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Pre/Post Courses


Make the budget stretch further by attending pre/post courses

DRJ makes it easy to stretch your travel budget and increase your educational opportunities! We offer pre- and post-conference courses that allow you to stay onsite longer and explore additional learning options.

Courses tackle the skills and knowledge you need to improve your career and your organization. Past offerings have explored drills, risk management, workplace violence, exercise design, industry standards and more. Attendees can earn certification or additional accreditation in some of the courses.

Explore all that DRJ has to offer and find out how you can benefit. Many courses offer limited space, so sign up early.


Certificate of the Business Continuity Institute (CBCI)

BCI Certification is an internationally recognized stand-alone credential leading to the post nominal designation of CBCI – Certificate of the Business Continuity Institute. Certification is gained through taking the Certificate of the BCI Examination which tests the candidate’s knowledge of the prescribed Body of Knowledge, the BCI’s Good Practice Guidelines – a guide to global good practice in Business Continuity.

Diploma of the Business Continuity Institute (DBCI)

The BCI Diploma is an academic qualification leading to the post nominal designation DBCI – Diploma of the Business Continuity Institute. The Diploma is delivered via distance learning in partnership with Bucks New University.

BCI Certification can be used to apply for Statutory Membership of the Business Continuity Institute

For more information on BCI Certification go to and

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Business Continuity Institute Training

The BCI offers world-class, high-quality training, delivered by BCI licensed training partners located around the globe. All our training partners are experienced and respected Business Continuity professionals, bringing a wealth of real-life experience to the classroom.

For all information on BCI Training go to

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About BCI Corporate Partnership

The BCI Corporate Partnership enables organizations to work more closely with the BCI to help raise the profile of Business Continuity management as a discipline within their organization and to promote the highest standards of professional competence in BC in organizations working in any sector worldwide.

For more information on BCI Corporate Partnership go to

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DRJ Fall World 2014 Post Conference Classes

Get certified at DRJ with the BCI! Three days plus optional exam.

The official Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) course is the most comprehensive, complete review of Business Continuity concepts and industry good practice from around the world and serves as the foundation for the Certificate of the BCI examination. The Good Practice Guidelines Course covers the six Professional Practices, taking students through each stage of the BCM Lifecycle.

New Classes to be announced soon!

Business Continuity Institute Membership

Statutory membership of the BCI provides BC professionals worldwide with:

  • International recognition and status through accreditation.

  • Assurance of technical and professional competency in business continuity

BCI members enjoy benefits including:

  • Networking opportunities, face to face and online.

  • A wide range of tools and resources.

  • Member-only offerings such at the Mentoring Programme, Consultancy Register and CPD system

  • Free downloadable GPG and discounts to training and events.

Use your CBCI or DBCI to apply. Or did you know that you can apply through our Alternative Route to Membership using the ABCP, CBCP, MBCP credentials or your ICOR CORS Pass? For more information on either route, please contact us, or come to visit our booth.

For more information on joining the BCI go to

Email or call   •   703-891-6780