Spring World 2015

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Fall Journal

Volume 27, Issue 4

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General Sessions

dato.jpgGeneral Session 7
8:15 a.m. - 9:15 a.m.

Jeffrey M. Dato, Pinnacle Airlines Corp. 

Keeping a Regional Airline Aloft: A Risk Management and BCM Case Study

Aviation is wrought with complexity – highly-interdependent business processes and partnerships, prescriptive and voluminous regulations and volatile market conditions are just a few of the perpetually-moving variables with which the industry must juggle daily.

This discussion will take the attendee through the maze of commercial airline operations and the role that risk management and business continuity play in ensuring passenger and employee safety and continuous flight and ground operations.

Pinnacle Airlines Corp. operating units fly more than 1000 daily flights, transporting in excess of 27000 customers to 134 cities across North America.

Jeffrey M. Dato has been vice president risk management and information technology for Pinnacle Airlines Corp. since November 2006. He is accountable for the technical infrastructure, enterprise risk management and continuity of business operations for the holding company and its operating subsidiaries Pinnacle Airlines, Inc. and Colgan Air, Inc.

croy_qual.jpgGeneral Session 8
9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
Michael Croy & Michael Qualley, Forsythe Solutions Group

Creating an Adaptive Environment in a Tumultuous Time

In this entertaining multimedia presentation, learn how a variety of technology and tool trends are changing the BC/DR marketplace over the next few years and how these stand to impact your business.
Discover how to determine when these products will transition from bleeding edge to leading edge and whether they are mature enough to incorporate into your infrastructure.

Discussion will include key questions such as: How do you weigh technology promise against factors that can affect the actual impact? What do you need to assess before you can decide whether your organization is ready for change?

Michael Croy is director, business continuity solutions, for Forsythe Solutions Group.
Michael Qualley serves as Forsythe’s senior vice president of systems solutions and technology products. 

pruitt.jpgGeneral Session 9
10:45 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.
Barry Pruitt, PruSpeak 

Crossing the Chasm: Support Your BC/DR Case With Current State Information

Have you noticed how some people move ideas and BC/DR initiatives forward while others get hung up on the politics? Discover a key to appropriate communication so you can get the support and funding you need. If you’re dealing with committees, interviews, metrics, goals, or budgets -- then you’ll be glad you attended this session.

Your efforts can be stymied by uncooperative senior management and competing business objectives, so you know it can be difficult to get a funding team involved, excited, and committed. This session will have you rethink the value of your information, how it’s shared and help you gain internal support!

Barry Pruitt is president of PruSpeak Incorporated, a global training and consulting organization, and suffered workplace violence in 1987. He offers the workplace violence prevention seminar of choice for the National Safety Council. Pruitt is a professional speaker, trainer, and consultant with more than 22 years experience in managing and directing