of the competition.

ASC also offers its entire suite as a Cloud solution. Therefore, customers have the choice to retrieve Software as a Service, on demand and always up-to-date, without any risk or pre-investment, and in the most flexible manner.

With subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, the United States, Japan, Singapore and Dubai, as well as certified and vastly experienced distribution partners, ASC’s ambitious projects span more than 60 countries. Headquartered in Germany, ASC is a powerful global player with an export quota of almost 70 percent and a worldwide service network.

About Tango Networks

Tango Networks enables service providers, channel partners and enterprises to offer Mobile Business Services to their customers and workforce. Using its unique and patented federated design, Tango Networks’ award-winning edge services platform offers specialized service capabilities across 4G IMS/VoLTE, 3G and 2G networks that work with all mobile phones, providing value to mobile and fixed service providers, enterprises and consumers.

Services include Mobile Unified Communications and PBX integration, Mobile Call Recording, SIP Trunking, Business Messaging Service, Business Continuity, Multi-line, Mobile PBX, Mobile Policy Control and Responsible Driver System.

Tango Networks’ customers include Tier 1 service providers in North America and Europe and a rapidly growing base of enterprise and government customers worldwide. To learn more about Tango Networks, please visit http://www.tango-networks.com or follow Tango Networks on Twitter at http://twitter.com/tangonetworks.

Customers Turn to ExaGrid for Scalability and Performance, from the Only Vendor that Designs Backup Solutions from a Backup Perspective, rather than a Storage Perspective

LONDON – ExaGrid Systems, a leading provider of disk-based backup solutions, has announced its most successful quarter to date with record revenue in Q3 2014 while marking the company’s third consecutive quarter as both cash and P&L positive.

“The market is really starting to understand what sets ExaGrid apart from other vendors, specifically the backup performance and restore performance advantages of the ExaGrid landing zone and scale-out GRID architecture,” said Bill Andrews, CEO of ExaGrid Systems. “2014 will be a record revenue year for the company, and we expect to be both cash and P&L positive for the year overall, and also for each individual quarter.”

In addition to these financial milestones, ExaGrid led the industry in Q3 2014 with many other accomplishments, across three key categories:

  • Industry Momentum and Recognition
    • Signed its 2000th customer, adding to the roster of organisations around the world that rely on ExaGrid’s backup solutions every day.
    • Positioned in the Visionaries quadrant of Gartner’s first “Magic Quadrant for Deduplication Backup Target Appliances.”[1]
  • Innovation
    • Released version 4.7 of its software with 14 appliances in a single GRID and 16 sites in a major data centre cross-protection topology.
    • Awarded its seventh U.S. patent for “Method and Apparatus for Content-Aware and Adaptive Deduplication.” The new technology performs deduplication and replication in parallel with nightly backups.
  • Partnerships & Support
    • Expanded its partnership with Veeam, introducing the integrated ExaGrid-Veeam Accelerated Data Mover, which enables faster, more efficient backup and recovery of virtual machines (VMs) as well as synthetic fulls that are up to six times faster.
    • Added support for four additional backup applications. ExaGrid now supports more than 25 backup applications, utilities, and database dumps.

ExaGrid is the only backup solution on the market that permanently fixes the backup window and offers the industry’s fastest restores.

“As data volumes continue to grow, we’re seeing a tremendous pickup in momentum, especially in larger deployments where customers have over 100TB of data to back up,” said Andrews. “For them, working with ExaGrid means having a fast and reliable backup storage solution that fixes the length of the backup window as the data grows.”


Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings or other designation. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner’s research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

[1] Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Deduplication Backup Target Appliances” by Pushan Rinnen, Dave Russell and Jimmie Chang, July 31, 2014.

About ExaGrid

Organisations come to us because we are the only company that implemented deduplication in a way that fixed all the challenges of backup storage. ExaGrid’s unique landing zone and scale-out architecture provides the fastest backup — resulting in the shortest fixed backup window, the fastest local restores, fastest offsite tape copies and instant VM recoveries while permanently fixing the backup window length, all with reduced cost up front and over time. Learn how to take the stress out of backup at www.exagrid.com or connect with us on LinkedIn. Read how ExaGrid customers fixed their backup forever.

FLEMINGTON, NJ – Real-Time Technology Group (RTTG), an industry-leading provider of secure and hosted Identity Management solutions for secure operations and incident response, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with CTS Consolidated Telecom Services (CTS), a Woman Owned Small Business, to bring RTTG’s award-winning Real-Time Verification™ (RTV) technology platform to CTS’s Public Safety and commercial customers. 

