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Mike McClain, Senior Web Designer & Site Manager

The debate about the bring-your-own-device movement (BYOD) has quieted down, mostly because, it seems, while IT has been over in the corner arguing the pros and cons, employees have been streaming into office with their shiny new toys and using them to get work done.


Lots of questions and not many answers seem to be the current theme regarding H7N9. Helen Branswell wrote a great article in the Canadian Press, as has CIDRAP on this very issue.

  • Why men? 57 of 82 patients are men (Those with available gender data). For H5N1, the gender balance has been more even.


As businesses in the downtown area prepared for the One Spark festival, one thought on some minds was how they’d deal with any of the sort of problems that might arise when a large group of people descended on the area.

Particularly in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, experts say, the type of planning that goes into getting ready for a major event should pave the way for businesses preparing for any disruption, from a natural disaster to a man-made crises.

In the Pixar film Up, squirrels frequently distract Dug the talking dog. In our space, we are frequently distracted by technology. "I am a good and smart security professional; I must protect my enterprise so that we are secure. APT defense in a box!"  


Has your backup and disaster recovery system saved the day for your business when faced with a natural disaster or major area-wide service disruption? Hopefully you returned to business as usual, with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations and without too much inconvenience to your customers.


AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND -- Catch Software,
a leading provider of test management software and services, today
announced an agreement with Unitec Institute of Technology, an
Auckland-based tertiary provider, to bring Enterprise Tester to their
computing department.

As the only tertiary provider in New Zealand with dedicated software
testing courses, Unitec is leading the way in recognising software
testing as a profession. The agreement, which includes the provision of
Catch Software's test management software and services, has been put in
place to support this growing profession. Unitec has put significant
investment into their computing department and will soon be adding a
third software testing course to their program. They see software
testing as an important area for students to gain experience in, as it
is likely employers will be seeking more graduates with testing skills.

Founder / CEO of Catch Software, Bryce Day, sees this partnership as an
opportunity to support the growth and development of the software
testing industry in New Zealand and the wider Asia-Pacific region. "To
be able to foster the growth of the next generation of testers, and
allow them to leave university with experience using our software, is a
great priviledge," says Mr Day. "Enterprise Tester is being used by
major corporations in New Zealand and globally - our customers include
Air New Zealand, Orion Health, PayPal, Intel, LG Electronics, Bayer
Healthcare, and Stanford University. If Unitec students can leave
university with real-world experience of software testing tools, and a
more than theoretical understanding of software testing methodologies
and situations, they will be able to 'hit the ground running' in the
workforce. That can only be a good thing for the software testing
industry, both here and overseas."

Unitec appreciates the generosity of Catch Software in providing their
software and services and welcomes the opportunity to expose students to
software that is being used by market leaders. "This will be of
considerable benefit to our students when they enter employment, and
will differentiate them in a very competitive market," says Unitec's
Head of Computing, Dr Hossein Sarrafzadeh.

This partnership demonstrates the way that businesses can interact with
the education sector and the value that this can bring to both students
and the corporate world. Catch and Unitec agree that creating the
industry leaders of tomorrow begins with exposing students to today's
leading technologies, which is why this is such an exciting opportunity
for both organizations.

About Unitec

Unitec is the largest Institute of Technology in New Zealand. With
21,000 students enrolled in 160 courses, it is committed to the delivery
of vocational and applied education, and practically orientated
research. Unitec's passionate about the transformative power of
education. Its focus on real world education provides work-ready
graduates with professional and vocational skills that are highly sought
after in New Zealand and around the world.

About Catch Software

Catch Software develops test management software for the global market
and counts Fortune 500 and Global 2000 customers, including Intel, Cox
Communications, eBay, Sky TV, Bayer Healthcare, NCS, LG Electronics,
PayPal, the US Airforce, and the US Navy, among its customers. Their
flagship product, Enterprise Tester, is an award-winning test management
platform offering great features and pricing, responsive support, and
deep integration with Enterprise Architect and JIRA.

