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Feb 13

Does the Cloud Reduce Downtime?

Posted by: Adnan Raja in DRJ Blogs

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Adnan Raja


The word “downtime” is one that the customer of any hosting provider dreads to hear. It is used to explain the common occurrence in which a server or website hosted on that server is busy or unavailable as a result of scheduled maintenance or even a system failure. Any time a server is down, all the information you have stored on the server—whether it is an application, a website, or files—will also be down. 

One of the most notable benefits of cloud hosting is the fact that downtime in the cloud is virtually eliminated. Cloud solutions are extremely reliable, and if a cloud server does happen to go down, it is often only for a few seconds. Cloud service providers have back-up systems that kick in when the main server experiences problems.

By using the cloud, businesses have access to high-quality infrastructure that they did not have before. Depending on your provider, you should have access to a well-connected and redundant infrastructure. Additionally, the cloud is completely scalable, meaning that customers can add or delete server space at any time. 

Cloud hosting solutions are becoming increasingly popular due to their almost 100% guaranteed uptime, cost-effectiveness, small investment costs and security.