The cooperative effort was established to leverage RTTG’s expertise in developing and hosting advanced identity management programs that are designed to more effectively control access to secure facilities, and more efficiently assure the compliance of first responders with complex training, certification and resource allocation requirements. “RTV provides a proven technology platform that extends our ability to provide comprehensive personnel assurance solutions to our customers,” says Pam Faver, President of CTS. “Their past performance supporting some of our nation’s highest-value terrorist targets exemplifies the commitment to secure, trusted, and reliable service that we demand of our partners. RTV enables our commercial customers to positively identify individuals and assure that all who access sensitive facilities maintain compliance with relevant safety and security policies. For our Public Safety customers, RTV virtually eliminates the administrative burden of managing compliance of first responders with complex and on-going training requirements. Further, it enables regional agencies to easily and securely cross-authenticate mutual aid responders in support of improved emergency preparedness and response.”

CTS’ long-standing reputation as a technical solution provider to Public Safety agencies and premier commercial clients provides a trusted and reliable partner to support our customers at the local level. Their intimate understanding of local challenges improves our ability to offer uniquely configured

systems that meet the specific requirements of CTS customers,” explains Daniel Krantz, CEO of RTTG. “We seek partners who understand that effective identity management requires more than a one-size-fits-all approach. CTS’s close, long-term customer relationships provide us with valuable intelligence that helps greatly in delivering the most effective solutions.”

About Consolidated Telecom Services: CTS is a Woman-owned Business Enterprise (WBE) with a wealth of experience in RF Design and Construction of voice and data networks. CTS is an innovative company committed to excellence in developing solutions that satisfy customer needs. These solutions include wireless products and integration services using proven methodologies in Project Management and Six Sigma as the framework for application of tools and techniques.

CTS has a tradition of innovation by continuously expanding product and service offerings to meet emerging customer needs. CTS is integrated by talented and creative individuals who provide our clients with quality-engineered solutions with an open and progress-oriented attitude.

For more information, please visit www.cts411.com

Contact: Pam Faver, CTS Consolidated Telecom Services (512) 748-3339, Pfaver@ccc411.com.

About Real-Time Technology Group: Real-Time Technology Group (RTTG) is an industry-leading provider of secure and hosted Web-based technology solutions for real-time critical information management in support of improved safety, security and business processes. These solutions monitor and facilitate the audited collection, processing, and need-to-know sharing of sensitive identity information within an enterprise, among agencies and organizations, or across an industry. RTTG provides public agencies and private companies with secure and fully-managed technology solutions for: personal identity verification, background screening, professional training and certification tracking, and credential management. This improves risk management and assures compliance with access requirements.

Proven effectiveness and best-in-class professional support services have earned RTTG its reputation as a secure, trusted, and reliable technology partner.  RTTG led the technical development of the Secure Worker Access Consortium (SWAC) a unique personnel assurance program that helps secure the NY/NJ metro area's highest-value terrorist targets, including World Trade Center complex and regional critical transportation infrastructures. RTTG's technology solutions are uniquely engineered to serve the needs of airports and transportation facilities, critical infrastructure, public landmarks and city centers, chemical and pharmaceutical facilities, healthcare and academic institutions, among others.

Founded in 1999 and led by Chief Executive Officer Daniel W. Krantz, the company prides itself on 100% employee-owned U.S.-based operations. http://www.realtimetg.com

Caringo Swarm HadoopFS, native Hadoop Connector now available

AUSTIN, Texas – Caringo® today announced the availability of Swarm HadoopFS, a native Hadoop 2+ connector for Caringo Swarm that saves time and resources with highly-efficient direct parallel map reduce processing, paired with compliance features such as WORM, integrity seals and Legal Hold. 

Using Hadoop for data processing and analytics typically involves a time-consuming and resource-intensive bulk-load of a data from an archive or file server into the Hadoop FileSystem (HDFS). With Caringo's direct approach, HDFS can read data directly from Swarm and, because of Swarm’s unique massively parallel approach where all nodes cooperate to perform all processes, each HDFS server can pull data in parallel. This eliminates the time-consuming extract and ingest step, resulting in faster time to the map reduce stage while reducing reliance on expensive NAS or filer storage in a Hadoop environment. 

