The Continuity Logic customized demo provides an opportunity for qualifying organizations to evaluate Frontline Live 5™, with their plans, desired controls, policies, and procedures. This first-of-its-kind system for both business continuity and many other areas of Governance, Operational Risk and Compliance (GRC) is powerful, but often best viewed with some of your familiar plans, data and templates.


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Volume 28, Issue 4

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DRJ Spring World 2016 Full Agenda is Live!

DRJ Spring World 2016 Full Agenda is Live!

Spring World 2016 is the premier business continuity conference in the world. We bring together the best in business continuity education, technology, and research to give you three packed days of learning and networking.

The Cornerstone of Business Continuity

The Cornerstone of Business Continuity

Learn how to:

  • Navigate the trade-offs associated with distance between locations
  • Demonstrate everyday business value from BCDR investment
  • Decrease capital/operating expenses
  • Leverage geography that enhances green IT practices
  • Select locations that mitigate both man-made and natural risk

The #1 Business Continuity Publication in the World

The #1 Business Continuity Publication in the World

  • 7 Easy Steps to Weather Any DR Storm
  • Compliance a Problem, But Still Mandatory
  • Automats of Readiness
  • 2015 Software Directory

 Managing Global BC Programs as THE Lone Planner

Managing Global BC Programs as THE Lone Planner

Attendees learned strategies and current practices, including how to: gain executive support, manage your time and create frugal innovation, leverage your organization for amazing results.

Participate Today!

Participate Today!

This survey will be used to assess how organizations are measuring the effectiveness of their Business Continuity/ Resiliency program, what standards are programs being measured to and how to best gain executive support in elevating the program's maturity level. Only study participants will receive the complimentary report, which will include an assessment from our International Benchmarking Advisory Board

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Why Isn’t Hospital Device Security in the Spotlight?

Written by: Vicki Thomas

medjacking-FPDo you think about the security of your hospital and medical records? Have you thought about what this data tells others about yourself? Your address, your phone number, your detailed medical records, and the ability to dig deeper into your personal and professional life. This is just a sample of what your medical records hold.

This past summer a few news organizations revealed that the hacking of medical devices such as EKGs, MRIs, and IV pumps is more common than we realize.


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Managing Global BC Programs as THE Lone Planner
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