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Jan 21

Colocation Hosting For Disaster Recovery

Posted by: Adnan Raja in DRJ Blogs

Adnan Raja

While it is impossible to avoid disasters that are out of your control, the affect of such disasters can be minimized with a disaster recovery plan.  Disaster recovery plans are essential for businesses that value resiliency and that understand the importance of spending money now to protect against the threat of a potential disaster in the future.  You never know when disaster may strike and it may happen at a very inconvenient time.

One way to ensure that your disaster recovery plan is comprehensive and flexible is to invest in colocation hosting.  While colocation hosting may seem like a more expensive alternative to running your own servers in- house, you are actually getting more value for your money if you look at it from a disaster recovery standpoint.  But, what are the benefits of colocation hosting for disaster recovery and why might you choose this solution for your business?

A colocation hosting solution from a reputable data center will not only take into account the physical integrity of your hardware, but also it will ensure outages and downtime are as rare as possible through strong infrastructure and redundancies.  With redundant hardware elements and back-up power supplies in place to keep the data center operational, outages and downtime are reduced.  In fact, most highly-regarded, trustworthy data centers offer some type of uptime guarantee, such as 99% or even 100%.  Outages and downtime can be very expensive for a business, even if only for a few minutes, so colocation hosting provides the peace of mind in knowing that your business operations will be continual.

For a business that is proactively concerned about disaster recovery and business continuity, colocation hosting is definitely a viable, worthy investment.  Check out colocation, as well as other disaster recovery hosting solutions, to learn the best way to ensure business continuity for your company.