WASHINGTON, D.C., -- Rimhub, Inc.
<http://trk.cp20.com/Tracking/t.c?5di8b-7vgom-jnemwa3&_v=2>,a leading
provider of Outsourced Managed Services for telecoms, is pleased to
announce the launch of its new Custom Application Development
<http://trk.cp20.com/Tracking/t.c?5di8b-7vgon-jnemwa4&_v=2> service. The
service is designed for telecommunications services providers (TSPs)
that build, integrate and provide value-added applications to existing
communication products. A key offering of Rimhub’s IP Center of
Excellence (COE)
<http://trk.cp20.com/Tracking/t.c?5di8b-7vgoo-jnemwa5&_v=2> portfolio,
the Custom Apps Development service leverages Rimhub’s strong
telecommunications background, and expertise in the BroadSoft
BroadWorks® platform.

“Rimhub’s Custom Applications Development service offers TSPs an
affordable and comprehensive solution to building and integrating apps
that enhance value, reduce churn and increase their subscribers'
satisfaction,” comments Omar Paul, VP of IP Services for Rimhub. “By
utilizing Rimhub’s IP COE engineers, customers have access to a team of
trained, professional software developers with deep experience in
communication product integrations. A distinguishing benefit we have is
that we don't just build it and walk away, but rather provide
product-level enhancement and support options for the life of the
deployment. That is the difference between Rimhub and a typical
development shop.”

Rimhub has already completed and successfully deployed several such
turnkey applications for industry-leading Hosted PBX providers. Examples
include custom Call Center monitoring dashboards written in rapid
application development technologies such as Node.JS, MongoDB, and
HTML5; apps components designed to connect VoIP platforms with Instant
Messaging; and Presence servers using Java and custom desktop-based
notification applications that integrate incoming and outgoing call
information with 3rd-party SaaS platforms.

Rimhub is a forerunner in IP Support services, specializing in boutique
services that can enhance, maintain and manage leading VoIP and
Telecommunications products. As an example, Rimhub's IP COE is a growing
practice comprised of more than a dozen BroadSoft-certified engineers,
making it the largest dedicated services group outside of BroadSoft
itself.  Rimhub's IP COE assists organizations across a wide spectrum of
services, to address business needs and revenue growth; including but
not limited to platform/subscriber migrations, scaling, apps
development, process execution, re-imagining products, and mobility.

To learn more information about Rimhub’s Custom Application Development, visit http://www.rimhub.com/ip-support.html#app

For additional information how Rimhub helps communications service providers, please visit http://www.rimhub.com

London – Organizations should keep in mind that
gamification is about more than just the underlying technology, says
Ovum. By also considering the strategic, organizational, cultural, and
psychological aspects of reasonably priced and low-risk gamification
applications, businesses can improve productivity.

In new research by Ovum, the global analyst firm shows how enterprises
and the public sector can effectively apply gamification for maximum
advantage, and recommends that organizations should begin exploring
gamification for either customer- or employee-facing uses.

“Gamification can help enhance customer engagement and manage employee
behaviors and productivity levels, but there must be clear understanding
of how such an initiative will directly benefit the business,” says Adam
Holtby, a Software & IT Solutions analyst at Ovum. “However, to better
support business goals, the mapping of the value of desired outcomes
will be developed as part of the planning stage.”

According to Ovum, social technologies and gamification work well
together when points, badges, and leaderboards (PBLs) are tied to a
meaningful value system that records status and accomplishments and
meets users’ desire for feedback. Applied this way, these tools can help
to change behaviours, develop skills, and drive innovation.

However, Holtby believes gamification can also do much more: “While much
of the early coverage on gamification has focused on guiding behavior
and building engagement, increasingly organizations can use the data
generated by gamified systems to gain insights into the skills and
reputations of both their employees and customers.”

In its report, Ovum indicates a good example of gamification in the SAP
Community Network (SCN). This network has been designed to encourage
members to participate in forums to help other members by sharing
knowledge and focusing more on the quality, rather than the quantity, of
contributions. Members automatically earn points for posting content,
but can be awarded additional points at different levels for the quality
of their contributions.

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Cole Emerson & Associates

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Kaiser Permanente

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Pattrick Ridder, MBCP, CBCI, CHCP, ITIL
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David H. Ziev, MBCP, MBCI, ITIL

Kathleen Aris, CMP
Sungard Availability Services

Dan Bailey, FBCI, MBCP
ViewPoint Bank, N.A.

