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Aug 12

DRJ Fall World - Sunday Solutions Track

Posted by: Vicki Thomas in DRJ Blogs

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Vicki Thomas

Can you believe it is the middle of August? Not only does this time of the year signal the winding down of summer (sorry!) it also means it is time to really start thinking about your September plans. 

For us here at DRJ, September is all about DRJ Fall World. This year DRJ Fall World runs from September 22 - 25 in San Diego, California. If you've been following our posts about DRJ Fall World, you'll have read about the outstanding learning and networking sessions we have for you this year. 

As always, we want to make sure you get all the opportunities you need to push the boundaries on your BC and DR learning - this is why the Sunday Solution Track is an excellent option. 

Discover solutions to key problems affecting business continuity practitioners. Seasoned industry veterans will discuss products, case studies, research findings and much more. The one hour sessions are targeted to all experience levels, novice to advanced.

This year on the Sunday afternoon, we have eight sessions for you to choose from:

  • Solutions Track 1: Enterprise Wide Recovery: Real World Implementation Featuring McKesson: Almost every enterprise faces challenges to create a comprehensive resilience program. For the larger enterprise with relatively independent business units, the issues are even more pronounced. Speakers from IBM and McKesson will discuss how they continue to build their program.
  • Solutions Track 2: Automating The New ISO 22301 Global BCMS Standard: ISO 22301 details a quality, globally accepted, auditable BCMS standard. This session covers the overall need for automation to support ISO 22301, with an exploration of five major program management areas where software can be exceptionally helpful for the new standard.
  • Solutions Track 3: Incident Response Planning: Executives in today’s organizations demand something beyond the traditional BCM deliverables - and eBRP has the blueprint - Shape of Things to Come. This informative session will include: Planning – Addressing the changing business eco-system; Plans – By the pound vs. viability; and incident response – method, not madness.
  • Solutions Track 4: In The Eye Of The Storm: Amid all the human devastation caused when Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast United States there was a stark realization that many of the plans put in place by “business continuity” specialists had been unable to withstand the force of the disaster. Learn the reasons for the failure of traditional BC strategies. The presentation will be packed with real examples of the experiences described.
  • Solutions Track 5: Will Your BCP Help You Recover From A Cyber Incident?: You’ve been hacked! You’re not quite sure what’s been exposed or exfiltrated, or where the attack is coming from. This session will give you the facts you need to help update your BCP to cover cyber attacks including detection, incident response, ongoing operations, and return home. So put on your best white hat and be prepared to learn how to protect yourself from the black hats.
  • Solutions Track 6: The Impact Of Social Media On BC/DR Strategies:Social media brings risk, BC professionals need to understand those risks and be prepared to deal with the disruption they could cause. This panel discussion will touch on those risks, but also explore three ways that social media can be incorporated into a BC program: as a tool for monitoring brand threats, to gain situational awareness and as a tool for communication. The panel will be joined by other BC/DR experts.
  • Solutions Track 7: The Significance Of Relevant Communications During A Crisis: Explore how to create an efficient incident management plan by discovering the stages of disaster and incident management, the importance of leveraging a communication plan with two-way capabilities and the significance of relevant communications. In addition, learn how mobile technologies contribute to relevant communications platform.
  • Solutions Track 8: The Economic Impact Of Downtime: The economic impact of interruptions and failures can be as significant as a nature disaster. Don’t let downtime take your business down for good. Learn how to calculate the cost of downtime to your company, determine exactly how much protection is needed, and implement an optimal solution to business continuity. Find out how the top Fortune 500 companies and leading government agencies are protecting their business continuity.

We look forward to meeting you at DRJ Fall World in a little over a month (time flies). We've got a great line-up of sessions for you this year as well as a fantastic new venue with the Hilton San Diego Bayfront

The full agenda of workshops and sessions is now available online - give this a read and we'll see you in San Diego!