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Aug 20

The National Preparedness Month 2013 Toolkit

Posted by: Ed Sterrett in DRJ Blogs

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Ed Sterrett

September is National Preparedness Month! Here are the "official" toolkits provided by FEMA- 

(via community.fema.gov)

The National Preparedness Month (NPM) 2013 Toolkit includes suggestions for activities and events that state, local, tribal and territorial governments, business, non-governmental organizations, and community organizations could sponsor to promote NPM.

This toolkit also includes templates and drafts of newsletter articles, blogs, posters, and other collateral material that you are able to use in various outreach efforts. As you familiarize yourself with the toolkit, keep in mind the audiences that you work with, and select the tools that are best able to help your organization reach them most effectively.    

The National Preparedness Month (NPM) 2013 Toolkit is available below in its entirety. Individual chapters and resources by audience from the NPM Toolkit are also listed below according to the Toolkit’s Table of Contents. 

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