Solutions Track 1

Why Rebuild When You Can Reuse – Leveraging Existing Databases for Your BCP Program

Stephanie Marjoram, BC in the Cloud

Stephanie Marjoram

Why re-invent the wheel when you can leverage information and start tying the key components together to understand dependencies and points of failure. If your organization currently doesn’t have a system in place to track applications, personnel, and facilities data, why not add value to the organization and share the information you collect with other departments? The opportunities are endless to partner with other key departments in your organization and reach the same common goal to improving efficiency by streamlining processes.


About Stephanie Marjoram
Stephanie Marjoram is the director of client services for BC in the Cloud.


Solutions Track 2

Critical Communications Recovery: Are you as Prepared as You Think You Are?

Debora-Haskel, MailGard

Debora Haskel

Most companies believe they have critical communication covered in their BC/DR plans. Take a peek behind the curtain to determine how prepared you really are. Critical communication recovery plans that are included as part of your IT recovery may not include some processes that are key to keeping communications flowing to your customers. Outsourcing your critical document processing to a third party? You have an even greater risk for recovery plans that may not be all you think they are. A detailed review of what to look for in a recovery vendor and key test elements will be discussed.


About Debora Haskel
Debora Haskel, VP marketing & Corporate Communications is marketing leader for Mail-Gard, a division of IWCO Direct with a 20-year history of providing business continuity and disaster recovery services.


Solutions Track 3

Successful ERM Program Standards

William Hord, Quantivate

William Hord

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) programs must be effective. Organizations need to determine, assess and prepare for any risks that may disrupt their goals and objectives. ERM is critical for industry growth in today’s fast paced and ever changing risk landscape. This session will help outline your company’s risk appetite thereby allowing you to start or validate your ERM program structure.


About William Hord
William Hord is vice president of enterprise risk management services for Quantivate.


Solutions Track 4

The Future of Emergency and Location Based Communications

Imad Mouline, Everbridge

Imad Mouline

This session will address the convergence of business continuity and emergency communications, helping attendees optimize their strategies so they are prepared before, during and after a crisis occurs. Learn how location-aware safety, physical security and enterprise mobility can enable organizations with mobile workforces and distributed teams to coordinate the last known locations of employees, contractors or visitors to rapidly identify and communicate with them during disruptive events, emergencies, remote work assignments and other corporate activities. The session will discuss the importance of using an automated communication and alerting system to pro-actively anticipate crises before they arise.


About Imad Mouline
Imad Mouline, chief technology officer Everbridge, is responsible for the company’s product strategy and technology direction.


Solutions Track 5

Case Study: Using the Hybrid Cloud to Increase Corporate Value and Adapt to Competitive World Trends

Brandon Tanner, Rentsys
Geoff Duncan, Digital Fortress

Tanner Barandon Geoff Duncan

This session will present case studies from organizations that have leveraged the hybrid cloud to: Increase capacity and scalability with decreased capital expenditure. Gain additional access to expertise when managing private and public workloads. Improve value to the organization with limited short-term risk, Create a path to long-term corporate value while adapting to new competitive world trends. Attendees will learn how the businesses’ solutions were architected and what they’ve learned since moving to the hybrid cloud.


About Brandon Tanner
Brandon Tanner is the senior manager for Rentsys and its sister organization, UK-based IT specialists. He is a successful entrepreneur with a technology background that spans software, hardware and service solutions for financial institutions and other regulated industries.

About Geoff Duncan
Geoff Duncan is senior solutions architect and technical strategist & DevOps engineer for Digital Fortress. Geoff is responsible for providing technical and strategic direction for the company’s portfolio of hybrid IT services and solutions.


Solutions Track 6

The NextGen of BC/DR Planning

Jim Mitchell, eBRP

Jim Mitchell

The crux of the planning process is to develop BCPs & DRPs that are geared towards responding to disruptions that might impact operations in the future. Based on recent disruptive incidents, one of the key observations is BC/DR plans that are designed to address a future incident have to be structured, agile, flexible and scalable. Utilizing experiences in implementing BCM programs for enterprises across the globe, this session will discuss plan structures, how to address current state threats and recommended best practices. The role of situational awareness, collaboration across enterprises, and solutions for software driven data centers will also be discussed.


About Frank Trovato
Jim Mitchell is the director for eBRP with more than 20 years of experience in business continuity.


Solutions Track 7

How to Make Business Continuity Cool Again

Jim Holt, Continuity Logic

Jim Holt

The Business Continuity Profession although relatively young is already at a major crossroad as it continues to define itself, its standards and its professional practices somewhat slowly. Enter the Millennials who are asking themselves how a business function that impacts the very fabric of iconic brands ability to protect their value, isn’t seen as “cool”, when it really is “impact-fully” cool… This session will take an interesting look at how some of the Millennials are impacting their company and the programs for their customers. Nearly half of this company’s new employees over the last 18 months are designated as Millennials. This session will also discuss the valuable lessons learned by these Millennials in their efforts to make Business Continuity cool again.


About Jim Holt
Jim Holt, Executive Vice President – Continuity Logic.


Solutions Track 8

You Missed the Meeting and Now You’re In Charge of Business Continuity – What’s next?

Tony Gonzalez, Virtual Corporation

Tony Gonzalez

Proper planning will determine your success or failure. This session will provide the attendees with an experience based look at the dos and dont’s of BC Program planning and implementation. It will cover key elements such as understanding what keeps senior management up at night, justifying and securing their support, and formulating a logical, attainable, and well-paced implementation and sustainability plan. We will also discuss common mistakes that can prove to be fatal to your program and emphasize steps you can take to avoid them.


About Tony Gonzalez
Tony Gonzalez is the director of the business continuity service center for Virtual Corporation.


Sunday, 4:00 - 5:00pm

About Solutions Track

Back by popular demand – don't miss out on the Solutions Track. This innovative afternoon of workshops was so popular last year that we decided to feautre it back for DRJ Fall World 2016.

On Sunday afternoon you have the chance to learn from industry service providers on how they used business continuity products, services, and other technologies in real-life cases and incidents. Learn from real-life examples at DRJ Fall World 2016!