Dan is the VP / Risk Officer at ViewPoint Bank (NASDAQ: VPFG) in Plano, Texas. He advises the Bank regarding its Enterprise Risk Management program and he is directly responsible for the Operational Risk Management program, which includes the Business Continuity Management (business recovery, disaster recovery, and incident/crisis response), Product/Service Implementation, and Vendor Management programs. Dan’s experience spans more than 22 years in risk and business continuity management, both as a practitioner and an advisor. Dan received his FBCI certification from The Business Continuity Institute in 2006 and his MBCP from DRI International in 2002. Dan has served on DRI International’s Certification Commission and as Chair of DRI International’s Education Commission. He is also a co-founder of the Arkansas ACP Chapter and served as president of the North Texas ACP Chapter in 2002.

Pat Corcoran
IBM Business Continuity and Recovery

In his current position, Mr. Corcoran is the executive responsible for leading IBM teams in the development of integrated business continuity solutions for clients who require solutions across multiple countries.

Michael Croy

Michael Croy joined Forsythe in 2002, bringing more than 20 years of experience in building, developing, and implementing disaster recovery and business continuity programs. As Forsythe’s business continuity practice manager, Croy is responsible forthe company’s business continuity offerings, including riskanalysis, best practice models for continuity of IT infrastructure (storage, server, and network), and disaster recovery planning, strategy, and management.

Jeff Dato, MBCP
Intercontinental Hotel's Group

Edward S. Devlin, CBCP
Edward S. Devlin & Associates

Ed Devlin, a 1998 nominee of the Contingency Planning Industry Hall of Fame, is a leading consultant, author, instructor and speaker in the disaster recovery/business continuity industry. A co-founder in 1973 of the first U.S. company to specialize in DR planning and consulting, Devlin has assisted more than 1,000companies worldwide in developing their business continuity plans. Devlin co-authored the book “Business Resumption Planning” published by Auerbach Publishing in 1994 and has been writing “The Perspective of Ed Devlin” column for the DRJ from 1992-2012. He has been a highly sought speaker on the topics of disaster recovery and business continuity both in the U.S. and abroad.

James Hammill, CBCP
JMH Consulting

Jim Hammill is an independent consultant and has been an activeparticipant in business continuity for 18 years. He has been an advisor to private sector CIOs, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and a member of the Natural Hazards Caucus Committee, advising 18 U.S. senators to widen the understanding in Congress to risk and cost reduction for natural and man-made disasters. Hammill served the Disaster Recovery Journal Editorial Advisory Board for many years and is now a member of the DRJ Executive Council.

John Jackson
Fusion Risk Management

John Jackson is the Executive Vice President of Fusion RiskManagement. Recognized worldwide as an expert and spokesperson on business continuity and high availability services, Jackson brings a wealth of industry expertise with more than 24 years in this area.

Jerry Montella

A founding member of Mail-Gard, Jerry Montella successfully developed the company into the nation's leading provider of print-to-mail continuity and recovery services. As Vice President, Jerry is responsible for overseeing sales, customer service, technical and production operations. Prior to joining Mail-Gard in 1996, Montella served as the Director of the Brokerage Division of CC3, Mail-Gard's then parent company, and previously owned and operated his own direct mail and fulfillment company. Montella serves on the National Postal Policy Council and is currently on the executive council for Disaster Recovery Journal. Jerry's insight on the print/mail recovery industry has been published in Continuity Insights, Disaster Recovery Journal, Document, and Mailing Systems and Technology magazines. He is a noted speaker for national and local postal, print and disaster recovery conferences.

Ann Pickren

Randy Till, CBCP

Belinda Wilson, MBCI, CBCP

Belinda Wilson is Senior Director responsible for the Business Continuity Management (BCM) practice within Security and Risk Management. BCM includes disaster recovery, business continuity and crisis management. With 24 years of experience in business continuity, disaster recovery and high-availability, Wilson is a recognized expert in her profession providing valuable insight to clients for their BC strategies and programs. In addition to being a member of the DRJ Executive Council, Belinda is also on the peer review panel of the Business Continuity Journal and member of the BC Standing Committee of the Financial Services Technology Consortium. She has served on DRII’s Executive Board of Directors, president of ACP Northern California Chapter, president of BRMA, and on the Continuity Insights Editorial Advisory Board. Wilson is a Certified Business Continuity Professional from DRII, certified member of the Business Continuity Institute and inducted in the CPM Hall of Fame for BC Vendor Practitioner.

William Worsley, CBCP
Dow Chemical, retired

Business Continuity Chronicles

EDITOR’S NOTE: This was a series featuring the members of our executive council a few years ago. These personal accounts not only highlighted the individual careers, but give a glimpse into of the history of the disaster recovery/business continuity industry.