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Volume 27, Issue 3

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Cloud Computing With Business Resiliency

Written by  JAMES M. MYERS September 30, 2009

Technology continues to mature to the extent where companies regardless of size may be able to utilize leading edge yet stable solutions and infrastructure. Storage, network, and computing systems have all increased in performance consistent with Moore’s Law (doubling every two years). Software solutions are now available to tie all these components together into a blended compute and storage infrastructure. “Cloud computing” is leading this shift to an outsourced information technology (IT), possibly across the enterprise. This shift of computing resources (internal to external) is a strategic initiative that needs to be seriously considered. It may have direct impact on enhancing the technical recoverability and operational resilience of an enterprise. It may take some time before businesses are willing to move their core applications or their entire IT infrastructure to the cloud, but if they do, they need to know and understand what cloud vendor responsibilities are and what their own responsibilities


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