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Feb 22

Alas, Poor Discussion Board, I knew ye well...

Posted by Gregg Jacobsen in Untagged 

Gregg Jacobsen

I must admit to having strong feelings of loss, having just discovered the DRJ discussion Board, which many of my virtual colleagues and I offered our collective experience and thoughts to new practitioners of our profession, is now gone, quite apparently due to its replacement by this Blog, but also the DRJ LinkedIn site.  Apparently, it was a victim of being overcome by advancing technology, not to mention some ill-intended hackers who bedeviled Bob with their mischief.  Truly a pity that such people are out there, trying to ruin utterly useful efforts to facilitate the sharing of knowledge.

Now, my colleagues and I have taken to the LinkedIn groups most focused on our respective areas of practice.  I am planning to join John in retirement not long from now.  Howard never seems to run out of disasters to help mop up after, and keeps him busy.  For the moment, I'm just looking for that "one last gig" - a nice project to put a little parting bump in the income column.

Feb 15

Nemo Impact Lingers

Posted by Vicki Thomas in Nemo

Vicki Thomas

It is the winter and in the winter it snows. But sometimes even the most hardened, aren't ready for a massive snowfall. A snowfall that resulted in at least 1o deaths. A snowfall that crippled the east coast of the U.S. and Canada. A snowfall that resulted in traffic and travel bans through-out New England.

Yes, Nemo came fast and hard - and really we weren't ready for it. Here in Ottawa we knew the snow was coming but still people insisted on sticking to their regular routines. This resulted in a high number of traffic accidents and many stories of people getting stuck and losing power. This is not the first time we've had a big dump of snow this season - but it seems that most folks forgot what it was like to drive in such volumes of snow...

Feb 13

Does the Cloud Reduce Downtime?

Posted by Adnan Raja in Untagged 

Adnan Raja


The word “downtime” is one that the customer of any hosting provider dreads to hear. It is used to explain the common occurrence in which a server or website hosted on that server is busy or unavailable as a result of scheduled maintenance or even a system failure. Any time a server is down, all the information you have stored on the server—whether it is an application, a website, or files—will also be down. 

Feb 12

BC Predictions for 2013 - 7 to 10

Posted by The BCI in Untagged 


This blog brings to an end my review of BCI predictions for 2013 – mainly because as we have now reached February, they are beginning to look more like news comment than forecasts.

Predictions 7 through 10 were about business failures, sustainability, increased outsourcing problems and social media respectively.

Feb 05


Posted by Skip Williams in Paying for Preparedness , KingsBridge , Emeregency Management , DRP , DR , Disaster Recovery Planning , Disaster Recovery , Business Continuity Program , Business Continuity Planning , Business Continuity Development , Business Continuity , BCP

Skip Williams

How does watching football on Sunday translate into to-do’s for Monday?  More than 100 million people watched the Super Bowl on Feb 3rd, they were expecting a great game and some good entertainment.  What they got was almost a disaster for CBS.  In the recovery planning business, we are always trying to minimize the likelihood of an incident becoming a disaster.  CBS did an excellent job of this on Sunday.

When the power went out in half of the Superdome and the game was stopped unexpectedly, CBS did a good job of keeping people entertained for the 34-minute delay.  While they likely didn’t plan for the lights going out in half of the building, they did have a contingency plan for the power going out and as a result were able to keep most fans watching the commercials and the announcers.  The numbers aren’t available yet, but they might have sold more commercials because of the extra prime-time viewership the “abnormality” created.

Jan 31

Cloud Computing Forecasts for 2013

Posted by Adnan Raja in Cloud Hosting , Cloud Computing

Adnan Raja

When it comes to cloud computing, expectations are high for 2013. Businesses of all sizes—from garage-based startups to multinational corporations—are putting their resources into utilizing cloud computing technologies and services to help them deliver products and services, while reducing overhead operating costs. 

Nearly 50% of all enterprises in North America and Europe are predicted to set aside budgets for cloud investments this year. Additionally, 50% of software development companies are planning to deploy applications in the cloud. According to a research report by 451 Market Monitor, the cloud computing marketplace will reach $16.7 billion in revenue this year, compared to a revenue of $8.7 billion in 2010. 

Jan 29

BC Predictions for 2013 - Numbers 5 and 6

Posted by The BCI in Untagged 


Today I will look at our predictions 5 and 6, which have some degree of overlap.

Firstly we predicted that “ISO 22301 will start to take off, with certificates issued in more than one country”. Hardly a difficult prediction I know, but still an opportunity to test the often argued premise that many companies had delayed certification to BS25999 because they were waiting for an ISO standard.

Jan 25

A Few Characteristics of Cloud Hosting

Posted by Adnan Raja in VPS Hosting , Cloud Hosting

Adnan Raja

The term “cloud computing” refers to any activity or service that involves the “cloud.” No—not a literal cloud! This metaphorical cloud is a virtual system that is accessible online, where users can perform a wide variety of IT tasks. Cloud hosting is just one of the many utilizations of this technology. 

Cloud hosting allows a website to no longer be limited to a single server, as previously seen with dedicated and VPS hosting. A cloud-hosted website will have access to multiple cloud servers. One of the greatest benefits of cloud hosting is the virtually unlimited processing power, as users can always scale up if necessary. 

Jan 25

New Disaster Recovery Journal App

Posted by Vicki Thomas in Disaster Recovery Journal

Vicki Thomas

We are very happy to announce that the Disaster Recovery Journal is now available in a mobile version. Our mobile version is just like the hard-copy print edition that you read and enjoy.

Available for Android and Apple devices, Disaster Recovery Journal mobile gives you:

Jan 24

BC Predictions for 2013: Number 4 - Contingency Planning will become fashionable again

Posted by The BCI in Untagged 


There has been some puzzled faces questioning our BC prediction number 4 – “Contingency Planning will become fashionable again as a part of a broader understanding of Business Continuity which includes Continuity Capability and Crisis Response”.

Without stealing the thunder of my colleague Lee Glendon who is researching this proposition and will issue a discussion paper on the topic later during BCAW 2013, I think it is becoming obvious that conventional BCM as defined by a management system does not cover the full range of BC thinking. British Standards are working on a Crisis Management Standard (BS11200) and an Organizational Resilience Standard (BS45000) so we can only assume that they agree with us.