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Call For Papers - Spring World 2017

Conference: Spring World 2017

Dates: March 26 - 29, 2017

Location: Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

City: Orlando, FL

Deadline: October 4, 2016


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To: Patti@drj.com
Subject: ‘Speaker name’ Spring World 2017 submission

To: (636) 282-5802
Attn: Patti Fitzgerald
Subject: Conference Speaker

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Attn: Patti Fitzgerald
Subject: Conference Speaker
1862 Old Lemay Ferry Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63010

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Disaster Recovery Journal, host and sponsor Spring World 2017 invites you to nominate a speaker and/or topic for our conference. Our conference focuses on all aspects of business continuity planning and is the most comprehensive offered in the industry. Some 1200+ people from countries worldwide will be attending this conference and viewing our extensive exhibit hall.

Join us in sunny Orlando, Florida March 26-29, 2017 as we celebrate our 56th conference. We pack our agenda with events that attendees need to thrive in business continuity and related fields. This three-day event provides many opportunities to view the latest products and newest technology!

Conference Format

The conference begins Sunday afternoon and continues through Wednesday afternoon. Workshop sessions are held on Sunday and Tuesday (2.5 hours) afternoon. General Sessions (1 hour in length) are held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Breakout sessions (1 hour in length) are held on Monday and Tuesday afternoon in six different tracks: Strategic, Managerial; Technical; Emergency Response; Advanced and Informational. There is also a Solutions Track (1 hour) on Sunday afternoon for service providers.

GENERAL SESSION topics are presented to all attendees and should have a broad appeal. WORKSHOP SESSIONS are usually an in-depth study of a particular business continuity issue, problem or solution. These sessions are not lectures. Instead they should feature interactive activities, such as hands-on scenarios, role playing, etc. BREAKOUT SESSIONS are geared toward smaller audiences and the subjects can be smaller in scale. Breakout and workshop sessions are offered for three levels: advanced, intermediate, and novice, or a combination of levels. NOVICE is appropriate for those in the industry less than 2 years; INTERMEDIATE is geared toward those in the industry 2 – 5 years; and ADVANCED is for those in the industry more than 5 years.

Our conference attracts attendees from all areas of the contingency planning industry. These areas include: banking/financial; public utilities; transportation; insurance; communications; manufacturing; government; education; computer services; wholesale; health care; and petroleum. Other industries are also represented.

Session Content
Sessions must be educational in nature with a business continuity or related theme. Specific products, services and companies are not to be endorsed. No dog-and-pony sessions will be accepted. Conference topics in the past have included, but are not limited to, the following subjects:

Conference topics in the past have included, but are not limited to, the following subjects:

  • Alternative Site Selection
  • BC Planning and Testing
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Case Studies
  • Cloud Computing
  • Corporate Reputation
  • Crisis Communication
  • Crisis Management
  • Cyber Attacks
  • Data Backup
  • Data Replication
  • e-Business Recovery
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Emergency Operations Center
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Implementation of Standards
  • Legal Issues
  • Lessons Learned
  • Medical/Health Care
  • Network Systems
  • Pandemic Planning
  • Professional Certification
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Restoration
  • Risk Management
  • Security Issues
  • Social Meida
  • Storage Management
  • Team Building
  • Telecommunication
  • Terrorism
  • Updates on PS-Prep Certififcation
  • VoIP Security and Disaster Recovery
  • Work Area Recovery
  • Workplace Violence

Our speakers are highly regarded as experts in the industry. As a speaker at DRJ’s Spring World 2017, you’ll gain access to more than 1,200+ contingency planners. Our conference speakers are able to:

  • Present ideas and challenges to our attendees
  • Gain recognition by appearing at the industry’s largest business continuity conference
  • Raise awareness of contingency planning issues
  • Network with other speakers, attendees and exhibitors
  • Receive free admission to the conference, including admission to all sessions, workshops, hospitalities and the exhibit area. Breakfasts and lunches provided by the conference host are also included. This represents a value of $1295.00.
  • Recieve access to DRJ’s Live Learning Center, if your session is recorded at Spring World 2017.

Speaker Responsibilities
To be considered as a speaker for our conference, submit a BRIEF abstract/synopsis of the presentation, a speaker biography and a photo. Please use the attached form to submit your presentation. (See below for submission format guidelines.) Remember to indicate your target audience: novice, intermediate, advanced or a combination of levels. Also, please note your speaking style. An audio or video tape may be submitted if desired. INCOMPLETE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED AND WILL BE DISCARDED. We must have all materials submitted in the proper format.

  • PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS, AND CHECK WITH YOUR MANAGEMENT THAT YOU HAVE PERMISSION TO SPEAK. We will notify you of your exact session time once the selection process has been completed. Allow 3-4 weeks after the CFP deadline.
  • BY SUBMITTING A CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS FOR SPRING WORLD 2017, YOU ARE COMMITTING YOUR AVAILABILITY TO THE DATES OF THE CONFERENCE. Please mark your calendars. We will notify you of your exact session time once the selection process has been completed.
  • All speakers receive complimentary admission to our conference as well as the exhibit area. All other expenses, including hotel,
    travel, meals, etc., are solely the responsibility of the speaker.
  • If presentation is accepted, speaker will be required to submit an electronic PowerPoint file using the designated conference logo
    for inclusion in the conference proceedings and for DRJ’s Live Learning Center by the date designated in the speaker kit.
  • Speakers understand that once the presentation has been accepted, no changes to the topic, format, number of presenters, or any other modifications to the original submission will be made without expressed written approval of DRJ.

Request for Submissions
If you are interested in presenting a session at Spring World 2017, please submit the required materials in the suggested format (guidelines below). Speakers will be notified when a decision is made. All decisions are final. We reserve the right to make reasonable changes to the title, description, track and speaker biography of successful submissions. INCOMPLETE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED AND CAN’T BE RETURNED. (NOTE - A COMPLETE SUBMISSION INCLUDES A BRIEF SPEAKER BIO, SESSION SYNOPSIS AND SPEAKER PHOTO IN THE PROPER FORMAT.)

Format for Electronic Submissions:
Submit your form electronicaly via our website using this form. The form can also be attached to an email. Please DO NOT print and scan your submission - or fax it. The synopsis and bio can be attached as a Word document, as an alternate process. Do not submit scanned or pdf versions of the submission form, synopsis or biography.

PHOTO - .jpg format, 300 dpi resolution. Include full name with the photo. DO NOT embed photos in word documents.

INCLUDE presenters name, address and contact numbers.

SUBMISSIONS FROM PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRMS will not be accepted unless speakers’ contact information is included.
All communication from DRJ will be directed to the speaker, not the PR firm.

SUBMISSIONS that are NOT SELECTED for Spring World 2017 will not be held. Potential speakers must re-submit their information for any future conferences.

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