Additionally, organizations can use the standard compliance and data protection features in Swarm to ensure their data is safe, accessible and hasn’t been tampered with. Swarm supports the ability to store data so that it can’t be deleted (WORM); the ability to prove in a court of law content hasn’t been tampered with (Integrity Seals); and the ability to take a snapshot of data and store it immutably (Legal Hold). These features combined with Swarm’s ability to automatically manage the data lifecycle, moving from erasure coding or replication all on the same servers, make Swarm the best option for organizations that want to leverage Hadoop but have stringent regulatory requirements.

“The ability to quickly analyze and act upon data is a key competitive advantage,” said Mark Goros, CEO of Caringo. “Organizations of every size understand this and have been deploying Hadoop clusters in a fragmented nature, often relying on HDFS with JBOD for long-term storage which it wasn’t designed for. With SwarmFS we enable resilient, compliant and highly efficient long-term storage for all unstructured data in a highly automated fashion. This includes data that you may not even know you want to analyze yet, all instantly accessible by Hadoop in a direct, massively parallel fashion.”

Caringo Swarm HadoopFS is available now. For more information visit www.caringo.com/hadoop.

About Caringo

Caringo ensures data is available when and where needed. Its Software-defined Object Storage Solution, Caringo Swarm, turns standard hardware into a reliable pool of resources that adapts to any workload or use case while offering a foundation for new data services. Caringo is helping organizations of every size by eliminating the complexity of legacy storage while ensuring data is accessible from any application or device. 

RTS Associates saves 30% on field labor costs and improves customer service with Flowfinity mobile solution

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Flowfinity Wireless Inc., a proven provider of enterprise mobile apps, today released a new case study featuring RTS Associates. This utility contractor replaced paper inspection forms with amobile data collection solution to reduce additional labor costs by 30%. The solution was designed in less than a day.  

Prior to adopting Flowfinity, the company's field personnel would record inspection data on paper and spend evening hours transcribing information into spreadsheets. This led to delays, inaccuracies and high labor costs.

The management team selected Flowfinity, a flexible mobile form and workflow platform, to replace paper inspection forms with a mobile solution. They achieved a quick deployment by opting for a cloud hosted solution and Flowfinity Professional Services to customize the app. The solution was designed to match the exact deliverables required by RTS Associates' clients, and can be easily updated when client requirements change.

Field personnel at RTS Associates now enter inspection information in iPads throughout the workday, and the data is immediately sent to management for review. With more accurate, real-time data, management has successfully reduced the time required to review project results from several days to just 20 minutes. The faster turnaround time allows clients to receive job reports faster.

"Once I saw the capabilities the Flowfinity mobile platform and how you could customize it, I knew it was exactly what we needed. It's a very agile platform," said Ryan Hart, Director of Wireless Operations, RTS Associates. "I did a quick calculation on the cost of the app compared to what I spend on labor for data entry, and saw that the software would pay for itself almost immediately."

To read the case study, visit http://www.flowfinity.com/customers/rts-associates.aspx.


About Flowfinity

Flowfinity provides a proven, fully customizable solution for building enterprise mobile apps without programming. Since 2000, Flowfinity has helped leading companies across industries improve productivity, engage management, and improve business insight through all areas of the organization. By making it easy and fast to mobilize day-to-day business processes on smartphones and tablets, Flowfinity enables mobile teams to access, survey, report, and share information when and where they need to. Top global brands in consumer goods and other industries rely on Flowfinity software as the standard technology for automating critical business processes. For more information, visit http://www.flowfinity.com.

Erosion Threat Assessment Reduction Team (ETART) is a multijurisdictional, interdisciplinary team formed jointly by FEMA and the State of Washington in response to the 2014 Central Washington wildfires to address the threat of flooding, mudslides, debris flows and other erosion over the approximately 415 square miles of burned lands.(For a landownership breakdown, see the following map and chart.)

In the summer of 2014, the Carlton Complex Fire burned more than 250,000 acres of land in Washington, the largest wildfire in state history. The fire burned private, federal, state and tribal lands, consumed 300 homes and destroyed critical infrastructure in its path. Then intense rainstorms over the scarred landscape caused more damage from flooding, mudslides and debris flow.

Fire suppression costs topped $68 million. But post-fire recovery costs have yet to be tallied.

Given the size and severity of the fire, President Obama issued a major disaster declaration on Aug. 11, which authorized the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to coordinate federal disaster relief and to help state, tribal and local agencies recover from the disaster.

