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Mike McClain, Senior Web Designer & Site Manager

A few weeks ago, HR magazine attended a conference. On the agenda: culture, engagement, values, trust. Nothing new there. But this wasn’t an HR event. In fact, there weren’t even any HR professionals there. This was a risk-management seminar.


There is no such thing as information security risk, according to a panel of security professionals speaking at the Infosecurity Europe 2013 conference in London; the only risk that matters within any organisation is the risk to the bottom line.


Agencies are taking a deeper dive to understand not only how their computers are being attacked but the pattern of the attacker.

Cyber threat intelligence is a growing trend across the government. It's more than just knowing that one's computer network is under attack, and it's more than knowing even who or what kind of attacker is going after your data—whether a nation state actor or a cyber criminal group or even just a run-of-the-mill nuisance hacker.  


There is no such thing as information security risk, according to a panel of security professionals speaking at the Infosecurity Europe 2013 conference in London; the only risk that matters within any organisation is the risk to the bottom line.

Serge Baudot, head of information security and business continuity management at easyJet, explained that one of easyJet's most important assets is its reputation. The organisation is therefore constantly looking for ways to protect its reputation, and has identified about 12 events that would cause it serious reputational damage. 


Companies are struggling with risk analysis in strategic sourcing, according to a recent report from Aon Risk Solutions. The report found companies are overall less prepared for risk.


Facebook has more than 1 billion users worldwide. Twitter processes more than 340 million tweets per day. What is the liability for your company? Are you liable for postings made from employees’ own devices? Can you legally access your employees’ social media sites or base hiring and firing decisions on them?


For a manager or senior team member in any public sector organisation, the forecast of snow or extreme weather brings some headaches. The severity of the disruption depends on the job the organisation does, but when providing a service to the public, it is vital that a swift, seamless service is resumed as soon as possible.


The economic justification for outsourcing in mortgage originations is generally thought of in terms of the historic cyclicality of the underlying mortgage business. The source of this historical variation in mortgage originations emanates from the seasonality in the home purchase market and interest rate moves in the refinancing market. But the business has experienced radical changes in the last decade and the historic behavior of the market has been overwhelmed by periods of paucity and demand from the financial crisis and the responses to it. As we absorb ongoing industry changes such as HARP 2.0, and its impending demise, to the risks inherent in pending qualified residential mortgage (QRM) rules, the horizon is full of unforeseeable shocks in mortgage origination demand. With these changes in the market have come new demands on market participants. Economic and policy shocks have brought the role of outsourcing to a new and distinct level.


Enterprise rights management? What does that even mean?! You’re using security speak!” exclaimed my colleague TJ Keitt.

TJ sits on a research team serving CIOs, and covers collaboration software. We were having a discussion around collaboration software and data security considerations for collaboration. “Security speak” got in the way. It wasn’t the first time, and it will likely not be the last, but it is a good reminder to remember to communicate clearly using non security speak – and not just to fellow S&R pros, but to the rest of the business (in this case – the CIO) – to talk about what we really mean. That’s how collaboration starts.


<http://storserver.com/>®, the leading provider of proven data backup
solutions for the mid-market, announces today a partnership with
Front-safe <http://www.front-safe.dk/english>, a cloud backup enabling
web portal, to deliver secure cloud backup and recovery services to
managed service providers (MSPs) using public, private and hybrid clouds.

STORServer’s new MSP Appliance consists of a STORServer Backup Appliance
installed at the datacenter of a certified MSP partner and Front-safe’s
portal software, which manages and charges incoming customers. The
solution has everything a partner needs to offer data protection as a
service. End users buy the service through STORServer resellers, and the
company then connects the orders to a certified MSP that provides first
level support to the customer. STORServer offers support of Front-safe,
IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager (TSM), STORServer Console (SSC) and any
necessary hardware to the MSP.

“This software makes it easier than ever for customers to use the cloud
as a viable way to perform backup and recovery,” said Jarrett Potts,
director of strategic marketing for STORServer. “It’s easy to use and
hides all complexities from the end users. All they need to see is the
front-end of the portal, and that’s it.”

Built on IBM TSM, STORServer offers a complete suite of enterprise
backup appliances, software and services that solve today’s backup,
archive and disaster recovery challenges.

Front-safe is the largest provider of public cloud backup services to
businesses in Denmark. The award-winning Front-safe TSM Portal enables
IT service providers to deliver their own IBM TSM infrastructure as a
cloud service both directly to end customers and/or through OEM branded
resellers. At the same time, the Front-safe TSM Portal enables large
enterprises to deliver their IBM TSM infrastructure to remote locations
in a private cloud.**

For more information on the STORServer MSP Appliance, contact
<http://www.storserver.com/contact-me/> an authorized STORServer
reseller or call (800) 550-5121. For more information on the company’s
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