Once firefighters contained the Carlton fire on Aug. 25, the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) deployed its Burn Area Emergency Response (BAER) team to measure soil quality, assess watershed changes, identify downstream risks and develop recommendations to treat burned federal lands.

FEMA officials and the BAER team acted fast. They knew more floods may follow without vegetation to soak up rainwater. More silt and debris in the runoff can plug culverts and raise water levels, which may further threaten downstream communities and properties.

To reduce the vulnerability of those downstream communities, FEMA created ETART. Modeled after BAER, ETART would measure soil quality, assess watershed changes, identify downstream risks and develop recommendations to treat burned state, tribal and private lands.

FEMA and the State of Washington recruited biologists, engineers, hydrologists, mapping experts, range specialists, soil scientists and support staff from more than 17 entities.


ETART participants include: Cascadia Conservation District, the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation, FEMA, Methow Conservancy, National Weather Service (NWS), Okanogan Conservation District, Skagit Conservation District, Spokane Conservation District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of the Interior, USFS, Washington State Department of Natural Resources, Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, Whatcom Conservation District and Yakama Nation Fisheries.

Team members scored the benefits of working together across jurisdictional boundaries and overlapping authorities right away. To start, they stitched their maps together and overlaid their findings to gain consistency and a better perspective. Field assessments used extensive soil sampling. Computer modeling showed the probability of debris flow and other hazards.

Standard fixes in their erosion control toolbox include seeding and other ground treatments, debris racks, ditch protection, temporary berms, low-water crossings and sediment retention basins. Suggested treatments were evaluated based on their practical and technical feasibility.

Regional conservation districts provided a vital and trusted link to private landowners. They:
• held public meetings and acted as the hub of communications
• posted helpful links on their websites
• collected information on damage to crops, wells, fences, livestock and irrigation systems
• secured necessary permits that grant state and federal workers access to private property to assess conditions.

Local residents shared up-to-the minute information on road conditions and knew which seed mixtures worked best for their area. Residents proved key to the success of ETART.

Note: Teams found a few positive consequences of the wildfire. For instance, debris flow delivered more wood and gravel downstream, which may create a better fish habitat once the debris and sediment settle.  The resultant bedload may enhance foraging, spawning and nesting for endangered species, such as Steelhead, Bull Trout and Spring Chinook Salmon.


Final reports from BAER and ETART have helped several state agencies formulate and prioritize their projects, and leverage their budget requests for more erosion control funds.

Landowners and managers might share equipment, gain economies of scale and develop more cost-effective solutions. In the end, collaboration and collective action may avert future flooding.


While public health and safety remain the top priority, other values at risk include property, natural resources, fish and wildlife habitats, as well as cultural and heritage sites.

Estimated costs for the emergency restoration and recovery recommendations on federal lands run $1.5 million. For short-term stabilization, USFS initiated funding requests for seeding and mulching urgent areas before the first snowfall. Other suggested treatments include bigger culverts, more warning signs and the improvement of road drainage systems.

For state and private lands, emergency restoration and recovery recommendations may cost in excess of $2.8 million. Erosion controls include seeding, invasive species removal and the construction of berms and barriers. In its final report, ETART also recommended better early warning systems, more warning signs on county roads and electronic message signs to aid residents evacuating via highways.

Landowners, managers and agencies continue to search for funding to pay for implementation. For instance, BLM regulations may allow it to seed its lands, as well as adjoining properties, after a wildfire. Select state agencies may provide seedlings, technical assistance on tree salvaging, or partial reimbursement for pruning, brush removal and weed control.

Knowing a short period of moderate rainfall on burned areas can lead to flash floods, the NWS placed seven real-time portable gauges in September to monitor rainfall in and around the area, and plans to place eight more rain gauges in the coming weeks. The NWS will issue advisory Outlooks, Watches and Warnings, which will be disseminated to the public and emergency management personnel through the NWS Advanced Weather Information Processing System.

Certain projects may qualify for FEMA Public Assistance funds. Under this disaster declaration, FEMA will reimburse eligible tribes, state agencies, local governments and certain private nonprofits in Kittitas and Okanogan counties for 75 percent of the cost of eligible emergency protective measures.

Successful ETARTs replicated in the future may formalize interagency memorandums of understanding, develop more comprehensive community wildfire protection plans and promote even greater coordination of restoration and recovery activities following major wildfires.